Wonder Why White Women Vote for GOP? It’s ‘In Their Interest’, by Steve Jordahl

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By Steve Jordahl, OneNewsNow,  November 14, 2018

A writer for Vogue magazine mused last week why white woman keep voting for the GOP and “against their own interests.” A Republican wife and mother offers a very direct answer to that.

Exit polling from the recent midterms showed that once again, by a fairly decent majority at times, white women vote Republican. That flummoxed Vogue writer Michelle Ruiz. How in the world, she asked citing one example, could 75 percent of them vote for Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate for Georgia governor, who (in her own words) is “passionately pro-life”?

For an informed answer to her question, Ruiz might have asked The Streamwriter Jennifer Hartline. “They have the nerve to say that women are voting ‘against their own interests’ if they don’t vote for Democrats. It was just so insufferably arrogant and insulting,” she tells OneNewsNow.

In her article, Ruiz describes the habits of white women voters as “unsisterly” – suggesting their actions demonstrate they’re exercising “their own white privilege” and “parroting their Republican husbands and/or brainwashed by Fox & Friends.” Hartline, in contrast, argues that she speaks for a strong percentage of women who put principle over party.

“It’s not that I’m waiving a Republican flag instead of a Democrat flag,” says Hartline. “It’s that I want to advance and fight for policies and laws that uphold, first of all, the right to life; the family as father, mother and child; marriage between a husband and wife.”

Hartline also wants a candidate who will protect American borders and her religious freedom. In fact, she explains that when it comes to voting, gender is well down her list of priorities.

“I’m going to identify myself first as a Catholic, then an American, and yes, I’m a woman and a wife and a mother,” she shares. “But my worldview, my opinions about things that are right and wrong, is formed by moral teaching.”

And while that might not be in “vogue” on Madison Avenue, it appears to be for millions of women in the heartland.

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