World Depopulation Crisis, by Paul Murano

The Cancel Culture Is Losing Its Mind, by Michael Brown
July 21, 2020
GUEST BLOG POST FOR NFP WEEK! “NFP is Fertility Awareness”
July 21, 2020

By Paul Murano, Church Militant, July 20, 2020

Fertility rates crashing

SEATTLE – The world is undergoing a fertility crash — and secular sources are pointing to contraception as its catalyst.

new report published last week in the medical journal The Lancet shows fertility rates around the world plummeting, aged populations increasing and fertility declining everywhere except for southern Africa.

The study finds many countries are maintaining dangerous fertility rates that are under replacement levels.

“Findings … suggest a shifting age structure in many parts of the world, with 2.37 billion individuals older than 65 years and 1.70 billion individuals younger than 20 years, forecasted globally in 2100,” researchers stated. “By 2050, 151 countries were forecasted to have a (fertility rate) lower than the replacement level.”  ….

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