Would You Stay and Fight for America? by Lt. Gen. Ret. Jerry Boykin, Arielle Del Turco 

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March 25, 2022
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March 25, 2022

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By Lt. Gen. Ret. Jerry Boykin, Arielle Del Turco, CNSNews, March 23, 2022

Editor’s Note: This piece originally appeared on Family Research Council.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, laying waste to the country, the response of many Ukrainians awed and inspired the world — Ukrainians rallied in support of their country, taking up arms as their lives were put on hold. Grandmas, school teachers, and people of all walks of life volunteered to join the Territorial Defense Forces (TDF). However, the same desire to stay and fight might not be true of many American citizens if they were put in a similar situation.

A recent poll from Quinnipiac asked whether respondents would “stay and fight or leave the country” if placed in the position Ukrainians are now in. A slim majority of 55% said they would stay and fight. The breakdown of the numbers is more discouraging. Among Democrats, 40% would fight while 52% — a majority — would flee. Similarly, more Americans aged 18 to 34 years old would leave (48%) than stay (45%). These numbers are more than a little disheartening. …

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