Your Comprehensive Guide To Streaming These 25 Christmas Classics, by  Josh Shepherd

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December 9, 2020
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December 11, 2020

The fire is roaring and hot cocoa is almost ready. Here’s how to navigate all the endless streaming services to see these 25 beloved Christmas classics.

By Josh Shepherd, The Federalist, December 9, 2020

Josh ShepherdAs the streaming wars heat up between Netflix, Disney Plus, and other on-demand services, getting the rights to popular holiday films is a highly contested battlefront. Unfortunately, it makes finding the best classic Christmas movies and TV specials almost as difficult as Santa’s task of visiting every home on Christmas Eve. But if ‘ol Kris Kringle can do it, we can steel our remotes and venture into the great unknown.

Of course, few can afford to subscribe to all these multiplying streaming platforms. Luckily, most have a free trial period and a few are even free, ad-supported services. It takes some planning to sign up and ensure the streamer works with your TV, and to remember to cancel a service before the trial ends. As movie licensing changes frequently, this list of where to find these titles only applies to the current year.  …