Your Excellencies, Do You Even Believe? by Jennifer Hartline

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June 3, 2021
Arch. Joseph Naumann Slams Biden for Wanting Americans to Fund Abortions: You Should “Protect Unborn Children”
June 4, 2021

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By Jennifer Hartline, Crisis Magazine, June 3, 2021

Jennifer Hartline is a wife, mother, and a daughter of the Church. She has in the past contributed to The Stream, Catholic Stand, and Catholic Online.

Jennifer HartlineThe learned and the mighty have been weighing in now for weeks regarding the ongoing scandal of Catholic pro-abortion politicians, particularly Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden, and the question of giving and receiving the Holy Eucharist.

I wonder if the USCCB will listen to a voice like mine. I am not a theologian or scholar. I am an ordinary laywoman. (Please note: This is not directed at the bishops who have spoken out publicly in defense of Eucharistic and moral coherence. Those few, steadfast shepherds are the exception, not the rule. I am immensely grateful to them.)  …