You’ve Lived Through the Greatest Government Failure in American History, by Stephen Moore

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By Stephen Moore, CNSNews, February 1, 2022

Stephen Moore is a senior fellow at Freedom Works. He is also author of the new book: “Govzilla: How The Relentless Growth of Government Is Devouring Our Economy.”

The tally for how much the federal government spent to combat COVID-19 is now estimated to be $5 trillion. It is more than the combined costs of World Wars I and II. The left is celebrating that politicians in Washington saved us. Really? From what exactly?

Two years later, it is time for an honest assessment. Could things have worsened for the country if the government had spent nothing and done nothing? What would have happened if we had not shut down our businesses? Our churches, schools, and restaurants. Our parks, basketball courts, and playgrounds.

Would the public have made worse decisions regarding protecting its health and the health of its families and its employees than the politicians have made? ….

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