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Onward, Catholic Soldiers, by Michael Warren Davis

By Michael Warren Davis, Crisis Magazine – I’m ambivalent about that most common pro-life argument: that, because life begins at conception, to abort a pregnancy is to commit murder. That’s not to say I don’t believe it’s true. On the contrary: it’s not only true, it’s obviously true. It’s one of the few points upon which credible scientists and ethicists can agree. What gives me pause about this argument is what inevitably follows from it.

Exceptionless Moral Rules, by David Carlin

By David Carlin, The Catholic Thing – One of the distinctive things about Catholic moral doctrine is that it has a number of absolute or exceptionless rules, many of them involving or at least associated with sexual matters… Most people, I believe, including most people who are on the whole sympathetic to the prohibitions just outlined, feel that some exceptions should be made to the above prohibitions. But their sympathies are partly misguided, and warrant serious clarification…

Archbishop Aquila: God Never Tires of Speaking to You

By Archbishop Aquila, Denver Catholic – It is truly a wonder that we have the gift of the Bible, through which God speaks to us, convicts us, heals us and nourishes us on our journey. In recognition of the importance of the Scriptures, on Jan. 26 the Church will celebrate the first “Sunday of the Word of God.”… The Word of God is essential to our identity as Christian. It gives us strength, healing and nourishment… How many of us can say that in the last day or even week we have read these holy and transformative words? Do we love the Word of God and allow it to be written on our minds and hearts by prayerfully and frequently reading it? Is God’s Word part of the fabric of our lives?

Weeks After March for Life, Supreme Court Will Hear Major Case on Louisiana Pro-Life Law, by Dr. Brent Boles

By Dr. Brent Boles, The Stream – In 2014, the state of Louisiana enacted a law which requires doctors performing abortions in their state to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. This law is a response to the universal opposition to oversight and accountability that the abortion industry has always shown… Medicine is perhaps the most highly regulated industry in America, with good reason. The safety and lives and health of each and every patient are at stake. No one opposes safeguards when they are having other kinds of surgery or procedures.

Msgr, Charles Pope: The Ministry of Angels As Seen in a Commercial

By Msgr, Charles Pope – Most of us struggle with the fact that God allows bad things to happen to us. Why does He not intervene more often to protect us from attacks of various kinds and from events that cause sadness, setbacks, or suffering?… While mysterious, the clearest answer is that God allows suffering in order that some greater blessing may occur. To some degree I have found this to be so; some of my greatest blessings required that a door slam shut for me or that I endure some suffering. If my college sweetheart had not ended things, I would most likely not have the very great blessing of being a priest today.

Trump to Pro-Lifers: “Together, We Are the Voice of the Voiceless”

By Kathy Schiffer, National Catholic Register – “We cannot know what our citizens yet unborn will achieve, the dreams they will imagine, the masterpieces they will create, the discoveries they will make,” said President Trump on Friday. “But we know this: Every life brings love into this world.”… Whatever one might think about President Trump and his policies, it would be difficult to argue that any president, either Democratic or Republican, has done more than Trump to protect the life of the unborn.

Trump Becomes First President to Attend March for Life

Patriot Post, Political Editors – President Donald Trump today became the first sitting president to attend and speak at the annual March for Life rally. Over its 47-year history, no Republican president (and obviously no Democrat) has made an appearance at the nation’s largest pro-life rally. Though George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan did offer brief supportive remarks via phone and satellite to the marchers, they always maintained a degree of separation.

FULL TEXT: President Trump’s Historic 2020 March for Life Speech

By LifeSiteNews staff – For 47 years, Americans of all backgrounds have traveled from across the country to stand for life… And today as President of the United States, I am truly proud to stand with you… I want to welcome tens of thousands – this is a tremendous turnout – tens of thousands of high school and college students who took long bus rides to be here in our nation’s capital. And to make you feel even better, there are tens of thousands of people outside that we passed on the way in. If anybody would like to give up their spot, we can work it out…

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