St. Edith Stein And The Rules Of St. Ignatius, by Debra Black

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May 20, 2020
Humanism – True and Untrue, by Dr. Robert Royal
May 20, 2020

Image credit: Edith Stein-student at Breslau / Public domain

By Debra Black, Spiritual Direction, May 20, 2020

Isaac of Stella: “Everything that happens in time exists from all eternity in the Word of God. Everything happens as the Word causes or permits it to happen, and nothing happens without His will; every outside event is the voice of the Word. The person who on the inside loves everything which has been decided [for them by God] cannot murmur about what happens.” (Fr. Robert Thomas OCSO, Passing from Self to God)

The saints give us wisdom, guidance, mentoring, teaching and friendship. Yet sometimes at first glance this path of holiness seems unrealistic and unreal! The fight-or-flight instinct kicks in and we flee from the idea of being ‘like them’. Yet if we resist running away, and give it just a bit of thought, two things emerge: (1) the saints were imperfect like us and had to ‘get over themselves’ just as we must (2) our fear isn’t of them but, rather, of facing ourselves.   …

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