24 States Fight Biden’s Decision to Yank Oklahoma’s Health Care Funds Because It’s Pro-Life, by Steven Ertelt 

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By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews, Apr 26, 2024

Washington, DCA group of 24 states is fighting a decision by Joe Biden to yank Oklahoma’s health care funds just because it’s pro-life.

Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration for denying it federal health care funds because it refuses to use them to fund abortions. And almost half the states in the nation are coming to its defense.

As LifeNews reported previously, pro-life states’ efforts to expand essential health care to women and families are being thwarted by the very same people who accuse these states of failing to provide it. First, it was Texas, and then Oklahoma was denied funding to expand medical care to low-income women by Joe Biden’s administration. …

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