A Judge Rebukes Troubled Waters, by Nate Jackson

By Nate Jackson, Patriot Post – Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill declared during the closing moments of Chauvin’s trial that it was abhorrent of Waters to tell protesters it would be unacceptable for the former officer to be acquitted of murdering George Floyd. “I’m aware that Congresswoman Waters was talking specifically about this trial and about the unacceptability of anything less than a murder conviction and talk about being confrontational,” he said. “I wish elected officials would stop talking about this case ….

Jeffrey Sachs and the Vatican: Silent on China’s Rights Abuses, by Edward Pentin

By Edward Pentin, EWTNNews – The Chinese government continues to be heavily criticized for its treatment of the Uyghurs, an ethnic Muslim minority in the country’s northwest, while the Vatican remains publicly silent — along with one of its influential longtime advisers… China’s Crimes against Humanity Targeting Uyghurs and Other Turkic Muslims,” declared that the Chinese communist government is committing “crimes against humanity” against the ethnic minority.

George Floyd’s Life Mattered. Now How About All Those Babies’? by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – For Planned Parenthood to repeat Woke cant about “systemic racism” does no good at all. Not while it’s systematically aborting huge, disproportionate numbers of non-white children. It just adds “hypocrisy” to the group’s long list of sins.

When ‘Woke’ Proves Too Much for Liberal San Francisco, by Bob Kellogg, Billy Davis

By Bob Kellogg, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow – In the face of mounting public pressure, the school board that oversees the San Francisco Unified School District has dropped its plan to rename public schools named after history-making heroes such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln… After announcing plans in January to rename 44 schools, the school board put that plan on hold in February amid mounting pressure then dropped its plans at an April 7 school board meeting.

Vatican Hosts Hindu ‘Quack’ at Health Forum, by Jules Gomes

By Jules Gomes, Church Militant – The Vatican’s forthcoming conference on global health will host a hugely controversial Hindu guru who invented his own “third Jesus” after dismissing “the Jesus created by the Catholic Church” as “confusing.”… New Age celebrity Dr. Deepak Chopra, whose net worth is estimated at $150 million, will address the Pontifical Council for Culture’s health summit on “Exploring the Mind, Body and Soul,” which will be held online from May 6–8.

Backlash Intensifies Against Leftist ‘Cancel Culture’, by Mike Huckabee

By Mike Huckabee, The Stream – Last week, we talked about the backlash against “cancel culture” that’s starting to happen around the country, as millions of Americans have finally just had enough. Today, I have more good news on that front, concerning the most dangerous manifestation of this poison, in the schools.

Black Lives Matters Goes Full Marxist, by Jason Morgan

By Jason Morgan, Crisis Magazine – The rise of the Black Lives Matter movement during the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, brought increased scrutiny into the movement’s leadership. Formed in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting back in 2013, Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization that uses race as a weapon against communities across the United States—that much is clear even at first blush.

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy: Defund Planned Parenthood, “Stop Bankrolling America’s Largest Abortion Mill”

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana is supporting a bill that would defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business… As LifeNews has reported, several Republican senators are sponsoring legislation in the United States Senate that would defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business, which kills over 340,000 babies in abortions every year.

Biden Admin Axes Trump Rules Limiting Experimentation on Aborted Babies, By David McLoone

By David McLoone, LifeSiteNews – Joe Biden’s administration overturned restrictions on Friday relating to federal funding of the use of fetal tissue – body parts of aborted babies – for experimental purposes. The policy reverses a ban put in place by former President Donald Trump limiting federal funding for such research.

‘Masks Are Dirty, Dangerous, Dehumanizing’, by Jules Gomes

By Jules Gomes, Church Militant – “Scientific evidence supporting face masks’ efficacy is lacking,” but “adverse physiological, psychological and health effects are established,” Stanford University cardiologist Dr. Baruch Vainshelboim stressed, noting how masks “restrict breathing, causing hypoxemia and hypercapnia, and increase the risk for respiratory complications, self-contamination and exacerbation of existing chronic conditions.”… The scientist also pointed out that there was no scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of masks “for reducing morbidity or mortality associated with infectious or viral diseases.”

Are COVID Restrictions a Matter of Liberty? by Nate Jackson

By Nate Jackson, Patriot Post – “I don’t look at this as a liberty thing.” With that one sentence, Beltway bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci perhaps unwittingly expressed the great divide in America over the ChiCom Virus pandemic… “That’s obvious,” retorted Representative Jim Jordan. The exchange between the two men occurred during a congressional hearing on COVID… (Jordan) pressed Fauci: “Fifteen days to slow the spread turned into one year of lost liberty. What metrics, what measures, what has to happen before Americans get more freedoms?”

The Early Church Was Not Socialist, by Paul Kengor

By Paul Kengor, Crisis Magazine – “Religious socialism, Christian socialism, are contradictory terms,” stated Pope Pius XI in Quadragesimo Anno, “no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist.”… “Religion and communism are incompatible, both theoretically and practically,” noted Nikolai Bukharin, founding editor of Pravda… “Communism is incompatible with religious faith.”

Biden Tries to End Trump Abortion Referral Ban, Re-Fund PP, by Michael F. Haverluck 

By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow – On Wednesday, President Joe Biden attempted to undo former President Donald Trump’s pro-life policy that stopped Planned Parenthood and clinics from referring women to get abortions – a reversal that would restore one type of funding for the world’s largest abortion provider.

NOW Bishops Ask for Ethical Vaccines: One Year Too Little, Too Late, by Phil Lawler

By Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture – The USCCB has announced a letter-writing campaign, urging Catholics to write to pharmaceutical companies and ask them to produce Covid vaccines that are not tainted by involvement with abortion. One year too late… This might have been a good idea, twelve months ago. In fact it was just twelve months ago that I made the point: “There is no scientific reason why we can’t have a morally acceptable vaccine.

As Maxine Waters Calls for Riots in the Streets to Continue, Minnesota National Guardsmen Shot At, by Rebecca Downs

By Rebecca Downs, Townhall – As Katie reported earlier today, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), a sitting member of Congress, took to the streets in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, where she called on riots to continue. She did so in the dead of the night, knowingly breaking curfew and encouraging others to do the same… Rep. Waters had also said that people have “got to stay on the street and get more active, more confrontational. They’ve got to know that we mean business.”

CULT FICTION: A Comprehensive Case Against the New Normal, Michael J. Matt

By  Michael J. Matt, Editor, Remnant Newspaper – First up, Francis: This time he’s teaming up with the radical Left for a conference on world health which includes the expertise of Dr. Fauci, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry and pro-abort Chelsea Clinton… In 2018 it was Katy Perry. This year it’s Chelsea Clinton. Francis is literally hosting the abomination of desolation at the heart of Christendom.

The Joe Biden Who Never Was: by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – Biden is proving the Biden he always was—as incompetent as Jimmy Carter, without the latter’s probity. He may prove as corrupt as Bill Clinton yet without his animal energy. His narcissism matches that of Al Gore and John Kerry, but without even their thin veneer of assumed authority. He is a greater racial divider than Barack Obama but without Obama’s smooth contextualizations… And the media that hated Trump and hyped his coarseness, worships Biden’s as it masks his far greater crudity.

America, Liberalism, and Catholicism, by Ryan T. Anderson

By Ryan T. Anderson, Public Discourse – Resist the temptation to outsource your thinking to a team or a party. Rooting for a team is appropriate in sports, and partisan politics may be a necessity of a political system like ours, but both are detrimental to the intellectual process. Catholics should not think of discussions about the Church’s relationship to American liberalism as a Battle Royal between competing camps—but as a conversation among friends seeking the truth in community. ..

The Leprechaun Has No Clothes: Notre Dame Violates the Nuremberg Code of 1947, by Patrick Delaney

 By Patrick Delaney, LifeSiteNews – One day prior to opening a large “clinic” on campus to provide students with the opportunity to receive injections of the experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, the University of Notre Dame’s executive officers, including President Father John Jenkins, sent a letter to the campus community announcing that all students returning to campus for the fall 2021 semester will be required, with some standard exceptions, “to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.”

Biden Administration Repudiates Unalienable Human Rights, Elevates Sexual Rights Instead

By Stefano Gennarini, J.D., LifeSiteNews – U.S. Sec. of State Anthony Blinken made two recent moves that will raise alarms among pro-lifers and other conservatives… First, he “repudiated” the work of the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights, founded by former Sec. of State Mike Pompeo and chaired by Harvard Professor Mary Ann Glendon… At the same time, Blinken promised to elevate “sexual and reproductive rights” in the annual human rights report ….

Judge Blasts Abortion: “Many Think Eugenics Ended With the Horrors of the Holocaust. It Did Not”, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – A federal judge issued a strong opinion this week in favor of an Ohio law that bans abortions on unborn babies with Down syndrome, arguing that the horrific eugenic beliefs adopted by the Nazis continue today with abortions… On Tuesday, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals allowed Ohio to enforce its Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act.

Federal Government Caught Buying ‘Fresh’ Flesh Of Aborted Babies Who Could Have Survived As Preemies, by Edie Heipel

By Edie Heipel, The Federalist – Americans should be outraged their government participates in the wide-scale human trafficking operation that created a market for harvesting the organs of murdered infants… This article contains disturbing information about human dismemberment… Last week, legal accountability group Judicial Watch dropped a bombshell: a nearly 600-page report proving the U.S. government has been buying and trafficking “fresh” aborted baby body parts.

NCAA Doubles Down on Woke, by Thomas Gallatin

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post – It’s banning championships and tournaments from being held in states that enact laws governing sports by biology… When it comes to competitive fairness and preserving women’s athletics, the NCAA has declared it will do no such thing. In a recently released statement, the NCAA said it “firmly and unequivocally” supports the inclusion of biological males who “identify” as female in women’s sports.

Democrats Have Gone Full-On Dictator Mode, by Mike Huckabee

By Mike Huckabee, The Stream – And so, some Congressional Democrats have gone full-on dictator mode and today  introduced a bill to expand the Supreme Court to 13 Justices. This scheme known as “court-packing” (as usual, they’re trying to redefine the term, but we use words appropriately around here) would let them appoint four more liberal activists to the SCOTUS to outvote the current (occasionally) conservative majority.

Record Number of Congress Members Sign Petition to Make Pelosi Allow Vote to Stop Infanticide, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – A record number of members of Congress have signed a discharge petition to try to make pro-abortion Speaker Nancy Pelosi allow a vote on the House floor on the Born Alive bill to stop infanticide and protect babies who have survived abortions… Some 202 members signed the discharge petition filed by Representative Kat Cammack (R-Fl.) — who was joined by Steve Scalise (R-La.), the House Whip, and Representative Ann Wagner (R-Mo.) — to bring the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act to the House floor for a vote.

Vatican Hosting Fauci, Chelsea Clinton, Pfizer CEO, Big Tech Oligarchs at ‘Health’ Conference, by Michael Haynes

By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – Vaccine developers, Mormon elders, pro-abortion Chelsea Clinton, population control advocate Jane Goodall, a New Age activist, a prominent UK Muslim scholar, and a pro-abortion American actress known for posing nude, are all speakers at an upcoming Vatican conference on ‘health.’ There are only two Catholic clergy listed amongst the 114 speakers.

Scientists Predict Death Spike in Vaccinated, by Jules Gomes

By Jules Gomes, Church Militant – Expert warns UK modelers are ‘following the science’ down a rabbit hole… The most deaths in a third coronavirus wave will consist of people who have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, British scientists are warning in a new doomsday report… Speaking to Church Militant, academic and mental-health ethicist Niall McCrae noted that “the report’s prediction that 70% of COVID-19 deaths will be of dual-vaccinated people is quite startling.”

100 Republicans Tell Joe Biden: Don’t Force Americans to Fund Abortion and Planned Parenthood, by Henry Rogers

By Henry Rogers, LifeNews – Over 100 Republicans signed and sent a letter to President Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra urging him to not suspend and revise the Protect Life Rule in order to prevent Title X funds from being used for abortion… Becerra and the Biden administration would be undoing the Trump administration’s rules which required organizations that perform abortions or send abortion referrals to do so in separate buildings from those that receive Title X federal funding.

Daunte Wright’s Death Reveals the Left’s Impossible Dream, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – We satirists are as obsolete as type-writer repairmen, and we ought to just admit it.
And yes, there really are Catholic inquisition re-enactors (some teaching in colleges) who think that the take-away lesson from the bishops’ criminal coverup of priestly sex abuse is simple. Give those very same bishops (like Blaise Cupich) power to arrest any baptized Christian (for instance, a pesky investigative reporter) as a heretic.

LGBTQ Students Sue Department of Education Over Alleged ‘Discriminatory Practices’ at Christian Universities

By Emma Riley, CNS News – LGBTQ students are suing the U.S. Department of Education because of alleged “discriminatory practices” at Christian universities that receive federal funding and yet impose traditional, Bible-based morals’ rules on their students… Christian or religious schools that receive federal funding currently are allowed under Title IX to obtain a “religious exemption,” which permits them to discriminate against students or actions that violate the institutions’ religious beliefs.

Breaking News: CNN Deplatformed Trump! by Mark Alexander

By Mark Alexander, Patriot Post – A contender for my favorite movie line is the faux declaration of shock expressed by the corrupt police prefect, Captain Louis Renault, in the classic 1942 film “Casablanca.” Upon “discovering” there was gambling in “Rick’s Café Américain,” Renault, who is the perennial beneficiary of that illegal enterprise, insists, “I’m shocked — shocked — to find that gambling is going on in here!”

Report: Democrats to Unveil Court-packing Bill; Expands Supreme Court to 13

By Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart – Expanding the Supreme Court to 13 justices would give liberal justices a nominal 7-6 majority. Congress can set the size of the Supreme Court without a constitutional amendment, though the last president who tried to pack the Supreme Court, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was opposed by his own party… His effort is viewed by historians as a crude power grab — but one that ultimately convinced the Court to stop striking down his New Deal legislation and to allow government powers to grow.

WATCH: CNN Director Admits Network Engaged in “Propaganda” to Defeat President Trump

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Project Veritas released a new video today exposing CNN Director Charlie Chester, who admitted that his network engaged in propaganda to benefit Biden’s candidacy during the 2020 election to the detriment of then-President Trump… Chester also said CNN has a pre-determined agenda when reporting on COVID-19 and climate change… “Look what we did, we [CNN] got Trump out. I am 100% going to say it, and I 100% believe that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got voted out…I came to CNN because I wanted to be a part of that”

FDA, CDC Urge Halting Of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Over ‘Extremely Rare’ Blood Clotting, by Jordan Davidson

By Jordan Davidson, The Federalist – The Food and Drug Administration along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are urging COVID-19 vaccination sites to cease administering doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after a minimum of six women in the United States suffered from a type of blood clotting that, in at least one case, was fatal. …

Texas Has Fewer COVID Cases Than Michigan — Despite Nearly 20M More People and No Restrictions, by Jon Miltimore

By Jon Miltimore, The Stream – In Michigan, CNN reports that state statics show its case count hit 9,350 on Saturday, the highest since December 7. Its 3-day rolling average on April 4 was 6,995… In Texas, it was 1,646… In other words, as of Sunday, Texas has about one-fourth as many cases as Michigan even though it has zero restrictions — and 20 million more people.

SCOTUS Says at-Home Religious Services are Permitted in California, by Dorothy C. McLean

By Dorothy Cummings McLean, LifeSiteNews – Californians may exercise their freedom of religion through at-home worship services once again, according to a new ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court… Last Friday night, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to lift COVID-19 restrictions California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) had placed on religious meetings in private homes.

Major News Outlets Pledge to Begin Calling ‘Climate Change’ a ‘Climate EMERGENCY’, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, CNSNews – A number of major news organizations worldwide, ranging from Scientific American and The Columbia Journalism Review to The Guardian and Al Jazeera, have signed a pledge to begin referring to “climate change” as a “climate emergency” in their reporting… “Scientific American has agreed with major news outlets worldwide to start using the term ‘climate emergency’ in its coverage of climate change” …

Joe Biden Removes Abortion Pill Limits, Abortion Drugs Will Now Kill More Babies Than Ever, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Joe Biden’s administration issued a temporary halt to health and safety regulations on abortion drugs Monday, allowing abortion facilities to sell the dangerous drugs through the mail without ever seeing the woman in person… Pro-life leaders warned that the change will put women’s lives at risk as well as their unborn babies and increase the risk of coercion and abuse.

The Height of BLM Hypocrisy, by Mark Alexander

By Mark Alexander, Patriot Post – BLM took in $90 million in “donations” last year alone. So, naturally, why wouldn’t self-proclaimed Marxist Patrisse Cullors, BLM’s 37-year-old high-profile cofounder, not want to cash in some of her chips for a nice house in a white suburb?… BLM got its start with the Zimmerman/Martin race-bait hoax in 2013 and ramped up after the 2014 “hands up, don’t shoot” hoax in Ferguson, Missouri. But BLM solidified its brand after Trump’s election, when the Democrats put their “division and hate political apparatus” in high gear.

Enough! This is What Domestic Terrorism Looks Like, by Mike Huckabee

By Mike Huckabee, The Stream – The people who attended President Trump’s January 6 rally, some of whom got out of hand and entered the Capitol Building — and a few of whom got way out of hand and confronted Capitol Hill police — have been labeled “domestic terrorists.” This narrative is now used as pretext for virtually everything the left wants to do to take control, including all-out assaults on free speech …

Nancy Pelosi Blocked Bill to Stop Infanticide 75 Times, This Pro-Life Congresswoman is Fighting Back, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act would require that a baby who is born alive after a failed or attempted abortion receives the same medical care as any other newborn. It would penalize doctors who allow infants to die or who intentionally kill a newborn following a failed abortion… Republicans in Congress have been trying to pass the legislation for years, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats who control the U.S. House have blocked it almost 80 times.

“WE AT WAR!!” Chaos in the Streets of Minnesota Tonight as Thugs Clash with Police, by Todd Starnes

By Todd Starnes – The National Guard has been called out to put down the unrest in Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis. Thugs are clashing with police tonight and looting nearby businesses… The chaos came after a police-involved shooting that left one suspect dead.

All Eyes on Taiwan as U.S.-China Tensions, Rhetoric Heat Up, by John Solomon

By John Solomon, Just the News – Chinese and U.S. aircraft carriers are patrolling near the Taiwan Strait. Taipei is running military drills and increasing emergency defense spending. And America’s top diplomat is upping the ante, starkly warning Beijing not to invade… It is fair to say that all eyes in the world are on the island of Taiwan this spring as Communist China takes an increasingly aggressive posture to a neighbor it has long wanted to annex and reunify with.

Students Resisting Liberal Shift, by Chris Woodward, Bob Kellogg

By Chris Woodward, Bob Kellogg, OneNewsNow – Kara Zupkus of Young America’s Foundation (YAF) says her organization has received “hundreds and hundreds” of tips since COVID began last year… “I think a part of it is the fact that everything’s online right now, so it’s a lot easier for students to gain … video or audio of their professors going off the rails in class, saying crazy things, and discriminating against conservative students,” Zupkus submits.

The Biden Administration, the Worst Case Scenario and How We Should Respond

By Michael Brown, The Stream – Joe Biden has been President of the United States for less than three months, but already, the fears of many conservatives are being realized. On many different fronts, things are going in a very wrong and dangerous direction. The question is: What can we do about it? How do we respond?.. In no particular order, consider the following… 1) H.R. 1 would dramatically reshape our electoral system so as to cement Democratic rule for decades to come…

Chinese Christians Held in Secretive Brainwashing Camps, by Li Nuo

Radio Free Asia – Authorities in China are detaining Christians in secretive, mobile “transformation” facilities to make them renounce their faith, RFA has learned… A member of a Christian “house church” in the southwestern province of Sichuan who asked to be identified by a pseudonym Li Yuese said he was held in a facility run by the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s United Front Work Department, working in tandem with the state security police, for 10 months after a raid on his church in 2018.

JOE BIDEN’S AMERICA: One Nation Under Davos, by  Michael J. Matt

By  Michael J. Matt, Editor, The Remnant – In this week’s episode of The Editor’s Desk, Michael J. Matt hits the following hot topics: President Biden’s super spiritual Easter message… Pope Francis calls on the IMF & World Bank to establish a global governing body… Matt Damon: The Davos/Great Reset guy… Klaus Schwab grew up in Nazi Germany. So why is he still into eugenics?… Is the Fourth Industrial Revolution the Fourth Reich?

Zogby Poll: 32% Say Fauci Looking Out for Big Pharma, Not Public, LifeSiteNews

By Children’s Health Defense, LifeSiteNews – In a new nationwide online poll conducted by John Zogby Strategies, 32% of respondents said they believe Dr. Anthony Fauci has the “pharmaceutical industry’s best interest at heart,” not the public’s… Among three specific groups, the percentage was even higher: 18- to 29-year-olds (41%), Hispanics (42%) and Blacks (38%). ..

Pro-Life Democrat Mayor Becomes a Republican: “There’s Simply No Compromise” on Abortion, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Another Democrat politician has left the party because of its increasingly radical pro-abortion agenda… North Las Vegas, Nevada Mayor John Lee announced his switch to the Republican Party on Tuesday… “When you’re a pro-life Democrat, a pro-gun Democrat, and you’re a very conservative person, that’s not really well known in the Democratic party anymore. And so for me to hang on as long as I did hoping the party would change, it didn’t. It got worse”

Republicans Who Can’t Oppose Child Mutilation Should Get Out Of Office, by Joy Pullmann

By Joy Pullmann, The Federalist – To explain his veto of a bill that would have protected children from transgender genital mutilation, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson claimed it would be “a vast government overreach.”.. Using language similar to North Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s in vetoing a bill to protect girls’ sports from unfair and irrational transgender male competition, Hutchinson further claimed: I don’t shy away from the battle when it is necessary and defensible. …

Temporary Madness, by David Carlin

By David Carlin, The Catholic Thing – And so we have tens of millions of ordinary Americans, not to mention much of our mainstream media, most of our entertainment industry, and the President of the United States, supporting the really weird idea that an eight-year-old boy can choose to be a girl if he feels like it… We’re passing through a period of collective insanity – let us hope and pray just a temporary insanity. This happened to us once before – in the 1850s when one mad decision after another drove us toward an appalling civil war:

Crime Increasing in Democrat-Run Cities, by Rodney Pelletier  

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s statistics, homicides increased by 25% between 2019 and 2020… Riots took over the country last summer, inspired by leftist media and Black Lives Matter, over George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. Since that started, there has been over $2.2 billion in property damage — the highest price tag for riot damage in U.S. history.

Pope Francis Calls for ‘Global Governance’ and ‘Universal Vaccines’ in Letter to Globalist Financial Summit, by Michael Haynes

By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – Francis has recently called for a “new world order,” saying that the “drama of wasting” the COVID-19 “crisis” would be worse than the disruption caused by COVID measures across the globe… On that occasion too, he dealt with the topic of salvation, once again viewing it with a purely earthly understanding, and linking salvation to the new world order and a focus of green policies: “The path to humanity’s salvation passes through the creation of a new model of development, which unquestionably focuses on coexistence among peoples in harmony with Creation.”…

Vaccine is Trojan for Totalitarian Takeover, by Jules Gomes

By Jules Gomes, Church Militant – The former vice president of Pfizer is raising the alarm over a coercive regime of mass gene-based vaccinations resulting in a global digital database that will “provide the perfect tool for totalitarian control” over every human being on earth… In a lengthy interview Friday with British journalist James Delingpole, distinguished biochemist and pharmacologist Dr. Mike Yeadon described the COVID-19 vaccine as a Trojan horse that would be used to build “a common platform database” at a “supranational level.”

Texas, Louisiana Sue Biden Administration for ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders Freeing Illegal Aliens into U.S., by John Binder

By John Binder, Breitbart – Texas AG Ken Paxton (R) and Louisiana AG Jeff Landry (R) have filed suit against The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for “sanctuary country” policies that prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents from arresting, detaining, and deporting most illegal aliens… In February, top DHS officials announced sanctuary country policies that prevent ICE agents from arresting and deporting about 9-in-10 illegal aliens who would otherwise be deported.

Mega-Corporations Going All In, and Out on Weak Limb, to Prove ‘Wokeness’, by Chris Woodward, Billy Davis

By Chris Woodward, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow – A conservative activist who routinely confronts powerful corporate bosses and their left-wing ideology is praising a newly-formed coalition that is confronting Big Business for partnering with leftists who hate capitalism and for promoting policies that alienate their own customers… Several groups have come together to form Stop Corporate Tyranny with a message to mega-corporations: Go back to selling Dr Pepper and flying planes instead of choosing sides in political and cultural battles.

America’s Enemies on the Move … While Biden Moves Against Americans, by Al Perrotta

By Al Perrotta, The Stream – Nature abhors a vacuum. So does the international stage. And with Joe Biden showing all the toughness of tissue paper, our rivals and enemies are on the move to take advantage… Russia has moved heavy artillery and tanks towards the Ukraine border, raising fears of an imminent offensive action. 4,000 heavily armed troops are on the move in Crimea, a US defense official told CNN… Well, how about Russia toying with Alaska? Russia is now spending “hours” in airspace near Alaska, the head of the North American Aerospace Defense Command said last week.

When Politics Poisons Everything — Including Baseball, by Paul Kengor

By Paul Kengor, EWTN News – MLB actually believes in IDs, too. You need an ID to pick up your tickets or buy a beer at a baseball game. Here’s an experiment for you: Go to the pick-up window of your ballpark this summer and tell the ticket-person you forgot your ID. Good luck getting the tickets you paid for. And yet Major League Baseball cries foul if a state asks for your ID before you vote?

Mask-Wearing Represents Fear and Blind Obedience, Not Science, by Dennis Prager

By Dennis Prager, American Greatness – a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on May 21, 2020, concluded: “We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.”

Rules for Thee, by Rodney Pelletier

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – Theologian and exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger posted a video to YouTube in December 2020 called “Spiritual Warfare and Communism.” In it, he explains that much of the Left’s thinking is actually demonic psychology — the same tactics and psychology employed by the fallen angels. He shows that Marxism is, in fact, demonic.

Embracing Cultural Marxism Will Only Hasten MLB’s Downfall, by J. Allen Cartwright

By J. Allen Cartwright, The Federalist – Major League Baseball was hemorrhaging viewers even before its ill-advised decision to “go woke,” with interest in the sport crashing to its lowest levels since 1937, leading to a flurry of rule changes in an attempt to spur interest among new fans. The shortened season and lack of fan attendance due to COVID-19 added to MLB’s misery, causing billions of dollars in lost revenue along with increasing debt.

‘Viral’ Video Shows Fiery Pastor Kicking Out Cops, by Chad Groening, Billy Davis

By Chad Groening, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow – A pastor is being praised as a hero for angrily confronting Canadian authorities who had entered a Calgary church to observe if the congregation was following the government’s COVID-19 restrictions… The two-minute confrontation, which has gone viral thanks to a video recording, shows five mask-wearing government officials being told to “Get out!” by Artur Pawlowski… he calls them “Nazis” and “Gestapo” for coming on Easter weekend, and tells them to only return if they come back with a warrant.

LifeNews: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Want ERA Approved to Make Abortion a Constitutional Right

By Sen. James Inhofe and Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, LifeNews – When President Biden and Vice President Harris were sworn into office, there was a grand celebration by pro-abortion groups. They see the Biden-Harris administration as their chance to dramatically expand access to abortion on demand… They claim that they are trying to resurrect the ERA – even if their actions are unconstitutional – to promote women’s empowerment …

It’s Time for Conservative-Led Boycotts, by Douglas Andrews

By Douglas Andrews, Patriot Post – Donald Trump, for one, has seen enough. On Friday, he took issue with Major League Baseball’s cowardly and ill-informed boycott of Georgia, which was scheduled to host this year’s All-Star Game and annual draft. “Baseball is already losing tremendous numbers of fans,” he said, “and now they leave Atlanta with their All-Star Game because they are afraid of the Radical Left Democrats who do not want voter I.D., which is desperately needed, to have anything to do with our elections ….

Biden and Corporate Wokesters Assault Election Integrity Laws, by Ken Blackwell

The Ken Blackwell, The Stream – Corporate titans tripping over themselves to be “woke” by condemning election integrity laws like Georgia’s S.B. 202… As a shareholder in the ownership of a major sports franchise and a former partner in a broadcast company, I could do whatever I want with profits once they were in my personal pocket. But I could not treat shareholders’ money that way when serving on a board or as a corporate officer.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas: Big Tech Doesn’t Have Right to Ban Free Speech, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – The Supreme Court issued an order today that President Donald Trump is now free to block whomever he chooses on Twitter, which will be difficult now that the liberal social media web site has banned his account. But an opinion Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas issued is drawing significant attention.

Biden Admin.: Abortion ‘Rights’ as Important as Religious Liberty, by Michael F. Haverluck

By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow – Sec. of State Antony J. Blinken is pushing Democrats’ unbiblical agenda across the world, indicating that killing innocent preborn children is a global right … in the name of “women’s reproductive rights.”

Vaccine ‘Passports,’ Incentives Raise Fears Over Privacy and Discrimination, by Daniel Payne

By Daniel Payne, Just the News – Efforts to institute “vaccine passports” that identify those inoculated against COVID-19 are raising alarm about infringing on the civil liberties and privacy of Americans on the other side of the pandemic, while business campaigns to incentivize both employees and customers to get shots are raising some concerns about discrimination.

The ‘Gay’ Assault on Family and Faith, by Mark Alexander

By Mark Alexander, Patriot Post – This week, as we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, it is a fitting time to raise these issues… Over the last 30 years, I’ve had a front-row seat to the institutional invasion and damage done by the so-called “LGBT(ad nauseam)” cadres of gender-challenged individuals. The militant heterophobic advocacy for homosexual orthodoxy by their group leaders, endeavoring to normalize gender confusion across the social and cultural spectrum, enables the denial of their own pathology.

Kristi Noem Vetoes Women’s Sports, by Jon Schweppe

By Jon Schweppe, First Things – Earlier this month, Gov. Kristi Noem (R-South Dakota) tweeted that she was “excited” to sign House Bill 1217, legislation that would ban biological men from participating in girls’ sports in her state. But two weeks later, she changed her mind, announcing that she would instead be issuing a “style and form” veto of the bill. And on Monday, after these “style and form” changes failed to pass the South Dakota House of Representatives, Noem officially vetoed the bill.

Pro-Life Doctor Keeps Her Congressional Seat After Nancy Pelosi, Democrats Try to Steal It, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – A pro-abortion Democrat from Iowa has dropped her controversial challenge to the Congressional seat pro-life Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (pictured) won last November by 6 votes… Hart announced Wednesday that she will withdraw her contest over Iowa’s 2nd congressional district before the House Committee on Administration and will no longer try to overturn the results of the election.

Embarrassed by Jan. 6 Riot, Feds Promise to Watch Us Closer, by Billy Davis, Steve Jordahl

By Billy Davis, Steve Jordahl, OneNewsNow – Citing two Biden administration officials, NBC News reported last week the Dept. of Homeland Security is working closely with private firms to monitor, analyze, and flag social media posts with the goal of rooting out potential terrorists… In particular, said one of the unnamed officials, the plan is to identify people online who are “prone” to being influenced by “toxic messaging” from foreign governments, terrorists, and domestic extremists through social media.

Texas Senate Passes Bill to Ban Abortions After Unborn Baby’s Heart Begins Beating, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews, Micaiah Bilger – The Texas Senate voted Tuesday afternoon to pass legislation that would protect unborn babies from abortions once a heartbeat is detectable… The heartbeat bill, state Senate Bill 8, passed on third reading and now heads to the state House. Sponsored by state Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola, the bill would require abortionists to check for an unborn baby’s heartbeat and prohibit the abortion if it is detected. It would create criminal penalties for abortionists who violate the measure.

We Have The Power To Say No To Unending ‘COVID Passports’ — And Hold Elites Accountable For The Lockdown Disaster, by Christopher Bedford

By Christopher Bedford, The Federalist – Not only is normalcy not around the corner, but several states, corporations, and President Joe Biden’s administration are working to institute a COVID regime in the form of “passports” that will haunt, burden, and exclude Americans from a future many of us no longer seem to have a say in. In exchange for an end to lockdowns, we’re offered an unending COVID regime actively championed by corporate media.

WATCH: Fr. Altman BLASTS Dallas Priest Who Called Police On Pregnant Woman

By Peter, Complicit Clergy – A pregnant mother holding her one-year-old baby was threatened by her pastor who called the cops to have her arrested. The police said that she was “trespassing on a business” that “didn’t want her there.” Deirdre Hairston tells the story and shows the video clip of what happened in an interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall.

More Illegal Immigrant Blood on Biden, by Mark Alexander

By Mark Alexander, Patriot Post – What matters most to Biden and Harris is the surge of illegal votes in future elections… There were more border deaths last week.. meaning more blood on Joe Biden’s hands and those of his inept “border czar” and administration puppeteer, Kamala Harris… While promising transparency, Biden administration officials continue to enforce his news blackout on the devastating consequences of their illegal immigrant invitation to come one, come all …

Joe Biden Puts Pro-Life Groups on Domestic Extremist List, Calls Pro-Life People “Violent”, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The Christian Post reports the report, published March 1, warned that 2021 could be a bad year of violent extremism in America… It pointed to racial issues, “perceived government overreach,” “narratives” of election fraud, the COVID-19 pandemic and “conspiracy theories promoting violence” as motivations for potential heightened violence.

When The Powerful Say Truth Is A Lie And Lies Are The Truth, No One Will Stand Up For America But You, by Christopher Bedford

By Christopher Bedford, The Federalist – Open The New York Times’ politics page Thursday morning and the top headline reads, “Democrats Begin Push For Biggest Expansion In Voting Since 1960s.” It’s a story about the most important election power-grab in modern legislative history, with a slim, partisan majority of senators seeking to wrest control of elections away from state governments to ensure Democrat control for decades to come.

Opinion: The Commonalities Between the Rise of the Nazis and the Tactics of the American Left Cannot be Ignored, by Steve McCann

By Steve McCann, American Thinker – any thoughtful and unemotional examination of the tactics the Nazi Party used to gain and maintain power in the 1920’s and 30’s will reveal numerous stark similarities to those being used by the left and the Democrat Party today… First, racial division was a central component of Nazi political strategy and philosophy. The Nazi Party was, without doubt, the most racially obsessed political party in human history. Today’s Democrat party is second only to the Nazi Party in their racial obsession. …

DHS Readies Welcome for 800,000 ‘Family Migrants’, by Neil Munro

By Neil Munro, Breitbart – President Joe Biden’s border agencies are preparing reception centers to help a huge inflow of perhaps 800,000 family migrants this year, along with a record inflow of unaccompanied children and a growing wave of single men, according to media reports… roughly 500,000 to 800,000 migrants to arrive as part of a family group during the 2021 fiscal year that ends in September, a quantity that would equal or exceed the record numbers who entered in 2019…

The Founders of Black Lives Matter, by Scott Walter

By Scott Walter, First Things – In 2013, George Zimmerman was acquitted of the charge of murdering Trayvon Martin, a black teenager. This was the spark that lit the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM). Three self-described “radical black organizers” responded: Alicia Garza coined the phrase in a “love letter” to black people, Patrisse Cullors turned the phrase into a hashtag, and Opal Tometi started organizing followers online and building BlackLivesMatter.com.

Climate Change is the Perfect Tool to Justify Complete Control, by William L. Gensert

By William L. Gensert, LifeSiteNews – The COVID social experiment in control was a smashing success. Yet, with COVID winding down, Democrats need a new apocalypse… Fortuitously, “climate change” is perfect. Faux though its existentialism may be, as a crisis with broad support among the elite left and their minions, it is a cataclysm made to order… People will not see the scam until it is too late.

Liberty Counsel: Federal Court Blocks Washington D.C. Mayor’s Lockdown Orders Limiting Church Attendance

By Liberty Counsel – A federal judge ruled yesterday that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s numerical and percentage cap restrictions on churches “discriminate against houses of worship.”… Judge Trevor McFadden, nominated by President Trump in 2017 to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, ended the 250-person cap and 25 percent limit on church services stating that the attendance restrictions are unconstitutional and an outlier in comparison to the rest of the country.

The Virtue of Gun Ownership and the Decline of Manliness, by Josh Hammer

By Josh Hammer, American Greatness – The latest horrific mass shooting in America, this time roughly 30 miles from my Denver home, happened on Monday. Ten died, and the suspect—a Trump-hating Syrian immigrant, hardly the MAGA hat-clad white man that the media so clearly desired—has been charged with ten counts of first-degree murder.

Liberal Nun Claims Holy Spirit Led Her to Promote Joe Biden, Killing Babies in Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger

Sister Simone Campbell, a leftist political activist and Catholic nun, is leaving her position as executive director of the social justice lobbying group Network… In an interview.. Campbell emphasized how the Holy Spirit has guided her advocacy work over the past two decades. This work has included supporting President Joe Biden and defending his radical pro-abortion stance.

UK Uses Psycho-Warfare to Fan Covid Terror, by Jules Gomes

By Jules Gomes, Church Militant – Britain’s government intentionally deployed tactics of psychological warfare used in wartime and by totalitarian regimes to turn its citizens into “compliant subjects of lockdown,” an Oxford academic is revealing… The SPI-B, a sub-group of the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), in its paper of March 22, 2020, marked a transition from public information campaigns supplying facts to the use of subliminal manipulation, writes Dr. James Moreton Wakeley.

ARCHIVES: The Bolshevik Revolution Reveals Six Phases From Freedom To Communist Misery, by Stella Morabito

By Stella Morabito, The Federalist – “So, how would it ever be possible for a free society like America to succumb to such tyrannical forces?… in this three-part series, I hope to map out six stages that lead us into this dangerous direction. Within each phase, several trends take hold. … 1.) Laying the groundwork, 2.) Propaganda, 3.) Agitation, 4.) State takeover of society’s institutions, 5.) Coercing conformity, 6.) Final solutions.

Democrats Confirm Abortion Activist Rachel Levine as Assistant Health Secretary, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Senate Democrats this afternoon approved the nomination of abortion activist Rachel Levine to be Assistant Health Secretary. Senators voted 52-48 in favor of ending debate on the nomination, which is opposed by pro-life groups… Republicans Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, both abortion supporters, were the only GOP lawmakers to join Democrats supporting Levine.

LifeSiteNews: A Tale of Two Cities: Washington, DC Before and After Biden-Harris

By LifeSiteNews – Our nation’s capital is now occupied by a regime that is antithetical to American exceptionalism; freedom of religion, assembly, and commerce; and free and fair elections… They hold the U.S. Capitol and White House hostage as they allow invaders to storm in through the southern border… It’s as if the driving purpose underlying all of their actions is to foment hate and force isolation.

Biden, Not Trump, Driving Border Crisis, by Star Parker

By Star Parker, Patriot Post – The New York Times quoted one such asylum seeker from Bolivia. “He’s our only hope,” she said of President Biden. “With Trump there was no hope. … Everything was going backward, backward, backward.” Not surprisingly, Mayorkas put the blame on former President Donald Trump… A ramped-up wave of migrants trying to enter illegally is Trump’s fault, per Mayorkas, not because he secured our borders but because he cut foreign aid to these Central American countries.

Trump Blasts Biden’s Border Mess, by Michael J. Matt

By  Michael J. Matt, Editor, The Remnant – Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America: We proudly handed the Biden Administration the most secure border in history. All they had to do was keep this smooth-running system on autopilot. Instead, in the span of a just few weeks, the Biden Administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster. They are in way over their heads and taking on water fast.

FRC: If You Thought HHS Was Radical Under Obama… Becerra Just Part of Biden’s Radical Pro-Abortion Agenda

By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow – “The Department of Health and Human Services has the broadest authority of any agency over federal policies affecting abortion and conscience rights for health care providers,” says Semelsberger. “[But] Becerra has made it clear through his nomination process that he does not intend to champion a unifying health care response to the pandemic, but rather he plans to export the pro-abortion policies he championed in California across the whole country.”

Agreement With China: Who Benefits? by Raymond de Souza

Zen, the emeritus bishop of Hong Kong, has been a zealous critic of the Vatican’s 2018 provisional agreement with the Chinese Communist Party, or the politically-correct “People’s Republic of China.” He said in the interview that the agreement, which to this day has not been publicly released, gives to the CCP the power to appoint bishops and puts at risk of greater persecution many of the underground Catholics in China… He criticized that agreement, calling it “immoral” and “against the Catholic conscience.” That document, Zen said, is “blatantly evil, immoral, because it legitimizes a schismatic Church!”

Fr. John Hollowell: Catholic Politicians, Canon 1375, and Impeding Catholic Ministry

By Fr. John Hollowell, Crisis Magazine – The implication of Canon 1375 is that it is a grave offense for a Catholic politician to vote for or pass any law that in any way interferes with the Catholic Church’s freedom to minister… Canon 1375 also applies at the state and local level. Any bishop who feels that ecclesial ministry has been impeded by a state law that was voted on by any Catholic politician or signed into law by a Catholic governor… could apply a just penalty to that Catholic politician, or politicians, including excommunication. …

Opinion: The Democrat Party Has Declared War on America, by Steve McCann

By Steve McCann, American Thinker – The American Left and its wholly owned subsidiary, the Democrat party, has declared war on America by openly and ruthlessly attacking American society, its norms and foundational principles.  While they previously had been somewhat restrained in their efforts to transform the nation, any pretense of subtlety has now been abandoned.  Consequently, their asinine and self-indulgent theories and totalitarian tactics are on display for all to see.

The World Demands its Freedom Back: Anti-Lockdown Protests Sweep the Globe, by Dorothy C. McLean

By Dorothy Cummings McLean, LifeSiteNews – A weary world took to the streets this weekend to demand an end to governments’ attempts to stop the draconian coronavirus regulations that have become an oppressive fixture of life almost everywhere… On March 20, marking the first anniversary of coronavirus lockdowns in several nations, participants in the “Worldwide Rally for Freedom” marched in Canada, the USA, Uruguay, Argentina, Ireland, Britain, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Japan, and Australia, among other countries, to protest lockdowns, mask mandates, and the coercive promotion of the COVID-19 vaccines …

The CDC’s ‘Separate But Equal’ Agenda, by Nate Jackson

By Nate Jackson, Patriot Post – If the CDC had begun last year with social-distancing guidelines of three feet instead of six, schools might not have closed, which harmed children in incalculable ways… The effect was, as Mark Alexander wrote last week, “wrecking the U.S. economy and millions of American lives.”… Nevertheless, the CDC officially announced Friday its new guidance of just three feet between students. Still, adults must remain six feet apart and masks should remain mandatory.

President Donald Trump Says He’s Making His Own Social Media Platform, by Alexander Hall

By Alexander Hall, LifeNews – Former President Donald Trump has declared institutional independence by starting his own platform! Both Trump and his adviser Jason Miller have given hints about Trump’s upcoming platform in recent days… Trump’s grand re-entry to social media will be with his own platform, and it may occur within the next few months. “I’m doing things having to do with putting our own platform out there that you’ll be hearing about soon,” Trump explained to Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe in the debut episode of her “The Truth” podcast on March 22. ..

Federal Judge: ‘One-Party Control Of The Press And Media Is A Threat To A Viable Democracy’, by Mollie Hemingway

By Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist – “It should be borne in mind that the first step taken by any potential authoritarian or dictatorial regime is to gain control of communications, particularly the delivery of news,” wrote Judge Laurence Silberman of the D.C. Circuit for the Court of Appeals. “It is fair to conclude, therefore, that one-party control of the press and media is a threat to a viable democracy.”

Follow The ‘Science,’ They Said, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, Townhall – Dr. Fauci has not just been flat-out wrong on the science of COVID—in his assessments of the origins and possible dangers of COVID-19, of when we can get back to normal, of when the vaccinations would appear, and of which particular governors have been doing the most or least effective management of the disease. He has also, by his own admission, deliberately lied.

Opinion: America Has Had Enough of Anthony Fauci, by Jeff Crouere

By Jeff Crouere, American Thinker – Fauci is irritating for a number of reasons.  He loves the media and is constantly on television, pontificating about COVID-19.  If he provided a consistent, reassuring message, his words of wisdom would be appreciated.  Unfortunately, he is inconsistent, and his changing stories have left Americans confused and dejected about our future.  Fauci has frightened countless people with his doom-and-gloom prognostications about COVID and our future coexistence with the disease.

Democrats Come Unhinged When Pastor Prays to Save Babies From Abortion, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The Democrat Gazette reports three Democrats walked out as retired Pastor Happy Caldwell prayed Thursday in the state House… “I would just like to say thank you for the pro-life legislation that’s come out of this state,” Caldwell told lawmakers. “Arkansas has set a leadership pace for the rest of the nation to follow.”

A Land Without Faces, by Austin Ruse

By Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine – (W)e are humans, and we have faces, and this is one of the primary ways we communicate with each other, with our loved ones, friends, even strangers. We are people of faces. Take faces away and the damage done to human interaction, to human relationships, because we cover our faces is incalculable.

The USCCB Immigration Stance Does More Harm Than Good, by Declan Leary

By Declan Leary, Crisis Magazine – Though the politics of the USCCB are rather more complex than we are often led to believe, there is at least one issue on which the bishops’ conference is reliably (and disastrously) left-wing: immigration. Who can forget the image of El Paso’s Bishop Mark Seitz physically escorting a family of five Honduran nationals across the U.S. border and into his diocesan territory?

Nation Divided Over ‘Fraud’ Watching Dems Vow ‘Reforms’, by Chad Groening, Billy Davis

By Chad Groening, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow – “You will never again see free and fair elections in the United States,” Frank Gaffney, who leads the Center for Security Policy, says of the controversial For the People Act. “You will forever, I’m afraid, be locked out because the people who stole the last election will be able to steal every one going forward.”… Gaffney’s stark warning about the election bill, and his accusation of a stolen presidential election last November …

America’s True Threat, by Thaddeus G. McCotter

By Thaddeus G. McCotter, American Greatness -Thus, for these cosseted Amcom ingrates who enjoy the rights, riches, and privileges—if not the responsibilities—of our exceptional nation, it is rank mendacity to allege our nation’s gravest threat is “white supremacy” and systemic racism, which are both exceedingly vile and extremely rare. What is the true threat to America? The systemic Communism of the Amcom woke supremacy—largely funded through your taxpayer, tuition, and consumer dollars—which they are using to infringe, erode, and end our God-given freedoms.

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Had Business Ties With Xi Jinping Himself, Bombshell Email Reveals, by Raymond Wolfe

By Raymond Wolfe, LifeSiteNews – The laptop scandal is far worse/darker than you even thought… Stunning revelations about Hunter Biden and his family’s notorious business dealings came to light in this week’s episode of the John-Henry Westen Show during an interview with Jack Maxey, former co-host of Steve Bannon’s War Room and one of the first people to go through the contents of Biden’s alleged laptop last October.

‘Cancel Culture’ Claims Victory, for Now, in Hate Crimes Bill

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – A battle against the LGBT agenda is not over in South Carolina as conservatives there are gearing up for another round of fights against a hate crimes measure… A House committee last week approved a hate crimes proposal after removing special rights for homosexuals, lesbians, and transgender. The special category for “sexual orientation” was dropped after a Republican leader said including it would likely lead members of his party to withdraw their support.

House OKs Dems’ Immigration Bills for Dreamers, Farm Workers

AP – The House voted Thursday to unlatch a gateway to citizenship for young Dreamers, migrant farm workers and immigrants who’ve fled war or natural disasters, giving Democrats wins in the year’s first votes on an issue that once again faces an uphill climb to make progress in the Senate.

California Bill Would Remove Police Officers Who are Christians or Pro-Life, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – A California bill that purports to remove police officers engaged in “hate speech” would allow the government to discriminate against peaceful pro-lifers, conservatives and people of faith, state pro-life leaders warned… The new California Law Enforcement Accountability Reform Act (Assembly Bill 655) would “root out” police officers and potential hires for “hate speech” and their connections to “hate groups” by requiring law enforcement agencies to screen potential hires for “hate.”

BREAKING: U.S. House Votes to Enshrine Abortion in Constitution by Reviving ‘Equal Rights Amendment’ (LifeSiteNews)

By LifeSiteNews – SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser slammed the vote, saying: The so-called “Equal Rights Amendment” may as well be called the Abortion Rights Act, as it would usher in extreme policy implications by enshrining a “right” to abortion in the U.S. Constitution alongside the foundational principles of our great nation. Abortion is the greatest violation of human rights in our day – the clear antithesis of equality. Its ratification would mean the indefinite blocking of state and federal policy to protect the rights of children in the womb.

The Human Need to Feel Important — and How Government Squelches It, by Dennis Prager

By Dennis Prager, The Stream – If one were to draw up a list of human needs, food and shelter would be at the top… With great respect to Freudians, sex would not be No. 2… The need for meaning would be second only to the need for food… That meaning is more important to happiness than sex is easily shown. A great many people go long periods without sex, and while many of them miss it, if they have meaning in their lives, they can lead quite happy and fulfilling lives. On the other hand, few people who have regular sex but lack meaning are happy or fulfilled. ..

CNA: After Vatican Says Same-Sex Unions Cannot be Blessed, White House Reaffirms Biden’s Support for Them

CNA – While the White House on Monday would not respond to the Vatican’s statement on marriage, press secretary Jen Psaki said that President Biden supports same-sex unions… On Monday, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) issued a response to a question on the Church’s power to bless same-sex unions. The CDF said that the Church does not have the power to bless same-sex unions or any relations “that involve sexual activity outside of marriage.”

Buying Children: Trafficking At the Border, by Paul Murano

By Paul Murano, Church Militant – Drew Hernandez: “These cartels have price tags on human beings. … The only way you see getting into the United States — the cartels will literally tell these people, hey, if you have a minor with you we’ll give you a lower price of $3,200; we’ll give you a safe passage across the border.”… Others have been bought and sold for sex trafficking or child slavery or for smuggling drugs and weapons into the United States.

Months after Trump Complaints, Some Courts Are Finding Irregularities in 2020 Elections, by John Solomon

By John Solomon, Just the News – Long after former President Donald Trump dropped his legal challenges to the 2020 election, some courts in battleground states are beginning to declare the way widespread absentee ballots were implemented or counted violated state laws… The latest ruling came this month in Michigan, where the State Court of Claims concluded that Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s instructions on signature verification for absentee ballots violated state law.

Expert: Biden’s Tax Hike ‘Would Destroy Economy’, by Chris Woodward

By Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow – President Joe Biden is reportedly planning the first major tax hike in nearly three decades – a proposal one expert says couldn’t come at a worse time… According to Bloomberg, under consideration are: increasing the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%; expanding the estate tax; boosting the capital-gains tax rate; and increasing the income tax rate on individuals earning more than $400,000/year.

Senate Advances Confirmation of Pro-Abortion Radical Xavier Becerra as HHS Secretary, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, Life News – Becerra, the attorney general of California, is President Joe Biden’s choice to run the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. A career politician with no medical background, he has a radical pro-abortion record that includes prosecuting the undercover journalists, supporting partial-birth abortions and attempting to force nuns who serve the poor and elderly to fund abortions.

Maternity Flight Suits – an Unnecessary Expense, by Chad Groening

By Chad Groening, OneNewsNow – In September 2019, MSN reports that the Air Force updated its policy to reduce restrictions on pregnant aviators who perform flight duties and have uncomplicated pregnancies, allowing many women the choice to keep performing flight duties during their pregnancy, maintain currency, and prevent postpartum re-qualification training.

Identity Politics as a (Neo-Pagan) Religious Phenomenon, by Phil Lawler

By Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture – In an epilogue to American Awakening, written after the Covid-inspired lockdown of society took hold, Mitchell observes that the mandated public-health measures—social distancing, eliminating gatherings, wearing masks—further undermine the healthy functioning of a free society. Zoom meetings and “virtual” public meetings are no substitute for the old town meetings that won Tocqueville’s admiration.

Nope, He’s Naked! by Angela Kelley

By Angela Kelley, American Greatness – You’re not stupid, folks. The emperor has no clothes. The swindlers around Joe Biden have been telling us he is competent. They tell us he is “moderate,” even after signing the most progressive and expensive pork-laden pretend relief bill this country has ever seen. They say he cares about people at the border, even after he quickly put kids back in the facilities formerly known as “cages,” and we are expected to believe that if it wasn’t for him and his administration ….

PETA Defends David Daleiden From Having to Give Planned Parenthood $16 Million, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – David Daleiden, the investigative journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts trade, is finding support from some unlikely allies as he fights in court for journalistic freedom… People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), 20 state attorneys general and others recently filed legal briefs supporting Daleiden and the freedom of the press, his legal team said this week.

Politics Cannot Save Anyone, by Regis Martin

By Regis Martin, Crisis Magazine – Only God is worthy of sublime pursuit, only He warrants divinization. “Put not your trust in princes,” we are told in Scripture, “in the children of men, in whom there is no salvation.” Joe Biden will not save us… Only God can save us, which He is eager to do so long as we do not substitute some lesser good for Him… If you want to save the world, which every young idealist aspires to do, it is best to begin at home; that way, having first tried to perfect yourself, you’ll then have something to offer the planet.

Communist Takeover of America, by Trey Blanton

By Trey Blanton, Church Militant – Communist-globalists recognized the threat Trump posed to their agenda and drastically increased its attack on society. Censorship, currently, is bludgeoning Christian and conservative speech into timid non-existence… Conservative politician Josh Hawley had his book pulled from publication after he spoke out for election integrity… Catholic publishers, rather than standing up to the corrosive mob, are preemptively canceling its writers …

WATCH: Mat Staver on The Dangerous “Equality Act”

By Mat Staver, Steve Stiger, Liberty Counsel – … discuss the serious implications of the so-called “Equality Act” that will affect every Christian… The proposed legislation is the most extreme threat to religious freedom, free speech, privacy and women’s rights ever proposed by Congress. Imagine legislation that will tear down all existing gender protection in churches, schools and hospitals. This will allow boys in girls’ sports, boys in girls’ locker rooms, boys in girls’ bathrooms and so much more….

Quit Calling Joe Biden a “Faithful Catholic.” He’s a Leftist and a Radical Abortion Activist, by Dave Andrusko

By Dave Andrusko, LifeNews – Like you, I’ve been around the track more than enough times to instantly know that when pro-abortionists make pronouncements,  it requires a presentation that is rife with falsehoods, dripping with distortions, and/or teeming with misrepresentations. Why? To give a surface plausibility to  their counter-intuitive conclusion. This is especially true with the topic is the pro-abortion presidency of Joe Biden.

Is Racial Disparity Evidence of Racism? by Regis Nicoll

By Regis Nicoll, Crisis Magazine – If you’ve scratched your head over the latest of the ever-growing number of things (like algebra and Beethoven) that has “become” racist, you can blame your confusion on radical leftist Saul Alinsky… Alinsky once said, “He who controls the language controls the masses.” Today, the masses are being played by some novel concepts derived neither from Webster nor Scripture but straight from the lexicon of Critical Theory.

The Devastating Price of Ineffective Lockdowns, by Mark Alexander

By Mark Alexander, Patriot Post – He reiterated this week: “Lockdowns are the single worst public health mistake in the last 100 years. We will be counting the catastrophic health and psychological harms, imposed on nearly every poor person on the face of the earth, for a generation. At the same time, they have not served to control the epidemic in the places where they have been most vigorously imposed

COVID, Global Tyranny, and the Religion of Antichrist, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – If you’re not a hard-core traditional Catholic, you might not know much about Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. He is the whistleblower among our bishops. Viganò revealed that Pope Francis knew all about then-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s sexual harassment of young seminarians… In an interview with a German newspaper this month, Archbishop Viganò issued a stark, even apocalyptic warning. If you read the Christian press, you probably come across dire accounts of the dangers of “Christian Nationalism.” But Viganò points to the exact opposite threat: Woke Globalism.

Biden’s Address, Lockdowns vs. Freedom, Extremism on Display, by Gary Bauer

By Gary Bauer, The Stream – President Biden addressed the nation (the other) night on the first anniversary of the pandemic lockdowns. His remarks were meant to be optimistic and soothing. You could be forgiven if you missed the fact that it was a viciously partisan speech… For whatever reason, Joe Biden just can’t acknowledge Donald Trump’s success in producing the COVID vaccines. The only reason Biden could offer any hope at all is because Donald Trump produced the vaccines in record time, which many experts said was impossible.

Sick of Wearing of Covid Mask? by David Gordon

By David Gordon, Church Militant – Sick of the draconian COVID restrictions? So are all free thinkers. But while it’s (rightly) in vogue in conservative circles to condemn the asinine lockdowns and “safety measures” imposed by bungling civil authorities drunk on their own power, almost none have had the intellectual sobriety to wonder, “How did we arrive at this precarious place where politicians feel comfortable issuing edicts that interfere so drastically with our everyday lives?”

Team Biden’s ‘Morality Problem’ on the Border, by Nate Jackson

By Nate Jackson Patriot Post – No, the approach of (the Biden) administration is to fling the doors open wide for unaccompanied minors to be trafficked into this country without limits. Psaki even admitted as much: “We understand that means there will be more kids who are crossing the border. We made a policy decision that was the right, humane step to take.”

Voters’ Remorse, by Mike Huckabee

By Mike Huckabee, The Stream – Sometimes, I get up, look at the news, and there are so many similar stories, it’s almost as if the news had a theme that day. Wednesday’s theme appears to be a predictable one: voters’ remorse… Here’s a story by a woman who hated Donald Trump so much, she called him the “most dishonest person imaginable.” She even wrote a book to slam him, about how important the truth is, and she worked hard to elect Biden and celebrated his “victory.”

Biden’s is the ‘Anti-Faith Administration’, by Charlie Butts

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – One example is the Biden administration’s recent firing of Sharon Fast Gustafson, who had gained a reputation for defending religious liberty, from her post as general counsel for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)… “It’s significant that Gustafson, when she joined the EEOC, was vocally committed herself to the cause of religious liberty,” Perry recalls. “I believe that that was of the fact that she might be problematic for an anti-faith administration.”

Joe Biden Signs COVID Bill With the Greatest Expansion of Abortion Funding in a Decade, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Although he claims to be a “devout Catholic,” Biden just signed a bill that forces Americans to fund abortions and the Planned Parenthood abortion business. It is the largest expansion of abortion funding since 2010, when Democrats passed Obamacare… The COVID relief bill that spends all but 9% on COVID relief and will spend tens of millions, perhaps over $100 million on funding abortions and the Planned Parenthood abortion corporation.

Congress Passes Massive COVID Bailout Bill Which Costs Taxpayers More Money Than They Will Receive, by Jordan Davidson

By Jordan Davidson, The Federalist – Less than 9 percent of the total spending bill goes directly to combatting COVID-19 or vaccine distribution… “If this bill was about direct payments to people and putting shots in the arms and vaccines, you would have strong bipartisan support across this Congress and across this country,” Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., said on NPR Wednesday morning.

Would You Take a Vaccine Based on Mengele’s Nazi Experiments? Should the Government Force You? by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – During World War II, Dr. Josef Mengele conducted hideous experiments on living human beings. Much of what he engaged in was pseudoscience, tainted by Nazi mysticism and crackpot racial theories. I won’t go into their lurid, gruesome cruelty, though you can read about that here. However, some of the heartless experiments yielded potentially valuable data.

Gender Identity a ‘Made-Up Lie,’ Says Feminist, by Jody Brown

By Jody Brown, OneNewsNow – In a rare public statement, a feminist is decrying the Biden administration for foisting “gender identity” on America, saying the end result will be the “complete obliteration of biological sex” in the country… Pres. Joe Biden’s latest executive order – just signed on Monday – establishes a White House “Gender Policy Council” that the administration says is intended to advance “gender equity and equality [as] a matter of human rights, justice, and fairness.”

USCCB, Don’t Beat Around the Abortion Bush, by Sean Fitzpatrick

A death-dealing industry and a death-dealing illness are the horns of a dilemma that many Catholics feel caught up in, and the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine has brought new heat to the debate. Of course, as Catholics, we heed the battle cry, “death before sin,” and refuse to participate in the evil of abortion (i.e., murder), an evil from which the Johnson & Johnson vaccine derives its existence.

Cancel Culture Comes to Catholics and All Christians, by Robert G. Marshall 

By Robert G. Marshall, Catholic Culture – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has imposed a Gag Rule on Catholics and other Christians who are the targets of her pro-LGBTQ so-called “Equality Act,” HR 5… No Catholic or Evangelical representatives who opposed HR 5 testified before the April, 2019 Judiciary Committee hearing, yet passage of this radical measure will require Christians and their institutions to accept behavior rejected by Scripture and millennia of religious teaching if they want to avoid huge penalties and punitive fines.

Vaccine of Death: Episcopal Confusion, by William Mahoney, Ph.D.

By William Mahoney, Ph.D., Church Militant – More bishops are giving their blessings and even encouraging vaccination, downplaying the use of fetal cells and overlooking another fundamental moral question… Bishop Robert McElroy: “The concrete moral question at this moment is in Catholic theology, is it morally appropriate and, in fact, morally a very good thing to take any one of these three vaccines now to bring immunity to the whole of the society? And the answer quite clearly at all levels is yes.”

Trump Press Release on Joe Biden and the Southern Border Crisis

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America – Our border is now totally out of control thanks to the disastrous leadership of Joe Biden. Our great Border Patrol and ICE agents have been disrespected, demeaned, and mocked by the Biden Administration. A mass incursion into the country by people who should not be here is happening on an hourly basis, getting worse by the minute.

Forcing People To Wear Masks Isn’t Kind, It’s Selfish, by Auguste Meyrat

By Auguste Meyrat, The Federalist – Pro-maskers need to see that, for the other side, this supposed symbol of ‘charity’ and ‘solidarity’ has become the exact opposite… For many pro-maskers, masks are a symbol of charity, health, and solidarity with those who have suffered from the virus. They remind healthy people that others at risk, they are responsible for them, and conformity is essential right now… Those who don’t wear a mask are deemed selfish, ignorant, and dangerous. This likely means, unfortunately, that even with the mandate lifted, mask-shaming won’t necessarily come to an end.

Texas Governor Responds to Growing Border Crisis, by Thomas Gallatin

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post – Abbott stated, “The crisis at our southern border continues to escalate because of Biden Administration policies that refuse to secure the border and invite illegal immigration… according to Arizona’s Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels, the border’s “wide open” and there’s “chaos going on the border based on these [Biden] administrative decisions.” He added, “[There were] 141 countries breached [on] our southwest border in the first nine months, over 1,000 gang member members, 822 assaults on agents, 271 deaths on our border. This is a crime scene.”

Why the Democratic Party is So Bent on Destroying Trump, by Mike Huckabee

By Mike Huckabee, The Stream – If it seems to you that Democrats are absolutely frantic to destroy President Trump and any fleeting thought he might have of ever running for office again, you’re right. They impeached the man for the second time as he was on his way out the door. They canceled his Twitter account. They’ve moved ahead with their fishing expedition into his finances, courtesy of a longtime political foe, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. Trump’s enemies want him in jail and totally disgraced, for something, anything.

Ireland’s as Bad as North Korea and Saudi Arabia, by David Mills

By David Mills, The Stream – “Ireland is one of only two countries in Europe where a person of faith cannot attend religious services,” notes the Irish political party Aontú. The major political parties “have taken a far more restrictive policy against the holding of Church Services than any other country in the world except North Korea and Saudi Arabia.”… Aontú asks the Irish government “to publish plans now in order that a gentle easing of restrictions for Religious Services can happen for Easter Week.”

The Biden Administration Poses New Threats to Catholic Education, by Patrick J. Reilly

By Patrick J. Reilly, Crisis Magazine – In just the first months of the Biden administration, Catholic educators have been confronted by serious threats to their freedom to teach and witness to the Catholic faith… We knew the storm was coming. Over the last four years, schools and colleges enjoyed a brief respite before the anticipated return of Obama-era policies like the mandate for contraception coverage in healthcare plans and attempts to open bathrooms and locker rooms to students of the opposite sex.

Immigration Laws Must Be Enforced, Rules SCOTUS, by Chad Groening

By Chad Groening, OneNewsNow – Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote the opinion for a 5-3 conservative majority that ruled against an illegal alien from Mexico who has lived in the U.S. for 25 years… Before this ruling, illegal aliens with criminal convictions who were facing deportation could ask the attorney general to allow them to remain in the country if the conviction was not for a serious crime and if the person had lived in America at least 10 years, among other criteria.

CDC Director: ‘We Intend to Take Baby Steps’ on What Vaccinated People CAN DO, by Ian Hanchett

By Ian Hanchett, Breitbart – On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky discussed the agency’s guidance on what fully vaccinated individuals can do and stated that the agency intends “to take baby steps” “while still being cautious.” Because 90% of the population isn’t vaccinated. Walensky also said that the guidance will be updated as time goes on and more information is available.

Archdiocese Of Washington Gives Disgraced Cardinal Wuerl Millions From Faithful Catholics, by Adam Cassandra

By Adam Cassandra, The Federalist – Most Catholics would probably agree that a priest caught lying to the public and who was an instrumental figure in the sexual abuse crisis within the Catholic Church probably shouldn’t be receiving millions of dollars a year in church donations… Investigative journalists at The Pillar revealed that the archdiocese set aside more than $2 million in donations from the Catholic faithful to retired and disgraced Cardinal Donald Wuerl, former archbishop of the Arch. of Washington, for undisclosed “continuing ministry activities.”

Mandates for Thee While Illegals Roam Free? by Arnold Ahlert

By Arnold Ahlert, Patriot Post – It’s no secret that the Democrat Party has only one “principle,” namely the acquisition and maintenance of power by any means necessary. And if that means taking a position today that is the polar opposite of a position one took yesterday, so be it. That such intellectual dishonesty and ideological bankruptcy requires large dollops of hypocrisy to sustain it is also no secret.

The Two Main Reasons Conservatives Are Losing (WATCH), by John-Henry Westen

By John-Henry Westen, LifeSiteNews – John Droz, Jr. is an independent physicist and has been an environmental activist for over 30 years. He has been an outspoken critic of wind energy, climate “science,” and is the founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. Droz joined me on this special episode of The John-Henry Westen Show to discuss the irregularities he and his team found in election results, as well as the two big things that are holding back conservatives.

‘For the Elite Act, 2021’,  by William Mahoney, Ph.D.

By William Mahoney, Ph.D., Church Militant – If passed, HR 1 would eliminate fair elections and render America a totalitarian nation… Twenty attorneys general are pushing back against Democrats trying to steal the rights of states to manage their own elections… In addition to Congress stepping on Article I, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, which provides each state with the right to conduct its own elections, Rokita notes, “Perhaps most egregious is the act’s limitations on voter identification laws.”

eBay Cancels ‘Offensive’ Dr. Seuss, But Hitler OK, by Michael F. Haverluck

The (Dr. Seuss Foundation) recently submitted to woke activists by issuing a public apology and by no longer producing titles that have been loved by children and adults alike for generations… “These books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong,”… Making little sense and providing no proof that reading Dr. Seuss books turn children into racists – similar to how using the canceled Aunt Jemima pancake syrup or playing with Mr. Potato Head makes one racist or sexist …

Rand Paul Forces Democrats to Remove Provision Funding Planned Parenthood From COVID Bill, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Paul (R-KY), ranking member of the Senate Small Business Committee, says the money in the PPP loan program was meant for small businesses, not abortion companies… “Democrats knew this was never about COVID relief or helping small businesses,” said Dr. Paul. “It was a shameless attempt to fund their radical agenda on the taxpayers’ backs and I was successful in preventing that from happening by stopping these funds from going to abortion mills.”

Joe Biden Is a Bad Catholic, by Brian Mark Weber

By Brian Mark Weber, Patriot Post – “Biden … has frustrated traditional Catholics with his staunch pro-choice policy positions and push to end gender-identity discrimination despite concerns about religious freedom,” reports The Washington Times. “In his first month in office, Mr. Biden revoked the Mexico City policy banning foreign aid for abortions abroad; cheered the anniversary of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, and named pro-choice crusader California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to head the Health and Human Services Department.”

Joe Biden Isn’t Well, by Douglas Andrews

By Douglas Andrews, Patriot Post – Stay with us here. Just two months before the 1964 presidential election between President Lyndon Johnson and Republican challenger Barry Goldwater, the cover headline of a long-forgotten publication, Fact magazine, ushered in the modern era of left-wing journalistic malfeasance: “1,189 Psychiatrists Say Goldwater Is Psychologically Unfit To Be President!” it blared.

Democrats Pass Radical Bill HR1 That Would Suppress Free Speech, Silence Pro-Life Groups, by Laura Echevarria

By Laura Echevarria, LifeNews – Voting 220-210, with no Republican support, the House of Representatives today approved H.R. 1, the so-called “For the People Act of 2021.”… “This bill is nothing more than a thinly-disguised attempt to secure power by pro-abortion Democrats,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “Democrat leaders are happy to violate the First Amendment and penalize Americans and their right to free speech if it means that they can silence opposing voices.”

WATCH: White House Cuts Video Feed After Joe Biden Asks for Questions, by Kyle Olson

By Kyle Olson, Breitbart – The White House abruptly cut their video feed of a virtual event Wednesday after President Joe Biden asked reporters for questions… “I’m happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance, whatever you want me to do,” an uncertain Biden said… Biden was speaking with members of the House Democrat caucus, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi… The president appeared to look off-camera for direction ….

Dr. Seuss and the Woke Army’s Nonsensical, Fanatical Thirst to Cancel American Treasures, by Al Perrotta

By Al Perrotta, The Stream – Want to guess what will next be targeted for destruction by the Fanatical Leftist Cancel Cancer? Think “What has been enjoyed by generations of Americans of all stripes? What has bound us together as Americans through times good and bad? What do normal people love?”… But who would have thought they’d come after Dr. Seuss? Last week, could you have found a liberal in American who didn’t love Dr. Seuss’s books? The Grinch? Horton Hears a Who? Green Eggs and Ham? That Dr. Seuss?

Texas Ends 100% of Its COVID Restrictions, by Thomas Gallatin

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post – Texans Gov. Greg Abbott… Texans are competent to manage “their own personal safety,” and by so doing they help to manage the safety of others, Abbott said. “It’s a reminder that individual safety is managed every day as a matter of personal responsibility rather than by government mandate. Individual responsibility is a corollary to individual freedom. We can have both.” He further advised, “Texans should continue following medical advice on preventing COVID just as they do on other medical issues.”

We Want God, Not the Equality Act, by John Horvat II

By John Horvat II, LifeSiteNews – …the most powerful reason for being vehemently against (the Equality Act) is that it represents the severing of America’s relationship with God. In Congressional hearings about the act, Democratic Congressman Jerry Nadler declared that whatever may oppose the will of God is of no concern for Congress. This is tantamount to saying that America should exist outside of God’s will, that it should be completely indifferent to His Divine Law.

Catholic Bishop on Pro-Abortion Joe Biden Holding a Rosary: “He Brags He’s Catholic When It’s Convenient”

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Several Catholic bishops have emerged as vocal critics of President Joe Biden as he “brags” about being Catholic while advocating for the most radically pro-abortion, life-destroying policies in U.S. history… On Tuesday, (Bishop Rick Stika, of Knoxville, Tennessee) lamented that Biden touts his faith often and publicly but does not practice what he preaches… “So sad that the President likes to pull out his rosary and touts his devotion of Our Lady of Guadeloupe as he forgets another title for her: ‘Our Lady of Life,’” Stika wrote on Twitter. “He likes to brag on his Catholic background when convenient. So very dishonest!”

Bombshell Verdicts Explode Covid-19 Testing, by Jules Gomes

By Jules Gomes, Church Militant – The world’s most prestigious medical journal has finally admitted that polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests — used in most cases to detect COVID-19 — are “not the appropriate gold standard” for “public health measures.”… The Lancet’s long-overdue verdict and its call for “another approach” to testing for SARS-CoV-2 come months after distinguished virologists and epidemiologists repeatedly voiced concerns that the PCR tests were “fatally flawed.”

Durham File: A Documentary Roadmap to Special Counsel Probe of Rogue FBI Pursuit of Trump, by John Solomon

By John Solomon, Just the News – Freed from his double duty as Connecticut’s chief federal prosecutor, Special Counsel John Durham is zeroing in on the final phase of his far-reaching investigation into whether FBI officials or others committed crimes while conducting the Russia collusion probe, such as misleading federal judges or Congress… All expectations were that Durham would wrap up his probe with final indictments and/or a report last fall ….

Who’s Behind Global Effort to Silence Critics of the ‘Great Reset’? by Dr. Joseph Mercola

By Dr. Joseph Mercola, LifeSiteNews – The Publicis Groupe, an international PR firm, is a partner with the World Economic Forum, which is leading the call for a “reset” of the global economy. Publicis represents tech, pharma and banking corporations, all of which have partnerships with the U.S. government and global NGOs… To summarize, the web around Publicis now includes international drug companies, NewsGuard, Google, Microsoft, the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), the WHO and the World Economic Forum. Mind you, this is not a comprehensive review of links.

HR 1 Makes Election Fraud & Chaos Permanent, by Louis Debroux

By Louis Debroux, Patriot Post – With a House vote expected this week, the 791-page HR 1 is a massive power grab by Democrats that takes the worst aspects of the 2020 elections and puts them into federal law. Democrats aim to dictate from Capitol Hill election law for every single state, county, and city. HR 1 intentionally weakens election security, creating the very lawlessness and discord that made the last election such a nightmare and guaranteeing that’s the norm for all future elections.

The Cancellation Of Dr. Seuss Should Disturb You, Because You’re Next, by John Daniel Davidson

By John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist – America is entering its very own Mao-like Cultural Revolution. The iconoclasm of the left’s culture war isn’t a side effect, it’s the point… Dr. Seuss has been cancelled. Some of his work has been deemed racist, and we can’t have that… So forget about Dr. Seuss. Forget about the statues and the books. Those things are just the beginning. It could easily get much worse. The woke revolutionaries of the left can’t be bargained with or appeased. They believe this is a zero-sum game, that one side will win and one side will lose. And they’re right.

Trump Declares War on Socialism, by Trey Blanton  

By Trey Blanton, Church Militant – President Trump gave his first public address (at CPAC), headlining the largest conservative conference in America…. Trump reminded the audience of the danger they face: “We all knew that the Biden administration was going to be bad, but none of us even imagined just how bad they would be and how far left they would go.” Trump continued: “The mission of the Democrat Party is to promote socialism. They want to promote socialism ultimately leading, unfortunately, to communism.”

WATCH! Top Rated Arizona News Anchor Resigns: “I No Longer Want to Do This Job”

By Kari Lake, Rumble – Kari Lake: “Journalism has changed a lot since I first stepped into a newsroom… I don’t like the direction it is going. …I’m sure there are other journalists out there who feel the same way.”

Biden Mentions Our Lady of Guadalupe, Shows Rosary Beads, in Meeting with Mexican President, by Matt Hadro

By Matt Hadro, EWTN News – Pres. Joe Biden cited Our Lady of Guadalupe and displayed his rosary beads in a conversation with the president of Mexico on Monday… In the virtual conversation with Mexico’s President López Obrador, Biden—a Catholic—claimed a devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe from his previous travels to Mexico as vice president… Biden has supported taxpayer-funded abortion and has pledged to sign the Equality Act, legislation …

Gov. Abbot Ends All COVID Restrictions, Gov. Cuomo Stripped of COVID Emergency Powers, by Michael J. Matt

By Michael J. Matt, Editor, Remnant Newspaper – Texas just decided to let freedom RING! The pandemic is over… What happens in Texas matters! Once other states and even other countries come to realize that Abbott just opened up a “super spreader” the size of, well, Texas, and that nothing is going to happen, life will go on and the old normal will begin to return–well, the taste of freedom is a powerful thing.

WATCH! Trump Lays Out Future of Republican Party and Election Reform in Powerful CPAC Speech, by Raymond Wolfe

By Raymond Wolfe, LifeSiteNews – Former President Donald Trump laid out his vision for the future of the Republican Party and election integrity efforts in a powerful closing speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Sunday… “As we gather this week, we’re in the middle of a historic struggle for America’s future, America’s culture, and America’s institutions, borders, and most cherished principles,” Trump said.

Trump Confirms He Called For 10,000 National Guard Which Pelosi Refused. by Natalie Winters

By Natalie Winters, The National Pulse – Donald Trump confirmed reports he requested 10,000 National Guard troops ahead of the January 6th rally in Washington, D.C… Speaking with Fox News’ Steve Hilton on “The Revolution,” the former president outlined how he knew in advance of the crowd size: “Everyone said we’ll be at the rally. It was, I think, the largest crowd that I have ever spoken to before. I have spoken to big crowds, hundreds of thousands of people, more than that, but hundreds of thousands of people.”…

Is Biden Losing the Immigration Debate?.. Significant Shifts in Public Opinion, by Steven A. Camarota

By Steven A. Camarota, National Review – Recent trends in polling data suggest that those Democrats are right to be concerned.
Rasmussen Reports has asked the same ten immigration questions every week since the middle of December 2019. The answers had been generally stable until late last year, when they began to shift markedly toward favoring more border enforcement, opposition to amnesty, and less legal immigration. It seems that Joe Biden’s election, and the rhetoric and policies of his administration, are alienating a significant share of voters.

The Government Cannot Dictate Your Conscience, by Michael S. Parker

By Michael S. Parker, EWTN News – “What do you think is best for me, Doctor?”… Inescapably, the doctor’s conscience will inform how he or she answers this question… The new administration intends to overturn religious conscience protections by mandating contraceptive coverage and abortion services. These policies intend to certify elective procedures, such as abortion and contraception, as essential women’s health care and a human right. These changes target religious organizations ….

How Ryan Anderson’s Banned Book, ‘When Harry Became Sally,’ Helped Me With Gender Dysphoria, by Chad F. Greene

By Chad Felix Greene, The Federalist – In July 2017, I took a risk and submitted an article to a publication that I respected and read frequently, hoping to provide conservatives a perspective they may not have viewed before. I wanted to address why suicide was so high among transgender people and ask questions about transition I hadn’t seen asked by mainstream LGBT sources.

Donald Trump Slams Democrats’ Transgender Attack on Women’s Sports

By Neil Munro, Breitbart – Former Pres. Donald Trump used his CPAC speech in Florida to sharply criticize the Democrats’ unified push to get transgender men into women’s sports… “Joe Biden and the Democrats are even pushing policies that would destroy women’s sports,” Trump said February 28.

Study: CDC Illegally Inflated Covid-19 Deaths, by Jules Gomes

By Jules Gomes, Church Militant – Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, head of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, demolished a rebuttal by Facebook’s “fact-checking” partner Health Feedback which claimed that “the CDC didn’t change the rules on cause-of-death reporting.”
“There was, in fact, an important material change in how COVID deaths should be recorded from 2003 to the present…”

The Equality Act: Anti-Woman, Anti-Catholic, by Anne Hendershott

By Anne Hendershott, Crisis Magazine – While faithful Catholics are grateful for the statement last week from five of our bishops on the threats posed by the Equality Act, it is a bit too little and much too late. For more than two years, Crisis Magazine has been sounding the alarm about the threats posed by the Equality Act that was just passed last week by the House of Representatives with a 224-206 vote.

Tom Cotton Mocks Social Justice Warriors at New York Times in CPAC Speech, by Kristina Wong

By Kristina Wong, Breitbart – Sen. Tom Cotton took aim at Biden’s immigration policy: “The Biden administration stopped the wall at our border and built a wall around your U.S. Capitol.”… “The Biden administration is literally tracking down illegal aliens in Mexico who Trump turned away and inviting them to return to our country—that’s not ‘catch and release’; that’s recruit and release… Immigrants who obeyed our laws and came here the right way, who earned their citizenship and earned the right to vote are some of our most patriotic and loyal Americans….”

Congressman Jerry Nadler: “God’s Will is No Concern of This Congress”

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – During the debate yesterday over the Equality Act, a measure that would create a right to kill babies in abortions and force Americans to fund abortions, Republicans accused Democrats of ignoring Biblical values… a surprising comment from pro-abortion Democrat Cong. Jerry Nadler confirmed that to be true… “What any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress,” he admitted.

CNA: Education Department Reverses Stance on Connecticut’s Transgender Athlete Policy

CNA – On Tuesday, however, the Department of Education (ED) civil rights office not only said it was withdrawing its previous findings in the cases, but also said that it would be reviewing the cases based on President Biden’s recent executive order reinterpreting sex discrimination… Legal experts warned that the sweeping order would force girls to share sports, locker rooms, and shelters with biological males identifying as transgender females…

Several Nuns Die After Taking First Shot of COVID Vaccine, by David McLoone

By David McLoone, LifeSiteNews – Earlier this month, 35 nuns in a northern Kentucky convent received an mRNA-developed COVID-19 vaccine. Just two days later, two died and twenty six others tested positive for the virus… Sister Aileen Bankemper, prioress of the Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburg, noted that the monastery was completely locked down, with no movement of people into or out of the premises for some time prior to having the sisters vaccinated ….

Biden’s Equality Act is a Danger to Women’s and Conscience Rights, by Ryan Anderson

By Ryan Anderson, NY Post – President Biden has promised to unify the nation. But candidate Joe Biden also made campaign promises to the radical wing of his party that would widen our social divides. Guess which promises are being honored… Witness the so-called Equality Act, which candidate Biden vowed to make a priority and which is set to be voted on by the House this week. What’s the Equality Act? And who could be against equality? Don’t let the name fool you… the bill would act as a sword — to persecute those who don’t embrace newfangled gender ideologies.

The Equality Act Would ‘Potato Head’ All Americans, by Kylee Zempel

By Kylee Zempel, The Federalist – A much more important thing you might have missed on Thursday is that the Democrat-led House of Representatives is taking up a vote on the Equality Act, a nice and equitable-sounding piece of legislation that would effectively end legal sex distinctions as we know them and coerce traditional conservatives and Christians into violating their most deeply held religious beliefs. The bill, if it passes, will amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which made it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex ….

China Betrays Its Deal with the Vatican, by Nina Shea

By Nina Shea, National Review – So far, the Vatican has not commented on China’s stunning betrayal… “China’s state-run Catholic Church and bishops’ conference will select, approve, and ordain episcopal candidates — with no mention of the Vatican’s involvement in the process.”… Significantly, the new rules require the clergy to “adhere to the principle of independent and self-administered religion in China.”

HHS Nominee Dr. Rachel Levine Won’t Say if Parents Can Refuse Child’s Gender Transitioning

By Matt Hadro, EWTN News – When pressed by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on the matter of minors being allowed to transition genders, (biological male Dr. Rachel Levine, President Biden’s nominee for assistant secretary HHS) would not directly answer his questions… “Do you support the government intervening to override the parent’s consent to give a child puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and/or amputation surgery of breasts and genitalia?”

Xavier Becerra Thinks It’s OK He Supports Abortions Up to Birth Because His Mom Prays the Rosary, by Mary M. Olohan

By Mary Margaret Olohan, LifeNews – President Joe Biden’s HHS nominee Xavier Becerra dodged questions Wednesday on abortion limits by talking about his mother praying the rosary… Republican Montana Sen. Steve Daines pressed the HHS nominee Wednesday afternoon on what restrictions, if any, Becerra thinks should be placed on abortion.

How to Resist Marxism According to Solzhenitsyn

By Jane Stannus, Crisis Magazine – Yes, all Marxist-influenced initiatives, from the mildly socialist to the violently radical, serve to advance Marxism’s goal: the formation of a worldwide, collectivist, classless state where everyone accepts the principles of atheistic materialism—in a word, communism. While the West hasn’t yet reached that point, the widespread social support for Marxist Critical Race Theory and communist-style censorship makes it plain that we’re moving swiftly in the wrong direction.

Texas Bishop Warns Equality Act ‘Threatens the Heart of Our Nation’, by Thomas D. Williams

By Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D., Breitbart – Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler Texas warned late Wednesday the Equality Act is destructive legislation that would do untold damage to the country if passed… “The Equality Act being considered in Congress is a threat to people of faith in this nation,” Bishop Strickland said on Twitter. “I urge all who believe in God and the truth of His Divine Revelation to speak up and let their members of Congress and Senators know that this bill threatens the heart of our nation.”

At Hearing, Becerra Won’t Name Single Abortion Restriction He Favors, by Christine Rousselle

By Christine Rousselle, CNA – Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) questioned California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra during his confirmation hearing… Daines pressed back, asking if there was “any line” that Becerra would draw, asking him to name “just one” restriction that he might support… Becerra then reminded Daines that his wife is an OB/GYN who has cared for babies “for decades,” and then said that his mother was praying the Rosary for him and had “blessed” him that morning prior to his hearing. He did not provide a restriction he may support.

Marxist Power Grab, by Rodney Pelletier

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – The Washington, D.C. swamp is quickly working to consolidate its power. After Joe Biden’s election, leftist politicians and the Marxist media called for “unity,” but their actions betray their true intentions… After pulling off the biggest crime in U.S. history by rigging the 2020 presidential elections, the Democrats have been working to codify their election fraud into federal law… The U.S. House of Representatives proposed a bill on Monday — “HR1” — putting the federal government in charge of state presidential elections.

The Counterfeit Equality Act: The Left’s Assault on Religious Liberty, by Ken Blackwell

By Ken Blackwell, The Stream – Where the civil rights movement sought to free millions of Americans from the oppression of government laws that treated people differently because of skin color, the Equality Act (EA) will require the law to treat people differently because of their religious beliefs… the EA will punish businesses, schools, and individuals simply for believing that a man cannot become a woman… the EA will punish medical professionals who do not want to surgically remove healthy body parts or give puberty blockers to a child. …

How Biden Is Using 500,000 COVID Deaths, by Nate Jackson

By Nate Jackson, Patriot Post – In a press conference and ceremony yesterday to mark the milestone, Pres, Joe Biden aimed for somber reflection on the pain Americans have endured in losing loved ones.. He once again spoke of the need to “fight this together” as the “United States of America.”… The problem is that his speech was badly written and delivered worse, and his administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress have done nothing to unify the country. They have only politicized COVID deaths, first using them to hang around the neck of Donald Trump …

House Democrats Target Newsmax, Fox News for De-platforming From Cable, by Marisa Herman

By Marisa Herman, Newsmax – Democrats are waging an assault on the First Amendment, with two Democrat House lawmakers demanding answers from cable television providers on the role they play in the “spread of dangerous misinformation.”… The letter, signed by Reps. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., and Jerry McNerney, D-Calif., and released to the press Monday, targets only conservative-leaning outlets, including Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN… The letter directly only assails conservative news networks Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN …

Toward a New Elite, by Christian Browne

By Christian Browne, Crisis Magazine – The disastrous state of our elites has never been more apparent. This group, as self-evidently identifiable as pornography, is firmly in control of the major institutions in our society—government agencies, the courts, academia, the media, Hollywood, sports entertainment, and large corporations. Seized by a moralistic ideological frenzy, across a broad spectrum of society, those in power have lost the rule of reason, the virtue of prudence, and the restraint of toleration.

Frontline Doctor: FBI ‘Broke Down My Door’ in Swat Team Raid of 20 Men, by Patrick Delaney

By Patrick Delaney, LifeSiteNews – Dr. Simone Gold related the nature of her arrest, how the distribution of experimental vaccines violates the Nuremburg Code, and why COVID-19 censorship is a ‘crime against humanity.’… In describing this incident, Gold said, “I was paid a visit by the FBI in a Roger Stone kind of take down moment… You know, if anybody wanted to get a hold of me, they could have picked up the phone and called. I’m very easy to find. But there were literally twenty guys with guns blazing, [and they] broke down my door,” Gold said.

Life of the American Child Under the Equality Act, by Dr. Susan Berry

By Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart – House Democrats are poised to pass the Equality Act once again, claiming it will merely amend federal civil rights law to ensure sexual orientation and gender identity are included among the protected classes.. the Equality Act could pass the Senate as well, and if so, President Joe Biden is expected to sign it into law… The legislation would end the federal recognition of the two complementary male and female sexes in favor of gender identity.

HHS Nominee Xavier Becerra Will Likely Force Christians to Fund Abortions, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Xavier Becerra, a pro-abortion activist in line to head the influential Department of Health and Human Services, appeared before a Senate committee for a confirmation hearing today and refused to commit to not forcing Christians to fund abortions… Though Becerra claims to be Catholic, his record involving unborn babies and those who work to protect them is terrible. …

Catholic Bishop Says Joe Biden is Not a “Real Catholic” Because He’s Pro-Abortion, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Texas Catholic Bishop Joseph Strickland said Friday that he is praying for President Joe Biden’s conversion because the pro-abortion politician is “not a real Catholic.”… “Hate me if you want but Biden is not a real Catholic … just a fact,” Strickland wrote on Twitter… Biden professes to be a devout Catholic and attends Mass regularly, but he also supports abortions “under any circumstances” and want to force taxpayers to pay for them – positions that violate Catholic Church teachings and jeopardize millions of unborn babies’ lives.

Supreme Court Denial Of 2020 Election Cases Invites ‘Erosion Of Voter Confidence’, by Margot Cleveland

By Margot Cleveland, The Federalist – With Joe Biden now a month into his office as president of the United States, Americans may shrug at the court’s decision, but we shouldn’t: The Supreme Court’s abdication of its authority to answer important constitutional questions only encourages further lawlessness by state election officials and courts, undermines voter confidence, and threatens even more chaotic federal elections.

Waking Up to the Free Speech Threat, by Douglas Andrews

By Douglas Andrews, Patriot Post – “When Americans are targeted because of their constitutionally protected political and/or religious views,” Alexander writes, “leading to coordinated efforts to deplatform and then defund those individuals and businesses when financial institutions selectively refuse services, it constitutes a new form of ‘redlining’ in violation of their most fundamental civil rights….”

CNA: Despite Pandemic, Planned Parenthood Aborted More Babies in 2020

CNA – Planned Parenthood’s annual report once again showed an increase from the previous year in both abortions performed and government funding… According to its latest annual report, Planned Parenthood performed 354,871 abortions in the 2019-20 fiscal year—a 2.7% increase from the 2018-19 year, which was a 3% increase from the year before that.

Biden’s HHS Pick Advocates Sex Changes For Kids. by Jon Schweppe

By Jon Schweppe, The National Pulse – Most alarmingly, Dr. Levine has advocated for sex changes for pre-pubertal people, otherwise known as “children.”… A professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at the Penn State College of Medicine, Levine has given lectures in various settings since at least 2012 on how to perform sex changes and gender conversion therapy on children… According to Levine, children ought to be given the latitude to choose their own gender.

Msgr. Charles Pope: Congress Is About to Vote on the ‘Equality Act,’ a Grave Threat To Religious Liberty — Please Take Action Now

Msgr. Charles Pope, EWTN News – “The Equality Act would impose sweeping regulations to the detriment of society as a whole. The Act’s definitions alone would remove women and girls from protected legal existence. … We treasure the First Amendment freedoms of speech, association, conscience, and religious exercise. The Equality Act puts these at risk by requiring uniform assent to new beliefs about human identity that are contrary to those held by many — believers of diverse faiths and non-believers alike.

The Denial of Evil: The Case of Communism, by Dennis Prager

By Dennis Prager, Townhall – But there is something people deny more than mortality: evil. Someone should write a book on the denial of evil; that would be much more important because while we cannot prevent death, we can prevent evil… The most glaring example of the denial of evil is communism, an ideology that, within a period of only 60 years, created modern totalitarianism and deprived of human rights, tortured, starved and killed more people than any other ideology in history.

Clarence Thomas Dissent in Election Cases: ‘Our Fellow Citizens Deserve Better’

By Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart – “Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us,” Justice Clarence Thomas declared Monday, when the Supreme Court decided — by one vote –to hear none of the 2020 election cases raising issues of voter fraud and illegal votes… Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett voted with the liberal justices to deny review of the lower court decisions… Four justices must vote to hear a case to put it on the Court’s docket, but only three justices — Thomas, fellow conservative Samuel Alito, and libertarian Neil Gorsuch — voted to take at least two of four of the key cases from November 2020.

Joe Biden Collides with Catholic Bishops Over Equality Act, by Thomas D. Williams

By Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D., Breitbart – President Joe Biden urged Congress Friday to “swiftly pass” the Equality Act, setting him squarely on a collision course with the U.S. Catholic Bishops… “Full equality has been denied to LGBTQ+ Americans and their families for far too long,” Biden said in a statement. “Despite the extraordinary progress the LGBTQ+ community has made to secure their basic civil rights, discrimination is still rampant in many areas of our society.”

Opinion: Is the Biden Administration Stumbling Into War? by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – The reason that China despised the Trump Administration was not, as it claimed, xenophobia, racism, or China bashing, but rather because Trump called out and exposed its decades of aggression, subversion, and its planned trajectory to global hegemony… When the Biden team talks of reentering the Iran Deal without the Trump baggage, or wants a new relationship with China, they may well instead be interpreted by our enemies as rejecting deterrence…

Evil Empire, by Rodney Pelletier

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – One of the biggest promoters of eugenics worldwide is the United Nations (U.N.), and Joe Biden is making sure the United States is involved… During his term in office, Donald Trump backed off from the U.N. and pulled funding from its health agency, the World Health Organization (WHO)… In January 2020, President Trump blocked flights coming from China due to the virus.

When Truth is the Enemy, by Frank Wright

By Frank Wright, The Stream – Ensconced among the cherry trees ringing the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C., rests the Jefferson Memorial. The rotunda of this stately edifice shelters a statue of the great man. Among his many inscriptions adorning the walls are these words: I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

Nancy Pelosi, Democrats Push Bill That Creates a “Right” to Kill Babies in Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – A radical pro-abortion bill dubbed the Equality Act is scheduled for a vote in Congress next week after President Joe Biden pressured lawmakers to act. Yahoo News reports U.S. Reps. David Cicilline, D-Rhode Island, and Jeff Merkley, D-Oregon, re-introduced the bill Thursday… “I urge Congress to swiftly pass this historic legislation,” Biden responded in a statement.

Federal Judge Appointed by Obama Blocks New South Carolina Law Banning Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – A federal judge in South Carolina quickly blocked a pro-life law Friday that could save thousands of unborn babies from abortion every year… U.S. District Judge Mary Geiger Lewis, an appointee of President Barack Obama, agreed to temporarily block the South Carolina Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion Act in response to a lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood and the Greenville Women’s Clinic.

A Chance to End ‘a Whole Bunch of the Shenanigans’, by Chad Groening

By Chad Groening, OneNewsNow – The Supreme Court will decide today whether it will hear any lawsuits challenging the validity of the 2020 presidential election… The Supreme Court refused to intervene in any of the lawsuits filed before January 20 that the plaintiffs believe could have proven election fraud and potentially changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

What Happened in Texas? by Thomas Gallatin

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post – As PJ Media’s Bryan Preston, who lives in Texas, explained, “Piecing known information together, the wind turbines in Western Texas froze up starting Friday before the icy snowstorm hit, on Sunday night to Monday morning. This destabilized the Texas grid ahead of the worst of the storm.. the grid was set up to suffer mightily as it’s not hardened against extreme cold such as this once-in-a-century storm series is delivering.”

U.N. Blacklisting the Family, by David Nussman

By David Nussman, Church Militant – Stefano Gennarini, vice president for Legal Studies, C-FAM: “I’m pretty certain that this blacklist that the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is creating is going to be used to target Christians and others who oppose the LGBT agenda.”
The United Nations is ready to blacklist groups that support Christian morals. Stefano Gennarini from watchdog group C-FAM …

Reparations: A Harbinger of Increasing Fiscal Madness, by James Malloy

By James Malloy, The Stream – We have a new president with a much different philosophy than our previous one. Besides Biden and his beliefs, those who helped him get elected will receive payoffs through their policy prescriptions for those they deem valuable, including themselves. Government control for equal outcomes is the far left’s agenda, although some are more equal than others. Now the president and his teammates are the head social engineers on this train.

Biden Administration Prepares Way For Banks To Refuse Service To Democrats’ Enemies, by Kelsey Bolar

By Kelsey Bolar, The Federalist – Amongst the record-breaking number of executive actions taken by President Joe Biden was one related to a little-known, frightening Obama-era program called Operation Choke Point. The program, dubbed so under former Attorney General Eric Holder, uses the power of the federal government to target legal yet leftist-disfavored businesses. These include gun sellers, pawnshops, and short-term money lenders.

Live Action: South Carolina Governor Signs ‘Heartbeat Bill’ as Planned Parenthood Prepares Lawsuit

By Newsroom, Live Action – “If there is not a right to life then what right is there? What rights exist if not the elementary, fundamental, profound right to life?” said S. Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster. “So we are here to protect it. […] Who possesses the right? We have the duty. Who has the right? All of us have the right. The young, the old, the rich, the poor, the week, the strong, known, unknown, or unborn all have the right to life. […] Our battles are not yet over but I believe the dawn of victory is upon us.”

Funding Abortion ‘Remains a Priority’ for Biden, by Charlie Butts

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki held a press conference this week, where EWTN White House reporter Owen Jensen asked if the American Rescue Plan, which is designed to help bolster the U.S. economy during the COVID pandemic, will flow federal dollars to abortion businesses. (See video)

Vatican City State Issues Decree Suggesting Those Who Refuse COVID Vaccine May Lose Their Jobs, by Jeanne Smits

By Jeanne Smits, LifeSiteNews – The Vatican City State – the Holy See’s independent city state – recently issued a decree that includes COVID-19 vaccination among the measures its authorities can use in order to fight the current “public health emergency.” While the decree does not explicitly make taking an experimental COVID-19 vaccine mandatory in the Vatican and attached territories, it does suggest that people employed by the Holy See or the Roman Curia could lose their job if they fail to take the jab.

China Escalates War on Religion, by William Mahoney, Ph.D.

By William Mahoney, Ph.D., Church Militant – The Chinese Communist Party, or CCP, is cracking down, yet again, on religion… Effective May 1, the new “Administrative Measures for Religious Clergy” includes a database on religious personnel to track rewards, punishments and revocation of ministry… Furthermore, anybody wishing to exercise religious ministry in mainland China must: support the leadership of the CCP, support the socialist system… practice the fundamental values of socialism… adhere to the religious policy of China

Gina Carano and the Rise of the Corporate Fascist Empire, by R. C. VanLandingham

By R. C. VanLandingham, Crisis Magazne – “In the world of woke corporate fascism, making money has become secondary. While Goya Foods, Chick-Fil-A, and My Pillow saw their sales skyrocket when they refused to bend to the woke mob, the NFL and Target lost customers by being too woke… But instead of changing their policies, they doubled down on their wokeness… The primary goal for woke corporations is power because power is the primary goal of all would-be tyrants.

Bill Gates Believes ‘All Rich Countries Should Move to 100% Synthetic Beef’ to Combat Climate Change, by Alex Nitzberg

By Alex Nitzberg, Just the News – Bill Gates believes that wealthy nations should shift to “synthetic beef” in an effort to combat climate change… “I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef. You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time. Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the [behavior of] people or use regulation to totally shift the demand,” Gates said during an interview with MIT Technology Review.

Commentary: Mother Nature Sent Texas a Reality Check,y Silvio Canto, Jr., by Silvio Canto, Jr.

By Silvio Canto, Jr., American Thinker – Well, the lights went out and came back and went out and came back. Welcome to mid-February 2021 in Texas… Why in the world did this happen? I thought that we had all that oil in West Texas! What are we doing using wind turbines to keep us warm?… I think that all of us got a lesson this time about relying on wind and solar options. They always look better on paper and graphs than they really are. In other words, they are not as reliable as coal, oil, or nuclear power during extreme weather conditions. …

Cashing in On Sin: Weakening America Through Immorality, by Rodney Pelletier  

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – “Communism is the scavenger of decaying civilizations. It makes its way into a country and into a culture only when that culture begins to rot from the inside…” …. “Communism then is coming back upon the Western world because something died in the Western world, namely the strong faith of men in the God that made them.”

Joe Biden Wants to Increase Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz to Record Levels, by Connor Semelsberger

By Connor Semelsberger, LifeNews – Biden has made taxpayer funding of abortion one of his highest priorities even as a recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) shows Planned Parenthood raked in $572.7 million of federal taxpayer funds in 2018, the highest total in the last 10 years, and $100 million more than in 2008. The nation’s largest abortion provider received $1.6 billion total across fiscal years 2016, 2017, and 2018… As their share of the abortion market continues to rise, so does their bottom line—subsidized by taxpayer money.

Skepticism, Concern Surround Effectiveness of COVID Vaccines, by Chris Woodward

By Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow – Twila Brase is a registered nurse and president/co-founder of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom… “I don’t think it’s a surprise that people are worried about the vaccine if they’re really thinking about how it happened and how it is not even yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),” says Brase. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) came out with a study that found that 40% of staffers in nursing homes are choosing not to get the vaccine.”

WATCH! Gov. DeSantis: Joe Biden is a Lockdowner. His Advisers are Lockdowners

By  The Buck Sexton Show – “Biden is a lockdowner. His advisers are lockdowners. Lockdowns don’t work,” said Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, during an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday. “We’re not turning back and they will not be able to get away with targeting Florida.”… “Every parent in Florida has the right to send their child to in-person instruction. Every worker has a right to work and earn a living and put food on their table, and every business has a right to operate. …”

No Common Ground With Abortion, by Auguste Meyrat

By Auguste Meyrat, Crisis Magazine – Bsp. McElroy of San Diego criticized the idea of making abortion a “litmus test” for Catholic politicians… Clearly, the bishop was thinking of many Catholic Democrat politicians, notably the new president, who are fully pro-abortion at all times and at the taxpayers’ expense… McElroy (argues), they do ostensibly support measures to help immigrants, save the environment, and lower the punishment for criminals. Apparently, a little thing like the collective murdering of the most vulnerable members of society should not overshadow a politician’s progressive views in these other areas.

Joe Biden Keeps Pushing “Unity” and “Healing” as He Forces Americans to Fund Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Pres. Joe Biden continued to preach about “unity” and “healing” on Valentine’s Day while quietly forcing Americans to fund abortion groups against their will… After calling for unity in his inaugural address, Biden quickly “began to divide the nation with the flick of his pen, signing a flurry of executive orders that pitted Americans against each other,” Cleveland wrote.

McConnell’s Impeachment Ploy Was Not Statesmanship, But An Attack On The Base — And Republicans Must Remember It Well, by Christopher Bedford

By Christopher Bedford, The Federalist – Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell “got a load off his chest” with his speech closing out Friday’s second failed impeachment attempt against former President Donald Trump… So what’s all behind this? After four years of yelling “MAGA!” while pushing his own classic, corporate Republican policies, McConnell had hoped to rid himself and his conference of the conservative populist nationalism (Trump) had championed and go back to the way things were. He wants a return to promising to tackle illegal immigration before winking at corporate America that nothing will change….

ICYMI! Transhumanism: Expert Exposes Liberal Billionaire Elitists’ ‘Great Reset’ Agenda, by Lianne Laurence

By Lianne Laurence, LifeSiteNews – The COVID-19 pandemic was manufactured by the world’s elites as part of a plan to globally advance “transhumanism” — literally, the fusion of human beings with technology in an attempt to alter human nature itself and create a superhuman being and an “earthly paradise,” according to a Peruvian academic and expert in technology… This dystopian nightmare scenario is no longer the stuff of science fiction, but an integral part of the proposed post-pandemic “Great Reset,” Dr. Miklos Lukacs de Pereny said at a recent summit on COVID-19.

TRUMP’S BACK: Former President Celebrates Acquittal In Senate Trial, Foreshadows Political Future: ‘Much To Share’, by Sophie Miller

By Sophie Miller, The True Defender – Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun. In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people. There has never been anything like it!.. We have so much work ahead of us, and soon we will emerge with a vision for a bright, radiant, and limitless American future… Together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Andrew Cuomo Hid 15,000 Nursing Home Deaths to Avoid Trump Admin Investigation

By Andrew Kerr, LifeNews – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration withheld the true number of nursing home deaths from COVID-19 out of fear that federal prosecutors would use the numbers against the state, according to a report Thursday from the New York Post… A top Cuomo aid, Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa, made the admission during a video conference call with New York state Democratic leaders, according to the Post, saying “we froze” when former President Donald Trump began criticizing the governor’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak in his state’s nursing homes.

Truth Commission: Lessons in Propaganda, by Thomas Griffin

By Thomas Griffin, Crisis Magazine – President Biden, in his inaugural address, promised that he will fight against the lies and stand by the truth while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others are moving to initiate a “truth commission” to monitor the massive lies in the media. However, what we really need to fight against is propaganda—the most dangerous tool of any government.

WATCH! Trump’s Lawyer EXPOSES Dems For Playing Manipulated Video of Capitol Riot

BlazeTV, Feb 12, 2021 – Trump’s Lawyer David Schoen just EXPOSED the Democrats for playing manipulated video of the Capitol Riot during the impeachment trial. WATCH Trump lawyer flip the script and play video of Dems while they sit in shameful silence.

Progressive — or Terrorist? by Arnold Ahlert

By Arnold Ahlert, Patriot Post – “In reality they’re not after me. They are after you. I’m just in the way.” —Donald Trump… Despite the Democrat Party’s Soviet show trial effort to remove a president from office who’s no longer there, Donald Trump is, for those with something more than a tenuous relationship with reality, no longer in the way. And what’s becoming clear, even as the leftist narrative of the rioting that took place on January 6 continues to unravel, is that Trump was spot on with his assessment.

WATCH: House Democrats Forced To Admit They’re Peddling Fake News During Impeachment Hearing, by Emily Smith

By Emily Smith, The True Reporter – House Democrats are forced to take a step back, and impeachment managers cannot move on with their plans… On Wednesday, the Democratic House impeachment managers had to withdraw each and every bit of evidence against the former President. Yes, Dems were even called out for spreading fake news. We saw this one coming. Justice always finds its way out.

Little Hope for Justice When Antifa, BLM Aren’t ‘Undesirables’, by Chad Groening

By Chad Groening, OneNewsNow – A national defense analyst and Pentagon advisor is concerned by the new Secretary of Defense’s decision to weed out so-called undesirables from the military ranks… Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin recently ordered a 60-day stand-down in order to investigate the issue of extremism in the military.

Trump’s Impeachment and Stalin’s Show Trials, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – As the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump continues, Stream readers are likely puzzled. As sane people and patriots, they had certain expectations from America. Even its Democrats, even those in Congress. But the old rules no longer apply. We’re out in uncharted waters now, and it feels as if anything could happen… There’s no Supreme Court Chief Justice in charge. Instead, the presiding “judge” is a partisan Democrat senator who has already decided that the defendant is guilty.

Cardinal Turkson Discusses Vatican Involvement in Global Economic Projects (World Economic Forum, The Great Reset), by Edward Pentin

By Edward Pentin, EWTN News – The dicastery has also had a long engagement with the annual World Economic Forum meetings in Davos, Switzerland, that bring together high-level political and business leaders. Cardinal Turkson contributed to its January meeting this year, held mostly online, on the theme of “The Great Reset” — the WEF’s oft-debated proposal to “reset capitalism” with the aim of creating a greener, more sustainable future.

The Dems, the Capitol Mob, and the Cancel Culture, by Chad Groening, Steve Jordahl

By Chad Groening, Steve Jordahl, OneNewsNow – Sandy Rios is director of governmental affairs at American Family Association. During an appearance on American Family Radio, she related how a prominent BLM leader was right there… “John Sullivan was arrested and released. The Justice Department didn’t even put him in any kind of confinement – and yet he’s on tape asking for revolution,” said Rios. “He’s all over the map [when] we see him. He’s a radical leftist who loves Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and he’s one of the ones who was right there, front and center, arrested.”

Rev. Graham: ‘Trump’s Enemies Are Terrified He Might Have a Political Future’, by Michael W. Chapman

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews – “It’s obvious that Donald Trump‘s enemies are terrified that he might have a political future that would threaten their positions and their agendas,” he added. Let’s pray for our country and our leaders in Washington today.”… “This impeachment is just further dividing our country when they should be focused on so many other issues,” said the reverend. “President Biden could take the leadership and speak out to condemn this evil hypocrisy.”

The Disappearing Babies, by John M. Grondelski

By John M. Grondelski, Crisis Magazine – On February 3, the Institute for Family Studies (IFS) reported research regarding American birth rates in the decade 2009-19. The results are not good. Even if we take 2008 as a baseline, the ensuing decade showed an implosion in birth rates. If birth rates had only stayed where they were in 2008 (remember, birth rates had been trending downward before that), there should be 5,800,000 more children in the United States than there are.

Democrats Caught Using COVID Relief Bill to Force Americans to Fund Abortions, Planned Parenthood

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – “House Democrats are shamefully pushing a massive expansion of abortion on demand, paid for with tax dollars, in the guise of COVID-19 relief – including payouts to abortion giant Planned Parenthood,” SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser said. “This divisive agenda flies in the face of the ‘unity’ the Biden-Harris ticket promised to inspire.”

Catholic-Funded Agencies Caught Promoting Abortion, LGBT Activism, by Michael Hichborn

By Michael Hichborn, Church Militant – Every once in a while, a Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) funded organization receives public recognition and accolades for its work and its relationship with the Catholic Church.  On Feb. 1, 2021, the CCHD-funded Stand Up Nashville (SUN) received strong praise from the official news office of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) called the Catholic News Service. 

COVID Cases Plummet After WHO Changes Testing Protocol on Biden’s Inauguration Day, by Michael Haynes

 By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – On January 20, the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration and entrance into the White House, the WHO quietly issued new guidance on the manner in which polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests were to be conducted and reported… Days after the WHO changed the protocol for confirming a positive COVID-19 test, the number of positive cases across the world have dropped dramatically, leaving the mainstream media confused and leading people to suggest that the timing of the change in testing protocol was political.

BREAKING: Trump Lawyers TEAR APART Impeachment Sham With “Chilling Fact” That Dems Are Ignoring, by Sophie Miller

By Sophie Miller, The True Defender – … the Trump legal team confirms that law enforcement received reports of a potential attack on the Capitol well before Trump’s January 6th speech…throwing out the possibility of a sudden “incitement” by the 45th President’s speech… “…The FBI has confirmed that the breach at the Capitol was planned several days in advance of the rally, and therefore had nothing to do with the President’s speech on January 6th at the Ellipse,” they said.

Crisis Management Gone Rogue, by Roger Helle

By Roger Helle, Patriot Post – Last year, George Soros, the enemy of freedom and free-market capitalism, said in a similar vein, “Even before the pandemic hit, I realized that we were in a revolutionary moment where what would be impossible or even inconceivable in normal times had become not only possible, but probably absolutely necessary.”… Klaus Schwab, the globalist CEO of the World Economic Forum, also sees an opportunity for a New World Order. Schwab envisions a “better world” coming out of the COVID-19 crisis “if we act now.” He sees a Great Reset.

PRO-CHOICE: Aborting the Great Reset, by Michael J. Matt

By  Michael J. Matt, Editor, Remnant Newspaper – Michael J. Matt first takes a look at the far-Left’s fascist attempt to silence political opposition… Protecting the Kids from the My Pillow Guy: You might hate his pillow, but do you really think Mike Lindell presents a clear and present danger to the common good? Who’s next, the ShamWOW guy?.. Domestic Terrorists? New video of MAGA guys shouting at Capitol police for doing NOTHING as the building was breached. ….

Joe Biden Will Likely Overturn Trump Pro-Life Rule, Force Christian Doctors to Do Abortions, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Joe Biden will likely overturn a pro-life rule President Donald Trump put in place that protects pro-life medical professionals from being forced to promote or perform abortions that kill unborn children… As LifeNews reported last May, President Donald Trump issued new rules that further protect doctors, nurses and medical professionals who don’t want to be forced to do abortions or refer for them.

Louisiana GOP: ‘Profoundly Disappointed’ in Sen. Bill Cassidy’s Vote in Support of Impeachment Constitutionality

By Dr. Susan Berry Breitbart – The statement reads: “The Republican Party of Louisiana is profoundly disappointed by Senator Bill Cassidy’s vote on the constitutionality of the impeachment trial now underway against former President, now private citizen, Donald J. Trump. We feel that an impeachment trial of a private citizen is not only an unconstitutional act, but also an attack on the very foundation of American democracy, which will have far reaching and unforeseen consequences for our republic.” …

Americans Last, by Rodney Pelletier

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – Biden is quickly demonstrating that his administration and the Democrat Party will determine what Americans really want and what they really need because Big Brother knows best… It’s the same with illegal immigration. The Democrats of yesteryear — like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden — previously demanded border fences and stronger measures to curb illegals streaming in through America’s southern border.

Yes, There Was a Conspiracy, by Douglas Andrews

By Douglas Andrews, Patriot Post – Time magazine lays out the anti-Trump collusion that helped secure electoral victory for Biden… Well, at least they’ve admitted it… No, not to stuffing ballot boxes in Philly or Detroit or Milwaukee, but to conspiring and colluding to do everything in their power — including changing the rules — to beat Donald Trump. For the Left, desperate times called for desperate measures. And it took every ounce of collusion between Democrats and their fellow travelers in ….

Pope Francis (Again) Skips China in Litany of Global Injustices, by Thomas D. Williams

By Thomas D. Williams, PH.D. Breitbart – Pope Francis gave a virtual tour of world crises Monday, conspicuously omitting mention of the Uighur genocide taking place in China’s Xinjiang region… In his annual address to members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited by the Holy See, the pope highlighted what he considers to be the major global crises and injustices of the past year… In his comprehensive litany of world problems, the pope mentioned floods in Vietnam and the Philippines, fires in Australia and California, humanitarian emergencies in Sudan …

The Misadventures of a Pro-life Senator, by Hadley Arkes

By Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing – In the British comic Review in the 1960s, Beyond the Fringe, a commanding officer in the Royal Air Force sought to persuade a pilot to go on a kamikaze mission. “Smedley,” he said, “we need someone at this moment to make a [Grand] Futile Gesture.”… Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska has made his career with Grand Futile Gestures… he has shown little interest in doing the grinding work of a legislator in working out bills in committee and persuading his colleagues.

Catholic University Cancels Abby Johnson, by Renee Rasmussen

By Renee Rasmussen, Crisis Magazine – When I decided to return to class at Catholic University of America in the spring, I knew things would be different. I was ready to face the challenge of the COVID-19 restrictions, as well as the political climate revolving around the election and BLM movement. What I was not ready for was to watch as my university’s culture shifted in the matter of a few days toward hate, destruction, and absolute hypocrisy.

Billionaire Bishops, by Rodney Pelletier 

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – Bishops have been grabbing for government money with both hands while sitting atop billions of dollars… On Feb. 4, the Associated Press released a thorough report showing how U.S. bishops raked in $3 billion in taxpayer money — originally meant to help small businesses weather the China virus lockdowns… The scandal is that the bishops really didn’t need the money. For nearly two decades, bishops have been consolidating diocesan finances in an effort to keep their money away from sex abuse victims.

Evidence Mounts that Capitol Breach Was Pre-Planned, Eroding Incitement Allegation in Trump Impeachment Trial, by Sophie Miller

By Sophie Miller, True Defender – As former President Donald Trump’s Tuesday impeachment trial approaches, there is a growing body of evidence in criminal complaints and affidavits that the Jan. 6 Capitol breach had been pre-planned, undercutting the allegation leveled against Trump that he is guilty of “incitement to insurrection.”… A number of FBI affidavits filed in support of various charges—including conspiracy—against accused participants in the Capitol breach show evidence of pre-planning ….

Joe Biden Puts U.S. Back on UN Human Rights Council That Calls Abortions a Human Right, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Joe Biden has put the United States back in the UN Human Rights council that calls killing babies in abortions a “human right.”… In June 2018, the Trump Administration announced that the United States is withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council. That was good news for pro-life advocates as the so-called human rights organization pushed for a global right to kill unborn children in abortions… But today, Joe Biden’s administration is reversing that decision.

WATCH! Unmasked: Have We Uncovered the Truth About the 2020 Election?

Pure Data, Feb 5, 2021

48 Senators: ‘We Will Vote to Block Any Radical, Pro-Abortion Agenda’, by Raymond Wolfe

By Raymond Wolfe, LifeSiteNews – Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT), chair of the Senate Pro-Life Caucus, and 47 other senators sent a joint letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Friday, pledging to fight any attempts to undermine federal pro-life policy… “We have a message for Democratic Leader Schumer: we will vote to block any radical, pro-abortion agenda,” Sen. Daines said. “I’m glad to have 47 of my pro-life Senate colleagues join me in this fight. We’re in the fight for life together.”

Documents Show Deep State Officials Helped Planned Parenthood Illegally Get $80 Million in COVID Funds

By Mary Margaret Olohan, LifeNews – The Small Business Administration hid communications with PP regarding COVID-19 loans that Republicans say were illegal… The SBA released heavily redacted emails between the agency, lenders and Planned Parenthood affiliates in response to a Freedom of Information Act request the DCNF filed in May 2020. GOP lawmakers had previously demanded an investigation into $80 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, saying they were obtained illegally.

WATCH! MA Climate Czar Says the Quiet Part out Loud in Private Meeting: We Must ‘Break Your Will’, by Kira Davis

By Kira Davis, RedState – Massachusetts Undersecretary for Climate Change David Ismay participated in a meeting with the Vermont Climate Council back in January, where he admitted that when it comes to the big climate “offenders” in their region, there are no bad guys left to break. Ismay went on to say that now the only ones left to “break” are the people… Right now there is no bad guy left, at least in Massachusetts, to point the finger at and turn the screws on and no break their will so they stop emitting. That’s you. We have to break your will.

A Tale of Two Votes (One of Them a Secret), by Chad Groening, Steve Jordahl

By Chad Groening, Steve Jordahl, OneNewsNow – In one case, a former Texas political leader finds it “shameful” that House Republicans overwhelmingly rejected a call to punish a high-ranking member of their own party for her disloyalty to President Donald Trump. By a secret ballot vote of 145-61, Republicans defeated an effort by staunch conservatives in the party to remove Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) from her number-three leadership position in the wake of her vote last month to impeach President Trump.

Time Magazine Article Celebrates ‘Conspiracy’ to Fix 2020 Election, by Al Perrotta

By Al Perrotta, The Stream – Donald Trump was defeated in the November election by a “conspiracy” of elites. Namely – and these are not my words: “a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.”… I didn’t write that. Liberal journalist Molly Ball did, in a remarkable – if frightening – Time magazine celebration of the massive forces that joined together to push Trump out of the White House… The Time magazine confession proves the American people are not crazy.

WATCH “Absolute Proof” – A Coup in the 2020 Pres. Election, From Within and Without the U.S., by Mike Lindell

By Mike Lindell, Executive Producer, “Absolute Proof” – Mike Lindell, Executive Producer of “Absolute Proof”, aims to prove the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen from President Donald J. Trump… He gained notoriety as an avid supporter of and advisor to United States President Donald Trump, beginning with his 2016 campaign, and continuing after Trump left office.

Dems Double Down.. Death of Democracy! Proposed Bill H.R.1. Gives Congress Total Authority Over Future Elections! WATCH

OAN Newsroom – Democrats in Congress are rushing to push through a radical new bill that would give Congress ultimate authority over all future elections… One America’s Pearson Sharp explains how the bill, known as H.R.1., will make voting fraud all but guaranteed.

Adapting to Our Brave New World, by Eric Sammons

By Eric Sammons, Crisis Magazine – It’s a dark time for faithful Catholics in America. The president declares himself a “devout” Catholic, but his policies openly defy the moral teachings of the Church. The vice-president is an ardent anti-Catholic who has shown a taste for authoritarianism. But what’s happening in the nation’s capital is only a disturbing reflection of our broader culture: we are no longer “post-Christian” anymore; our society is now firmly anti-Christian.

Breaking: US Supreme Court Schedules Pennsylvania Election Case, Sidney Powell’s Michigan Case and Lin Wood’s Georgia Case for Feb 19 Conference

By Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit – The Supreme Court on Friday listed several high-profile election lawsuits for consideration at its mid-February conference… The cases include challenges to the 2020 election from Trump-aligned lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, as well as Republican Rep. Mike Kelly’s Pennsylvania lawsuit. Nearly every lawsuit takes issue with the expanded use of mail-in ballots by many states. …

WATCH! Marjorie Taylor Greene: “I Will Not Stand for Abortion, It’s the Worst Thing Our Country Has Ever Committed”, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene described abortion as “the worst thing” America has ever done Thursday in a speech to the U.S. House… “As a member of this Congress, the 117th Congress: I’m a passionate person; I’m a competitor; I’m a fighter. I will work with you for good things for the people of this country… But, the thing I will not stand for is abortion. I think it’s the worst thing this country has ever committed,” Greene continued. “And, if we are to say, ‘In God We Trust,’ how do we murder God’s creation in the womb?”

Secretive International Banking Group May Enforce Great Reset ‘Green’ Agenda on World, by Michael Haynes

By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – The U.S. Federal Reserve has recently joined a little-known international conglomerate of central banks, all fundamentally committed to enforcing the “green,” eco-friendly dictates of the anti-life, global governance Paris agreement, in line with the Great Reset… Such a move has raised alarming concerns about the influence which banks will exert in enforcing green policies as part of the World Economic Forum’s so-called Great Reset.

The Great Reset — to Global Totalitarianism, by Arnold Ahlert

By Arnold Ahlert, Patriot Post – In this one, an equally contemptible bunch of multinational corporatist thugs with oligarchic ambitions will not only continue doing business as usual with China but will rely on Beijing as an ally in their pursuit of what they call The Great Reset… “To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions,” insists World Economic Forum (WEF) CEO Klaus Schwab, a German ….

Expert: Biden Order Jeopardizing Security of U.S. Power Grid, by J.M. Phelps

By J.M. Phelps, OneNewsNow – Until now, Trump’s (EO) has sought to prevent the use of grid equipment made in China, Russia, or other nations hostile to the United States. But according to Section 7(c) of Biden’s order, “the Secretary of Energy and the Director of OMB [Office of Management and Budget] shall jointly consider whether to recommend that a replacement [to Trump’s] order be issued.”

The Catholic Church Has a Joe Biden Problem, by Margot Cleveland

By Margot Cleveland, The Federalist – Church leaders now must make a choice: Either condemn Joe Biden’s pro-abortion governance or become complicit in the president’s scandalous support of abortion… The Catholic Church has a Joe Biden problem… Biden’s strong advocacy for unrestricted and government-funded abortion—an intrinsic evil according to church teaching—coupled with his campaign casting him as a “practicing Catholic” created a conundrum for the American hierarchy. This metastasized following Biden’s election as the 46th president of the United States.

Florida Fighting for Fairness Online, by Chris Woodward

By Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow – It’s news that Facebook and Twitter won’t like, but legislators in Florida are discussing ways to fight back against Big Tech censorship… One proposal in the Florida Senate would force Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to give users a month’s notice before their accounts are disabled or suspended. The bill was filed after Twitter suspended President Trump’s account.

Manufacturing Hate, by Rodney Pelletier

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – The recent effort to brand people as belonging to hate groups is one way cultural Marxists are changing how people perceive the world around them… On Feb. 1, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released its annual report, claiming as it does every year, that hate is on the rise. Of course, if you think marriage is between a man and a woman… then you likely belong to a hate group, or at least share beliefs with one…

Joe Biden is Using His “Catholic Faith” as Cover for His Radical Abortion Agenda, by Mary M. Olohan

By Mary Margaret Olohan, LifeNews – Those who call President Joe Biden a “devout Catholic” may do so in attempts to suggest that “Catholicism is indistinguishable” from liberal ideology, a professor of theology told the Daily Caller News Foundation… “When a U.S. President cloaks himself in the outward signs of Catholic identity in order to expand access to abortion, or to use executive power to enforce a gender ideology that will inevitably threaten the freedom of the Church in this country, what you have before you is a Trojan Horse,” said Dr. Chad Pecknold

Rev. Jerry J. Pokorsky: Political “Unity” vs. Christian Unity

By Rev. Jerry J. Pokorsky, The Catholic Thing – Divisive politics seems to poison every aspect of contemporary life. So there is an urgent need to reconsider what it would mean if what we were to seek is not an illusory political “unity,” but what true public harmony depends upon: Christian brotherhood… When we say brother, the immediate, literal meaning usually comes to mind: He is my brother, by blood. If we are thinking about the brotherhood of mankind, our thoughts are typically more abstract, often sentimental aspirations.

Americans More Likely Than Others to Have Stronger Faith Amid Pandemic, by John Burger

By John Burger, Aleteia – In spite of severe restrictions on attending church services, the religious faith of Americans has grown stronger during the coronavirus pandemic… A Pew Research Center survey conducted last summer shows that more Americans than people in other economically developed countries say the COVID-19 outbreak has strengthened their faith and the faith of other Americans… Among 14 countries surveyed, the U.S. has by far the highest share of respondents who say their faith has strengthened because of the pandemic.

Sen. Paul: When This Happens, ‘Throw Your Mask Away and Tell Dr. Fauci to Take a Leap’, by Emma Riley

By Emma Riley, CNSNews – Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a medical doctor, said that if you have had COVID or been vaccinated against the virus and are several weeks out from your second dose, you should “throw your mask away and tell Dr. Fauci to take a leap.”… Senator Paul also cited a Stanford University study showing that the mandatory lockdowns made no difference in changing the trajectory of the virus compared to simple health-safety suggestions.

Bishops Deride Biden’s Hypocrisy, by Paul Murano

By Paul Murano, Church Militant – Joe Biden’s anti-life agenda is becoming obvious, despite his administration’s claim… Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, who chairs the U.S. bishops’ pro-life activities, stepped up to the plate Thursday evening. In his homily in the annual March for Life vigil Mass, Naumann mentioned that abortion is not simply a theological issue but a scientific and factual one. The archbishop emphasized the unique humanity of each unborn child.

Why It’s Completely Unconstitutional To Impeach Someone After He Leaves Office, by Thomas Ascik

By Thomas Ascik, The Federalist – Keith E. Whittington holds that “for the Founders,” a Senate trial merely to “disqualify” a former federal official was a “traditionally understood” principle “imported to America from England.” Likewise, the scholars argue that “history,” including “English impeachment” history as well as the intentions of “the Framers” of the Constitution, is the source of the alleged constitutional power to convict “prior officeholders as well as current ones.” What is more, a Constitution without an independent disqualification power would be a Constitution that could be “easily undermined.”

Trip to Vietnam Reconfirmed My Hatred of Communism, by Dennis Prager

By Dennis Prager, The Stream – Ten years ago, I wrote a column reflecting on my reactions to visiting Vietnam. Given the lack of revulsion to, and even flirtation with, communism (or its more mildly named version, socialism) among many young Americans, it is worth revisiting… It was difficult to control my emotions — specifically, my anger — during my visit to Vietnam. The more I came to admire the Vietnamese people… the more rage I felt toward the communists who brought them (and, of course, us Americans) so much suffering in the second half of the 20th century.

LifeSiteNews: Facebook Admits it Has Too Much Power, Openly Supports Biden’s Agenda in Leaked Videos

By LifeSiteNews staff – Hours of video leaked from internal meetings at Facebook have revealed company executives’ support for the policies of the new Biden-Harris administration… Facebook executives are shown in the tapes admitting they have “too much power” and discussing how they want to work with President Biden “on some of [his] top priorities”

Organizations Again Labeled ‘Hate Groups’ Over Beliefs on Marriage, by Christine Rousselle

By Christine Rousselle, CNA – The Southern Poverty Law Center has again named mainstream organizations to its list of “hate groups” in the 2020 publication of its annual “Year of Hate and Extremism” report… While the list includes neo-Nazi, white nationalist, and chapters of the Ku Klux Klan, the 2020 list also includes mainstream organizations such as the Alliance Defending Freedom, C-FAM, Liberty Counsel, and the Ruth Institute.

Groundhog Day 2021, by Robert Knight

By Robert Knight, OneNewsNow – The Democrats’ impeachment scenario and conduct are right out of George Orwell’s novel “1984,” in which a totalitarian regime’s media manipulate people daily with scapegoating, misinformation and stoking identity group grievances. It’s a nightmare version of Groundhog Day… As in the 1993 movie starring Bill Murray, Democrats are locked in a time warp. Instead of repeatedly reliving a day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, however, they’re in Washington, D.C., still trying to overturn the 2016 presidential election.

Who Are the True ‘Domestic Terrorists’? by Patrick J. Buchanan

By Patrick J. Buchanan – The truth: The vast majority of criminals who rob, rape, shoot and kill Americans in the tens of thousands each year, and the people who did almost all of the rioting, looting, arson and assaults on cops in 2020, never wore MAGA hats… According to leftist columnists and commentators, going back to the ’60s, the real threat of domestic terrorism has always come from the right… That is not, however, how some of us remember those days.

At Least 273 Deaths, 9,845 Adverse Events in the US After “Experimental” COVID Vaccination So Far: CDC Data

By Raymond Wolfe, LifeSiteNews – At least 273 people have died after being vaccinated for COVID-19 as of January 22… The deaths were reported to VAERS, the vaccine injury tracking system for the U.S. CDC… A total of 9,845 adverse events possibly linked to the COVID-19 vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna… More than 25 million Americans have received doses of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna shots, which were authorized for emergency use last month after less than a year in development.

Bishop McElroy: Some Bishops Making Abortion a Political ‘Litmus Test’

By Matt Hadro, CNA – Bishop McElroy.. accused “some bishops” of making the issue of abortion a “litmus test” for Catholic politicians during the Biden presidency… These bishops, he said, “argue that abortion is not merely a ‘preeminent’ issue in Catholic Social Teaching, but rather constitutes the de facto litmus test for determining whether a Catholic public official is a faithful Catholic, and for determining whether the overall policy stances of non-Catholic officials can be considered morally legitimate.”… He added that “if adopted, such a position will reduce the common good to a single issue.”

When Salvation is a Phone Call Away, by Regis Martin

By Regis Martin, Crisis Magazine – Is it too much to ask, therefore, that maybe one or two of them might begin with Joe Biden? Besides being their president, he happens also to be their brother in Christ, who stands in peril of losing his soul for his refusal—both obdurate and longstanding—to protect innocent, unborn human life. Does Joe Biden not have a phone number that they might use to call him up? Who knows, perhaps catch him on the fly next time he shows up for Mass?… “Mr. President? I need to talk to you. It’s about your soul.”

Africans Slam Joe Biden for Funding Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Agenda in Their Countries, by Right to Life UK

By Right to Life UK – In a speech to the WHO, Dr Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to the President, said: “To that end, President Biden will be revoking the Mexico City Policy in the coming days, as part of his broader commitment to protect women’s health and advance gender equality at home and around the world”… The Mexico City Policy was originally announced by Pres. Ronald Reagan in 1984. It required non-governmental organisations to agree, as a condition of receiving federal funding, that they “would neither perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations”.

LifeSiteNews: Register for Online COVID-19 Conference Exposes Truth About Great Reset, Vaccines

By LifeSiteNews staff – Confused about whom to trust on COVID-19? Unsure if you should receive the latest vaccine? On Friday, February 19, LifeSite is hosting a virtual conference in order to help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to the coronavirus… Health experts, medical doctors, scholars, and even a Catholic bishop are joining LifeSite for our Unmasking COVID-19: Vaccines, Mandates, and Global Health conference. Click here to register for free to watch this historic event.

The Real Greenhouse-Gas Polluter Isn’t The United States, It’s China, by Helen Raleigh

By Helen Raleigh, The Federalist – With President Biden signing a series of executive orders aimed at combating climate, he appears more than willing to sacrifice both the economy and good-paying American jobs to theoretically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry, seems to believe America must have China’s cooperation to succeed in emissions reduction.

Religious Liberty Isn’t Enough, by Ryan T. Anderson

By Ryan T. Anderson, Wall Street Journal – President Biden’s pledge to heal and unify seems to mean giving the far left everything it demands in the culture wars. Conservatives therefore must resist. Yet in doing so we must avoid the trap of framing every debate as if it were about religious liberty… Religious liberty is important, but it’s only part of the story. As the Biden administration advances a divisive and extreme social agenda, our response can’t simply be a polite request to be left alone. We need to oppose the left’s agenda on the merits.

Biden to Resurrect Obama’s Racist Suburb Regulation, by Thomas Gallatin

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post – The Biden administration announced last week that it will examine the effects of the Trump administration’s actions on ending the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule (AFFH), the Obama-era Department of Housing and Urban Development rule secretively created to further the leftist social-engineering scheme designed to effect greater federal control over American suburbs.

To Christians Who Voted for Biden: Did You Not See This Coming? by Michael Brown

By Michael Brown, The Stream – And so, when it came to fighting against the slaughter of the unborn, numbering more than 60 million to date in America since 1973, Trump was our clear choice over Hillary Clinton or Biden… When it came to preserving our religious liberties and our freedoms of conscience and speech, Trump was our clear, hands-down choice… When it came to standing up to radical Islam or facing down tyrannical China, Trump was our definite preference.

Climate Change a Top Priority for Biden’s Defense Dept. … Seriously? by Michael F. Haverluck

By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow – Soon after President Joe Biden signed an executive order to spend trillions of taxpayer borders to fight so-called climate change as an “existential threat,” his Department of Defense (DOD) declared the disputed scientific phenomena as one of its top priorities… “[Because of this observed danger,] climate considerations shall be an essential element of United States foreign policy and national security,” Biden stated in the executive order he issued, according to The Western Journal.

Andrew Cuomo Blames President Trump for His Order Killing Thousands of Nursing Home Residents, by Andrew Kerr

By Andrew Kerr, LifeNews – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said his state undercounted nursing home deaths due to federal guidance during a press conference Friday… Cuomo’s administration revealed on Thursday that at least 12,743 nursing home residents had died from COVID-19 as of Jan. 19, a figure nearly 50% larger than the official tally of 8,505 deaths reported by the New York State Department of Health that day, according to the Associated Press.

Commentary: The Great Reset and Klaus Schwab, by David Solway (12-2021)

By David Solway, American Thinker – Klaus Schwab, the chief proponent of a global project called the “Great Reset,” may be the most influential “intellectual” in the world today. A former member of the UN Advisory Board on Sustainable Development, he is the founder of the World Economic Forum that meets annually in the Swiss resort town of Davos. Business Insider explains, “Each year, business leaders and heads of state give lectures and speak on panels about topics ranging from gender equality and venture capital to mental health and climate change.”

Woke Economics, by Rodney Pelletier

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – In 2016, Target decided to get woke and allowed so-called transgender people in the women’s bathroom. Target took a $2.5 billion bath after outraged former customers refused to patronize their trans-favoring establishment. Its CEO, Brian Cornell, made excuses to livid shareholders after nearly 20% of the company’s value was wiped off the books. The company is still allowing men in women’s bathrooms.

Joe Biden Calls Himself a “Savior Around the World” for Forcing Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood. by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – President Joe Biden once referred to himself as a “savior around the world” while touting his plans to force American taxpayers to fund the killing of unborn babies in abortions, according to a video of a 2019 campaign event… The recently resurfaced video shows Biden speaking at a Planned Parenthood Action forum with other Democratic presidential primary candidates in 2019 in South Carolina.

Biden Press Sec. Shows Regime’s Hypocrisy, Repeatedly Fails to Condemn Antifa Riots, by Michael Haynes

By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – Joe Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki once again refused to explicitly condemn Antifa rioters who are continuing to destroy property, smashing windows, and burning dumpsters, in violence that has lasted since the start of the Black Lives Matter protests last year… Fox News reported that as Biden was taking office, around 150 rioters in Portland attacked buildings, spray-painted graffiti, and marched under banners saying, “We don’t want Biden – we want revenge for police murders, imperialist wars, and fascist massacres.”

U.S. Bishops Blast Biden over Reinstatement of Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

By Thomas D. Williams, PH.D., Breitbart – The U.S. Bishops’ Conference (USCCB) has condemned President Biden’s reinstatement of taxpayer-funded abortions around the world, calling his act “grievous.”… “It is grievous that one of President Biden’s first official acts actively promotes the destruction of human lives in developing nations,” declare Archbishop Joseph Naumann, chairman of the Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, and Bishop David Malloy, chairman of the Committee on International Justice and Peace in a statement.

Davos and the Great Reset, by Kennedy Hall

By Kennedy Hall, Crisis Magazine – I will encapsulate in one sentence the entire goal of the event: To usher in the Great Reset through a series of globalist, marxist, environmentalist, “health,” and technocratic-themed activities, all geared towards creating a “new world,” with a “new order.” Perhaps it sounds like a complex affair, but in reality it is all pretty hum-drum—if you have been paying attention to what the leftists/globalists/communists/demons have been working towards for years… Essentially, the whole world has grasped on to every word of the select few individuals who have told every many woman and child what to do with their lives, all in the name of public health.

State Recruits Church to Peddle Covid Jab, by Jules Gomes

By Jules Gomes, Church Militant – Britain is conscripting clergy to promote abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccines, as the government forces a counter-narrative to combat voices raising ethical and safety concerns about the jab… Catholic priests, instructed by bishops, are publishing notes from the government’s Coronavirus Places of Worship Task Force (CPWTF) on parish websites and newsletters, citing “strong encouragement from the government to counteract” vaccine dissent in churches.

Democrats Want to Send Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin to Gitmo

By Todd Starnes, The Stream – DHS has issued a national terrorism advisory bulletin even though there is not a clear and present danger to America… In reality, the alert is simply the government’s way of shutting up anyone who disagrees with the Biden administration… “Information suggests that some ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence,” the bulletin reads.

“Devout Catholic” Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Forcing Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Joe Biden made it official this afternoon, signing an executive order forcing Americans to fund the International Planned Parenthood abortion business and sending taxpayer funds to promotes its global abortion agenda… Biden’s EO a pro-life rule President Donald Trump put in place to defund International Planned Parenthood, which kills babies in abortions around the world and lobbies to legalize abortions in pro-life countries… “Today, I’m about to sign two executive orders…to undo the damage Trump has done…”

American Totalitarianism, by Rodney Pelletier

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – Leftists are now in control of the United States, and they intend to keep it that way… They have a stranglehold on the presidency, the house of representatives and the senate. But that’s not all. Leftists staff the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Department of Justice and even the Department of Homeland Security… For months our judges, from the lowly circuit courts all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, have refused to hear reams of voter-fraud evidence or even take the issue seriously …

Priest: Any Bishop, Cardinal Who Praises Biden as Catholic is ‘Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothing’, by Pete Baklinski

By Pete Baklinski, LifeSiteNews – A U.S. priest is warning Catholics that even though some Catholic shepherds along with the mainstream media are trying to portray President Biden as a faithful Catholic who prays and attends Mass, the truth is that someone who champions the murder of children in the womb is not, and never can be, a “devout Catholic.”…

Left-Wing ‘Catholic’ Newspaper Attacks U.S. Bishops for Criticizing Biden, by Thomas D. Williams

By Thomas D. Williams, PH.D., Breitbart – The progressive National Catholic Reporter has called for an investigation into the U.S. bishops for their criticisms of Joe Biden and their failure to sufficiently excoriate Donald Trump… The editors of the Reporter, a paper known for its unapologetic repudiation of Catholic teaching, take issue with a statement by Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez, president of the U.S. Catholic bishops’ conference, issued after the January 6 Capitol riot… in (Gomez’s) statement for the inauguration of President Biden, a Catholic, Gomez dared to point out areas where Biden promotes “moral evils.”

Tulsi Tells an Inconvenient Truth, by Douglas Andrews

By Douglas Andrews, Patriot Post – Tulsi Gabbard is, in a word, interesting. A retired congresswoman and a major in the U.S. Army Reserve, she was a thorn in the Democrat Party’s side throughout their presidential primary, and she continues to be as much. Why? Because she’s a woman of color who obliterates the stereotype of the down-the-line leftist, and because she’s wildly unafraid to tell inconvenient truths.

Catholic Anthony Fauci Lauds Baby-Killing Abroad, by David Nussman

By David Nussman, Church Militant – Anthony Fauci: “It will be our policy to support women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights” (Jan. 21, 2021)… Fauci has been a darling of the left-wing media throughout the Wuhan virus pandemic. Last week, Fauci announced the United States will remain a member of the World Health Organization and touted Biden’s support for killing unborn babies overseas.

Liberal Catholic Nun Defends Joe Biden’s Radical Pro-Abortion Views, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Sister Simone Campbell, a liberal political activist and Catholic nun, defended President Joe Biden’s radical pro-abortion stance last week in an online discussion… Campbell.. said Biden’s approach to the abortion issue is “very developed,” according to the CNA… Though Biden says he is a devout Catholic, he wants to “codify” Roe v. Wade into federal law so that killing unborn babies in abortions without limits will remain legal even if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns its infamous ruling. He also wants to force taxpayers to pay for abortions, a widely unpopular position.

Religious Liberty Advocates Fear ‘Tumultuous Days’ Under Biden, by Theodore Bunker

By Theodore Bunker, NewsMax – Advocates for religious liberty are warning about President Joe Biden’s administration following the departure of former President Donald Trump, saying that “early indications are troubling” for their movement, The Epoch Times reports… “Tumultuous days lie ahead as we wait to see how quickly protections for [religious liberty] groups won by the Trump administration will be repealed and replaced by coercive measures insensitive to their concerns,” Edward A. Morse, who sits on the board of directors of the Thomas More Society …

He Did Abortions Until He Had Three Powerful Encounters With the Holy Spirit

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – After three powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit, Bruchalski said he stopped aborting unborn babies and returned to the Catholic faith of his childhood, according to The Christian Post… Now, he runs the Tepeyac Family Center in Fairfax, Virginia, one of the only all pro-life OB/GYN health care practices in the nation… Bruchalski recently shared his conversion experience as part of an effort to expand pro-life medical practices. He encouraged pro-life advocates to begin providing more holistic health care to pregnant and parenting mothers.

Why There Will Be No Way Out of the Post-COVID Social Crisis Without the Family, by Solène Tadié

By Solène Tadié, EWTN News – The demographic winter into which Europe entered in 2015 has dramatically intensified with the coronavirus health crisis, especially in the continent’s southern countries, where the preexisting economic hardship was already discouraging many couples from having children…

The Woke Cult Is a Joke. Mock It and Its Priests of Baal, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – By contrast, post-Christian heresies that steal some of the Gospel’s own DNA? They can spread like kudzu, choking out the true Faith and replacing it — then persecuting it. That’s what happened with Islam, with Marxism, and now again with Wokeness. (For instance, there’s a new heresy sweeping churches called Critical Race Theory.)

Parents, This Is a Good Week to Think About ‘School Choice’, by Bob Kellogg

By Bob Kellogg, OneNewsNow – “For most Christian parents throughout the country,” says PJI president Brad Dacus, “public schools are really no longer a viable option because of the spiritual genocide now being implemented in many large school districts. “That is because the local public school, which once partnered with parents, is dominated by left-wing progressives who view parents as the enemy if they believe the Bible is true, for example, or instruct their children that God created only two genders, or insist the planet is not warming due to fossil fuels and our planet is doomed.

Rising Violence, by Rodney Pelletier

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – Violence is enveloping America. We’ve had 50 years of violence against the unborn, and as Democrats and useless Republicans take the reins of power, the violence is only increasing… For the last four years, Democrats have been inciting violence against Donald Trump and conservatives. You don’t have to search the seedy underbelly of the internet for secret recordings of our lawmakers plotting violence.

WATCH! Rand Paul Delivers Scorching Speech Against Democrat-Led ‘Sham’ Impeachment Proceeding, by Doug Mainwaring

By Doug Mainwaring, LifeSiteNews – Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky delivered a scorching criticism of Democrats’ intent to impeach former President Donald J. Trump for a second time, calling their effort “unconstitutional” and “a partisan exercise designed to further divide the country.”… He later called it a “sham,” a “travesty,” and a “dark blot on the history of this country.”… “Democrats claim to want to unify the country, but impeaching a former president — a private citizen — is the antithesis of unity,” began Sen. Paul.

Priest at Joe Biden’s First Mass Slammed Trump as Not Pro-Life Because He Enforced Death Penalty

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – President Joe Biden attended Mass on Sunday where a priest criticized President Donald Trump for not being pro-life because he enforced the death penalty… Biden also received communion during the service at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C. even though he wants to expand abortions and force taxpayers to pay for unborn babies’ abortion deaths. Just two days earlier, Biden celebrated the anniversary of Roe v. Wade by promising to “codify” the pro-abortion ruling into federal law.

Bishop’s Biden Remorse, by William Mahoney

By William Mahoney, Ph.D., Church Militant – Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, along with four other American prelates, released a statement on Friday to express their concerns over one of the executive orders Biden signed on his first day… The order seeks to “prevent and combat discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.”… Dolan and the four bishops go on to say they’re “very grateful for the new administration’s actions on immigration and the climate,” but “find [it] unfortunate” Biden’s moves toward racial equality are “partially conflated” with “false theories on human sexuality.”

Biden as an “Authoritative Type”, by Hadley Arkes

By Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing – Biden has been nothing if not a weathervane for winds blowing in his party, and that party has become ever more aggressive on the matter of abortion, brooking virtually no limits on that killing, even at the point of birth for babies who survive the abortions. And yet, nothing could be more central in the moral teaching of the Church – no, not climate change or the ravages of air-conditioning – than the concern for the meaning of the “human person,” that being who is both the subject of the law and the prime object of its protection.

New Pro-Life Congresswoman Vows to Stand Against The Squad’s Leftist Agenda

By Virginia Allen, LifeNews – Freshman Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., is one of several new members of Congress who have formed the “Freedom Force.” The group of conservative Republican leaders says it will stand against the far-left agenda being promoted by the so-called squad led by fellow New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other liberal Democrats… Malliotakis is the daughter of Greek and Cuban immigrants and says she decided to run for Congress when she saw the damage progressive policies were having on her state and across America.

The Most Important Question About the 2020 Election, by Dennis Prager

By Dennis Prager, Patriot Post – The anomalies: In 132 years, no president has received more votes in his run for reelection and lost. Yet Donald Trump received 10 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016 — and lost… Trump won 18 of the 19 counties both Democrats and Republicans regard as the “bellwether” counties that virtually always go with the outcome of presidential elections. Yet he lost… He won four bellwether states — Florida, Ohio, Iowa and North Carolina. Yet he lost… Republicans held onto all the House seats they were defending and gained another 13 seats. Yet, Trump lost.

Vatican Calls for ‘Unprecedented Collective Response’ to Climate Change, by Thomas D. Williams

By Thomas D. Williams, PH.D, Breitbart – Citing Francis’ address to the United Nations General Assembly last September, Parolin asserts that we are faced with a choice between two possible paths, the “consolidation of multilateralism” or the path of “self-sufficiency, nationalism, protectionism, individualism and isolation.”… On that occasion, the pope insisted that multilateralism “is God’s plan for our world.”

Even the WHO is Warning About Those COVID Tests, by D. Axe, W. Briggs, J. Richards

By D. Axe, W. Briggs, J. Richards, The Stream – By now, you’ve heard of PCR (or RT-PCR) testing for coronavirus infections. The test can provide accurate results. Unfortunately, it can also produce false positives if used incorrectly… Anyone who has followed the ins-and-outs of COVID testing knows this… This problem got more attention last week after WHO warned the medical community that “careful interpretation of weak positive results is needed.” That’s bureaucratese for “be careful not to misuse these tests.” Since WHO went to the trouble of issuing this warning, we can assume that the agency knows someone is misusing the tests.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Accurate List of 2020 Election Fraud Cases Shows 81 Cases Total, 30 Still Active – And NOT ONE SINGLE COURT Has Allowed Evidence to be Argued, by Sophie Miller

By Sophie Miller, The True Defender – The 2020 election will go down as arguably the greatest fraud in world history.
The tremendously popular incumbent candidate, President Trump, was easily winning the race on election night in a landslide and then suddenly multiple states took a break, quit counting, and by the end of the week the election was flipped to Joe Biden…

Biden Wants to Cloak His Administration in Catholicism: Don’t Let Him, by Alexandra DeSanctis

By Alexandra DeSanctis, Catholic Herald – Joe Biden is a “devout Catholic” — or so his press secretary announced to reporters during the incoming administration’s first news briefing… We should never judge another man’s relationship with God, nor place limits on God’s mercy — but one need not scrutinize Joe Biden’s conscience to note that several of his highest public policy priorities directly contradict non-negotiable teachings of the faith he professes.

In Far-Reaching Executive Order, Biden Redefines ‘Sex’, by Kevin J. Jones

By Kevin J. Jones, Catholic News Agency – In one of his first acts in office, President Joe Biden has signed an executive order to interpret sex discrimination in federal law to include sexual orientation and gender identity. The move could impact high school sports, the privacy of single-sex bathrooms, faith-based organizations that are government grantees or contractors, and whether employees may face retaliation for voicing “discriminatory” religious beliefs.

ICYMI! Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano: Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano – Allow me to address you at this hour in which the fate of the whole world is being threatened by a global conspiracy against God and humanity. I write to you as an Archbishop, as a Successor of the Apostles, as the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America. I am writing to you in the midst of the silence of both civil and religious authorities. May you accept these words of mine as the “voice of one crying out in the desert” (Jn 1:23)… As I said when I wrote my letter to you in June, this historical moment sees the forces of Evil aligned in a battle without quarter against the forces of Good; forces of Evil that appear powerful and organized as they oppose the children of Light, who are disoriented and disorganized, abandoned by their temporal and spiritual leaders.

Joe Biden Says He Wants to Overturn Every Pro-Life Law Saving Babies From Abortion, by Mary M. Olohan

By Mary Margaret Olohan, LifeNews – Pro-life leaders heavily criticized President Joe Biden on Friday, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, after the Catholic president vowed to make Roe v. Wade the law of the land… “Joe Biden repeatedly insists he is a devout Catholic,” tweeted Live Action founder and President Lila Rose. “He used this claim frequently during his campaign. He just released a statement praising Roe v Wade, but wouldn’t even use the word ‘abortion.’ His deception is disgusting. The violence of what he proudly supports is horrific.”

One Mass, One People, by Robert B Greving

By Robert B. Greving, Crisis Magazine – In a recent article for Crisis, Father Dwight Longenecker voiced his frustration with trying to unify his parish in the midst of what seems like national disintegration. He is right to be concerned, because as the Church goes, so goes the nation (and the world). The odd thing is that the Church had, in her liturgy, a strong and unifying force some 60 years ago. Yet as the Church’s liturgy has splintered—licitly and illicitly—over the last 60 years, so have the people of the Church.

Will The Catholic Church Pass the Joe Biden Test? by Tim Busch

By Tim Busch, National Catholic Register – When Joe Biden took the oath of office on Jan. 20, he became only the second Catholic president in U.S. history. The first, John F. Kennedy, was frequently and famously questioned over whether he was, in fact, a servant of the pope… With Biden, a different question must be asked, one that is focused less on the commander-in-chief and more on the Church: How will the Catholic hierarchy treat a president who rejects aspects of Catholic moral teaching?

Societal Polarization: Dangerous But Also a Sacred Duty. by Dr. Jeff Mirus

By Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture – As we move into the Biden era, Catholics must remember that there are two kinds of polarization at work in American politics… One type of polarization is based on preferences for differing positions about which good people can disagree… But the second kind of polarization arises from clear conflicts between good and evil, where one side favors policies that are objectively immoral and the other side resists those policies not so that the nation will maximize prudence, but rather so that the nation will avoid deliberate moral evils.

Biden, the Bishops, and the New Face of Catholicism, by Monica Migliorino

By Monica Migliorino Miller, Crisis Magazine – If not dealt with properly, Biden’s presidency will cause serious damage to the very truth of what it means to be Catholic. Of course, I am referring to the fact that while Biden professes the Catholic faith, he fully supports legalized abortion, same-sex “marriage” and transgenderism, and vowed that he will do all he can to advance these causes during his administration. Nonetheless, Biden’s practice of Catholicism will be on display for the whole world to observe—as he attends Mass and receives Holy Communion.

Biden’s Band of Pro-Abort Catholics, by Paul Murano

By Paul Murano, Church Militant – New president Joe Biden is surrounding himself with like-minded pro-abortion Catholics… President Biden has nominated cabinet members who identify as Catholic but embrace policies that directly contradict essential doctrine on sexuality, human life and gender… Biden picked so-called Catholics to lead the departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, Commerce and Agriculture. He also chose self-described Catholics to lead the departments of Energy, Veterans Affairs, Defense — and as Ambassador to the United Nations.

Joe Biden Says He Wants to Overturn Every Pro-Life Law Saving Babies From Abortion, by Mary M. Olohan

By Mary Margaret Olohan, LifeNews – Pro-life leaders heavily criticized President Joe Biden on Friday, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, after the Catholic president vowed to make Roe v. Wade the law of the land… “Joe Biden repeatedly insists he is a devout Catholic,” tweeted Live Action founder and President Lila Rose. “He used this claim frequently during his campaign. He just released a statement praising Roe v Wade, but wouldn’t even use the word ‘abortion.’ His deception is disgusting. The violence of what he proudly supports is horrific.”

WATCH! Here’s Why It’s Not Over….and Why It Always Had To Be The Military!

By Sophie Miller, The True Defender – I know a lot of you are obsessed with x22 Report… I have traditionally not shared many of their videos, but I watched one today that I thought was so good, so brilliant, that I had to share it with you… This is for everyone who thinks it’s over… I told you last night not to expect much today… I told you that Biden would likely be sworn in… But I also told you God wasn’t done yet… I told you it had to get to a point where it was “beyond Trump”… Saving the nation could not come from President Trump… My thesis was that God wants the glory for this himself… Dave from x22 Report had a similar conclusion but he got there in a little different way.

Trump Issues Sanctity of Human Life Day Proclamation as One of Last Acts in Office, by Cassy Fiano-Chesser

By Cassy Fiano-Chesser, Live Action – In the last days of President Donald Trump’s time in office, he issued a proclamation, declaring January 22, 2021, as National Sanctity of Human Life Day… The date was chosen specifically, in remembrance of the Roe v. Wade decision on January 22, 1973… In his proclamation, Trump called on Congress to protect human life. “Every human life is a gift to the world. Whether born or unborn, young or old, healthy or sick, every person is made in the holy image of God. The Almighty Creator gives unique talents, beautiful dreams, and a great purpose to every person”…

‘Unity’ Under a Biden Administration Just a Pipe Dream: Bauer, by Steve Jordahl

By Steve Jordahl, OneNewsNow – In his inaugural address yesterday, President Joe Biden called on the country to heal its divisions and unite – but some conservatives say his actions and Democrats’ accusations might make that an impossible task… Biden: “To overcome these challenges, to restore the soul and secure the future of America requires so much more than words. It requires the most elusive of all things in a democracy: unity.”

Nancy Pelosi’s Bishop Slams Her on Abortion: You Don’t Understand “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Catholic bishop issued a strong statement condemning her pro-abortion stance Thursday, saying the congresswoman is supporting “one of the most heinous evils imaginable.”… Arch. Cordileone of San Francisco responded to Pelosi after she slammed pro-life voters Monday for “being willing to sell the whole democracy down the river for that one issue,” abortion. Pelosi, a pro-abortion Democrat who represents San Francisco in Congress, said their votes caused her “great grief as a Catholic.”

Fauci Assures World Health Org. Biden Regime is Committed to Funding Abortions, by Michael Haynes

 By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – In comments made to the World Health Organization (WHO) today, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced the Biden regime’s commitment to the promotion of abortion, as well as a new relationship between the United States and the WHO… Fauci has been named as Chief Medical Adviser to Joe Biden, who was sworn in as president yesterday, and became Biden’s de facto spokesman to the WHO at the 148th session of the Executive Board of the organization which is currently taking place. ..

Vatican Fails to Override Bishop’s Biden Statement, by William Mahoney

By William Mahoney, Ph.D., Church Militant – The Vatican was unsuccessful in softening the USCCB’s statement that spotlights heretical positions of self-identifying Catholic Joe Biden… Slated for release at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning, the statement clarified points of contradiction between perennial Catholic teaching and some of Biden’s policies. Though the Vatican succeeded in delaying the timing, the statement remained intact and has been published on the USCCB website.

Our Catholic President, by Stephen P. White

By Stephen P. White, The Catholic Thing – For better or worse, Biden’s words and actions as president will shape how the Catholic faith is perceived and understood. For tens of millions of Americans, even a modest return to “normalcy” – to the familiar ways of our politics – will be a welcome change after the tumultuous years of the Trump administration. The outgoing president, and especially the events of recent weeks, has set that bar very low… For better or worse, Biden also takes office at a time when the opposition party is in disarray.

Joe Biden Eats and Drinks His Own Spiritual Death, by Austin Ruse

By Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine – Yesterday morning at the grand Cathedral of St. Matthew in Washington D.C., Joe Biden ate and drank his own spiritual death. That he received the Holy Eucharist from the hands of a Cardinal of the Church adds scandal upon scandal. One radio wag called it a mass for Planned Parenthood. And so, it was… Joe Biden is an enemy of the Catholic faith. This fact must be repeated as often as humanly possible. Joe Biden holds himself out as a faithful Catholic, yet he does not believe in the faith’s fundamental teachings about the human person or human sexuality.

Biden Will Sign Multiple Climate Change Orders on Wednesday, Reversing Trump Policies, by Andrew Trunsky

By Andrew Trunsky, The Stream, Daily Caller – President Joe Biden is expected to sign multiple executive orders aimed at combating climate change on his first day in office… The orders, which block construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, rejoin the Paris Climate Accords and temporarily halt oil and gas leasing in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, would directly reverse policies implemented by former President Donald Trump… Biden’s move to kill the $8 billion pipeline, which would have carried hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil from western Canada to oil refineries in the Midwest and Gulf Coast ….

Freedom of Speech Slipping Away, by Star Parker

By Star Parker, Guest Columnist, OneNewsNow – As the new Biden-Harris administration assumes power, the most basic American freedom of speech and expression is under unprecedented threat… For the first time ever, I am concerned about my freedom to do my work, to run a policy institute addressing issues of culture, race and poverty from a conservative perspective… Technology — the internet — which was largely nonexistent just 25 years ago, now plays a huge role in our lives as a tool of communication.

Nancy Pelosi Attacks Pro-Lifers for Supporting Trump, Saying They ‘Sold Out Democracy’, by Michael Haynes

By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – The pro-abortion Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has launched an attack on Catholics for their support for Trump’s pro-life polices, claiming that they were selling out “democracy” due to their opposition to the murder of the unborn… Pelosi made the comments a few days ago, when speaking to Hilary Clinton on the failed 2016 presidential candidate’s podcast “You and Me Both.”… The Speaker of the House made her attack upon Catholics, shortly after declaring Joe Biden to be a “unifier” for the country, saying that “women and minorities and LGBTQ people can thrive.”

Joe Biden Attends Church, Next He Will Fund Killing Babies in Abortions With Our Tax Dollars, by Steven Ertelt, Michaiah Bilger

By Steven Ertelt, Michaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Biden, his wife Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, and her husband Douglas Emhoff, all attended church this morning. Sadly, as soon as late today or tomorrow, Joe Biden is expected to force Americans to send hundreds of millions of dollars to International Planned Parenthood so it can promote its abortion agenda across the globe. As the Bible calls Christians to share the message of Jesus Christ to everyone around the world, Biden will export abortion instead.

Trump Delivers Farewell Address: ‘Proud of What We Achieved Together,’ ‘Best Is Yet to Come’

 By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – “Four years ago we launched a great national movement to rebuild our country and renew its spirit,” Trump said. “I stand before you truly proud of what we achieved together. We did what we came here to do, and so much more.”… “This week, we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous,” he continued… Trump thanked his family, who “fill[s] my world with light and with joy,” Vice President Mike Pence and his family, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, his cabinet, White House staff, secret service, and military and law enforcement across the country… “We are a nation of incredible, decent, and faith-loving citizens who want our nation to thrive and be good,” the president went on. “All Americans were horrified by the assault on our Capitol. Political violence is an attack on everything we cherish as Americans. It can never be tolerated.”

The Left Wants to Eliminate Competing Ideas, by Michael Brown

By Michael Brown, The Stream – It was President Dwight Eisenhower who once wrote that “in a democracy debate is the breath of life.” Today, it seems as if the left wants to snuff that breath out. Competing ideas must be censored and even cancelled. Only PC groupthink will be tolerated… An Attempt to Deplatform a Christian Worldview from Public Debate… Back in 2012, GLAAD, which originally stood for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, launched its so-called “Commentator Accountability Project.”

Biden Pushes Leftist Sexual Ethic With HHS Pick, by Thomas Gallatin

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post – In an obvious nod to the radical identitarian Left, Joe Biden named Pennsylvania’s Health Secretary “Rachel” Levine as his new assistant secretary of health. Levine, formerly known as Richard, openly identifies as “transgender” and has been a member of the ironically named “Equality Pennsylvania,” an LGBT activist organization. Clearly for conservatives, there are serious problems with putting a demonstrably mentally ill science denier in the nation’s top healthcare position.

Republican Congressional Leaders to Join Pro-Abortion Biden for Pre-Inauguration Mass

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – Republican congressional minority leaders Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy will be joining incoming Democrat President Joe Biden and their Democrat counterparts Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for a Catholic Mass, despite Biden’s (and Pelosi’s) longstanding rejection of key Catholic teachings. While McConnell and McCarthy are Baptists, Schumer is Jewish.

China Calling Persecution ‘Autonomy’, by Charlie Butts

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – The persecution of Uyghur Muslims in Western China continues, as the government works to eradicate the faith by imprisoning those who resist and forcing abortions on the women who violate the country’s official two-child policy – all while punishing the attorneys who take a stand for the people’s human rights…

Report: Joe Biden Set to Promptly Reverse Pro-Life Policies

Catholic News Agency – President-elect Joe Biden is expected to promptly roll back pro-life policies the Trump administration put in place, NBC News reported on Monday… Biden, who will become the second Roman Catholic president when he is sworn in to office on Jan. 20, is believed to be seeking to repeal the Trump administration’s Protect Life Rule and the expanded Mexico City Policy.
The Protect Life Rule prevents organizations which perform or refer for abortions from receiving Title X family planning funds. It effectively stripped Planned Parenthood of approximately $60 million annually in federal funding.

It is Not the Kingdom of God Versus The Democrats, by Michael Brown

By Michael Brown, The Stream – It’s one thing to take strong exception to many of the goals of the Democratic platform or to have grave concerns about where the left wants to take America. It’s another thing to view every Democrat as Satan incarnate and to justify despising and loathing them. Yet that is what many of us have done in the heat of the current political crisis… This is a dangerous outlook on life. It is one that also dishonors the Lord who created these people in His own image, not to mention sent His Son to die for them.

Democrats Don’t Act Like People with Nothing to Hide, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – Speaking of presidential inaugurations … can I share with you what disappointed me about Trump’s swearing in, four LONG years ago? I’d really hoped that at some point during the ceremony, Barack Obama had stood up to speak, taking the mic in hand as sometimes he liked to do… I wanted to hear him say, in his studied faux “urban” way: “My fellow Americans, there’s something I’ve wanted to share with you for eight long years. I think now’s at last the moment.” …

DC Archbishop and Pro-Abortion Joe Biden to Share Public Stage Before Inauguration, by Doug Mainwaring

By Doug Mainwaring, LifeSiteNews – On the eve of Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, Washington Archbishop Wilton Cardinal Gregory will join the former vice president and Kamala Harris to honor those who have died of COVID-19… Cardinal Gregory is slated to deliver the invocation at the event… “The memorial will feature the lighting … at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, and hundreds of towns, cities, tribes, landmarks, and communities all across the country have committed to joining the tribute in a national moment of unity.”…

Trump Again Proclaims Anniversary of Roe v Wade, Jan 22, ‘Sanctity of Human Life Day’, by Paul Smeaton

By Paul Smeaton,  Jan 18, 2021, LifeSiteNews – Every human life is a gift to the world.  Whether born or unborn, young or old, healthy or sick, every person is made in the holy image of God.  The Almighty Creator gives unique talents, beautiful dreams, and a great purpose to every person.  On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, we celebrate the wonder of human existence and renew our resolve to build a culture of life where every person of every age is protected, valued, and cherished.

AOC’s Hope: ‘Rein In’ the Press, Squash the Dissenters, by Steve Jordahl

By Steve Jordahl, OneNewsNow – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (pictured) was live-streaming one of her kitchen-table video blogs on Tuesday when she was asked about the role media that reported on the apparent stealing of the 2020 election played in the Capitol riots. Freedom of the press definitely needs to be “reined in,” replied the leader of “The Squad”: Ocasio-Cortez: “There’s absolutely a commission that’s being discussed but it seems to be more investigatory in style rather than truth and reconciliation. So, I think that’s an interesting concept for us to explore ….

Deacon Steven D. Greydanus: God, the Devil and the Capitol Attack

By Deacon Steven D. Greydanus, EWTN News – Every person in this church — from the people sitting in the last pew to those of you in the front to our celebrant and even me here in the ambo — every one of us is here because we have been called… Christ has called each of us. That’s why we are here, each one of us. We all had to get up this morning, get dressed, and make our way here, but we’ve done so in response to a call.

Dangerous Times for America, by Paul Murano

By Paul Murano, Church Militant – It’s a dire warning for the United States as the Left infiltrates all branches of government… Secular progressives taking over the White House and Congress are assaulting the First Amendment — this from prominent author and journalist Trevor Loudon… Loudon is sounding the alarm that dangerous times are ahead for the United States. He indicated the coming political landscape in his most recent book, White House Reds. The author recently shared with Church Militant some of these dire predictions.

BREAKING: DNI Ratcliffe Releases Report Showing China Interfered with the 2020 Election and CIA Management Pressured Analysts Not to Report It

By Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit – The EPOCH Times reported today: Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe assessed that China interfered in the 2020 federal elections, according to a letter transmitted to Congress… In the letter (pdf), Ratcliffe alleges that intelligence about China’s election interference was suppressed by management at the CIA, which pressured analysts to withdraw their support for the view… “Based on all available sources of intelligence, with definitions consistently applied, and reached independent of political considerations or undue pressure—that the People’s Republic of China sought to influence the 2020 U.S. federal elections,” Ratcliffe wrote… Is this enough evidence to overturn the election?

Cong. Louie Gohmert Quotes Pelosi: ‘I Don’t Even Know Why There Aren’t Uprising All Over the Country; Maybe There Will Be’

By Craig Bannister, CNSNews , January 15, 2021 On Wednesday, addressing claims that President Donald Trump should be impeached for inciting a violent insurrection by his […]

11 Questions the Left and Never Trumpers Can’t Answer Honestly, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – You’ll note that I mention “the Left” and “NeverTrumpers” separately. Lately it’s gotten harder and harder to tell them apart. In practical politics, they side together. Self-styled “conservatives” and Christians pretend that some profound moral principles prevent them from working with President Trump or his supporters.

Racing Canada to Tyranny, by Kennedy Hall

By Kennedy Hall, Crisis Magazine – Kennedy Hall is the author of two books. He is married with four children and lives in Ontario, Canada. His work can be found at kennedyhall.ca… I imagine the majority of readers here at Crisis are from the great nation a couple hours south of my hometown. As a Canadian I grew up in a culture that was heavily influenced by all the good—and the bad—that comes from my southern neighbor, and I have great affection for the USA. But there is an ugly character trait that many Canadians revel in—namely, anti-Americanism.

Liberal Catholic Priest Claims Pro-Life Americans Responsible for Violent Capitol Riots, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – One Catholic priest is blaming his fellow church leaders for their strong condemnation of abortion, claiming their comments “helped spawn a hate-filled environment” that led to violence at the U.S. Capitol last week… In an essay this week at America magazine, Father James Martin criticized several Catholic bishops and priests for speaking out against abortion and President-elect Joe Biden’s stance on the issue, the Catholic News Agency reports.

Law and Disorder, by Jerry Newcombe

By Jerry Newcombe, The Stream – But those inside the Capitol were not typical of the vast majority of conservatives, including those who attended the D.C. meeting. Pastor and columnist Larry Tomczak was there. For wnd.com (1/6/21), he writes: The diverse crowd was overwhelmingly respectful but righteously angry. The gathered multitudes were a far cry from the boisterous, violent and destructive protests of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and far-left extremists.

Dorsey: ‘This Is Going to be Much Bigger Than Just One Account’, by Bronson Stocking

By Bronson Stocking, Townhall – In a new video provided to Project Veritas by an unidentified Twitter employee, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey warns of further censorship following Twitter’s recent ban on the president of the United States… “We know we are focused on one account right now,” Dorsey said, in reference to his company’s decision to ban President Trump. “But this is going to be much bigger than just one account and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, and this week, and the next few weeks and go beyond the inauguration. ..”…

Opinion: Democrats Cling Desperately to Trump Hatred, by Conrad Black

By Conrad Black, American Greatness – These are among the darkest days of American democracy. With nearly airtight totalitarian uniformity, the American media robotically repeat that there is no possible argument to be made that the 2020 presidential election produced an unjust result. In the same magical spirit of post-electoral unanimity, President Trump has been condemned for his remarks to hundreds of thousands of his supporters in Washington on January 6, and it is now a political commandment that he is responsible for the ensuing illegal forced entry and fatal violence at the US Capitol.

Can We Fight the Deep State, the Hive Mind, That Rules Us? by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – It’s time to admit it now. Trump fought the Borg, and the Borg won. Not that he engaged the Deep State skillfully or systematically. He didn’t. Was it his fault? Not entirely… Few Americans suspected exactly how systemic the rot was. Trump certainly didn’t. Or else he would have responded to the Russia collusion hoax by disbanding the FBI. Then building a new agency from scratch, with lawmen from small towns in the South. Chuck Schumer warned Trump that the Deep State would have its revenge, and so it did.

Media Touts Biden as Catholic Unifier, by Paul Murano

By Paul Murano, Church Militant – The mainstream media is celebrating Joe Biden’s message of healing and unity — and crediting his phony Catholic faith… The Washington Post is the latest media outlet to fawn over Biden’s anti-Catholic message, which actually places him outside of communion with the Catholic Church… Biden strongly supports same-sex “marriage” and presided over a so-called marriage of two men at his home in Delaware. He is a staunch supporter of the choice to kill preborn children in abortion. And he says there are at least three genders.

BLM Activist Who Infiltrated Trump Supporters and Led Capitol Riots is Arrested, Charged, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – The liberal media narrative of the Capitol riots last week was that pro-life conservative Trump supporters were behind storming the Capitol. But a BLM activist has been arrested for his role in infiltrating the Trump voters outside the Capitol and urging them to riot and destroy property… Radical BLM activist John Sullivan has been charged with participating in and urging the Capitol riots. He’s a leftist who founded a group called Insurgence USA and was interviewed on CNN by Anderson Cooper to talk about his liberal advocacy.

After He’s Impeached, Trump ‘Unequivocally’ Condemns ‘the Violence That We Saw Last Week.’ by Susan Jones

By Susan Jones, CNSNews – President Donald Trump, speaking to the nation Wednesday evening through a video posted on the White House Twitter site, “unequivocally” condemned the “troubling events of the past week.”… He said “no true supporter” of his would engage in such vandalism and violence, and he said there should be no repeats: There has been reporting that additional demonstrations are being planned in the coming days, both here in Washington and across the country. I have been briefed by the U.S. Secret Service on the potential threats.

Lockdowns: An Abortion Argument, by David G Bonagura, Jr.

By David G Bonagura, Jr., The Catholic Thing – The irony is sickening. For decades we have heard the shrieks in defense of abortion and birth control: “Keep the government out of my uterus!” “My body, my choice!” “No woman can call herself free,” said Margaret Sanger, “who does not control her own body.”… Democratic politicians have long supported abortion with this line of reasoning. Most recently, in signing the Reproductive Health Act into law in 2019, New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo declared that “women in New York will always have the fundamental right to control their own body.”

President Trump Blocks Products From Xinjiang, China, Where Uighurs Forced to Have Abortions, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Errtelt, LifeNews – President Donald Trump is taking action against communist China, which is persecuting minorities… The Trump administration has announced that the U.S. will block cotton from the Uighur region of China, where the communist government engages in human rights abuses such as forced abortions and sterilizations. The U.S. will bar entry of all cotton products and tomatoes from the region.

An Eyewitness Tells What Really Happened the Day of the Capitol Storming, by Thomas P. Smith

By Thomas P. Smith, LifeSiteNews – The Save America Rally, sponsored by Women For America First, was a totally separate happening from what took place inside the Capitol building. We’re still waiting for the media to figure that out. Yawn. Even so, they’re too biased to be honest and truthful enough to report the distinction so others around the world can know the difference, too. Trump was right when he exclaimed in his rally address that the biggest enemy of the country is the media. Our so-called “eyes” and “ears” are neither.

Opinion: A Catholic Response to Chaos: Cultivate Your Gardens with Confidence, by Sean Fitzpatrick

By Sean Fitzpatrick, Crisis Magazine – To put it simply and obviously, Americans must be good if this country is to be great, and what we all saw last week were not the actions of good people. We all have to do our part in being hardworking, honest, decent folk, who live by our Faith, care for our families, and look after our neighbors. It is in these smaller circles of community and local government that the principle of subsidiarity comes into political effect to affect the federal government, the Congress, and the presidency.

‘Great Reset’ Warnings, by David Nussman

By David Nussman, Church Militant – Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this in September: “This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.”… Cardinal Raymond Burke had this to say last month in a homily about the Wuhan virus: “What is clear, however, is that it has been used by certain forces, inimical to families and to the freedom of nations, to advance their evil agenda.”

Supreme Court Upholds President Trump’s Rule Saving Babies From Abortions, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – The Supreme Court has upheld a pro-life ruled issued by President Donald Trump that will help save babies from abortions… The Trump administration appealed the initial ruling and said it would be safer for women to see a doctor first because the drug can kill or injure women in certain medical situations… Today, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that the Trump administration can enforce the pro-life rule and lifted a nationwide injunction against it.

Msgr. Charles Pope: 5 More Hard Truths We’ve Come to See with 2020 Vision

By Msgr. Charles Pope – Over the past nine months, the Church has given the impression that the sacraments are not all that relevant and that we have little to offer during a crisis. We must never allow this to happen again… In the first part of this reflection we reviewed the painful year of 2020, focusing on the social and political ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. This installment examines the Church’s response to the situation.

(Catholic) Biden’s Promise to Codify Roe, by Gerard V. Bradley

By Gerard V. Bradley, First Things – At an October campaign event, Biden made the promise his own. Asked what he would do about abortion in light of Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Biden noted the “expectation” that Barrett would vote to overrule Roe. He then declared: “The only responsible response to that would be to pass legislation making Roe the law of the land. That’s what I would do.”

Welcome to the Twitter Rapture, by Jason Morgan

By Jason Morgan, Crisis Magazine – On January 8, 2021, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey banned President Donald J. Trump for life. The opportunity for virtue signaling proved irresistible to Dorsey. After the debacle in the Capitol on January 6, Dorsey did what he had been wanting to do for years: cleansed his platform of dissent. Democracy means that the Democrats say what is what. Dorsey made sure that there would be no questioning, by the people, of the “people’s will.” …

Leftmedia Aims to Cancel Independent Citizen Journalists, by Thomas Gallatin

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post – The old adage states, there are always two sides to every story. Well, according to today’s Democrats and Leftmedia, such a notion is no longer applicable. In fact, in America today the “other side of the story” is down right dangerous and must be squelched at every opportunity, and leftist Big Tech has been convinced to help do just that… It’s all about controlling the “news” that Americans receive in order to control how Americans think.

For Our Leftist Elites, the Double Standard’s Meant to Be Blatant. That’s the Point, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – The same liberals who insist that we can’t pass anti-porn laws, for fear of censorship, applaud when social media monopolies silence conservatives and Christians. They snickered when Trump was tossed off Twitter, allegedly for encouraging “violence.” They laughed out loud when alternative platform Parler was shut down entirely… You and I can’t help it. We’re driven to point out the gaping double standard, the manifest unfairness. But we should be careful to manage our expectations. If we think it accomplishes anything to point up this injustice, we’re probably wrong. Because … stay with me here … the injustice is the point.

Turley: ‘We are Witnessing the Death of Free Speech on the Internet’, by Michael W. Chapman

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews – Jonathan Turley, a professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, constitutional scholar, and columnist, said the censorship tactics of Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter present a “major threat to free speech,” and raise questions about a new form of “state media where companies advance an ideological agenda with political allies.”

BREAKING: Trump calls Big Tech Censorship ‘a Catastrophic Mistake’, by Michael Haynes

By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – President Donald Trump has called out Big Tech for silencing both himself and many other conservative voices in the past few days, calling it a “terrible mistake” that is “very, very bad for our country.”… Speaking at Joint Base Andrews prior to flying out to Alamo, Texas, the president briefly talked to the gathered media, focusing on the huge and sudden explosion of Big Tech censorship which has seen Trump banned from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as other platforms, in just a matter of days.

Push for Impeachment, by Paul Murano 

By Paul Murano, Church Militant – … the Democratic Party would love to cancel the MAGA movement permanently… maybe, Democrats are hiding something they fear could come out between now and Jan. 20… Two laptop computers were stolen from the Capitol building — one from Pelosi’s office. Could there be something on those computers that motivates their urgency? Or do they fear Trump may unveil something under the radar that may be damaging to the Democrats?

Why is Pelosi Impeaching Trump? Why the Censorship? What Are They So Scared Of? by Al Perrotta

By Al Perrotta, The Stream – Joe Biden’s inaugural theme will be “America United” … just days after he implied that those who didn’t vote for him are white nationalist Nazis … and his Big Tech and Big Business partners have launched a jihad against Trump supporters … and as Nancy Pelosi launches her latest impeachment farce… Joe must be taking hits from Hunter’s crack pipe…

The Republic Has No Clothes, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, Church Militant – At the sight of tattooed, horned men loping around the U.S. Capitol and some jester squatting in Speaker Pelosi’s chair, it would take a man with a heart of stone to witness it all without laughing. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde… Wait. What did Zmirak just say? Doesn’t he realize that a bunch of goons getting rowdy in the people’s own house is The Worst Thing Ever to Happen in America? That it discredits populism, Donald Trump, and the Christian credentials of every person who ever supported him? …

LifeSiteNews: Supreme Court Rules Hospital May Not Kill Baby Girl on Life Support

By LifeSiteNews staff – The Supreme Court of the United States rejected a preliminary plea of Cook Children’s Medical Center to pull the plug on Baby Tinslee Lewis against her mother’s will. Baby Tinslee’s fight for her life began November 2019 when the Fort Worth hospital moved to end the child’s life against her mother’s will under the deadly Texas 10-Day Rule. Her court case struck a massive blow to the anti-Life statute in a Texas appeals court, and Cook Children’s sought to overturn the decision. …

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Censorship: Time to ‘Put Wokeism to Sleep’, by Kristina Wong

By Kristina Wong, Breitbart – “I read that some VOA employees didn’t want me to speak here today. I’m sure it was only a handful. They didn’t want the voice of American diplomacy to be broadcast on the Voice of America. Think about that for just a moment,” he said.
“This kind of censorial instinct is dangerous. It’s morally wrong. Indeed, it’s against your statutory mandate here at VOA. Censorship, wokeness, political correctness. It all points in one direction — authoritarianism cloaked as moral righteousness,” he said.

First Lady Melania Trump Issues an Op-Ed on ‘Our Path Forward’, by Katie Pavlich

By Katie Pavlich, Townhall – As I said over the summer, it is these defining moments that we will look back and tell our grandchildren that through empathy, strength, and determination, we were able to restore the promise of our future. Each of you are the backbone of this country. You are the people who continue to make the United States of America what it is, and who have the incredible responsibility of preparing our future generations to leave everything better than they found it.

Pro-Abortion Pelosi ‘Welcomes’ 45 Pro-Lifers to 117th Congress

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – Carol Tobias, who leads National Right to Life Committee, says there is excitement because rookie lawmakers who are proudly pro-life number at least 45 in the House… “The unborn babies are going to have even more voices speaking up for them in the House of Representatives this year,” she tells One News Now… Lost among President Donald Trump’s loss was huge gains Republican candidates made on Election Day in the Democrat-led House.

Ashli Babbitt — Will the Catholic Bishops Remember Her Name? by Martin Barillas

By Martin Barillas, Church Militant – Thousands of Antifa and BLM supporters marched this summer, burning their way through neighborhoods after the unarmed, habitual criminal George Floyd was arrested and died in the custody of Minneapolis police. The Catholic bishops joined the media and shills for the Democratic Party in expressing shock at the killing, while authorities stood by as rioting, looting and burning became the favored means of political expression by the Left

President Trump Slams Twitter for Suspending Him: This is “Banning Free Speech”, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – President Donald Trump slammed Twitter for suspending his personal account on Friday, saying that the action is tantamount to “banning free speech.”… The social media giant Twitter has suspended President Donald trump’s account after falsely claiming he promoted rioting and violence. In a statement on its twitter Support account, twitter official claimed that Trump’s recent Twitter posts were “in violation of the Glorification of Violence Policy.”

In Some Videos, Capitol Police Appear to Let Protestors Into US Capitol, Pose for Selfies, by Raymond Wolfe

By Raymond Wolfe, LifeSiteNews – In a video released on Twitter that now has over 33 million views, U.S. Capitol police can be seen quietly forfeiting barricades and allowing some protesters access to the Capitol building during a protest Wednesday… At least one protester appeared already to have entered the restricted area… Videos from different parts of the protest show different interactions between police and protesters.