Democrats Have Become The Party Of Authoritarianism. They Only Understand Power, by John Daniel Davidson

By John Daniel Davidson, Crisis Magazine – Despite the outdated moniker of “social justice warrior,” leftist Democrats aren’t interested in real justice. They’re interested in gaining and using power… Power is the only language the left understands. So if Americans on the right want to be anything more than a managed opposition — and let’s be honest, plenty of elected Republicans are happy to be exactly that — they had better figure out how to wield the limited power they do have. And they had better hurry.

Elon Musk to Visit the Southern Border in Eagle Pass, Texas – ‘A Serious Issue’, by Mike LaChance

By Mike LaChance, Gateway Pundit – Twitter/X owner Elon Musk, who has announced that he is going to visit Eagle Pass, Texas… This visit will potentially raise public awareness about the problem by driving up media coverage… Musk conformed that he has been talking to Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales… Tech billionaire Elon Musk said on Tuesday he will visit the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas, in the coming days as the ongoing migrant crisis is escalating and seeing new record numbers.

Biden Accused of Favoring Democrat States With Energy Policies, by Church Militant

By Church Militant – A U.S. senator is accusing the country’s president of purposely hindering conservative states from oil production while blue states flourish… Senator Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., is blasting Joe Biden for allowing Democratic-controlled New Mexico to outproduce oil-rich conservative states like Wyoming and Alaska.

Tax-Funded Program Pairs Kids With Gay & Trans Adult ‘Mentors’ Online, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg

By Tierin-Rose Mandelburg, MRCTV – Ah great! Another teacher looking to indoctrinate kids!… Professor Katie Edwards from the Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln created a program for students who are struggling with gender confusion or homosexual inclinations to be matched with adults who suffer from the same delusions as part of a “mentorship” program… she created to pair up gay teens with gay adults for online mentoring sessions using $203,050 from the taxpayer-funded National Institutes of Health.

Canadian Parliament Gives Standing Ovation To A Literal Nazi While Zelensky Pumps His Fist In Solidarity, by Rebeka Zeljko

By Rebeka Zeljko, Breitbart – The Canadian Parliament gave a standing ovation to a literal Nazi on Friday, in case you’re wondering how the West’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is doing lately… Led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and visiting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the assembly offered a standing ovation to Yaroslave Hunka, a Ukrainian Nazi who fought in World War II as part of one of the infamous Waffen-SS units. Zelensky even pumped his fist multiple times in solidarity with the former Nazi fighter.

Even ‘Fact-Checkers’ Can’t Cover Biden Losing 85,000 Kids & Flying In Migrants, by P. Gardner Goldsmith

By P. Gardner Goldsmith, MRC TV – … many are acknowledging that, no matter how many old-guard news agencies and how many US bureaus try to hide the truth, this federal immigration bureaucracy is both losing track of vulnerable migrant kids … To see just how impossible it is even for lamestream media to hide the dark results of the Biden immigration insanity, take a look at the Newsweek attempt to “fact-check” a claim that 85,000 “unaccompanied” migrant kids have gone missing from the federal “tracking” system.

Our Founders ‘Shut Down the Government’ Rather Than Bow to Tyranny, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – More than two-thirds of American voters are worried that their country is turning into a police state – a tyrannical government that engages in mass surveillance, censorship, ideological indoctrination, and targeting of political opponents… And so we end up with the grotesque spectacle of a Republican House yawning and rubber-stamping the Deep State hunting conservatives, while our borders yawn wide open for human traffickers and terrorists. Except … for Matt Gaetz and those who follow him in the Freedom Caucus. ….

‘God’s Plan Includes Abortion’: Group Plants Pro-Abortion Billboards in Pro-Life States Along Highway to Illinois

By Katherine Hamilton, Breitbart – A group that promotes “normalizing abortion” has lined up six billboards on Interstate 55 through pro-life states leading to Illinois, one of which falsely reads, “God’s plan includes abortion.”… Shout Your Abortion, a far-left advocacy group, placed the billboards in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee — all states which have outlawed or limited abortions. The black and white billboards… also include messages such as, “Abortion is OK. You know what’s right for you,” and “Abortion is OK. You are loved.”

Msgr. Richard C. Antall: Heartbeat Laws Are Not a “Terrible Mistake,” President Trump

By Msgr. Richard C. Antall, Crisis Magazine – (the) former Pres. Trump disparaged the heartbeat law for the protection of unborn children in the womb as “stupid” and “a terrible mistake.” His later offer to pardon the pro-life protesters who have been arrested because of the FACE law and his vague words about a federal law limiting abortion.. cannot make up for a tacit consent/approval to the destruction of the unborn baby whose heart has already begun to beat.

Communist Goals and America, by Jerry Newcombe

By Jerry Newcombe, The Stream – Dr. Carol M. Swain… In an interview with D. James Kennedy Ministries, she mentioned some of the communist objectives for the US… Dr. Swain told our viewers: I’m sure you’re familiar with the book that Cleon Skousen wrote in 1958 called The Naked Communist. That book had near its appendix 45 current communist goals… Those goals were read into the Congressional record in 1963. If you read through those goals, many of them have been accomplished, and one was to take over a political party.

Biden’s American Climate Cult, by Thomas Gallatin

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post – Joe Biden goes around Congress to create a group of climate cultists dedicated to browbeating the public into accepting the Left’s climate change narrative… Biden unilaterally (and unconstitutionally) created his so-called “American Climate Corps.”… Biden is acting to create an army of climate cult activists, 20,000 strong. Never mind the fact that, constitutionally speaking, he doesn’t have the authority to do so. That’s because Congress shot down this idea last year.

Democrats Now Admit Illegal Immigration Is Destroying Our Cities, by Rob and Andrew

By Rob and Andrew, America Out Loud Truth – “I don’t see an ending to this. This issue will destroy New York City. Destroy New York City.” That is NY City Eric Adams’s dire message to New Yorkers and the Biden Administration… The messages come on the heels of a gloomy reality that Adams and mayors across the country face as city budgets balloon out of control. This is a direct result of services, like food and shelter, provided to illegal immigrants for nearly 18 months.

Cancers Erupting in Ways ‘Never Before Seen’ Following COVID Shots, by Bob Unruh

By Bob Unruh, World Net Daily – For example, he said, there have been “25-year-olds with colon cancer, who don’t have family histories of the disease – that’s basically impossible along the known paradigm for how colon cancer works…”… And there are other “latency” cancers being seen… “There has to be some initiating stimulus to why this happens.”.. The physician described cancer as something a healthy human body can fight with ordinary immunity… But if that system is compromised, cancer can advance.

The Debt Limit As a Moral Test, by Phil Lawler

By Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture – Would you be alarmed if I told you that the federal government, by administrative decree, had just added $100,000 to your mortgage?.. No, let me be more accurate, to illustrate my point. The added debt would be $100,000 per person… Larger families would owe more… Now of course the government has not issued such a decree. But the overall federal debt has just reached $33 trillion.

Donald Trump: “We Have to Expose Democrats as the True Radicals” on Abortion, by Steven Ertelt 

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Former Pres. Donald Trump mentioned abortion last night during a rally for his presidential campaign in Iowa. Trump said Democrats are the real radicals on abortion, not pro-life Americans who support women and unborn children… “We have to expose the Democrats … as being the true radicals. They’re the radicals. Pro-lifers aren’t the radicals,” Trump said during the rally.

Mayorkas Issues ‘Pinky Promise’ to Not Weaponize AI Against Americans, by Catherine Salgado

By Craig Bannister, MRCTV – Biden’s DHS is promising not to violate the Constitution with its artificial intelligence use, but its past censorship efforts raise serious questions… DHS issued a press release Sept. 14 on its implementation and use of artificial intelligence (AI). “DHS will only acquire and use AI in a manner that is consistent with the Constitution and all other applicable laws and policies” …

Chuck Schumer Folds to Tommy Tuberville on Military Abortion Battle, by Mary Margaret Olohan 

By Mary Margaret Olohan, LifeNews – After insisting for months that Republican Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville was solely responsible for the delay in approving senior military promotions, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer finally folded Wednesday and began to set up votes on three military officers…

Our Self-Induced Catastrophe at the Border, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – Since early 2021 we have witnessed somewhere between 7 and 8 million illegal entries across the now nonexistent U.S. southern border… The more the border vanished, the more federal immigration law was rendered inert, and the more Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas spun fantasies that the “border is secure.”… He is now written off as a veritable “Baghdad Bob” propagandist.

More Agents – More Audits: Those Under $400K Could Be Targeted By IRS, by Evan Poellinger

By Evan Poellinger, MRC TV – The IRS is planning to hire an additional 3,700 agents, allegedly to facilitate auditing of high-income earners who are attempting to avoid income taxes… In a news release from September 15, the IRS announced that it had opened 3,700 additional positions with the organization, which it said were designed to assist with “expanded enforcement work focusing on complex partnerships and large corporations.”

The Ruth Institute: Gov. Youngkin Stands Up for Parental Rights

The Ruth Institute – “The Ruth Institute thanks Virginia’s Gov. Glenn Youngkin for righting a terrible injustice by pardoning a father whose only crime was standing up for his child”… Scott Smith was convicted of disorderly conduct for protesting at an August 2021 Loudoun County School Board meeting. He was outraged by his ninth-grade daughter’s sexual assault in a girl’s restroom by a boy wearing a skirt. The administration did its best to cover up the crime by not reporting the incident and transferring the perpetrator to another school.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: The Return to Human Sacrifice in Mexico

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – .. a few days ago.. The Supreme Court of Mexico has once again intervened, issuing a ruling stating that the criminalization of abortion is “unconstitutional,” and which seems likely to massively expand abortion in the formerly pro-life nation… The Court, in a sickening statement, argued that “criminalization of abortion constitutes an act of gender-based violence and discrimination, as it perpetuates the stereotype that women and people with the capacity to get pregnant can only freely exercise their sexuality to procreate and reinforces the gender role that imposes motherhood as a compulsory destiny.”

Vatican Synod to Pay ‘Carbon Credit’ to Offset Climate Debt, by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.

By Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D., Breitbart – The Vatican announced Tuesday it will generate a carbon credit to offset the climate debt incurred by its upcoming synod of bishops in Rome… “The General Secretariat of the Synod intends to make its contribution to the conservation of creation by choices that will offset the residual CO2 emissions produced by the upcoming XVI General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops,” the Vatican declared… Part of the CO2 emissions from the October synod will be offset thanks to “a carbon ‘credit,’ thus balancing the accumulated ‘debt,’” the Vatican statement said.

Trump Is Delusional To Think He Can Broker ‘Peace’ In The Abortion Debate, by John Daniel Davidson

By John Daniel Davidson, Sr. Editor, The Federalist – Former President Donald Trump apparently thinks he can bring “peace” to the abortion debate by negotiating a compromise between the pro-life and pro-abort sides, finding an acceptable gestational timeframe after which abortions would be banned by federal law… Trump said he would “come up with a number of weeks or months” that would “make people happy.”

WATCH! MRC’s Brent Bozell : Media Is Out To Censor Trump – Hide Biden’s ‘Web Of Money’

By MRC TV STAFF – “Donald Trump going on television is something they believe ought not to be happening because by God, his ideas might get out there.”… Bozell says media efforts to interfere in the elections and help Democrats goes further than censoring Trump, they also want to censor information regarding the bribery scandals surrounding Joe Biden and his family.

Tone-Deaf US Bishop Call to Celebrate National Migration Week, by Martina Moyski

By Martina Moyski, Church Militant – ..the USCCB “lobbied for a total of nearly $30 billion in appropriations of American taxpayer dollars just for the fiscal year of 2024″… As Roman Catholics in the United States, we are only obligated by the Church canons to listen to and follow what these bishops say in matters of faith and morals. No Catholic is obliged to follow the musings and whims of these men in political matters, no Catholic is obliged to follow …

Pope Francis Says ‘No To War,’ Urges Climate Action in Livestreamed Chat With Bill Clinton, by Tyler Arnold

By Tyler Arnold, CNA – During the conversation (with Bill Clinton), the Pope called for action on what he called “the ecological catastrophe” of climate change “before it’s too late.” He said people must take action “while there’s still time” and explained that this is the reason he is writing a new document to follow up on his environmental encyclical Laudato Si’.

The Brew: Trump Calls Florida Heartbeat Bill a ‘Terrible Mistake.’ Mike Pence Talks War with Russia, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – Whoever is advising President Trump on life issues needs to sit him down and explain something to him: You can’t “make everybody happy” and “get peace” on the abortion issue. Period. Not possible, or even desirable, since half the country is on Heaven’s side, and the other half sides with Hell. Trump spoke to this issue on Meet The Press, where he called Ron DeSantis’ signing of a “heartbeat bill” in Florida “a terrible thing and a terrible mistake.”… Abortion is either a basic human right, or the murder of a child.

Pentagon’s ‘Clarification’ on Gender Pronouns? When You’re in a Hole, Quit Digging, by Cully Stimson, Dakota Wood

By Cully Stimson, Dakota Wood, Daily Signal – On Sept. 1, we exposed the little-noticed update to the Defense Department’s “Manual of Military Decorations and Awards: DOD Joint Decorations and Awards.” The change, effective Aug. 7, required the six top joint awards to use the nonsensical and grammatically incorrect word “themself” instead of the pronouns “himself” or “herself” for each award.

California’s Pro-Trans Child Custody Bill Is Pure Emotional Blackmail, by Kylee Griswold

By Kylee Griswold, The Federalist – Rabid ideologues who want to remake America and its children in their own image aren’t afraid to use the most vulnerable as pawns… There’s a bill sitting on Gavin Newsom’s desk right now that would not only render the First Amendment null and void but also strip parents of their most fundamental rights and responsibilities toward their children. It’s not a matter of if the far-left California governor will sign it, but when.

How Biden Will Circle the Wagons, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – The strategies of saving the Biden presidency from an impeachment and a Senate trial despite overwhelming evidence of his corruption are starting to emerge… The Family is confronted with damning evidence from the laptop, from the testimonies of Hunter’s business associates Bobulinksi and Archer, from Ukrainian oligarchs and Viktor Shokin, from IRS whistleblowers, from FBI writs, from a likely pseudonymous Biden trove of 4,000 emails to his son and associates, and from the absolute paranoia of a White House that must constantly change its narrative of denials ….

FEMA, TSA Warn Holiday Travelers to Be Prepared for Disaster, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, MRCTV – Be prepared for disaster during your holiday travels this year, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) warn in a new Public Service Announcement (PSA), advising travelers to pack an emergency kit filled with everything they need to survive on their own for “several days.”

Post-Postmodern America, Meet Mao’s Cultural Revolution, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, Daily Signal – The Biden admin.. wished to neuter immigration law. It sought to alter radically the demography of the U.S… allowing into the US anyone who could walk across the southern border… More than 7 million did just that. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden ignored the role of the Mexican cartels in causing nearly 100,000 annual American fentanyl deaths.

No, the Persecution Is Not Coming—It Is Already Here, by Sarah Cain

By Sarah Cain, Catholic World Report – The persecution of Christians and especially Catholics tends to target individuals (and families) over groups, which makes it easier to miss. We are so disconnected from our neighbors in the pew that we can neither fight alongside them in their battles nor help them to bear their crosses. These are among the tragic consequences of the lack of community that exists today.

Saving Our Kids From the Wackos and Dirty Books, by Michael Reagan

By Michael Reagan, Patriot Post – As part of a hearing looking into the alleged threat to freedom posed by parents who want to have sexually explicit gay and trans books removed from their school libraries, Sen. John Kennedy bravely quoted some choice excerpts from two of the books.. While he read out loud from “All Boys Aren’t Blue” and “Gender Queer,” every adult in the room with a brain and a lick of common sense squirmed uncomfortably in their seats… the sleaze he read was not fit for young children — or any non-adult.

Cowardly Abortion Lingo, by Emmy Griffin

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post – The terms in question are “pro-life” and “pro-choice.” According to some poll results that were presented to the GOP senators, Americans see the term “pro-life” as shorthand for banning all abortion and “pro-choice” as having exceptions. Even Senator Josh Hawley admitted after viewing these polls: “Many voters think [‘pro-life’] means you’re for no exceptions in favor of abortion ever, ever, and ‘pro-choice’ now can mean any number of things. So the conversation was mostly oriented around how voters think of those labels, that they’ve shifted…”

Okay, Groomers: Non-Profit Caught Pushing LGBTQ Agenda In Schools, by Nick Kangadis

By Nick Kangadis, MRC TV – It seems that the number of sick people teaching — I mean grooming — young students in school is increasing. And much like politicians, they also look for loopholes to circumvent the law and institute their agendas into the lexicon, or in this case, the curriculum… A non-profit group called HiTOPS has been infiltrating schools in New Jersey — and virtually in states across the country — to inform children as young as second graders about the LGTBQ lifestyle and influence them to make decisions that they might not otherwise have made.

U.S. Bishops Still Shilling Biden Admin’s Borderless Beliefs, by William Mahoney, Ph.D.

By William Mahoney, Ph.D., Church Militant – While many Americans this week were remembering the 9/11 attacks against their country, the U.S. bishops’ conference was attacking Republican attempts to secure the southern border and praising the Biden administration for asking Congress to spend billions of taxpayer dollars in line with the conference’s shared beliefs on open borders.

Pro-Life Democrat Launches Presidential Campaign to Challenge Joe Biden: “I’m a Voice for the Voiceless”, y Katelynn Richardson

By Katelynn Richardson, LifeNews – Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) founder Terrisa Bukovinac announced a bid to challenge President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary Thursday outside the abortion clinic where five pro-life activists were recently convicted for blocking it… “Pretending like millions of pro-life Democrats like myself don’t exist isn’t a strategy. The right to life must be protected at every age, everywhere,” she said. “And that is why I am running for president of the United States.”

Eduardo Verástegui: Because of Abortion, “Most Dangerous Place on the Planet” is a Mother’s Womb, by Kim Schwartz 

By Kim Schwartz, LifeNews – Producer, actor, and Pro-Life advocate Eduardo Verástegui launched his campaign for president of Mexico Thursday… “After a period of discernment, I made the most important decision of my life: I have just registered… as an aspiring independent candidate for the presidency of the Mexican Republic for the elections on June 2, 2024″ … “My fight is for life. My fight is for freedom. It is time to remove the same old people from power. Our country needs a new way of doing politics, to eradicate corruption and impunity.”

Judge Issues Order Against New Mexico’s Gun-Carry Ban, by Bob Unruh

By Bob Unruh, WND – A federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order against New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham’s executive order banning the carry of any guns in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County… The Second Amendment Foundation said District Judge David H. Urias approved the TRO after it sued to fight Grisham’s edict… Her decision, based on her o

FBI Director Christopher Wray “May Have Lied Under Oath” About Memo Targeting Pro-Life Catholics, by Joshua Mercer

By Joshua Mercer, LifeNews – Eight members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (Intel) publicized a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding an explanation for the “Richmond memo,” which instructed field officers to target so-called “radical traditional Catholics.”… The letter gives Director Wray until September 29 to report the steps he has taken to ensure unconstitutional processes like the memo will never happen again. As reported by CatholicVote ….

California Groomin’, by Emmy Griffin

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post – Parents and schools are being forced to acquiesce to the “transing” of kids through the strong arm of state law… California, the most radical of all the blue states, has set yet another horrible precedent for the rest of the country. What has been going on in that state is a pitched battle between parental rights and the faux rights of schools and teachers to hide gender transitions or sexual identities of students from their parents.

The WEF and the Climate Cult: Colluding for a World-Wide Welfare State, by Thaddeus G. McCotter

By Thaddeus G. McCotter, American Greatness – For the first time in human history, the goal is not to increase material prosperity but to cap and curtail it. By making diminished expectations a virtue, the WEF hopes to coercively redistribute other people’s wealth to manage mass expectations, prevent governmental confiscations and preclude revolutions. In sum, the WEF goal is not creation of prosperity, but the management of scarcity. In this, they have found a willing partner in the apocalyptic climate cult, which is more than happy to scare and coerce people into latching onto their mutual, radical, socialist agenda.

Why Is the West in Such a Mess? by Richard Bastien

By Richard Bastien, Crisis Magazine – Abandonment of God is what gave rise to this burst of madness. Only by returning to God will we recover our sanity. The way to sanity is the way of the prodigal son in the Gospel: we must go back to the house of the Father and seek forgiveness. Western civilization was built by men of faith and prayer. We need to rediscover its roots, failing which we will attend to its prolonged agony. More specifically, we must rediscover the great medieval synthesis of faith and reason …

Biden Knows He Is Using Illegal Immigrants To Hurt His Enemies, by Christopher Bedford

By Christopher Bedford, The Federalist – In the Biden White House, illegal immigration is simply politics: The politics of broader electoral viability, the politics of future voting demographics, the politics of appeasing the base, and most recently, the politics of retribution. This latest phase entered the scene this week, with the administration’s reported plan to force the millions of illegal immigrants streaming over the border to remain in Texas.

New Mexico Governor Unilaterally Discards the Second Amendment, by Al Perrotta

By Al Perrotta, The Stream – Take New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham… Grisham has just unilaterally banned citizens from carrying guns in and around Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. Yup. Just up and declared a “local health emergency,” issued an “emergency public health order” to suspend the state’s open and permitted concealed carry law. “That’s unconstitutional!” you must be saying. Grisham literally does not care. She declared, “No constitutional right, in my view, including my oath, is intended to be absolute.”

DC Judge: ‘Truth’ About Aborted Baby Remains Not ‘Relevant’ to DOJ Case Against Pro-Lifers, by Mary Margaret Olohan

By Mary Margaret Olohan, The Stream – A Washington, D.C., judge has refused to allow pro-life activists to show photos of aborted, preemie-sized babies as evidence in court, as well as a video wherein a D.C. abortionist allegedly describes how he would allow babies to die if they survived his abortions… Her refusal pertains to the case of Lauren Handy and four other pro-life activists, who were convicted by a D.C. jury last month of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act ….

Impeachment Bombshell: Key Witness in Texas Trial Says He Had No Evidence of Paxton Crime, by Bethany Blankley

By Bethany Blankley, Just the News – On the third day of the impeachment trial of suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a former deputy attorney general who was fired for insubordination, and who later sued claiming wrongful termination, said he and other former staffers had no evidence to support their claim that Paxton allegedly committed a crime.

Climate Scientist: Leave Out ‘The Full Truth,’ and 3 Other ‘Tricks’ to Get Published in High-Profile Journals Like ‘Nature’, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, CNSNews – In his commentary, “I Left Out the Full Truth to Get My Climate Change Paper Published,” Brown explains that the editors’ selection of materials to publish is driven by agenda-driven bias – and not by academic rigor …. editors refuse to publish those that don’t paint climate change as the virtually the only cause of any catastrophe – and that don’t tout greenhouse gas reduction initiatives like those in Democrats’ deceptively-named “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Pro-Life “Sound of Freedom” Producer Eduardo Verástegui Runs for President of Mexico, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Leading pro-life advocate and “Sound of Freedom” movie producer Eduardo Verástegui has announced he is running for president in Mexico… “After a period of discernment, I made the most important decision of my life: I have just registered with the INE [National Electoral Institute] my intention as an aspiring independent candidate for the presidency of the Mexican Republic for the elections on June 2, 2024,” Verástegui wrote on Instagram… “My fight is for life. My fight is for freedom. It is time to remove the same old people from power. Our country needs a new way of doing politics, to eradicate corruption and impunity.”

Top Military Brass Press Tuberville, by Thomas Gallatin

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post – As the Senate comes back from August recess, Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s stand against military abortion funding takes center stage… For months now, Tuberville has held the line on his demand that the Biden administration reverse course on its unprecedented and arguably unconstitutional decision to pay for service members’ transportation to other states in order to obtain elective abortions. Of course, the Biden administration maintains the fiction that such elective abortion services are essential ….

The Paths Forward For The GOP Presidential Field, by Josh Hammer

By Josh Hammer, The Wanderer – The first possibility for the GOP presidential field’s path forward is this perpetuation of the Aesopian status quo. Barring any major changes before January’s first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses, it is difficult to confidently project that the tortoise will catch the hare. Trump’s core supporters are unyielding in their fervor for the beleaguered ex-president, and it is clear that the regime’s sprawling lawfare up and down the Eastern Seaboard does not dent the intensity of their loyalty.

Papal Mystification in Mongolia, by William Mahoney, Ph.D.

By William Mahoney, Ph.D., Church Militant – In a prepared talk on Monday, the pontiff stated, “Another myth needing to be dispelled is that the Catholic Church, distinguished throughout the world for its great commitment to works of social promotion, does all this to proselytize, as if caring for others were a way of enticing people to ‘join up.'”… “I wish the best for all the (Chinese) people, to go forward, to always progress,” he continued. “And to Chinese Catholics, I ask to be good Christians and good citizens.”

NYC: 20K Illegal Migrant Children Estimated to Enter Public Schools…with No Proof of ANY Vaccinations

By Nick Kangadis, MRC TV – If you’re a New Yorker, one question you have to begin to think to ask yourself is, ‘Why does the New York City treat illegal immigrants better than people who are legally allowed to be here?’ Of course, the typical New Yorker who stayed in that city won’t ask themselves that, because they fall in lockstep with the hive mind mentality of that area. But, you’d think common sense would eventually take over and make one ask themself the aforementioned question.

Biden-Appointed Judge Rules Religious Parents Can’t Opt Kids Out Of Pro-LGBT School Lessons, by Andrea Picciotti-Bayer

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, The Federalist – As a new school year kicks into gear, a Biden-appointed federal judge is using the legal equivalent of grade inflation to prop up the misguided efforts of a local school board to indoctrinate students with gender ideology. On Aug. 24, the U.S. District Court judge denied a requested injunction from a group of Muslim, Catholic, and Orthodox parents to opt their children out of LGBT storybook lessons, exposing the judge’s grave misunderstanding of the Supreme Court’s religious freedom jurisprudence.

Joe Biden Gives Planned Parenthood Millions (of taxpayer money) to Do Secret Abortions on Teen Girls, by Joshua Mercer

By Joshua Mercer, LifeNews – HHS is giving $23 million dollars to several organizations, including the abortion provider Planned Parenthood, to solve the problem of unintentional teen pregnancy… HHS will be working through the Office of Population Affairs (OPA) “to foster innovation, provide new research, and expand the evidence to support and advance equity in the Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) program.” ….

Jihad in Fargo? by William Kilpatrick

By William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine – A recent attack in Fargo, North Dakota at first seemed to be another senseless act of violence. But evidence is emerging that it might have been a jihad attack… But, as it soon appeared, Barakat did have a plan for that day—a much bigger plan than murdering one police officer… Barakat’s car contained a small arsenal of weapons: three rapid-fire long guns; four handguns; 1,800 rounds of ammunition; three containers of gasoline; two propane tanks (one filled with explosives); and a hand grenade.

Will Texas GOP Vote to Turn the State Forever Blue? If They Remove AG Ken Paxton, That Will Happen, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – Did you know how close that came to happening in 2020, in the frenzy of ballot harvesting and fraud enabled by the COVID panic? The chaos and chicanery documented in 2000 Mules from Wisconsin to Georgia to Arizona didn’t happen in Texas. I bet you don’t know what stopped it. Or rather, who… Ken Paxton Ran Toward the Fire, Not Away From It… Texas AG Ken Paxton stopped it. He fought a dozen lawsuits funded by George Soros and other conspirators, who sought to throw Texas open to the same corrupt practices that stole the White House and the Senate. And he prevailed. He led the effort among states willing to challenge the 2020 election results.

Pope Francis Praises Genghis Khan, by Daniel Greenfield

By Daniel Greenfield, Front Page Magazine – The Mongol invasions nearly conquered Europe and while they postdate Genghis Khan and were carried out by his descendants, it still seems like an odd choice to praise Genghis… Under the towering statue of 13th-century warrior Genghis Khan, Pope Francis was not greeted by hordes of people in Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar on Saturday.

Yes, Washington Is A Gerontocracy. No, We Don’t Need Age Limits. Here Is A Better Plan, by David Harsanyi

By David Harsanyi, The Federalist – For the second time in recent months, Mitch McConnell froze in the middle of a press conference, staring off in silence before being saved by an aide. The episode was widely covered by the establishment media — and, fairly so, considering his position and power… It would be nice, and ethical, if the same level of scrutiny was applied to our cognitively compromised president, who regularly wanders off to shake hands with invisible leprechauns, struggles to navigate stairs, and forgets the name of his cabinet members. …

Blue States are Prohibiting Christians From Adopting Because of Their Christian Views, by Johannes Widmalm-Delphonse

By Johannes Widmalm-Delphonse, LifeNews – In the United States, approximately 391,000 children are in foster care. Of those, over 113,000 children are waiting to be adopted. With such a great need, you would think that all 50 states would be eager to place children with loving and qualified parents. But this isn’t so… The problem? Some state officials are imposing an ideological litmus test to determine who is “qualified” to parent a child. In some states, if you don’t agree to adopt the government’s views on gender and sexuality, your application to adopt a child will be denied.

‘We Will Not Comply’: Trump Sounds Alarm on COVID ‘Tyrants’ Ahead of 2024 Election, by Doug Mainwaring

By Doug Mainwaring, LifeSiteNews – Donald Trump has made bold statements against political opponents he calls “left-wing lunatics” and issued a challege to “every COVID tyrant who wants to take away our freedom.”… “We will not comply,” he declared… “These are bad people,” the former president said of the Biden administration in a video released Wednesday. “These are sick people we’re dealing with.”… “But to every COVID tyrant who wants to take away our freedom, hear these words,” he continued. “We will not comply, so don’t even think about it.”

Emergency Petition Filed to Get Pro-Life Advocate Out of Prison Who Was Convicted of Rescuing Babies From Abortion, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – A leading pro-life legal group has filed an emergency petition to get a pro-life advocate out of prison who was convicted yesterday of rescuing babies from abortion… As LifeNews reported, five pro-life advocates have been found guilty of violating a federal law protecting abortion centers and now face the possibility of 11 years in prison.

WATCH! ‘We Will Not Comply,’ Trump Says of COVID-19 Lockdowns, Mandates

By Daily Signal Staff – The left-wing lunatics are trying very hard to bring back COVID lockdowns and mandates with all of their sudden fearmongering about the new variants that are coming… They want to restart the COVID hysteria so they can justify more lockdowns, more censorship, more illegal drop boxes, more mail-in ballots and trillions of dollars in payoffs to their political allies heading into the 2024 election. Does that sound familiar? These are bad people. These are sick people we’re dealing with. …

Trying to Derail the Federal Immigration Gravy Train, by Joseph Hippolito

By Joseph Hippolito, Front Page Magazine – With no projected end to the chaos of illegal immigration, some Congressional Republicans have decided to confront the religious agencies aggravating the problem at the Mexican border — including Catholic Charities, which plays a pivotal role in that chaos… Even conservative Catholics organized to oppose their church’s support of open borders. The Deposit of Faith Coalition held a press conference July 20 in Washington, D.C. to demand that Congress stop giving funds for the USCCB. The website Church Militant, one of the members, calls the coalition “a group of about a dozen Catholic or Catholic-led outfits.”

5,400 Fake-Name Biden Emails Identified, Prompting Lawsuit to Force National Archives to Make Them Public, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, MRCTV – The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has admitted that it has nearly 5,400 emails, electronic records and documents that potentially show Pres. Joe Biden using a pseudonym during his vice presidency… On June 9, 2022, SLF filed a FOIA request seeking emails pertaining to three fake-name accounts Biden was known to use in the White House during his time as vice president in the Obama Administration: “Robin Ware,” “Robert L. Peters,” and “JRB Ware”… NARA has yet to provide a single item, prompting SLF to file a lawsuit, which Southeast Legal announced in a press release on Monday ….

Democrats Aren’t ‘Interfering’ In 2024 Election With Trump Trial, They’re Blatantly Rigging It, by John Daniel Davidson

By John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist – News broke Monday that U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, the judge overseeing the Jan. 6-related case against Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., set a March 4, 2024, trial date for the former president… It just so happens that March 4 is the day before Super Tuesday, when more than a dozen states, from California to Texas to Virginia, will hold Republican primary elections. What a coincidence!… this isn’t merely election “interference,” it’s a naked attempt to rig the 2024 election.

America’s Dirty Little Secret: Child Rape is Big Business, by John & Nisha Whitehead

By John & Nisha Whitehead, Washington Times – The “Sound of Freedom” may have taken movie audiences by storm this summer, but the subject matter — the sordid world of child sex trafficking — has been, for all intents and purposes, out in the open for a long time… It takes a special kind of evil to prostitute and traffic a child for sex, and yet this evil walks among us every minute of every day… Consider this: every two minutes, a child is bought and sold for sex. …

The Fruits of Environmentalism and of Social Justice (Part 2), by Theodore Misiak 

By Theodore Misiak, Catholic World Report – Two aspects of Catholic teaching are particularly relevant here. The first is that economic activity is viewed from the perspective of the final destiny of the person. As the Compendium puts it, “Work represents a fundamental dimension of human existence as participation not only in the act of creation but also in that of redemption. … Understood in this way, work is an expression of man’s full humanity, in his historical condition and his eschatological orientation” (Compendium, 263).

Catholic NGO’s Continue to Cash In ( $15.5 Million), by Nicholas Wylie

By Nicholas Wylie, Church Militant – Catholic Charities continues to profit from the destabilization of America after receiving millions more dollars from the government… Four branches of Catholic Charities received a combined sum of over $15.5 million last week from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Shelter and Services Program.

Save the Rule of Law By Destroying It? by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – Some truths are so staggering in their ramifications that Americans simply shrug and tune them out as if strangers in a strange land… Is their current bewilderment because modernist America is unrecognizable —a nonexistent border, downtown homeless juxtaposed to hipster professional elites, DEI racial essentialism, cities reverting to precivilizational wastelands, millions exiting blue states to red, an FBI and DOJ gone rogue ….

Catholic Charities of San Diego Just Received Another $13 Million of Your Hard-Earned Tax Dollars to Enable the Illegal Invasion of our Nation

Posted on Complicit Clergy, by FAIR by Staff – Catholic Charities of San Diego has now received nearly $30 million from our federal government in 2023 for migration-related expenditures… This week, the Department of Homeland Security announced another tranche of funding through the Shelter and Services Program (SSP) for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), states and local governments that will assist illegal aliens at the border.

The Next Target After Trump Is … You, by John Zmirak

The John Zmirak, The Stream – What will it mean if Donald Trump gets sentenced to prison? Or if he is even declared ineligible for office, as some lawyers linked to the conservative Federalist Society are trying (for murky reasons) to prove?… Let’s try to step back and think about these things in a coolly disinterested fashion, like Mr. Spock on Star Trek. Or like some foreign historian looking back at our present history from the distance of 500 years.

Maryland Court Rules Parents Have No Say in Child’s Education, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg

By Tierin-Rose Mandelburg, MRC TV – Earlier this month, a group of Maryland parents gathered at the state district court to fight for parental rights and protect their children from indoctrinating content in schools. On August 24, the court ruled that parents would NOT be able to opt their children out of that sort of content… This is all about control.

How to Destroy a State With the Help of the Church, by Greg Cook

By Greg Cook, Crisis Magazine – How do you destroy a state? Politicize everything and install one-party rule. Tax, tax, tax. Treat every problem from an unnaturally huge urban perspective and use one-size-fits-all solutions to everything. Keep increasing the size of government and the state work force. Keep finding ways to interfere with the rights of property owners to use their own property as they see fit. Inculcate learned helplessness in vast numbers of the state’s residents and push policies guaranteed to corrode and tear families apart. …

‘No One’ Supports Abortion Up Until Birth? In a Twisted Sense, True, by Phil Lawler

By Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture – In short the American public strongly supports restrictions on abortion—the restrictions that Psaki and her Democratic colleagues adamantly oppose… If “no one supports abortion up until birth,” why was the practice legal in all fifty states before the Dobbs decision? Why is it still legal in “blue” states today? Why are Democratic lawmakers fighting to keep it legal? And why aren’t the mainstream media asking those questions?

EDITORIAL: Evening in America, by Eric Sammons

By Eric Sammons, Crisis Magazine – The recent indictments of Donald Trump are a perfect example. It’s clear to any objective observer that this is a witch hunt to try to bring down a popular political opponent. Yet what’s revealing—and encouraging—is the reaction to it by the people. Every time Trump is indicted, his poll numbers go up. And the release of his mug shot last night nearly broke the Internet as Trump tweeted it and used it as a campaign fundraiser… Think about that for a minute. In the 1980’s, is there any chance that a mug shot would be a positive thing for a conservative candidate?

Open for Invasion: Report Says Border Patrol ‘Admitted’ to Welding 114 Border Wall Gates Open, by Nick Kangadis

By Nick Kangadis, MRC TV – The Post reported: The US Border Patrol has now admitted it’s responsible for the decision to leave giant flood gates in the border wall wide open — giving thousands of illegal immigrants an easy opportunity to stream into Arizona… After some initial finger-pointing at other federal agencies, the agency took ownership for making the call.[…]… Border Patrol agents, acting on superiors’ orders, welded some 114 gates open to stop anyone from closing them …

Sorting Out the GOP Debate, by Douglas Andrews

By Douglas Andrews, Patriot Post – “Our country is in decline,” said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in his opening salvo of last night’s Republican Party presidential debate. But, he said, “This decline is not inevitable; it’s a choice… In years past, we’d have expected the other candidates to take issue with that kind of pessimistic broadside and rise up on behalf of the country. But not last night. It’s a sign of the times that there was plenty of agreement on this point among the participants, plenty of agreement that Joe Biden’s presidency has already been an unmitigated disaster.

The Biden Clan’s Con Is Coming to an End, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – Joe Biden can no longer work a full day. He mutters. He stumbles. He serially lies… He hijacks solemn occasions commemorating national tragedies by trying to one up the grieving with his own self-absorbed stories… If a cognitively and criminally challenged Biden cannot finish his term, we will finally learn the full story of 15 years of Biden family corruption… The Bidens will lose the only impediment—Joe Biden’s political machinations—left in the way of an honest, full-blown felony investigation into what is likely the most corrupt presidential family in American history.

Patriotism and Faith, by G.K. Chesterton

By G.K. Chesterton, The Catholic Thing – The Catholic Church loves nations as she loves men; because they are her children. But they certainly are her children, in the sense that they are secondary to her in time and process of production. This is, as it happens, a very good example of a fallacy that often confuses discussion about the convert. The same people who call the convert a pervert, and especially a traitor to patriotism, very often use the other catchword to the effect that he is forced to believe this or that.

‘Megalomaniac Ambition for Total Control’: Governments Eye New Gates-Funded Biometric Digital ID System, by Michael Nevradakis

By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D., Children’s Health Defense – McCollough also said he’s wary of Gates’ involvement, describing MOSIP as “merely the latest Gates-funded mechanism to total population control. Digital ID, biometrics, CBDC all integrated into an “open” app (powered by a series of APIs) that offers the illusion of autonomy when it is instead the surrender of all self-determinacy to the digital masters.”… “All the laudatory press and attention is merely more word-salad platitudes designed to lull people into voluntarily succumbing to global tyranny,” he added.

IN-DEPTH: Abortion, Transgender Services, Communion, and the ‘Transition’ of Catholic Church Leadership, by Patricia Tolson

By Patricia Tolson, The Epoch Times – The most astonishing shift in the Catholic Church may have to do with abortion. Although the Church’s official stance on abortion has never changed, critics point to a new willingness by individuals high in the Church to compromise with organizations and individuals who publicly espouse or promote abortion… The most recent example is the partnering of a huge Catholic health care network with a women’s health organization that has publicly advertised its goal of providing abortion services.

‘[Biden] in Many Ways is a Manchurian Candidate’: News & Notes from the Trump/Tucker Interview, by Nick Kangadis

By Nick Kangadis, CNSNews – Trump on Biden: “I think he’s the most corrupt president we’ve ever had, and he also has the distinction of being the most incompetent. I believe both. He’s both incompetent and corrupt. I actually believe he’s compromised, because China knows so much about him. They know where the money comes from, they know where it is, who paid it, and they probably paid it…He in many ways is a Manchurian candidate.”

Joe Biden: If I’m Re-Elected, We’ll Have Abortions Up to Birth Nationwide, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – The Republican presidential candidates are slated to have their first debate tonight, but Joe Biden has a message for the American people. He wants voters to know that, if he’s re-elected, he will institute abortions up to birth nationwide… Biden wants Democrats to take over the House and pass a bill through Congress that would restore Roe v. Wade and legalize abortions up to birth without limits and at taxpayer expense across the country.

Vatican’s Newspaper Rebukes Gov. Abbott Over Immigration Measures, by Nicholas Wylie

By Nicholas Wylie, Church Militant – L’Osservatore Romano, the front-page story blasted Gov. Greg Abbott’s installation of buoys and razor wire along the border, alongside the alleged mistreatment of illegal migrants… The Stream recently reported, “Those [Catholic] agencies received a total of $3.053 billion between 2008 and 2022. During that period, Catholic Charities collected $1.86 billion, while the USCCB got $1.113 billion in direct federal grants, the fifth-largest total among all agencies. From that $1.113 billion, the USCCB gave $586 million to Catholic Charities.”

Trump: Russia Collusion Hoaxers Are ‘Savage Animals’ Who ‘Hate Our Country’, by Jordan Boyd

By Jordan Boyd, The Federalist – The people who ran the Russian collusion hoax for the last seven years are “savage animals” who “hate our country,” former President Donald Trump said in his debate-night interview with Tucker Carlson… Just a few minutes into his conversation with Trump, Carlson asked Trump if he was worried that his political opponents were “going to try and kill you.”… “They’re savage animals. They are people that are sick, really sick,” Trump replied.

Court Upholds Alabama Ban on Child Sex-Change Treatments, by Peter Pinedo

By Peter Pinedo, CNA – A federal court on Monday upheld an Alabama law banning hormonal sex-change treatments for children under 18. The court’s decision places Alabama among the 14 states to have laws banning sex-changing treatments for children in effect… The decision, which was made by a three-judge panel on the 11th Circuit, only temporarily upholds the ban. The lawsuit against Alabama’s transgender treatments law will continue and be reviewed by the full 11th Circuit Court, with a trial set for April 2, 2024.

Should the Muslim Call to Prayer be Broadcast in American Cities? by Cory Stockwell

By Cory Stockwell, First Things – In April, the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to remove the noise ordinance that restricted religious sounds to between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. The measure, as reported by the Star Tribune, allows the adhan—the Muslim call to prayer—to “be broadcast from speakers atop the city’s 20 mosques at any time of the day,” making Minneapolis “the first major American city to allow all five daily calls to prayer to be amplified outdoors at any time, including the early morning hours before sunrise and late evening hours after sunset.”

Trump Is Running—With the GOP, or Against It, by Philip Primeau

By Philip Primeau, Crisis Magazine – If by some chance Donald Trump loses the GOP nomination, he’s likely to run as an independent candidate, thus throwing the whole election into even further chaos… Donald J. Trump is running for president. He is running for president whether or not he wins the GOP primary. This is the fundamental truth of 2024. All else is noise… Trump is running for president. He will run with the GOP or against it. The sooner Republicans admit this fact, the sooner they can make the ultimate decision: to risk defeat with Trump, or to accept defeat without him.

Secular Media Stepping Up to Expose the Corrupt Bishops, by Nicholas Wylie

By Nicholas Wylie, Church Militant – A new “summer of shame” continues to pile on for corrupt Catholic organizations like the USCCB and Catholic Charities USA… Secular media organizations are again exposing the U.S. bishops and their (NGO’S) for advancing both anti-Catholic and anti-America agendas… Recently, The Stream detailed the bishops’ immigration money grab, while The Epoch Times took a more wide-ranging look at several inconsistencies in the actions of the U.S. hierarchy.

Positivism and Globalism, by Joseph Pearce

By Joseph Pearce, The Imaginative Conservative – The Nazi Empire fell. The Soviet Empire fell. And now a new globalist empire is in the ascendant. It will also have its day, its pride preceding its own fall, but who knows how much damage will be done before it comes crashing down?.. In my recent essay for the Imaginative Conservative, “Bad Ideas Have Bad Consequences”, I focused on the destructive ramifications of various philosophical perspectives which emerged during the so-called “Enlightenment”. …

Critics, Enemies, and the Difference, by Francis X. Maier

By Francis X. Maier, First Things – Critics, real and perceived, are not always enemies. Some are wrongfully provoked. Fidelity is not automatic agreement. Obedience is not unthinking submission. And being a “stone in the shoe,” as the Holy Father regrettably describes himself, is not always a virtue. It can also, sometimes, be the opposite.

Non Catholic Writes: In Chicago, Another Sign of the Catholic Church’s Decline, by Andrea Widburg

By Andrea Widburg, American Thinker – I’m not a Catholic, but I have an abiding respect for Catholicism’s role in bringing down the paganism that dominated Europe before the Church took over. At least one Catholic cardinal, though, seems to have forgotten that time. How else can we explain Cardinal Blase Cupich’s decision to participate in a Wiccan-organized conference to “enrich” his faith?

Louisiana Court Rules Abortion Ban Can Keep Saving Babies From Abortions, by Steven Ertelt 

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – A Louisiana court has reversed an injunction a judge put in place that temporarily blocked the state’s abortion ban. The court had already lifted the injunction temporarily so the ban could save babies from abortions but today’s ruling permanently lifts it so the pro-life law can continue protecting women and children from abortion.

Editorial: The Federal Bureau of Intimidation?

By The Editors, EWTN News Editorial – After news leaked out earlier this year about the existence of an internal FBI memo targeting “radical-traditionalist Catholics” as potential domestic terrorists, FBI Director Christopher Wray hastily assured Congress it was merely a highly regrettable blunder initiated by only a single overzealous FBI field office in Richmond, Virginia. Indeed, as recently as last month, he reaffirmed this talking point… But we now know that Director Wray’s assurances weren’t accurate.

Biden’s Misguided Priorities: Ukraine, Illegal Aliens vs. Hawaii, by Armstrong Williams

By Armstrong Williams, The Daily Signal – Hawaii, once a symbol of nature’s grace, now lies devastated, a chilling semblance of a war zone… At least 100 lives have been lost to the flames of a devastating wildfire, with hundreds of homes obliterated and families shattered… But in the face of this profound tragedy, President Joe Biden has responded with a suggestion that borders on the absurd. If you thought his disregard for the American people had reached its lowest point, think again.

Homelessness in Joe Biden’s America, by Nate Jackson

By Nate Jackson, Patriot Post – It’s just that most Americans know Bidenomics stinks and he’s full of [insert scatalogical reference]… Our evidence? Well, for this analysis, it’s that drastic increase in homelessness. Just this year, estimates are that the number of homeless has increased 11% over last year. That “sharp jump,” says the Wall Street Journal’s news division, “would represent by far the biggest recorded increase since the government started tracking comparable numbers in 2007.” It’s not even close, given that the next highest increase was 2.7%.

If Pro-Lifers Don’t Get Back On Offense, They’ll Lose All Their Dobbs Momentum, by Harry Scherer

By Harry Scherer, The Federalist – Though the results of last week’s ballot measure in Ohio are being billed as a loss for the pro-life movement, they also present opportunities the movement should be enthusiastic to embrace… Patrick T. Brown, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, drove this point home with a tweet that got some attention: “The Ohio result tonight … needs to be a five-alarm fire for the pro-life movement.”

The Purpose Of The Trump Indictments Is To Demonstrate The Left’s Power, by John Daniel Davidson

By John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist – The latest indictment of former President Donald Trump is even more outlandish than Jack Smith’s blatant attempt to criminalize free speech. The indictment Monday out of Fulton County, Georgia, criminalizes mundane activities like asking for a phone number, texting, encouraging people to watch a televised hearing, and reserving a room at the Georgia capitol.

U.S. Power Sector Expresses Anxiety Over Biden Carbon Plan, by Evan Poellinger

By Evan Poellinger, MRCTV – Members of the U.S. power sector, notably members of the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) utility trade group, have called the Biden administration’s carbon regulation plan untenable and demanded alterations… Under the current regulatory framework, the Biden administration intends for the power sector in the United States to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2035, and to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030.

Back to (What Kind of) School: Education or Indoctrination? by Cal Thomas

By Cal Thomas, The Daily Signal – At the recent convention of the National Education Association in Orlando, Florida, reports told of delegates waving rainbow signs proclaiming: “freedom to teach” and “freedom to learn.” The demonstrators oppose parental concerns over what they regard as pornography in certain books, an opposition that has tarred them as “book banners.”

Atlanta’s Attack on the Constitution, by Gary Bauer

By Gary Bauer, Patriot Post – I’m almost out of words to explain this latest attempt by allies of the current figurehead president, Joe Biden, to take out his most likely opponent next November. Maybe no explanation is needed. Trump is not the real or even primary target… The purpose of this unprecedented rain of prosecutions is to intimidate into silence or inaction any future populist conservative who would try to stop the transforming of Americans into sheep who only exist to serve a globalist vision of the future.

The Democrats are Certain They Will Never be Held Accountable for the Trump Indictments and Biden Cover-Up, by Steve McCann

By Steve McCann, American Thinker – Never in the 235 years since the ratification of the Constitution has an administration premeditatively and blatantly prosecuted, on specious and conjecturable charges, the titular leader of the opposition party and leading candidate for president.  And doing so while overtly flaunting their egregious actions to protect and cover-up for the incumbent president who has been exposed as potentially complicit in massive bribery and fraud. 

A Pandemic Post-Mortem, by Richard Gunderman

By Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD, Law & Liberty – Takedowns are not the modus operandi of science, academia, or even sound public policy. Takedowns are the technique of autocrats, or at least those who exhibit autocratic tendencies. To prevent leaders from seizing on public health challenges as opportunities to consolidate and augment their power, it is vital that Americans insist on accountability. We should never simply accept without question the presumptions that an emerging pandemic calls for extraordinary countermeasures, that government officials seek truth before all else, or that naysayers can be dismissed as “fringe” elements. The best disinfectants are not masks or vaccines, but truth and the civil liberties essential to its pursuit.

When The Justice System Falls Apart, So Does The Republic, by Elle Purnell

By Elle Purnell, The Federalist – Democrats’ crusade to weaponize the criminal justice system to put their chief political opponent in jail escalated… with the release of an indictment pursued by Georgia’s Fulton County DA Fani Willis against former Pres. Donald Trump. The indictment, targeting not just Trump but 18 of his lawyers and advisers, is a clear message that if you’re a Republican, challenging election results… is now a criminal offense.

Donald Trump: “Democrats are the Radicals Because They’re Willing to Kill Babies” Up to Birth, by Steven Ertelt 

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Former Pres. Donald Trump says Americans need to remember that Democrats are the radical on abortion because they support killing babies in abortions up to birth… Trump made two major points about the state of abortion in America. First, Trump says pro-life Republicans need to be willing to compromise — allowing exceptions in cases of life of the mother, rape and incest — which some state abortion bans already have — in exchange for protecting the other 96% of babies from abortions who are killed in abortions merely done for birth control.

RFK Jr Discusses ‘Proxy’ War Against Russia, Biolabs, and JFK Assassination With Tucker Carlson

By Patrick Delaney, LifeSiteNews – …Democratic presidential primary candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. provided extensive critiques of the neoconservative “proxy” war against Russia along with the U.S. bioweapons development program… Kennedy provided a thorough history of the war in Ukraine, charging that the public has been “lied to from the beginning” being presented with a “comic book depiction which we see in every war. There’s a bad guy who’s like, you know, unspeakably evil, who’s planning world conquest or a terrorist attack on America, and we have to be the good guys and go in and stop it.”

Cong. Steube Files Articles of Impeachment Against Biden, by Douglas Andrews

By Douglas Andrews, The Patriot Post – Greg Steube (Florida Republican congressman and House Freedom Caucus member).. has filed four articles of impeachment (against Joe Biden)… Someone had to, and Steube — a retired Army Airborne infantry and JAG corps officer, and an Iraq War vet — seems as good a man as any for the job… “Bribery. Extortion. Obstruction of justice. Fraud. Financial involvement in drugs and prostitution. It’s LONG PAST TIME to impeach Joe Biden. Joe Biden shouldn’t be allowed to continue to sit in the White House, selling out our country. Today I filed articles of impeachment.”

Trump, His Lawyers, Others Indicted by Grand Jury in Fulton County Over President’s Questioning of 2020 Election Case, by Al Perrotta

By Al Perrotta, The Stream – As long expected, a Grand Jury under the control of Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis has indicted former Pres. Donald Trump and 18 others over Trump’s questioning of the 2020 election results in Georgia. An election officially decided by a scant 11,779 votes… This is the fourth time Donald Trump has been indicted since announcing he was running in 2024, and the second case involving Trump’s efforts to challenge the 2020 Election.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Confirms He Supports Abortions Up to Birth With No Limits, by Steven Ertelt 

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. confused voters over the weekend with conflicting statements about abortion, but ultimately confirmed he supports abortions up to birth with no limits… “I believe a decision to abort a child should be up to the women during the first three months of life,” Kennedy said an in interview at an event in Iowa….

Did the Democrats Destroy J6 Evidence? by Douglas Andrew

By Douglas Andrew, Patriot Post – Republican oversight into the one-sided J6 investigation indicates that committee Democrats have failed to preserve and turn over key materials… We knew all along that the Democrats’ “Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol” was a rigged deal. We just didn’t know how rigged.

WATCH! Sen. Ron Johnson: Covid-19 Was “Preplanned By An Elite Group Of People,” “Planned For Our Loss Of Freedom”, by Tim Hains

By Tim Hains, RealClearPolitics – JOHNSON: This is all preplanned by an elite group of people, that is what I am talking about, Event 201 occurred in late 2019, prior to the rest of us knowing about the pandemic. Again — this is very concerning in terms of what is happening, what continues to be planned for our loss of freedom.

Fight Child Trafficking by Fostering, by Kimberly Henkel

By Kimberly Henkel, EWTN News – As The Sound of Freedom reveals, human trafficking is a serious evil that must be stopped. It can all feel so overwhelming, but everyone can do something. We can fight child trafficking through spreading awareness, praying for these vulnerable children, fostering a child ourselves, or by supporting foster families. These are practical ways we can help as individuals, families and parishes. …

Ohio Supreme Court Puts Abortions Up to Birth Amendment on November Ballot, It Must be Defeated, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – The Ohio Supreme Court today confirmed that the Abortions Up to Birth amendment will be on the November ballot, and pro-life advocates are now coming together to do everything possible to defeat it… In a decision filed Friday, the Ohio Supreme Court rejected a last-minute lawsuit that sought to keep the measure off the ballot.

Renowned Climate Scientist Blasts ‘Anti-Capitalist’ Climate Agenda, ‘Manufactured’ Consensus, by Andreas Wailzer

By Andreas Wailzer, LifeSiteNews – A renowned climatologist has said that the alleged scientific consensus on “climate change” is a “manufactured consensus” perpetuated by the United Nations (U.N.)… In an interview with libertarian journalist and pundit John Stossel, climatologist Judith Curry said that the “manufactured consensus” existed because a scientist would achieve “fame and fortune” for exaggerating the risks associated with “climate change.”

RNC: Bidenflation Is on the Rise … Again!

By Political Editors, Patriot Post – Bidenomics has delivered nothing but higher prices and stifling interest rates… Hardworking Americans are struggling to stay afloat… The latest Consumer Price Index shows year-over-year inflation ticked up last month and remains more than twice the rate when Biden took office… Prices have risen by 16.9 percent since Biden took office – and Americans are still reeling.

Bombshell New FBI Memo Shows Agency Used Multiple Offices to Spy on Traditional Catholics, by Stephen Kokx

By Stephen Kokx, LifeSiteNews – New documents obtained by Rep. Jim Jordan show that an undercover FBI employee reported on a subject who attended an ‘SSPX-affiliated’ church in California. The documents also show that FBI offices in Los Angeles and Portland were involved in the creation of the FBI’s memo that described Traditional Catholics as potential domestic terrorists… The finding stands in contrast to Wray’s previous testimony that an FBI memo describing Traditional Catholics as potential domestic terrorists was only utilized at the one location in Richmond.

What If the Trumps Had Acted Like the Bidens? by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – Want to help your friends understand what’s happening to our country? Especially your friends and family who still have faith in the Mainstream Media or the Democratic Party, in the FBI or the Dept. of Justice? I can help with that. Cut and paste the following “news story” and send it to them.

Ohio Faces a Time for Choosing on Abortion, by Virginia Allen

By Virginia Allen, Daily Signal – On Nov. 7, Ohioans will be asked to vote on an amendment to their state’s constitution that would enshrine a “right” to abortion in the document… If the amendment passes, the following text would be added to the Ohio Constitution: Every individual has a right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions, including but not limited to decisions on: contraception; fertility treatment; continuing one’s own pregnancy; miscarriage care; and abortion.

How to Live in a Technopoly When You Were Created for Heaven, by Matt D’Antuono

By Matt D’Antuono, EWTN News – Welcome to the technopoly. Whether you know it or not, you have been living here all along, and it is a kingdom ruled by machines and where efficiency, progress and numbers dictate the laws and constitution… As so many philosophical and theological thinkers, in addition to the vast multitude of less luminary citizens, parents, and every day and ordinary practical people, have said, there are two ways of trying to be happy: try to conform reality to yourself and your desires, or conform yourself and your desires to the nature of reality …

Funding from Dark Money Heavyweight, Soros-Supported Foundation, Ed Associations Helps Defeat Ohio Ballot Initiative, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, MRCTV – An Ohio ballot initiative to make it harder to change the state’s constitution, prior to November’s referendum on whether to codify abortion as a right, has failed – thanks to major opposition funding by radical left-wing groups… One Person One Vote, the victorious opposition campaign, raised a total of $14.8 million, with about 16% of it coming from Ohio donors. Donors who gave one million dollars or more to One Person One Vote include ….

Green Elites Are Attacking the American Lifestyle, by Mark W. Hendrickson

By Mark W. Hendrickson, American Spectator – The climate-change cabal’s all-out assault on Americans’ comfort, standards of living, and freedom continues unabated. In fact, the pace of the assault is accelerating… It should not surprise us that climate alarmists mutilate science all the time, starting with their fundamental premise — the dogma that CO2 is the thermostat that regulates temperatures in Earth’s atmosphere

BREAKING: Ohio Voters Side With Abortion Lobby, Defeat Proposal Backed by Pro-Lifers

By Stephen Kokx, LifeSiteNews – Ohio voters shot down Issue 1 by a wide margin on Tuesday, August 8, in a special election. The proposal, backed by abortion supporters, had received 57% of the vote with 96% of the precincts counted at 11 p.m. ET… Issue 1 would have changed the process to amend the Ohio constitution by raising the threshold from a simple 50% plus one majority vote to a 60% requirement. Thanks to Issue 1’s defeat, pro-lifers will have an uphill battle against the proposal, which a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll shows is supported by 58% of Ohioans.

Tuesday, August 8: Ohio Must Vote for Issue 1 to Stop Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth, by Dave Andrusko

By Dave Andrusko, LifeNews – NRL Political Director Karen Cross summed up beautifully the importance of Ohio’s “Issue 1” in four sentences: Voting Yes on Issue 1 is vitally important to stopping pro-abortion groups from enshrining unlimited abortion in the Ohio state constitution. … In 2023, pro-abortion groups have their eyes fixed on Ohio. They are trying to circumvent the legislative process and use a ballot initiative to add unlimited abortion as a “right” guaranteed by the Ohio state constitution. A pro-abortion win in Ohio could have ripple effects across the country.

LGBTQ Group Gives $10,000 to 70+ Schools to Indoctrinate Kids, by Teirin-Rose Mandelburg

By Teirin-Rose Mandelburg, MRCTV – LGBTQ activist group “It’s Gets Better Project” just awarded thousands of dollars to schools across the country to promote none other than gender ideology. Schools across the country accepted the money and are using it to indoctrinate and push LGBTQ propaganda to students… the groomer group gave over 70 public and charter schools throughout the United States and Canada thousands of dollars to indoctrinate kids. …

Bishop Strickland Leads Rosary at Prayer Rally Against Radical Ohio Abortion, Transgender Amendment, by Louis Knuffke

By Louis Knuffke, LifeNews – Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, led Ohio pro-lifers in the Rosary at a prayer rally held in Norwood, Ohio, not far from downtown Cincinnati, in opposition to proposed changes to the state constitution that would enshrine abortion as a so-called “right” and allow the mutilation of children… Bishop Strickland is one of America’s most outspoken bishops on the moral and cultural issues that are threatening children, marriage, families, and the integrity of the faith. He prominently led a Eucharistic procession outside of Dodger Stadium in June on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in protest against the Dodgers’ scandalous honoring of the anti-Catholic “drag nuns” called the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  

Despite 12 Deaths During Clinical Trials, CDC Signs Off on RSV Shots for Newborns, by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D., Children’s Health Defense – Medical experts criticized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Thursday decision to recommend a “new immunization” for newborns to protect against respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, calling the move unnecessary and not worth the known risks… the CDC referred to the drug as a “powerful tool” and a “new immunization.”… Some medical experts criticized the recommendation, pointing to infant deaths that occurred during the clinical trial for Beyfortus and questioning the need for their widespread administration to this age group.

Why Trump Wasn’t Charged With Insurrection, by David Catron

By David Catron, American Spectator – Jack Smith’s indictment suggests that his bosses at the White House and the DOJ have a different goal… For 31 months, the Democrats and their allies in the corporate media have characterized the Capitol Hill chaos that erupted on Jan. 6, 2021 as an “insurrection.” The House of Representatives reinforced this version of events by impeaching then-President Trump for “incitement of insurrection.” The Senate acquitted him, of course.

The Remaking of America: 10 Upheavals That the Left Has Successfully Wrought, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – We are in the midst of one of the most radical revolutions in American history. It is as far-reaching and dangerous as the turbulent years of the 1850s and 1860s or the 1930s. Every aspect of American life and culture is under assault, including the very processes by which we govern ourselves, and the manner in which we live… The Revolution began under the Obama administration that sought to divide Americans into oppressed and oppressors, and then substitute race for class victimization.

Louisiana Law Requiring All Classrooms to Display National Motto ‘In God We Trust’ Takes Effect, by Calvin Freiburger

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – Public schools in Louisiana must now display the United States’ national motto “In God We Trust” in every classroom due to a new law that went into effect Tuesday… “The nature of the display shall be determined by each governing authority with a minimum requirement that the national motto shall be displayed on a poster or framed document that is at least 11 inches by 14 inches,” according to the new law. “The motto shall be the central focus of the poster or framed document and shall be printed in a large, easily readable font.”

Poll: Majority Of Americans Have Reservations About Ukraine Funding, by Sarah Prentice

According to a new SSRS/CNN poll released Friday, a majority of Americans do not support sending any more funding to Ukraine in the war against Russia… According to the results, 55% of respondents say the U.S. Congress should not authorize additional funding to support Ukraine versus 45% who say Congress should authorize such funding…

WATCH: Catholic Charities’ Years of Funding Illegal Immigration, by Michael Voris

By Michael Voris, Church Militant – Catholic Charities is the bishop-run group that collects enormous sums of taxpayer money to destabilize the southern border of the United States by spiriting in illegal aliens by the millions, and then shipping them all over the country with your tax dollars… In fact, the anti-American leftist organization is so corrupt in its anti-American activities that it’s become the target of a congressional investigation by Republicans in the U.S. House — that’s bad.

WATCH! De-Banked! The Globalist Deep State’s New Way to Silence Opposition, by John-Henry Westen

The John-Henry Westen Show, LifeSiteNews – Freedom fighters and their families face a new threat from the globalist Deep State: the seizure and freezing of bank accounts. Called ‘de-banking,’ this novel Deep State tactic to silence political opposition — suddenly and without warning — now threatens all who work for freedom and the Culture of Life.

Is China Influencing What Your Child Is Learning in School? by Samantha Aschieris

By Samantha Aschieris, Daily Signal – Parents Defending Education has released a new report that offers some unsettling information about the reach of the People’s Republic of China in U.S. K-12 schools through so-called Confucius Classrooms… “Confucius Classrooms are a program that is intended to teach children Chinese language and culture, which on its face sounds benign, but some of your viewers, listeners might remember Confucius Institutes, which were the corollary in the university system,”

Good News: 1776 Curriculum Is Taking Off, by Brian Mark Weber

By Brian Mark Weber, Patriot Post – We’ve all heard of The New York Times’s 1619 Project, the subsequent book, and the curriculum spreading throughout our schools. And we know the project is rife with errors, exaggerations, and outrageous claims that portray America’s founding as fraudulent and inherently racist… Fortunately, people are finally starting to take note and reconnect with the miracle of 1776 that sparked a wave of freedom and prosperity that we all enjoy today. …

Trump Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ In Latest Witch Hunt Charges Over Jan. 6, by Tristan Justice

By Tristan Justice, The Federalist – President Donald Trump pleaded “not guilty” Thursday to the latest round of federal charges against him from the Department of Justice… The former president was arraigned in a Washington, D.C., federal courtroom over a four-count indictment Special Counsel Jack Smith handed down on Tuesday. Trump appeared in court Thursday while President Joe Biden remains on a Delaware vacation amid growing scandals surrounding the Biden family business ventures.

Two Sets of Laws for Two Americas, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – We have now serially devolved from the 2016 election “Russian collusion” hoax, to the 2020 election “Russian disinformation” laptop hoax, and down to the 2024 election weaponized indictments… Out of pathological hatred or fear of Donald Trump, the Left has crafted one set of laws for themselves, and another for all other Americans… They smugly believe their own moral superiority grants them such a right to apply laws unequally—or to ignore them altogether… To retain power at all cost, and to destroy a political rival, leftwing Democrats are systematically dismantling the constitutional foundations of the United States as we once knew them.

Pro-Life Catholic Dad Mark Houck Running for Congress, by Ashley Sadler

By Ashley Sadler, LifeSiteNews – Mark Houck, the pro-life Catholic husband and father of seven who was subjected to a guns-drawn dawn raid by heavily armed FBI agents and hit with federal charges last year after defending his son from being harassed by an abortion escort, is running for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania’s first Congressional District… “I have seen firsthand what an out-of-control government can do to its citizens. I will fight to protect all people and their rights under God & our Constitution. My platform is based on common sense.”

Targeting Target, by William Kilpatrick

By William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine – It would be instructive to look at the current LGBTQ+ controversies in the light of the famous Scopes Trial… The CEO of Target recently received a letter from seven state attorneys general warning that Target’s June “Pride” campaign may have violated state laws concerning child protection, parental rights, and obscenity.

Rosary Rally Against Radical Ohio Abortion Amendment August 6, by Emily Mangiaracina

By Emily Mangiaracina, LifeSite News – Catholics for Catholics’s rosary rally aims to pray for the passage of and encourage as many people as possible to vote “yes” on Issue 1, which would require a stronger majority of Ohioans to vote in favor of any new proposed constitutional amendments and could prevent the radical amendment from being passed. A special election on Issue 1 will be held Tuesday, August 8.

There Is Another Kennedy on the Horizon… by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

By R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., American Spectator – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is, of course, the third child of Robert F. Kennedy Sr., who was assassinated in 1968 pursuing the same office that his son now covets. Psychiatrists, of course, would tell Sec. Mayorkas that the violent manner in which Robert F. Kennedy Sr. was gunned down is all the more reason why his son should not be denied Secret Service protection on the campaign trail — and do not tell me Secretary Mayorkas is unfamiliar with the psychiatrists’ arts. …

Pope Francis is Subverting Faith to the All-Consuming Ideology of ‘Climate Change’, by Michael Haynes

By Michael Haynes, LifeSitenews – The priority of Pope Francis appears clear: faith and the practice of religion must always remain subservient to the ideology of climate change rhetoric… A leading Vatican cardinal has highlighted the current inversion of priorities at the Vatican, positing religion at the service of measures to tackle “climate change” in a recent address.

Changing of the Guard at Leftist, ‘Earth-Bound’ Catholic NGO Fueling the Illegal Alien Invasion, by Joe Schaeffer

By Joe Schaeffer, World Tribune, (Complicit Clergy) – “Kerry Alys Robinson, a renowned expert in Catholic leadership and philanthropy, will serve as the next president and CEO of Catholic Charities USA.”… Catholic Charities has been so overtly aggressive in its efforts to funnel illegal aliens into America that it is poised to become the subject of an investigation by the Republican-led House… Catholic Charities has been so overtly aggressive in its efforts to funnel illegal aliens into America that it is poised to become the subject of an investigation by the Republican-led House.

Abortion is Now Officially on the Ballot in Ohio, by Nicholas Wylie

By Nicholas Wylie, Church Militant – Ohioans must take a stand for life in November… Kate Makra, the executive director of Cleveland Right to Life, told Church Militant: We are disappointed but not surprised that the pro-death, anti-parent initiative will be on the ballot in November. The ACLU, Planned Parenthood and other radical groups poured their seemingly limitless resources into flying people in from out-of-state and paying them handsomely to gather signatures. …

Dr. Robert Malone: COVID Jabs Were a CIA Operation to Depopulate the World, by Frank Wright

By Frank Wright, LifeSiteNews – The entire backbone of modern biology as we know it – molecular biology, biochemistry, virology, microbiology – [has] been created in large part through massive U.S. government investment in biowarfare programs … which of course all derives from Operation Paperclip and the importation of both Nazi and Japanese biowarfare specialists… Dr. Malone’s softly-spoken speech argues that the U.S. government is not merely the enemy of its own people – but almost all of them, everywhere. Almost, that is, except for a small elite.

Jim Caviezel, Abby Johnson to Join Rosary Rally Against Radical Ohio Abortion Amendment

By Emily Mangiaracina, LifeSiteNews – A rosary rally will be held in the Cincinnati are on August 6 to help defeat an amendment that would enshrine a ‘right’ to abortion in the state… Beloved Catholic actor Jim Caviezel and former Planned Parenthood executive-turned-pro-life activist Abby Johnson will be speaking at a rosary rally on Sunday, August 6 to save Ohio’s children from abortion and genital mutilation.

‘Barbaric Pseudoscience’: Detransitioners, Clinicians Implore Congress to Halt Transing of Minors, by Baylie McClafferty

By Baylie McClafferty, Patriot Post – Dr. Blaire Peters, a “gender-affirming” surgeon, admitted that doctors in this field are just learning as they go. “We’ve maybe done a handful of pubertally suppressed adolescents as a field, and no one has published on it yet.” He went on to describe the challenges of creating a vaginal canal for a child without enough tissue to do so yet, and how they often pull lining from the child’s abdomen to track their genital canal. Chairman Mike Johnson (R-La.), facilitator of this hearing, responded to Dr. Peters statements by calling his practice “barbarism,” the mutilation of children.

ESG: Treasury Dept. Hires Climate Czar to Use ‘Full Force’ of Dept. to Impose ‘Climate Finance Agenda,’ Control Investment, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, CNSNews – On Thursday, Treasury Department Secretary Janet Yellen announced the appointment of a climate czar charged with using the “full force of the Treasury Department” to inflict the climate component of the Biden Administration’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda on the U.S. financial system.

Is the Biden Administration Attempting to Circumvent State Pro-Life Laws with a Healthcare Privacy Rule Change? by Lauretta Brown

By Lauretta Brown, EWTN News – The Biden administration continues to get creative in its attempts to expand abortion… where 14 states have banned most abortions and Congress is divided on the issue… One of the latest tools in the Biden administration’s “whole-of-government” approach to respond to state pro-life protections involves proposed changes by the HHS to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the rules which protect patient’s private healthcare information, and a change which would prevent states from accessing information about abortion.

The Biden Presidency Is Unsustainable, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – Aside from Joe’s cognitive decline and Hunter’s volatility, no one believes anymore Joe Biden’s patent lies that he never discussed with Hunter his lucrative grifting career. Already, the untruth has transmogrified into he never did business with Hunter—and soon perhaps he never profited from the business he did and discussed with Hunter… No matter, by year’s end there will be witnesses and hard data showing that Joe himself discussed pay-for-play schemes with foreign entities, of the sort he long ago boasted with previous impunity before a Council of Foreign Relations event.

New Emails Confirm Biden Admin Pressured Facebook Into Censoring COVID Posts, by Calvin Freiburger

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – The U.S. House Judiciary Committee released new documents this week from Facebook parent company Meta shedding further light on the social network’s cooperation with the Biden administration to quash speech at odds with the positions of the federal government… As detailed in recent news reports .. the subpoenaed documents “PROVE that Facebook and Instagram censored posts and changed their content moderation policies because of unconstitutional pressure from the Biden White House,” according to Jordan.

It’s Here! GOP Turns on the Liberal Bishops, by Michael Voris

By Michael Voris, Church Militant – Movement has begun in the nation’s capital, that’s the bottom line here, and the main culprit from an NGO viewpoint has been identified — and as Church Militant has been reporting for years, it’s the U.S. bishops and their Marxist-minded outfit, Catholic Charities… Tax dollars are going to the U.S. bishops, who use that money to side with anti-American ideologies… Tax dollars going to the @USCCB who use that money to side with anti-American ideologies.. must be opposed

Yes, We Do Need Songs Like Jason Aldean’s, by Evita Duffy-Alfonso

By Evita Duffy-Alfonso, The Federalist – Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town” puts blue city lawlessness and the destructive 2020 Black Lives Matter riots on blast, asserting, “That sh-t may fly in the city. Good luck trying that in a small town.” The song is a powerful expose of Democrat carnage and a symbol of defiance among everyday Americans… Perhaps (Kathryn Jean) Lopez doesn’t know what it’s like to witness Marxist looters and arsonists descend on a small community.

Forward Boldy: U.S. Bishops Complicit in Child Trafficking, by Christine Niles

By Christine Niles, Church Militant – The U.S. Conference of Catholics Bishops, along with Catholic Charities, have received a whopping $3 billion from the federal government over the past 15 years for migration services alone. A price tag is placed on the head of each child placed with a sponsor — some of them unvetted sponsors who end up exploiting migrant children for labor or sex.

Human Trafficking: An American Tradition of Silence, by Armstrong Williams 

By Armstrong Williams, Daily Signal – In the hushed corners of our society, a sinister industry flourishes, largely hidden and unspoken of. It’s an issue so shocking and perplexing that people tend to ignore it when brought to light. This is the pandemic of sex trafficking and child sex trafficking.

New Emails Confirm Biden Admin Pressured Facebook Into Censoring COVID Posts, by Calvin Freiburger

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – As detailed in recent news reports highlighted by the Committee Friday and two Twitter threads by Republican Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the subpoenaed documents “PROVE that Facebook and Instagram censored posts and changed their content moderation policies because of unconstitutional pressure from the Biden White House,” according to Jordan.

Ohio Amendment Seeks to Guarantee “Right” to Twin Evils of Abortion and Mutilation, by Hannah Langdon

By Hannah Langdon, Crisis Magazine – These are both conversations I’ve had this summer knocking on doors for the campaign against the “Right to Reproductive Freedom” amendment proposed to Ohio’s constitution… History remembers Dr. Mengele as the “Angel of Death” and his human experiments as medical torture. But the idea that a woman can do whatever she wants with her body is accepted by most Americans. However, viewing pregnancy as something that a “womb-carrier” can opt out of is, at its root, the same idea that justified Dr. Mengele’s knife.

Report: New Mexico’s State-Funded Abortion Hotline Refers Women to Satanic Temple-Run Clinic, by Ashley Sadler

By Ashley Sadler, LifeSiteNews – New Mexico taxpayers are helping to fund a state abortion hotline that connects pregnant women to The Satanic Temple’s new medical services branch, according to an investigative report by a statewide pro-life organization… On Tuesday, New Mexico Alliance for Life reported that it conducted a public records investigation and found that the state’s new taxpayer-funded abortion referral hotline was directing women to a bevy of abortion businesses.

‘Catholics for Choice’: The Ultimate Oxymoron, by Katherine Bennett

By Katherine Bennett, Catholic Herald – In June 2022 I joined Twitter, and through it discovered the ultimate oxymoron: “Catholics for Choice”.  I thought this must be some kind of joke that no one would ever take seriously, but then I came across this article in The Guardian called “Pro-choice Catholics fight to seize the narrative from the religious right”.  What next? Pro-alcohol Muslims? Pro-Pork Jews?… Catholicism teaches that “human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognised as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life” (CCC2270).

Gun Rights Advocate Zoe Warren: Liberal USCCB Bishops Don’t Understand that Christians Have a Moral Duty to Bear Arms, by Evan Poellinger

By Evan Poellinger , CNSNews – Filmmaker, documentarian, and 2nd Amendment advocate Zoe Warren declared that the gun ownership is not just compatible with Christian morality, but also a way Christians can fulfill the commandment to love their neighbors… “No government, especially the national government, should have the ability to stop me from helping my neighbor because I am commanded by God to love my neighbor as myself,” Warren explained. “Who better than a just person to bear the sword?”

Senator Slams Biden for Withholding Health Care Funds to Oklahoma Just Because It’s Pro-Life, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Washington, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today slammed Joe Biden for withholding federal health care funds to Oklahoma just because the state is pro-life… As LifeNews previously reported, pro-life states’ efforts to expand essential health care to women and families are being thwarted by the very same people who accuse these states of failing to provide it. …

How A Federal Judge Turned The Tables On Hunter Biden’s Sweetheart Plea Deal, by Will Scharf

By Will Scharf, The Federalist – Instead, U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika picked apart his plea deal with surgical precision, exposing its legal contradictions, and upbraiding both defense counsel and the Department of Justice for structuring an unprecedented deal that in her view — and mine — was illegal and unconstitutional.

Biden Family Scandals Are So Much Bigger Than Hunter’s Hookers And Burisma Bribery, by Margot Cleveland

By Margot Cleveland, The Federalist – When the NY Post broke the news that documents recovered from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop implicated Joe Biden in a pay-to-play scandal, the corporate media… pretended the reporting solely concerned Hunter Biden’s personal life… The scandal, however, was never about Hunter’s sordid sex life and history of drug abuse. Rather, it concerned Joe Biden’s abuse of power as vice president for financial gain. But now it reaches much further — including 10 distinct scandals.

Hyde Amendment Has Saved Over 2.5 Million Babies From Abortion, by Chuck Donovan

By Chuck Donovan LifeNews – Of all the spending debates that have occurred in Congress over the years, none is better-known than the annual debates that have taken place over the Hyde Amendment. This spending policy was first introduced in 1976 by Rep. Henry Hyde of Illinois. It was a crown point of an illustrious career in Congress. It was also a point of controversy, and it remains so today. But one aspect of the Amendment and its consequences is not in dispute: the Hyde Amendment saves lives.

Catholic Priest Calls on Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs to ‘Immediately Repent’ of Promoting Abortion

By Louis Knuffke, LifeSiteNews – A Catholic priest penned a letter to pro-abortion Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs “for advancing a method to abort a child that disregards the safety of women beyond what she has done in the past.”… Fr. Craig Friedley, the pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Queen Creek, Arizona, wrote the in response to an announcement of a measure expanding access to over-the-counter contraceptives — many of which are abortifacients — without a doctor’s prescription.

Mounting Evidence Doesn’t Matter, Corporate Media Will Never Cover The Biden Corruption Scandal, by John Daniel Davidson

By John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist – As evidence mounts that President Joe Biden took millions in bribe money from Ukrainian oligarchs when he was vice president as part of an elaborate influence-peddling scheme headed up by his son, Hunter Biden, let’s check in on how the corporate press is handling what looks like the biggest political scandal in American history… Nothing to see here, apparently.

Hot Weather Does Not Mean Climate Change, by Diana Furchtgott-Roth

By Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Daily Signal – No matter that hot summer days in cities do not equate to climate change; that climate change models are poor predictors of warming; and that the incidence of hurricanes and tornadoes has not increased over time… It is well known that measures of warming are biased upward because temperature readings are taken in urban rather than rural areas and the world has seen increased urbanization over the past centuries. Solar activity also plays a role in warming.

House Member Urges Congress to ‘Criminalize’ CBDCs: ‘Tool for Coercion and Control’, by Emily Mangiaracina

By Emily Mangiaracina, LifeSiteNews – A U.S. representative has called for Congress to ban and “criminalize” central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), condemning them as a “tool for coercion and control.”… “The Federal Reserve is building the financial equivalent of the Death Star,” tweeted Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) on Sunday while posting a screenshot of an advertised “Sr. Crypto Architect” position to design CBDC technology with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Sen. Grassley Publishes Unclassified Document Alleging Biden Bribery Scheme in Ukraine, by Ashley Sadler

By Ashley Sadler, LifeSiteNews – Republican U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa last week released a long-awaited whistleblower document claiming that U.S. President Joe Biden and his scandal-ridden son Hunter engaged in a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme with a Ukrainian oil company while Joe Biden was vice president of the United States.
The allegations, made by an anonymous whistleblower, are recorded in an FBI FD-1023 form dated June 30, 2020,

Americans Have Been Duped By the Leftist Legacy Media, by Rich Kozlovich

By Rich Kozlovich, America Out Loud Truth – No group can lift itself up by its bootstraps without the interlinking mutually beneficial support of a community committed to family values. The values that were the foundational moral values of the Judaic/Christian ethic that made America great, the only stable moral foundation that’s ever existed. The values that bound society. The values America is abandoning, and now America is becoming unbound… These values have been hated by the left forever since leftism is foundationally atheistic. Values the left has been working to destroy …

Louisiana Bans Transgender Mutilation of Children, Overriding (Catholic) Democrat Governor’s Veto, by Joseph Summers

By Joseph Summers, LifeSiteNews – The Louisiana legislature overturned the state governor’s veto of a bill that bans puberty blockers, hormones, and “sex change” surgeries for minors… In a one-day veto session on Tuesday, the Louisiana House voted 75-23 and the Senate 28-11 to overturn Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards’ veto of H.B. 648, dubbed the “Stop Harming Our Kids” Act… According to the bill, minors cannot access so-called “gender affirming” interventions, such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and “sex change” surgeries.

Nets Spend 527 Minutes on Trump Indictment, 0 Seconds on Biden Burisma Bribery, by Geoffrey Dickens

By Geoffrey Dickens, MRC TV – Back on June 8, two massive political stories broke, but ONLY one of them got covered by the broadcast networks. … On June 8, former President Donald Trump was indicted by the Special Counsel in the classified documents case. That very same day, it was reported that President Joe Biden had allegedly received $5 million dollars from an executive of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, the same company in which his son Hunter was involved.

Revelations About Biden’s $10 Million Ukraine Bribery Scheme Warrant Impeachment, by John Daniel Davidson

By John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist – On Thursday, we finally got to see the document the FBI had been withholding from Congress about an alleged $10 million Ukraine bribery scheme involving Hunter Biden and then-Vice President Joe Biden, whom Burisma paid to get rid of a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the energy firm… The document is damning. If there wasn’t enough evidence for the GOP-controlled House to open impeachment proceedings against Biden before, there certainly is now.

RFK, Jr.: YouTube Deplatformed Me as I Was Announcing My Candidacy, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, CNS News – YouTube deplatformed him five minutes into his announcement that he was a Democrat presidential candidate, Robert Kennedy, Jr. said Thursday, while defending himself from attacks by fellow Democrats during a House hearing… A hearing, which was supposed to be about the weaponization of government through censorship, quickly detoured into vicious efforts to smear Kennedy and prevent him from testifying against censorship of viewpoints opposed by the Biden Administration.

Tommy Tuberville Defends Battle Against Abortion Tourism: “I’m Standing Up for the Unborn”, by Suzanne Bowdey 

By Suzanne Bowdey, Lifenews – At the end of the day, the coaching legend (Sen. Tommy Tuberville) explained to Perkins, “The only way I’m going to move these holds is if they move that policy back, and then we bring a vote to the floor. And it’s pretty simple and we get back to business.” In the meantime, he warned, “… I’m standing up for the unborn, and I’m standing up for the taxpayers of this country. That’s what I’m here for.”

Explosive FD-1023 Exposes More Biden Bribery Dirt — And Teases Damning Evidence To Come, by Margot Cleveland

By Margot Cleveland, The Federalist – Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, just released a minimally redacted copy of the FBI’s FD-1023 detailing a confidential human source’s reporting of a criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and the Ukrainian business Burisma. According to the FD-1023 summary, Burisma’s owner specifically referenced the firing of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin — the same man Biden bragged about Ukraine firing after his threat to withhold aid from the country while he was vice president.

Texas Adoptions Increase After Supreme Court Reverses Roe v. Wade, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Exciting things are happening in Texas because of its pro-life laws… Babies are being born who otherwise would have been aborted. Mothers and fathers are finding unexpected joy in their children while being empowered with support services and encouragement from pro-lifers in their communities… And some couples are getting the opportunity to become parents through adoption.

Louisiana House Votes to Override (Catholic) Gov. Edwards on Gender Treatment Ban for Minors, by Ben Whedon

By Ben Whedon, Just the News – The Louisiana House on Tuesday voted to override Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards’s veto of a ban on gender treatments for minors… At issue is Republican state Rep. Gabe Firment’s House Bill 648, which would bar doctors from conducting gender surgeries on minors as well as prescribing hormone treatments… In a special veto override session, the House voted 75-23 to overrule Edwards on the ban. …

Biden’s DOJ Will Trigger A Major Crisis If Trump Is Indicted For Jan. 6, by John Daniel Davidson

By John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist – The news that President Joe Biden’s Justice Department might soon indict and arrest former President Donald Trump over the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol should terrify all Americans, regardless of their political beliefs… Put bluntly, if Biden’s DOJ arrests Trump, the president’s main political rival heading into the 2024 election, it will trigger a political and electoral crisis unlike any America has ever faced. It’s not too much to say that such a move would not only imperil the upcoming presidential election but the republic itself.

Dem Rep Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Joe Biden During IRS Whistleblower Hearing, by Matt Vespa

By Matt Vespa, Townhall – The IRS whistleblower hearing in front of the House Oversight Committee today did not go well for Democrats, who looked disorganized and misinformed. The line of questioning for some was quickly smacked down merely because they couldn’t get the timelines right. The identity of “Mr. X” or “Agent X” was revealed to be Joseph Ziegler, a 13-year veteran of the IRS… and IRS Special Agent Greg Shapley… Shapley and Ziegler are credible professionals, offering damning accounts of the reported wrongdoing during the probe into Hunter.

The Desperation to Silence the ‘Sound of Freedom’, by Samantha Koch

By Samantha Koch, Patriot Post – The movie “Sound of Freedom” has taken the U.S. by storm… With only a $14 million dollar budget, and the hopes and prayers of all those involved in its production, there were no guarantees on how the movie would be received, or whether the message would have its desired effect.. Yet having surpassed $85 million at the box office in just a two-week timeframe, it appears as though the public has received the message with open minds and arms. This positive reception has sent the Leftmedia and Hollywood elite into a frenzy of attempts to debunk and minimize the impact.

I Have 5 Words for These Legislators: Stay Away From Our Children, by Dr. Marilyn M. Singleton

By Dr. Marilyn M. Singleton, America Out Loud – The thought process behind AFDC was only the beginning of the state’s new role in loco parentis. This goes beyond temporary co-parenting: parental rights are under assault. Laws are emerging that allow teachers more control over the intimate details of our children’s lives than their parents have. In multiple states, children can have abortions with no parental involvement, irrespective of possible harm due to abuse in several states.

Biden Spokesman: It’s Our “Sacred Obligation” to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – “Whether it’s about female service members, one in five, or female family members being able to count on the kinds of health care and reproductive care specifically that they need to serve,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on Monday during the White House briefing, “that is a foundational sacred obligation of military leaders across the river.”

“Sound of Freedom” Expected to Break $100 Million in Gross Receipts in Second Box Office Weekend

By Heather Hamilton, Washington Examiner – Sound of Freedom is once again shocking the box office… it (is) on pace to finish the weekend with $81 million and to break $100 million in gross receipts, according to box office reports… Pres. Trump announced last week that he will host a screening of the movie.. Trump himself will attend the screening, and will be joined by Ballard; Eduardo Verastegui, the film’s producer; and Jim Caviezel, the film’s lead actor who plays the role of Ballard.

Levin: Pro-Lifers, Parents, Catholics, Free Speech – ‘They’re All Under Brutal Assault by Federal Law Enforcement’, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, CNS Mews – “What are we to make of all of this? It’s not America anymore. That’s what I make of it. The Dem. Party owns the DOJ. You don’t hear of Republicans doing this sort of thing…” … Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin (warned) of the Biden Administration’s unprecedented assault on the First Amendment… “People who protest at abortion clinics, parents who peacefully protest at school boards, traditional Catholics, the internet, free speech – they are all under brutal assault by federal law enforcement…”

Tuberville Military Standoff Is Not About Abortion, White Nationalism or National Security, by Dr. Steve LaTulippe 

By Dr. Steve LaTulippe, America Out Loud – Does Defense Sec. Austin really believe funding gender-transition surgeries for military members is a “force multiplier?” If so, the man needs a thorough psychiatric evaluation… This should tell us something. Just look at the combined actions of every government agency, from HHS to DHS, and you can only conclude that America is under siege by its own government.

If You Were A Sheep During Covid, Admit You Were Wrong And Do Better Next Time, by Evita Duffy-Alfonso

By Evita Duffy-Alfonso, The Federalist – The Covid years mark what was arguably the greatest encroachment on personal freedom and bodily autonomy in the history of our country. The government decimated the American economy by forcibly closing businesses. It enacted unethical and anti-science mask mandates and government employee vaccine mandates, even though the Covid shots do not prevent people from spreading or contracting the virus.

WATCH! Pence Posts Full Clip of His ‘Not My Concern’ Comment to Tucker, After Critics Post ‘FAKE NEWS’ Viral Videos, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, CNS News – Carlson: “I know you’re running for president. You are distressed that the Ukrainians don’t have enough American tanks? Every city in the United States has become much worse over the past three years… “I think it’s a fair question to ask: where’s the concern for the United States in that?”… Pence: “Well that’s not my concern. Tucker, I’ve heard that routine from you before, but that’s not my concern.”

Are We at War? Biden EO to Mobilize Reserves to ‘Defend NATO’s Eastern Flank’ Against Russia, by Nick Kangadis

By Nick Kangadis, MRCTV – So, are we at war or aren’t we? It depends on who you ask, what time you ask them and which place you’re talking about — which ironically are all rotating questions. And though it appears that the U.S. and President Joe Biden’s regime has used American taxpayer money to fight a proxy war with Ukraine, Biden took the first official public step towards entering the U.S. in actual war itself with Russia and possibly its allies.

Pro-Abort Kamala Harris Pushes Population Control at Environmental Event, by  Steven Ertelt 

By  Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Kamala Harris supports abortions up to birth, so it’s no surprise that she pushed population control at a Biden administration environmental event… Harris said Friday in Baltimore, Maryland, that “reducing population” can contribute to improved air and water quality… “When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water,” Harris said.

Biden DOJ Removed Child Sex Trafficking Information From Website’s Areas of Concern

By Jean Mondoro, LifeSiteNews – The Biden administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) deleted information related to child sex trafficking from its website’s areas of concern, a new report revealed… In May, the federal agency heavily edited its webpage describing child sex trafficking and outlining how the government addresses the issue. The DOJ deleted three sections entirely: “International Sex Trafficking of Minors,” “Domestic Sex Trafficking of Minors,” and “Child Victims of Prostitution.”

The Thomas More Society: Biden HHS Would Force Christian Hospitals to Abort Babies

By The Thomas More Society – Thomas More Society attorneys have filed an amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief in a lawsuit seeking to block a Biden Administration directive that forces doctors to perform elective abortions in emergency rooms. The filing, made July 7, 2023, in the US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, is on behalf of the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops and seven national Catholic organizations, supporting the State of Texas in trying to block US HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra from enforcing an illegitimate interpretation of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act.

Major League Baseball Has Turned Its Back on America’s Pastime, by Zack Smith

By Zack Smith, Heritage Foundation – While recent rule changes, such as adding a pitch clock, banning the shift, and implementing a universal designated hitter, have all been the subject of much debate, Major League Baseball has also been staking out controversial positions on more consequential topics, too—racial justice, LGBTQ+ issues, and business dealings with the Chinese Communist Party… In each instance, Major League Baseball has proven that it no longer deserves its moniker as “America’s pastime.”

Biden Authorizes Military to Call Reservists to Active Duty to Support Ukraine War, by Kristina Wong

By Kristina Wong, Breitbart – President Joe Biden on Thursday issued an executive order authorizing the Pentagon to call reservists to active duty “for the effective conduct” of U.S. military support to Ukraine… At the same time, the Pentagon designated the U.S. military support to Ukraine since 2014 under Operation Atlantic Resolve a “contingency operation.”

Biden’s FDA Approves First Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill With No Age Limit

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – The U.S.FDA announced Thursday that it has approved the first over-the-counter birth control pill, which starting next year will be available regardless of age… The AP reports that the FDA has approved Opill, manufactured by Irish company Perrigo, to be sold without a prescription. The pill, which is meant to be taken at the same time every day, uses progestin to block sperm from reaching the cervix, according to the manufacturer. ….

FBI Says CatholicVote is ‘Not Entitled’ to Records Detailing Spying of Catholic Churches, by Jeremiah Poff

By Jeremiah Poff, Washington Examiner – The FBI is seeking to block the release of its records pertaining to a since-retracted memo that said that traditional Catholic communities presented an opportunity for surveillance… The political advocacy organization CatholicVote sued the FBI in April, seeking to force the agency to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request that sought records pertaining to the FBI’s drafting and dissemination of a memo at the agency’s Richmond, Virginia field office that said “radical traditional Catholic” communities ….

Senate GOP Releases Video Accusing Biden Regime of Creating ‘Largest Child Trafficking Ring in U.S. History’, by Nick Kangadis

By Nick Kangadis, MRC TV – (Q)uote from the hit movie “Sound of Freedom”.. “It is the fastest growing international crime network that the world has ever seen. It has already passed the illegal arms trade, and soon it’s going to pass the drug trade. Because you can sell a bag of cocaine one time, [but] a child — five to 10 times a day.”… the GOP may have silently hit a home run on Tuesday by releasing a video where it looks like Republicans are finally taking the offensive in the country’s current border crisis, which in turn has helped cartels increase their trafficking businesses.

Republican Legislator: If They Really Want Control Over Their Bodies, They Should “Practice Abstinence”, by Micaiah Bilger 

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews -An Iowa Republican lawmaker urged couples Tuesday to practice abstinence instead of relying on aborting their unborn babies if they do not want children… State Rep. Brad Sherman, R-Williamsburg, drew criticism for making the comment as Iowa House lawmakers debated a heartbeat bill… The pro-life legislation, which passed later in the day, protects unborn babies by banning elective abortions once their heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks of pregnancy.

Groomers Hate ‘Sound of Freedom’, by Nate Jackson

By Nate Jackson, Patriot Post – The newest front in the Left’s sexual revolution is children. The groomers want to recruit your children into the rainbow community, including by “transitioning” them before they’re even allowed to walk to a neighborhood playground by themselves. Next they’ll be arguing for the rights of “minor-attracted people” — a.k.a. pedophiles. Indeed, that’s already begun.

‘Sound of Freedom’ Has ‘Nothing to Do With Politics,’ Angel Studios CEO Says, Rebutting Film’s Critics, by Virginia Allen

By Virginia Allen, Daily Signal – Asked why he thinks some left-leaning media outlets have critiqued the film in this way, Angel Studios CEO Neal Harmon says the film is not political… “Everyone who’s seen this film knows that it has nothing to do with politics or conspiracy, and that it’s just a great, true story, well-told,” Harmon says, adding that “if you’re on the fence about it, you want to see for yourself, you can pick up a free ticket, and you can find out for yourself what this phenomenon is about.”

Biden Trashes the U.S. Constitution to Muzzle Critics, by Betsy McCaughey

By Betsy McCaughey, The Stream – President Joe Biden has played his cards: all bluff, no aces… Biden is the defendant in a lawsuit accused of what Federal District Court Judge Terry Doughty calls “the most massive attack against free speech in United States history.” Yet the appeal Biden filed on Monday is devoid of even one winning argument in his own defense. Count on it to go nowhere. Biden’s been caught red-handed violating the U.S. Constitution.

The Decline of Our Nation Is Crystal-Clear, by Star Parker

By Star Parker, Townhall – Using statistics from the Department of Labor, The Wall Street Journal reports that real hourly wages during the Biden presidency have declined… When Biden took office in January 2021, the average hourly wage adjusted for inflation was $11.39. Now, 29 months later, it stands at $11.03, a 3.16% decline.

The 15-Minute City, by Emmy Griffin

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post – This concept is coming to a community near you. What is it?… Fifteen-minute cities, or FMCs, are the latest fetish of the leftist elite, though in a way we can understand the appeal. The infrastructure planners see this innovation as a way to recreate the old-timey neighborhood where everyone knew their neighbors and everything they needed was within walking distance.

Illegal Immigration and Western Spiritual Sickness, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – The usual suspects have weighed in on recent belated efforts to enforce U.S. immigration laws… Our now bankrupt media, the corrupt government of Mexico, and the Diversity/Equity/Inclusion apparat have damned a series of laws recently passed by the Florida legislature and signed by Governor Ron DeSantis that enforce existing federal immigration laws.

Corrupt Media Care More About ‘Qanon’ Than Human Trafficking, by Samuel Mangold-Lenett

By Samuel Mangold-Lenett, The Federalist – Angel Studios’ recent film “Sound of Freedom”… is receiving great commercial success and critical acclaim… If anything, one would think that a widely popular cultural phenomenon attempting to encourage people to stand against the ongoing exploitation of children is a net positive… However… left-wing media took the opportunity to lambaste “Sound of Freedom” as “a Superhero Movie for Dads With Brainworms” and a “Trafficking Fantasy Fit for Qanon.”

“Too Ugly For Polite Company”: A Film Review of “The Sound of Freedom”, by Robert Marco

By Robert Marco, Catholic Exchange – And God bless Tim Ballard, the real life DHS agent-turned-vigilante about whom the film is based. The Sound of Freedom is tough viewing, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be viewed. And that’s not because of any graphic depictions or lewdness, but simply because of the subject matter itself. Child sex trafficking is a multi billion (with a B) dollar industry that operates on the market principals of supply and demand. And the Devil’s business is booming.

SCOTUS Affirmative Action Decision Ignores Elephant in the Room, by Kendall Qualls

By Kendall Qualls, American Greatness – It’s an issue that progressives ignore outright. The steep decline of the two-parent black family began after government policies started financially incentivizing women to have children outside the bonds of marriage. The programs were heavily marketed in black communities during the LBJ administration in the 1960s. As a result, we’re experiencing a social tragedy that is the byproduct of generations of government-dependent black children who come from fatherless homes.

6,000 Congregations Leave United Methodist Church Over LGBTQ Schism, by Tierin-Rose Mandleburg

By Tierin-Rose Mandleburg, MRCTV – …roughly 6,000 communities in the United Methodist Church are splitting away from over discrepancies over LGBTQ issues… many churches are affirming unbiblical and delusional senses of reality and identity and real Christians are getting fed up!… As most know, gay marriage is against the teachings of the Bible. The Lord’s word directs that marriage is to be a covenant between a man and a woman. With the exponential rise in everything LGBTQ, many individuals are recognizing that they’d rather to follow a woke mob instead of the most ultimate power, God.

France Is Facing An Immigration Crisis, Not A ‘George Floyd Moment’, by Auguste Meyrat

By Auguste Meyrat, The Federalist – France is on fire again. For over a week, rioters in urban centers across the country have looted and torched stores, public buildings, and vehicles. French law enforcement has cracked down on the destruction, arresting thousands of the rioters… The death of Algerian 17-year-old Nahel Merzouk triggered the riots, after police shot him. The corporate media have done their best to stress that Merzouk was a generally good kid who didn’t have a criminal record… Yet he attended a school for troubled kids.

Good News: ‘Sound of Freedom’, by Emmy Griffin

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post – The U.S. is the No. 1 consumer of porn and sex trafficking in the world. As Caviezel told Fox News’s “Lighthouse Faith” podcast: “300,000 children under the age of 18 were lured into the sex trafficking business in the United States. We are the biggest consumers of child trafficking and pornography in the world. The United States — the home of the free, land of the brave. This is ridiculous. And so the film is a threat.” The southern border crisis is facilitating this. President Joe Biden is directly responsible for the continued pervasive exploitation of migrant children and the border crisis at large.

Pope Francis Picks Notorious Pro-LGBT Clerics to Participate in October Synod, by Michael Haynes

By Michael Haynes, LifeSite News – The list of participants for the October meeting of the Synod on Synodality has been released, with Pope Francis’ personal choices including Cardinals McElroy, Cupich, and Gregory and Father James Martin… Issued July 7, the several-hundred strong list of participants for the upcoming 16th General Assembly of the Ordinary Synod of Bishops – or the Synod on Synodality – was distributed by the Vatican and the Synod press office. …

Pope Francis Meets with Bill Clinton and Alex Soros. by Thomas D. Williams

By Thomas D. Williams, PH.D., Breitbart – Pope Francis received former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Alex Soros in a private audience in the (Vatican)… Alex has donated more than $5 million to Democratic super PACs and campaigns since 2018… Soros-backed organizations have channeled millions of dollars to organizations dedicated to promoting mass migration and amnesty for illegal immigrants, organizations aiding illegal aliens avoid deportation from the United States, and groups working to normalize prostitution.

The Brew: Trump-Appointed Judges Carry the Last Few Torches for Freedom, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – A belated “Thank you!” to President Donald Trump is long overdue… In the past week, two different Stream authors have cited the crucial role that Trump’s impact on our federal courts is playing. Jason Jones noted that the U.S. Supreme Court, as reshaped by Trump, is our last line of defense against lawless federal agencies and our ruthless pagan elites “in the wake of the dodgy 2020 election, and given the failure of House Republicans to use the power of the purse to rein in the Deep State.”

The Bidens’ Existential Threats to the American Rule of Law, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, Townhall – We can no longer have a United States if its president almost weekly demonstrably lies with impunity about his relationships with the Biden family’s nefarious foreign business interests… You can no longer have an American nation, if the son of the president of the U.S. successfully connives to rake in millions for his extended family by selling his father’s influence to foreign governments… Hunter Biden is now a White House fixture, as if the closer he clings to the nexus of American power and influence, the more likely he will continue to be exempted from American law.

Pope Francis Hosts Bill Clinton, Foundation Head Alex Soros, by Kevin J. Jones

By Kevin J. Jones, CNA Staff – Open Society Foundations and its aligned groups have funded efforts to legalize abortion in Ireland, Poland, Mexico and other traditionally Catholic countries. The Soros network has also funded efforts to change the political priorities of American Catholics and to pass strongly pro-abortion legislation, such as a Michigan ballot measure to declare abortion a constitutional right… The foundations’ founder George Soros… has claimed success in undermining South African apartheid and in liberalizing his home country of Hungary and the Soviet Union itself.

Wanted: A New Birth of Freedom, by John M. Grondelski

By John M. Grondelski, The Catholic Thing – Is freedom an end or a means?… For many people, the former is problematic.  The Judeo-Christian message is that God created us for the good, ultimately for the Summum Bonum, the Highest Good, i.e., God.  Thomist philosophy identified the “ends” of the intellect as truth and of the will as “good.”  When a person chooses to do something, he chooses to do what he regards as good.  He may be mistaken, but human action always operates under the attraction of the “good.”

The U.N. Is Planning To Seize Global ‘Emergency’ Powers With Biden’s Support, by Justin Haskins

By Justin Haskins, The Federalist – The proposal might be the biggest attempted power grab in the history of the United Nations. If approved, the United States as we know it could cease to exist… In September 2024, less than two months before the next U.S. presidential election, the United Nations will host a landmark “Summit of the Future,” where member nations will adopt a Pact for the Future. The agreement will solidify numerous policy reforms offered by the U.N. over the past two years as part of its sweeping Our Common Agenda platform. ….

BREAKING: Independence Day Victory for Free Speech – Trump-Appointed Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction Prohibiting DHS, FBI, DOJ, and Other Agencies from Colluding with Big Tech to Censor Americans in MO v. Biden Case, by Jim Hoft

By Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit – Monumental Independence Day Verdict! A Trump-appointed federal judge issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting DHS, FBI, DOJ, and other agencies from its government-wide, fascist conspiracy with Big Tech to censor speech and manipulate the public… The suit alleges a massive coordinated effort by the Deep State (permanent administrative state) to work with Big Tech to censor and manipulate Americans – from average citizens to news outlets – on issues including the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell, 2020 Election Integrity, COVID-19 origin and extent skepticism, COVID-19 vaccine skepticism, among other issues. …

JPMorgan’s Progressive, Anti-Faith Agenda, by Matthew Mohlman

By Matthew Mohlman, Crisis Magazine – JPMorgan Chase is the nation’s largest bank, and it continues to get bigger—thanks to rent-seekers in government and its own inertia. It also continues to promote a progressive, anti-faith agenda. For that reason, conservatives and Catholics have begun to realize that we do not owe JPMorgan its market share—in fact, we should be actively avoiding the banking giant… This is a challenge to Catholic financial advisers and other industry professionals like myself that we must do more than protest, criticize, and boycott—we must build.

The Bidens’ Existential Threats to the American Rule of Law, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – You can no longer have an American nation, if the son of the President of the United States successfully connives to rake in millions for his extended family by selling his father’s influence to foreign governments—a gambit that may currently affect the foreign policy of the United States. Adding insult to injury, Hunter Biden is now a White House fixture, as if the closer he clings to the nexus of American power and influence, the more likely he will continue to be exempted from American law.

Supreme Court Decision Is a Win for Free Speech and Religious Liberty, by Thomas More Society

By Thomas More Society, The Stream – The June 30, 2023, SCOTUS decision affirming the right of web designer Lorie Smith to refuse to create websites for same-sex weddings has reinforced and solidified the October 2022 victory in the Tastries Bakery lawsuit, won by Thomas More Society attorneys… Smith, owner and designer of 303 Creative LLC, challenged Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act …

SCOTUS Decision Protecting Religious Liberty Provides The Perfect Ending To Pride Month, by Evita Duffy-Alfonso

By Evita Duffy-Alfonso, The Federalist – In a perfect close to “pride month,” the Supreme Court ruled Friday that the alphabet people, or anyone else for that matter, cannot force you to affirm beliefs in violation of your own… According to the high court, laws like Colorado’s “Anti-Discrimination Act,” which LGBT activists have used to bully Christians into going against their faith, violate Americans’ First Amendment right to free speech.

Silent Scrub: Google Quietly Alters Drag Show Plans After Christians Push Back, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg

By Tierin-Rose Mandelburg, MRC TV – A group of a few hundred Christians who are employed by Google filed a petition accusing the company of religious discrimination. After the petition, Google refined its initial plans to facilitate a drag queen event for its employees… The finale for the event, set to wrap up “this amazing month” per the company, was a “Pride and Drag Show” featuring the performer “Peaches Christ,” a hypersexualized drag queen and self-described “cult leader.”

Courage Is A Christian’s Only Path Forward From The Legal Hell The ‘Winsome’ Gospel Wrought, by Kylee Griswold

By Kylee Griswold, The Federalist – Christians must be ready with an unwavering answer when a lost world asks something of us we know we cannot do — no matter how big or small — and then be prepared to carry that cross… In a 6-3 landmark decision on Friday, the Supreme Court ruled that graphic designer Lorie Smith can’t be compelled to affirm values that conflict with her deeply held religious beliefs about marriage by designing wedding websites for same-sex couples.

SCOTUS Rules Race-Based College Admissions Violate The 14th Amendment, Ending Affirmative Action, by Shawn Fleetwood

By Shawn Fleetwood, The Federalist – In a 6-3 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Harvard University and the University of North Carolina (UNC) violated the 14th Amendment by considering applicants’ race during the admissions process. The decision effectively ends affirmative action policies for institutions of higher education.

Catholic Vote: UN Says Religion Must Accommodate LGBTQ

By Catholic Vote – The UN’s Independent Expert on sexual orientation and gender identity presented a report at the UN Human Rights Council implying religions are misinterpreting their own teachings regarding LGBTQ issues and must accommodate LGBTQ ideology or be held accountable by governments… Victor Madrigal-Borloz, a UN bureaucrat who has worked to protect “human rights” for certain groups while supporting the persecution of others, critiques religious people’s responses to LGBTQ issues and abortion and calls for their punishment if they do not conform their views to his own.

Progressive Christians Want to Watch the Church Burn, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – Several years ago, Pope Francis publicly embraced and praised unrepentant abortionist and pro-abortion activist Emma Bonino. Just this month, he welcomed at the Vatican American artist Andre Serrano, also unrepentant, who displayed a crucifix immersed in urine, with a title too blasphemous for us to reprint here. But when persecuted Hong Kong dissident Cardinal Joseph Zen got the Chinese Communists to grant him a few days out of prison, so he could fly to Rome … Francis refused to see him.

German Exodus: Half a Million Catholics Abandon Church in Historic Departure, by AC Wimmer

By AC Wimmer, CNA – The Catholic Church in Germany is facing an unprecedented crisis, with more than half a million baptized Catholics leaving the Church in 2022, according to figures released by the German Bishops’ Conference on June 28… This marks the highest number of departures ever recorded, with 522,821 people choosing to leave the Church, according to CNA Deutsch, CNA’s German-language partner news agency.

By Refusing To Acknowledge The Jab’s Risks, Trump Helps The Covid Cult Evade Accountability, by Shawn Fleetwood

By Shawn Fleetwood, The Federalist – Former Pres. Donald Trump has repeatedly declined to acknowledge the documented side effects associated with the Covid jabs, even as evidence mounts that the shots were not as safe or effective as their manufacturers advertised them to be… Sebastian Gorka brought up the issue last Thursday, noting that some of Trump’s supporters want him “to distance yourself from the vaccines,” Trump changed the subject, pointing to the injections’ accelerated approval under Operation Warp Speed and his opposition to jab mandates.

WATCH! Hollywood Elites Suppressed ‘Sound of Freedom’ for Years. I Ask Star Jim Caviezel Why, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – Why would Hollywood studios conspire to stop the distribution of a powerful film exposing the horror of child sex trafficking? What possible interest could that serve? Why has the Biden administration made life vastly easier for those same traffickers, by largely dismantling the U.S. southern border, even eliminating DNA tests for adults traveling with young “family members”?… To answer these and other questions, Stream Senior Editor John Zmirak interviewed actor Jim Caviezel, the star of Sound of Freedom.

Trump Changes Tune on Abortion, Says US Gov’t Has ‘Vital Role’ to Play in Protecting ‘Unborn Life’

By Stephen Kokx, LifeSiteNews – Former U.S. President Donald Trump now believes the federal government has a role to play in regulating abortion, a departure from previous remarks expressing a desire that the issue be resolved at the state level… “There of course remains a vital role for the federal government in protecting unborn life,” Trump unexpectedly announced Saturday night at the Evangelical Faith & Freedom Coalition’s annual conference in Washington DC. “We will bring everybody together to protect our precious unborn babies in a very, very big way.”

Pro-Life Senator: Dobbs Was Just the Beginning, Now We Need to Protect Every Baby From Abortion, by Senator James Lankford 

By Senator James Lankford, LifeNews – It has been one year since the Supreme Court released its opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturned Roe v. Wade… It is estimated that tens of thousands of children are alive in America today because of that decision. In just a few short months, those children will be on the playground, singing fun, silly songs. That’s something to be celebrated.

Foul Ball: L.A. Catholics Declare Victory Over The Perpetually Indulged, by Peachy Keenan

By Peachy Keenanm, Daily Signal – The great Battle of Dodger Stadium is finally over, and the final score was Dodgers zero, Catholics one, and ugly men in clown paint and nun costumes negative 1 billion… After all the sturm und drag surrounding the Dodgers’ “pride night” ceremony honoring a pornographic Catholic hate group known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the pride event itself barely registered. The cowardly Dodgers executives buried the ceremony

Elon Musk Recommends Jim Caviezel’s Movie on Child Trafficking Be Streamed on Twitter

By Stephen Kokx, LifeSiteNews – Twitter owner Elon Musk has encouraged Angel Studios to stream Sound of Freedom, its upcoming movie about child trafficking starring Jim Caviezel, on the platform… “I recommend putting it on this platform for free for a brief period or just asking people to subscribe to support (we would not keep any funds)” … During an interview with Steve Bannon last month, Caviezel cryptically remarked that the film essentially depicts real-life events. “Epstein Island isn’t the only island out there where they have … children,” he said.

The Uprising: Families Clash With Schools Over LGBTQ Propaganda, by Sarah Parshall Perry

By Sarah Parshall Perry, Daily Signal – In a June like none other, where the LGBTQ agenda has been crammed at increasing velocity down the throats of unwitting Americans, everyday folks are reaching their limits… With two more weeks to go in “Pride Month,” this is bad news for the rainbow mafia. But it’s a sign of character and courage that the rest of us can take hope in—especially when demonstrated by families in the direct line of propagandistic fire.

Why the Left Can’t Stand Homeschooling, by Brian Mark

By Brian Mark, Patriot Post – …the so-called progressive Left has done everything to scare parents away from alternative methods of educating their children. Indeed, for decades they’ve claimed that homeschooling is steeped in racism and child abuse… Leftists fail to address why parents are pulling their kids out of public schools “because the fruits of the poisonous tree would lead back to these same failed leftist education policies,” as our own Emmy Griffin wrote last year. “More and more parents are unwilling to sacrifice their children on the altar of the leftist agenda.”

This Picture Book Tells Kids They’ll Be Depressed If They’re Not Transgender, And It’s In A Public Library, by Eddie Scarry

By Eddie Scarry, The Federalist – A friend of mine took her two young children — a boy, 6, and a girl, 4 — to the Indianapolis Public Library… (they brought home) “Tabitha and Magoo Dress Up Too”, a colorful picture book by Michelle Tea, the creator of “drag queen story hour.”… The story involves two young kids who like to play dress up, but when they’re told to take the costumes off before leaving the house, a garish drag queen named Morgana arrives and tells them all about the splendor of being a transvestite.

The Dodger Betrayal, by Anne Hendershott

By Anne Hendershott, Crisis Magazine – The decision by the LA Dodgers org. to honor the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”—a gay-advocacy group that has spent the last four decades denigrating Catholics by dressing as lewd nuns—may not have been intentionally designed to humiliate Catholics, but it certainly has had that effect… While they claim to be satirical in their motto “Go and sin some more,” the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s satire fails in their blasphemous statements mocking the “real” Catholic sisters who have selflessly given their lives to Christ.

Biden’s Open Border Policies Are Killing Innocent Americans and Aliens Alike, by Davis Hannah

By Davis Hannah, The Daily Signal – Customs and Border Protection encountered over 275,000 illegal aliens crossing our borders nationwide in April alone, setting a distressing precedent for increased illegal entries under the Biden administration. While the majority of illegal aliens seek a better life, the undeniable link between increasing illegal immigration and crime poses a significant threat to American communities.

On Dodgers and Drag Queens, by Michael Warsaw

By Michael Warsaw, EWTN News – After the Dodgers reinvited an anti-Catholic drag group to their ‘Pride Night,’ Catholics must respond with something stronger than boycotts… The controversy has been centered for some weeks now on the Dodgers’ June 16 celebration of “Pride Night.”… The existence of such Pride Nights and other celebrations of LGBTQ activities and agendas is profoundly flawed, as the Church makes clear via its teachings about the truth and meaning of human sexuality.

A Time for Greatness, Courage, and Moderation, by Daniel J. Mahoney

By Daniel J. Mahoney, The American Mind – Real human freedom and dignity need to be nourished by a deep sense of obligation, starting with our forebears, without whom we would not be or have anything at all. Natural piety, however, is not solely focused on the past: it lifts our gaze further outside ourselves to the mysterious givenness of the natural order. It is open to the grace that lifts our spirits and allows us to experience the presence of the Living God.

‘It Won’t Stop with Me’: Trump Warns ‘Communists’ Will ‘Ramp Up Persecution’ of Christians, Pro-Lifers, Parents, by Katherine Hamilton

By Katherine Hamilton, Breitbart – Former President Donald Trump warned a crowd… “We have a nation in serious decline. If the communists get away with this, it won’t stop with me,” Trump said… “They will not hesitate to ramp up their persecution of Christians, pro-life activists, parents attending school board meetings, and even future Republican candidates… We must end it permanently, and we must end it immediately…The seal is broken by what they’ve done. They should have never have done this” …..

Governor Greg Abbott Signs Bill to Stop 10-Day Rule That Could Euthanize Patients, by Kimberlyn Schwartz 

By Kimberlyn Schwartz, LifeNews – Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill Wednesday improving protections for hospital patients and reforming the deadly Texas 10-Day Rule… Pro-Life Texans celebrate this great step forward yet recognize the work ahead to repeal the provisions of state law that still allow hospital committees to take away life-and-death decisions from patients and families… Current Texas law allows hospitals to remove patients’ life-sustaining treatment against their will with only 10 days’ notice …

Fr. Raymond J. de Souza: Why the LA Dodgers Chose Anti-Catholicism

By Fr. Raymond J. de Souza, First Things – Dodger nation turns its lonely eyes to you… Is it possible that the LA Dodgers waited until Scully, the epitome of gentlemanly piety, died last summer before deciding to honor the grotesquely blasphemous, sacrilegious, and anti-Catholic “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” with their annual Community Hero Award? This group of activists, which emerged from San Francisco’s gay population in 1979, wears religious drag to impersonate and mock Catholic nuns, as well as Catholic teaching, the Eucharist, and devotional symbols.

J.D. Vance Blocks Biden Nominees, Says Merrick Garland Targeting Pro-Life Americans, by Elise McCue

By Elise McCue, LifeNews – Rep. Ohio Sen. JD Vance announced a new step Tuesday that will make it harder for judicial nominees to get confirmed, criticizing Attorney General Merrick Garland for “going after his political opponents.”… “We have to grind this department to a halt until Merrick Garland promises to do his job and stop going after his political opponents,” Vance said via Twitter.

Three Basic Truths Behind the Trump Indictment, by Scott McKay

By Scott McKay, American Spectator – There are three elements here that everyone knows already… What are they? Well… Jack Smith is hilarious… Smith, on announcing the Trump indictment, put out one of the more obnoxiously fraudulent quotes in American political history… “We have one set of laws in this country,” said Smith. “They apply to everyone.”.. But no one believes this.

US Bishops to Vote on Directive Against ‘Trans’ Agenda in Catholic Healthcare

By Catholic Vote, CatholicVote Civic Action – The USCCB this week will vote on a directive against subjecting people to so-called “transgender” surgeries and treatments in Catholic healthcare institutions… The vote has long been slated to take place at the U.S. Bishops’ Spring Assembly taking place this week, but a new report showing that doctors are engaging in so-called “transgender medicine” within a major Catholic health system will likely add urgency to the bishops’ deliberations on the issue.

America’s Catholic Bishops Get Rich Off Our Broken Borders, by Joseph D’Hippolito

By Joseph D’Hippolito, The Stream – As the immense human tragedy at the nation’s southern border unfolds, an organization claiming to fight for the vulnerable remains stone cold silent… That organization, the USCCB, went ballistic when President Donald Trump tried to build a wall to curtail the trafficking in human lives — especially children — and drugs that accompany the kind of open borders Pope Francis advocates. But since Joe Biden entered the White House, and especially since Title 42 expired, the bishops’ public stance resembles the stillness of Death Valley at midnight.

Grassley Bombshell: Burisma Exec Secretly Recorded Conversations With Joe and Hunter Biden Regarding Bribery Scheme, by Debra Heine

By Debra Heine, American Greatness – Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) announced on Monday that the Burisma executive who allegedly bribed Joe and Hunter Biden kept 17 audio recordings of his conversations with them as an “insurance policy” in case he got “in a tight spot.”… last month, a whistleblower made legally protected disclosures to Grassley’s office regarding an FBI-generated FD-1023 form detailing an arrangement involving an exchange of money for policy decisions while Joe Biden was vice president.

Fr. Irby C Nichols: Pope Francis and the Covid Vaccine

By Fr. Irby C Nichols, Crisis Magazine – The Covid vaccine was forced upon us based on false data and propagandistic lies. Sadly, one of the people who pushed it was Pope Francis…. The Covid Pandemic resulted in a moral morass for all who pushed the vaccine on the public. The AMA, CDC, WHO, military, Biden Administration, media, celebrities, and Catholic Church dignitaries, all demanded, canceled, fired, dismissed, and blamed anyone who refused the vaccine. They censored any information that strayed from the party line—and they are still doing so. These dignitaries defined the situation as “a pandemic of the unvaccinated” to achieve compliance.

Television? What’s that? by Adam Mill

By Adam Mill, American Greatness – One could almost hear the network executives and public officials screaming into their bluetooth headsets when the early ratings came in. “What is a Woman?” had more than 170 million views… Since at least 2016, the legacy media coordinated news coverage with their friends in the permanent government. They notoriously abandoned objectivity to get Trump before pivoting to COVID. Why should Americans watch television news anymore? Because it’s free? It’s not free.

Louisiana Legislature Votes Against Required COVID Vaccines in Schools, by Sarah Merly

By Sarah Merly, MRC TV – In the aftermath of the pandemic, the Louisiana Senate passed HB 182 on Thursday. The bill in question addresses COVID-19 vaccine requirements in public and private schools, saying “no person shall be required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of initial enrollment or continuing attendance at a public or nonpublic school[.]”… HB 182 now awaits Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards’ veto or signature.

Latest Trump Indictment Proves Deep State Is Trying To Rig Yet Another Election, by Jordan Boyd

By Jordan Boyd, The Federalist – Democrats are dead set on indicting Trump because they know they can’t beat him fair and square… The same institutions that tormented former President Donald Trump for years with false accusations of collusion with Russia are making yet another brazen attempt to rig the next presidential election against the wishes of the American people… Democrats and their cronies in the Department of Justice and the FBI have a history of election meddling to achieve their political goals.

Sound of Freedom, Based on a True Story and Starring Jim Caviezel, Puts the Multi-Billion Dollar Business of Child Trafficking Front and Center, by Nancy Flory

By Nancy Flory, The Stream – Actor Jim Caviezel said Sound of Freedom was the most important movie he has done since Passion of the Christ. Based on the true story of Tim Ballard, a former government agent who quit his job to rescue children from human trafficking and sex slavery, Sound of Freedom tells the story without needlessly exposing the viewer to gruesome details… To be sure, the Angel Studios film deals with a heavy subject and is not for the faint of heart. Nor small children. ….

Msgr. Charles Pope: Yes to Prudence, No to Fear — Why the Mistakes We Made During COVID Must Never Happen Again

By Msgr. Charles Pope, EWTN News – Now that the COVID-19 public health emergency has officially been declared over, it is time for us to assess the horrific toll these draconian measures took on our human family. A recent commentary by Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch provides us with a starting point for this assessment. In his remarks, he gave a scathing overview of how civil liberties were trampled during the COVID shutdowns, restrictions and mandates, and warned of the lessons that America should learn from it.

SPLC Brands Parents’ Rights Groups Hateful ‘Extremists’ – Because They Promote Policies Majority of Americans Support, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, MRC TV – On Tuesday, the far-left activist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) published its latest list of what it considers “hate and antigovernment extremist groups,” including parental rights groups because they want schools to stop teaching racist, anti-white propaganda and exposing young children to liberal sexual and gender ideology… SPLC’s annual “YEAR IN HATE & EXTREMISM” report labels at least a dozen parental rights groups as “hate” groups or antigovernment extremists …

Former President Donald Trump Indicted By Biden DOJ for ‘Mishandling’ Classified Documents, by Al Perrotta

By Al Perrotta, The Stream – Joe Biden’s DOJ has indicted his chief rival in the 2024 election, former President Donald Trump, over the classified documents he brought to Mar-a-Lago. The historic move comes on the very same day Congress could see for itself a detailed allegation that Biden and son had been bribed by the owner of Burisma Holdings to the tune of $10 million to get the Ukraine prosecutor investigating the company fired.

House Republicans Shine A Light On Foreign Interference In D.C. Elections, by Shawn Fleetwood

By Shawn Fleetwood, The Federalist – Republicans on the House Oversight and Admin. Comms held a joint hearing on Wednesday highlighting foreign interference in Washington, D.C.’s elections… “… This isn’t about who wins or loses elections, but rather ensuring voters have confidence in our elections,” said House Admin Chair and Rep. Bryan Steil, R-Wis… Steil emphasized numerous problems threatening the integrity of D.C. elections, including the district’s allowance of voters to cast a ballot without an ID and ballot harvesting. Among the most notable issues raised, however, is the city’s recent decision permitting non-citizens to vote in local elections.

MS-13: From El Salvador to Your Neighborhood, by Betsy McCaughey

By Betsy McCaughey, The Stream – MS-13 gang members commit savage crimes — beheading their targets with machetes, hacking off their hands, burning them to death, dismembering them… Demonic acts. If you think these crimes won’t happen where you live, keep reading… Shepherding Terror Into Our Neighborhoods… The gang’s rule is “kill, rape, control.” Members are required to kill. MS-13 brings terror to neighborhoods and even schoolyards.

Bishop Olson Hit With New Lawsuit By Carmelite Nuns, by Peter Pinedo

By Peter Pinedo, Catholic News Agency – Carmelite nuns of the Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity in Arlington, Texas, filed new theft and defamation charges Friday against Bishop Michael Olson of Fort Worth… The nuns’ new charges were filed in a district court for Tarrant County, Texas, the day after Olson dismissed the monastery’s prioress, Reverend Mother Teresa Agnes Gerlach, from religious life on the grounds that she had a sexual affair with an unnamed priest.

Republicans Walk Out of California Legislature as Anti-Catholic Gay Group Honored, by Joel B. Pollak

By Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart – Roma, whose real name is Michael Williams, is a man who dresses in drag as a Catholic nun. The group mocks Catholic beliefs as part of a performance repertoire expressing support for alternative sexual identities… As Breitbart News has reported, the Dodgers invited Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to the team’s annual LGBTQ+ Pride night on June 16, then uninvited them when Catholic groups complained, and re-invited them when activists in the gay community complained.

‘Death Sentence for Millions’: WHO, EU Launch New Global Vaccine Passport Initiative, by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D., Children’s Health Defense – Rectenwald called “pandemic passports” a “death sentence for millions.” He told The Defender: “Despite the studies demonstrating that vaccines to curb pandemics have been deadly and useless, the WHO is doubling down on vaccine mandates… “Pandemic passports equal a death sentence for millions and the abrogation of rights for the non-compliant. The WHO should be stopped before it completes the construction of a global totalitarian system.”

BREAKING: WHO, EU Announce Partnership Creating ‘Global System’ of Digital Vaccine Passports

By Andreas Wailzer, LifeSiteNews – The WHO and the European Union announced their collaboration on global digital vaccine passports… “In June 2023, WHO will take up the European Union (EU) system of digital COVID-19 certification to establish a global system that will help facilitate global mobility and protect citizens across the world from on-going and future health threats, including pandemics…” … “This is the first building block of the WHO Global Digital Health Certification Network (GDHCN) that will develop a wide range of digital products to deliver better health for all.”

‘Bud Light Effect?’ Companies Backing Down on Celebrating Pride, by Ken Meekins

By Ken Meekins, MRCTV – Pride Month has begun and many corporations seem to be learning the “Bud Light Lesson” after scaling back some of their celebration of “pride.”… Major League Baseball (MLB) and the U.S. Navy both quietly removed the pride logos from their profiles after the first day of pride month… The MLB updated its official Facebook profile photo on June 1 with a pride flag behind their logo writing, “celebrating community, pride, and love of baseball.” However, just one day later, they switched back to their normal logo.

Memory and Identity, by Francis X. Maier

By Francis X. Maier, The Catholic Thing – The strip of Pennsylvania that meanders along the Delaware River is soaked in American history. Quakers founded our borough of Yardley in 1682. Washington crossed the Delaware just five miles north of our home. Trenton, where the Hessians had such a bad morning after Christmas in 1776, and not just from hangovers, is a 10-minute ride from our driveway. …

When Did Policing Americans’ Thoughts Become Part of Homeland Security? by Simon Hankinson

By Simon Hankinson, Daily Signal – I finally can add the title of Senior “Far-Right” Fellow to my resume… Of course, that last part is a joke. So is “The Pyramid of Far-Right Radicalization,” a diagram displayed by college professor… at the University of Dayton in 2021… In the diagram, bedrock conservative institutions including The Heritage Foundation and the Republican Party form the pyramid’s base. (Heritage is The Daily Signal’s parent organization.) Some obscure, far-right organizations, represented by their logos, occupy the top of the pyramid.

Karine Jean-Pierre Confirms Joe Biden Wants to “Restore” Abortions Up to Birth, by Steven Ertelt 

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – “What I can speak to, what the president has said, which is that he will continue to call on Congress to restore Roe v. Wade. And so if you know the particulars of Roe v. Wade, you’ll see where the president stands.”… Roe v. Wade allowed abortions up to birth for virtually any reason unless states specifically passed laws protecting babies from late-term abortions. …

The Strange Pandemic of ‘White’ Disparagement, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – When Martin Luther King, Jr. called for emphasizing the “content of our character” over “the color of our skin,” the subtext was “stop judging people as a faceless collective on the basis of their superficial appearance…” It is tragic that King’s plea for an integrated, assimilated society, in which race became incidental, not essential to our personas, has mostly been abandoned by the Left in favor of racial stereotyping, collective guilting, and scapegoating by race and gender.

Left-Wing Authoritarianism, by Thaddeus G. McCotter

By Thaddeus G. McCotter, American Greatness – ..the findings of a study titled, “Understanding left-wing authoritarianism: Relations to the dark personality traits, altruism, and social justice commitment”… The study published in Current Psychology suggests that left-wing extremism is associated with toxic, psychopathic tendencies and narcissism [and] found a link between higher levels of left-wing authoritarianism and higher levels of narcissism. …

(Which Politician is) Vying for America’s Ring of Power? by Timothy Furnish

By Timothy Furnish, The Stream – Last week, conservative commentator Steve Deace’s Twitter feed was discussing which The Lord of the Rings character fit Donald Trump. This reminded me I’d done such an analysis of the 2012 Presidential candidates. Thus why not for those of 2024? After all, Tolkien’s writings can and have been applied to geopolitics. And writers, both Left and Right, have been typecasting politicians as Shakespeare characters for years. …

Primary Crimes Against Humanity — Genocide and Mass Murder, by Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin

By Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin, America Out Loud – We are all witnesses to a massive crime against humanity on a global scale. Until we face that our national government has been subsumed by globalist predators, I don’t know that we’re going to get very far in receiving apologies (at the least) and actual justice, for this massive crime against all of humanity… There is no single leader or head internationally of the globalist cabal. It is an international net …

Chick-fil-A’s Woke Turn Signals Larger Problem of DEI in Corporate America, by Jarrett Stepman

By Jarrett Stepman, The Daily Signal – Chick-fil-A Inc. (announces) the hiring of a vice president of diversity, equity, and inclusion… Erick McReynolds has been with the company for 16 years in another capacity and has been involved with DEI initiatives since 2021… “Chick-fil-A, Inc.’s commitment to being Better at Together means embedding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in everything we do,” reads the Chick-fil-A page on DEI.

Bud Light Doubles Down, Donates $200k to LGBT Activist Group Amid Collapsing Sales, by Joseph Summers

By Joseph Summers, LifeSiteNews – Bud Light sales are down nearly 30% compared to this time last year, but woke beer brand isn’t backing down on LGBT activism… Bud Light announced this week that it is giving a $200,000 donation to an LGBT activist group while facing an ongoing boycott over its partnership with gender-confused “transgender” activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Is the Sleeping Conservative Dragon Finally Waking Up? by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – So conservatives often slept through the woke revolution… Yet suddenly they realize their apathy allowed the country to descend into something the nation’s founders never imagined or intended… conservatives are awakening from their slumber. And they are discovering that they too can boycott, agitate—and roar… But the Left does not enjoy majority public support. And now it has managed the impossible—to goad the normally comatose conservative dragon to awaken… And it is just starting to breathe fire.

People Who Get More COVID Vaccines More Likely to Get the Virus, New Study Shows, by Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.

By Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D., Children’s Health Defense – “People are going to feel … so gaslit about all this stuff,” said Robby Soave, host of The Hill’s “Rising,” who commented on the new peer-reviewed study by the Cleveland Clinic… The more doses of COVID-19 vaccines a person receives the higher the risk of getting the virus, according to a peer-reviewed study by the Cleveland Clinic… The researchers stated that the increased risk of COVID-19 associated with higher numbers of vaccine doses was “unexpected.”

MLB Pitchers DENOUNCE L.A. Dodgers Re-Invitation of Anti-Catholic ‘Drag’ Group, by Haika Mrema

By Haika Mrema, MRCTV – As a devout Catholic, I am deeply troubled by the Dodgers’ decision to re-invite and honor the group ‘The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ at their Pride Night this year.[…] To invite and honor a group that makes a blatant and deeply offensive mockery of my religion, and the religion of over 4 million people in Los Angeles county alone, undermines the values of respect and inclusivity that should be upheld by any organization. …

McCarthy’s Debt Limit Deal Virtually Guarantees Another Omnibus Train Wreck, by Chris Jacobs

By Christopher Jacobs, The Federalist – For all the talk about how conservatives won significant concessions from House Republican leaders during the speakership election in January — and they did — an examination of Section 102 emphasizes how McCarthy used the debt limit agreement to rig the process against conservatives in a way that ensures another omnibus train wreck this December.

To Address The Loneliness Epidemic, The Feds Want To Control Your Town And Friends, by Stella Morabito

By Stella Morabito, The Federalist – U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy recently released an advisory titled “Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation.” It warns that social isolation is a major public health problem… On the surface, these six directives may look innocuous, but they present a clear and present danger to the autonomy of our private lives and relationships. The project is potentially so massive in scope that it’s not an overstatement to say it threatens to regulate our freedom of association in ways we never could have imagined.

Another Peace Effort for Ukraine Seeking to Unite Orthodox Leaders, by Phil Lawler

By Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture – Pope Francis has launched one effort to bring an end to the warfare in Ukraine, by sending a personal envoy to speak with political leaders in Moscow and Kyiv. As we wait for that initiative to begin, however, it may be worth noticing another effort, by the World Council of Churches (WCC), to unite religious leaders—specifically, the influential prelates of the Orthodox communities in Russia and Ukraine—to work for the cause of peace.

Green Energy Has a Dirty Secret, by Connor Vasile

By Connor Vasile, The Stream – What these short-sighted armchair activists fail to realize is that their green absolutism actually promotes inequality. Do they know what is being done to satiate their need for all these electric batteries?… Slavery and child labor…. No, I’m not being hyperbolic. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), so-called “artisanal” miners work in extremely dangerous conditions to mine cobalt and nickel-elements crucial in the production of batteries seen in electric cars ….

Louisiana Republican Sides With Dems to Block State Bill Banning Trans Drugs, Surgeries for Children, by Ashley Sadler

By Ashley Sadler, LifeSiteNews – Pharmacist and Louisiana Republican Sen. Fred Mills cast the tie-breaking vote to block a bill that would have outlawed destructive “transgender” surgeries and drugs for children… (Mills) sided with Democrat colleagues in a 5-4 vote on the Senate Health and Welfare Committee May 24 to shoot down the bill, also known as the “Stop Harming Our Kids Act.” If passed, the measure would have prohibited the performance of mutilating surgeries and the prescription of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to minors. …

LGBTQ Activists Warn Corporate America — ‘You Need to Be Our Ally’, by Simon Kent

By Simon Kent, Breitbart – Target is just one corporate entity to have fallen under continued criticism over the past several weeks due to its overt promotion of woke gender ideology and the LGBTQ agenda, despite the fact those who identify as such make up a small percentage of the U.S. population… Customers voted with their feet – and their wallets – and simply ignored the Target outlets across the country… (hence) Target’s shareholders subsequently lost $9 billion in stock market value …

Pope Francis Praises Open Borders Bishop Seitz, by Justin McLellan

By Justin McLellan, Catholic News Service – Pope Francis called the migration crisis between Mexico and the U>S. a “serious problem” and praised a U.S. bishop, Bishop Seitz, working along the border during an interview with Telemundo journalist Julio Vaqueiro… In the interview, broadcast May 25, the pope was shown photos of a baby wrapped in a blanket and placed inside a suitcase to be taken across the Rio Grande into the U.S. …

Pope Francis Calls for An ‘End’ to ‘The Era of Fossil Fuel’ in Prayer for Creation Message, by Michael Haynes

By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – “Let us heed our call to stand with the victims of environmental and climate injustice, and to put an end to the senseless war against creation,” Pope Francis said in his message for the World Day of Prayer for Creation, released in a press conference today. The day of prayer for creation occurs on September 1, and marks the start of the month-long “ecumenical Season of Creation” which is now annually marked by the Vatican.

Connecticut Sneaking Pedophilia Protections Into Law, By Martina Moyski

By Martina Moyski, Church Militant – … “people with sexual attractions like pedophilia and nepiophilia would be protected from discrimination.”… Dr. Jennifer Morse, “Citizens, churches and businesses in Connecticut cannot prevent individuals with these sexual attractions from working or volunteering in schools, hospitals or businesses. So much for ‘safe environment’ training and background checks!”… “Discriminating against a known pedophile would be illegal under Connecticut’s new definitions.” …

On Memorial Day, Remember: Peace Is Patriotic, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – This weekend, too few of us are likely to spend sufficient time remembering why we have a holiday: To commemorate with gratitude and grief the many thousands of Americans who gave their lives for their country… We might think back to wars that even preceded America’s founding, like the French and Indian War where George Washington fought alongside the British. Had the English speakers lost, we’d live on a very different continent.

Did Climate Cultist John Kerry Just Hint At Farm Seizure In the US? by P. Gardner Goldsmith

By P. Gardner Goldsmith, CNSNews – According to Thomas Catenacci, writing for Fox News, Kerry is following the drum-pounders like Rutte in demonizing both farmers and their customers, who might like to buy food without Kerry getting in the way. He appeared Wednesday at the Department of Agriculture’s AIM (Agriculture Innovation Mission) for Climate Summit, and offered a bunch of baseless nonsense that not only assumes his bogeyman of “anthropogenic climate catastrophe” is happening, but that man-made “climate change emissions” are a driver of his apocalyptic unicorn.

Biden Will Use Tax Dollars for Hotline to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions, by Patty Knap

By Patty Knap, LifeNews – The Biden administration is certainly keeping its commitment to do everything possible, bending over backwards to ensure abortion is available anytime, anywhere.
The Department of Health and Human Services has announced a plan to launch a 24-hour hotline for abortion referrals and information… Congress enacted Title X of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act, a program that promotes abortion, contraception, and sterilization, in 1970. …

FDA Approves First Human Trials for Elon Musk’s Brain Chip Company Neuralink, by Andreas Wailzer

By Andreas Wailzer, LifeSiteNews – Elon Musk’s brain chip company Neuralink announced that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its product for human trials… “This is the result of incredible work by the Neuralink team in close collaboration with the FDA and represents an important first step that will one day allow our technology to help many people,” Musk’s company wrote in a tweet.

Republicans Use House Committee Hearing To Demolish Democrats’ Bogus Election Lies, by Shawn Fleetwood

By Shawn Fleetwood, The Federalist – For the past several years, Democrats have routinely slandered anyone with legitimate questions about the conduction of the 2020 election… During a House subcommittee hearing on “American Confidence in Elections,” Republicans demolished Democrats’ phony narratives regarding nonexistent “voter suppression.”… “Our hearing today will highlight how voters across the country are demanding reforms to ensure that every eligible American voter can be confident ….”

WATCH! Targeted Take Down: Documents Show Biden’s DHS Weaponized Against Christians & GOP, by MRCTV Staff

By MRCTV Staff – The Biden administration is weaponizing a government-funded anti-terrorism grant program in an effort to destroy conservatives, Christians and the Republican Party… Instead of focusing on preventing actual violence and terrorism, the program is now being used to target the entire spectrum of the political right and Christians as part of a coordinated effort to make America into a one-party system.

Dodgers Debacle Calls for a More Vocal Catholic Citizenry, by Michael O’Shea

By Michael O’Shea, EWTN News – The Los Angeles Dodgers announced they would disinvite, then re-invite, the activist group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from the team’s planned “LGBTQ+ Pride Night” after certain Catholic figures, including Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., objected to the team’s plans to honor the group with a “Community Hero Award.” Non-Catholic figures inevitably objected to the objection.

Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch Blasts COVID Lockdowns, Closing of Churches, by Peter Pinedo

By Peter Pinedo, Catholic News Agency – Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch blasted the COVID-19 emergency orders and lockdowns, calling them possibly “the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country,” in a rare personal statement issued May 18… Gorsuch… his statement in response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Arizona v. Mayorkas to deny certain states’ appeal to continue Title 42 restrictions on immigration, a decision with which he agreed.

Donald Trump Defends Rape and Incest Exceptions: You Need Them to Win Elections, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Trump said in an interview.. with political commentator John Solomon.. that he supports exceptions for instances of rape, incest and to protect the life of the mother, the latter of which virtually all pro-life Americans support… “I’m a person that feels that the exceptions are very important for a lot of reasons,” he said… “If you don’t have the exceptions, it’s very, very hard — and I think that’s been proven — it’s very, very hard to win an election,” Trump argued.

Target Holds ‘Emergency Meeting’ After Pride Merch Sparks Backlash, by Ken Meekins

By Ken Meekins, MRCTV – Target held an “emergency” meeting this week regarding the June Pride Month displays that have caused much customer outrage in the recent weeks… A Target insider told Fox News, “We were given 36 hours, told to take all of our Pride stuff, the entire section, and move it into a section that’s a third the size. From the front of the store to the back of the store, you can’t have anything on mannequins and no large signage.”

BREAKING: In Surprise Move, New York Says It Will End COVID Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers, by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D., Children’s Health Defense – Minutes after oral arguments began today in a New York State appeals court hearing on a lawsuit challenging the state’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers, an attorney representing New York announced the state’s intention to repeal the mandate… The state also requested the court overturn a previous ruling striking down the mandate …”

Minnesota Aims for Abortion ‘Sanctuary’ Status; Funding for Crisis-Pregnancy Centers Eliminated, by Matthew McDonald 

By Matthew McDonald, EWTN News – Rachel Copeland-Nunn had no health insurance during her last two pregnancies, but she was the recipient of free prenatal medical care and baby supplies at a pro-life pregnancy-resource center in St. Paul that receives public funds from the Minnesota state government… “Today, I have three beautiful, healthy children whom I raise as a single parent, and the two youngest boys are here because of the medical team at Options for Women East” …

Biden Administration: Abortion Restrictions Weaken Military! by Robert G. Marshall

By Robert G. Marshall, Catholic Culture – President Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin claims (10/20/22) that failure to adequately fund expanded “reproductive health care,” (i.e. abortion or child homicide before birth) “will interfere with our ability to recruit, retain and maintain the readiness of a highly qualified force.” Secretary Austin wants abortions funded beyond current law which is limited to circumstances of life of the mother, rape, and incest.

Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Media and Big People: How the Obesity Industrial Complex Works, by Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.

By Brenda Baletti, Ph.D., Children’s Health Defense – “Is modern medicine helping us live longer and healthier?” Or is a “darker, more sinister agenda” creating “a longer but sicker life?”… Journalist James Li explored this question on a recent episode of “Breaking Points”… Li showed a “60 Minutes” clip about the obesity epidemic ravaging the U.S… “So the message from the mainstream media is pretty simple,” Li said. “Obesity is a disease, take a drug.” But that’s not the whole story, he said.

Never Go to the Second Location, by Sheryl Collmer 

By Sheryl Collmer, Crisis Magazine – Abductors may promise they’ll let you go if you cooperate nicely; just get in the van and you won’t get hurt. Never believe that. You must fight for your life at the first location because the second location is always going to be worse, and likely fatal… That’s where we are in America. Our so-called leaders promise everything will be okay if we just cooperate nicely. It’s all daisies and cupcakes…up to a point. If you watch closely, you’ll notice a pattern.

Top 10 Companies That Ignore First Amendment Rights, by Gigi De La Torre

By Gigi De La Torre, Daily Signal – A new database shows that some of Americans’ favorite companies—such as Airbnb, Amazon, and Disney—disregard religious freedom and free speech… Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal organization devoted to protecting religious freedom and other First Amendment rights, joined with Inspire Insight, an investment tool that provides data on the religious values of companies, to produce the second annual Business Index ranking companies by Viewpoint Diversity Score.

W.H.O. Chief Tedros Warns of Possible Disease Deadlier than Coronavirus, by Simon Kent

By Simon Kent, Breitbart – Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)) told the World Health Assembly forum in Geneva, Switzerland, the possibility of another public health crisis must be addressed and not kicked “down the road.”… The threat of another variant emerging that causes new surges of disease and death remains. And the threat of another pathogen emerging with even deadlier potential remains…

New York City is Quietly Pulling Up the Drawbridge for Illegals, by Monica Showalter

By Monica Showalter, American Thinker – Despite its wealth, NY City’s leaders seem to recognize that their own money is not bottomless. As migrants keep pouring into the city and Joe Biden fails to deliver any money to pay for them, they’re quietly pulling back the city’s welcome mat… The pattern is obvious — NY City is full and the city is running out of money and hotel space and even income from tourists to take any more. Each migrant displaces a tourist who might have rented that hotel space and brought in income for the city… Some 700-plus of them are arriving daily,

Mind-Reading Technology: Orwell Warned Us. Now It’s Here. by Joshua Krook

By Joshua Krook, Children’s Health Defense – For the first time, mind-reading technology looks viable by combining two technologies that are readily available — could we be headed toward George Orwell’s world of “thoughtcrime,” where the state makes it a crime to merely think rebellious thoughts about an authoritarian regime?… For the first time, researchers have managed to use GPT1, a precursor to the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT, to translate MRI imagery into text in an effort to understand what someone is thinking.

The Fusion of the Public and Private Sectors, by William Benson 

By William Benson, Crisis Magazine – Is there, as J.D. Vance posited, “no meaningful distinction between the public and the private sector in the United States of America?”… Pope Leo XIII, in his Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus, wrote that “The world has heard enough of the so-called ‘rights of man.’ Let it hear something of the rights of God.”

The Brew: Is DeSantis Don Corleone or Bull Connor? The Left Can’t Decide, by Al Perrotta

By Al Perrotta, The Stream – Don’t need to look to the DeSantis camp for confirmation he’s announcing he’s running this week. Just look at what has been thrown at him in recent days. A grotesque cover/hit piece in Time magazine, a hit piece by Politico on his wife Casey (his wife?!?!) and now the NAACP… The NAACP sent out a “travel advisory” over the weekend warning that Florida is “openly hostile toward African-Americans, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals.”

‘Sad Day for Babies and Mums’: FDA Panel Recommends Pfizer’s RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Women, by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D., Children’s Health Defense – Advisers to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday recommended, by a vote of 10 to 4, that the agency approve Pfizer’s respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine for pregnant women, despite questions about the vaccine’s safety… During Thursday’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meeting, committee members and medical experts raised concerns about premature births identified during Pfizer’s clinical trials. …

“Orwellian!” FBI Whistleblowers’ Bombshell Testimony Reveals Agency Targets Pro-Life Christians, by Joshua Mercer 

By Joshua Mercer, LifeNews – By Joshua Mercer, LifeNews – The House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government on Thursday heard testimony from three former FBI agents … “If you’re a parent attending a school board meeting; if you’re a pro-lifer praying at a clinic, or you’re a Catholic simply going to Mass, you are a target of the government, a target of the FBI,” said House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, R-OH, ahead of the hearing.

The Pope, the Prime Minister, and the Elephant in the Room, by David Ayers, Ph.D. 

By David Ayers, Ph.D., Crisis Magazine – The pope’s story about his tragicomic encounter with a fiftyish woman who wanted him to bless her “baby”—a dog—certainly colorfully drove home his warnings about the misplaced, upside-down personal priorities among many modern Italians that are contributing to their looming “demographic winter.” Francis has made similar remarks about prioritizing “pets over children” in the past… There were lots of people, lights, and cameras at this remarkable joint presentation—journalists, policy wonks, activists, clerics, and politicians aplenty. So, how did they miss that humongous elephant in the room? That elephant being “the decline of natural marriage.”

FBI Office Handling The Hunter Biden Investigation Failed The Russia-Hoax Test, by Margot Cleveland

By Margot Cleveland, The Federalist – While Durham failed to convict Danchenko of lying to the FBI, the October 2022 trial of the man who served as Christopher Steele’s primary sub-source exposed extensive malfeasance by both the Crossfire Hurricane team and later Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s staff. Among other things, the evidence and court filings revealed that agents opened Danchenko as a CHS even though the FBI had previously launched an espionage investigation into the Russian. However, the special counsel’s report added more details, greatly expanding the scandal.

4 More Companies Go ‘Full Bud Light’ in Their Support for Transgenderism, by Suzanne Bowdey

By Suzanne Bowdey, Daily Signal – Who in their right mind would follow Bud Light down this fatal road? A single can with the wrong partner sent Anheuser-Busch into a nationwide tailspin—with no relief in sight. As other brands watch that five-alarm fire destroy the brand’s reputation, others are reaching for the same hot stove… Why?.. Family Research Council’s Joseph Backholm believes it’s because “progressives are true believers.”

Democrats’ New Rule: Migrants First, Everyone Last, Democrats’ New Rule: Migrants First, Everyone Last, by Betsy McCaughey

By Betsy McCaughey, Patriot Post – Over the last two weeks, (Mayor) Adams has rolled out a scheme to bus hundreds of migrants to upscale motels in Newburgh, Orangetown and Yonkers, pleading that New York City is out of space. It didn’t matter that many of the motel rooms were already occupied or booked. Money talks. New York City pays above-market rates to house migrants, averaging $8,000 per room, per month, taxpayers be damned. The motels acted fast to clear their rooms.

Joe Biden, the Habitual Racialist Demagogue, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – Biden’s family is corrupt from top to bottom… Its influence peddling schemes increasingly are targets of congressional investigations… Biden promised “unity.” Instead, he habitually smears half the country as “semi-fascists” and “ultra-MAGA” extremists… Biden is cognitively challenged.. incoherent.. and losing support in the polls from African Americans… In response, Biden does what he always had done for some 40 years: mouth wild racist demagoguery.

Are We Missing Something? by Jack Devine

By Jack Devine, Patriot Post – But what about news and commentary on important matters that is missing altogether? Isn’t that the kind of media bias that can really get us into trouble?.. recent examples: 1.) Last Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee, chaired by Rep. James Comer (R-KY) issued a 38-page report revealing what appears to be a sophisticated, high-dollar foreign influence-peddling scheme involving Joe Biden’s family… Last week’s news reporting by MSM.. (ignored) Comer bombshell.. almost completely. Radio silence. Crickets.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Catholics Discern Moving Over Social Values, by Jonathan Liedl 

By Jonathan Liedl, EWTN News – Jose Galvan wasn’t necessarily eager to move away from the Golden State… But his sense of belonging began to fragment in recent years. Pandemic restrictions limited access to the sacraments at his local parish for more than a year… This coincided with the imposition of a political agenda by the state government that he said ran “counter to our Catholic faith,” including taking steps to make California an “abortion sanctuary” and mandating instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity ….

White House ‘Weaponized’ ESG Movement, State Financial Officers Foundation CEO Says, by Samantha Aschieris

By Samantha Aschieris, Daily Signal – The chief executive officer of the State Financial Officers Foundation says “we never really saw the [environmental, social, and governance] movement weaponized in a way that this White House and administration [have] weaponized it.”… “Certainly, fund managers like BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard have weaponized it, and so it’s really just been in the last two years that we’ve seen them use funds, like pension retirement funds, in a way that leverages those dollars to push these social agendas” ….

Exclusive: Her Father Got COVID and Died — But She Believes the CDC, NIH and Hospital Protocols Are What Really Killed Him, by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D., Children’s Health Defense – During his stay, Marxen, who had not received a COVID-19 vaccine, was administered more than 50 medications, including remdesivir, vancomycin, fentanyl and midazolam, and in the days prior to his death, he was placed on a ventilator… At the time of his death, Marxen had “multiple organ system failure including renal failure, endocarditis, hyperkalemia, MRSA [methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus] pneumonia, MRSA bacteremia and sepsis,” Riggs said.

Democrats’ New Rule: Migrants First, Everyone Else Last, by Betsy McCaughey

By Betsy McCaughey, The Stream – Over the last two weeks, Adams has rolled out a scheme to bus hundreds of migrants to upscale motels in Newburgh, Orangetown and Yonkers, pleading that New York City is out of space. It didn’t matter that many of the motel rooms were already occupied or booked. Money talks. New York City pays above-market rates to house migrants, averaging $8,000 per room, per month, taxpayers be d***ed.

The Durham Report Leaves No Doubt: The FBI Is A Mortal Threat To Democracy, by John Daniel Davidson

By John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist – Imagine someone told you that in the run-up to a U.S. presidential election, the FBI tried to undermine a candidate at the behest of the opposing campaign by cooking up a false narrative of collusion with Moscow… And let’s say this conspiracy implicated not just the FBI but also the White House, Justice Department, and CIA — and that nearly the entire corporate press went along with it, gleefully spreading the false narrative that this candidate was a Russian agent …

Protecting Children Online, by Emmy Griffin

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post – With a TikTok ban potentially in the works, lawmakers are working hard to address the bigger issue at hand… U.S. Senators Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) have introduced the Kids Online Safety Act. The senators teamed up because they saw a great need with our children’s mental health. …

Pornographic Books Found in Texas School Libraries Result in Bipartisan Action to Remove Them, by Tony Kinnett

By Tony Kinnett, Daily Signal – Warning: This report contains sexually graphic images from commonly available books in school libraries, which The Daily Signal has obscured in part… A bill that has passed the Texas House with bipartisan support could become the model for ensuring public school libraries don’t provide sexual content to children… HB 900, sponsored by four Republicans and a Democrat, specifies what “sexual content” is and prescribes actions by Texas public schools to ensure children aren’t given access ….

Trump Bashes DeSantis: Banning Abortions on Babies With Beating Hearts is “Too Harsh”, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt. LifeNews – “President Trump’s assertion that the Supreme Court returned the issue of abortion solely to the states is a completely inaccurate reading of the Dobbs decision and is a morally indefensible position for a self-proclaimed pro-life presidential candidate to hold,” she said… Dannenfelser continued, “Life is a matter of human rights, not states’ rights. Saying that the issue should only be decided at the states is an endorsement of abortion up until the moment of birth, even brutal late-term abortions ….

BOMBSHELL: Obama Admin Had No ‘Actual Evidence’ Of Collusion By Trump When It Launched Crossfire Hurricane Investigation, by Shawn Fleetwood

By Shawn Fleetwood, The Federalist – The Obama administration possessed no real evidence that then-candidate Donald Trump colluded with Russian government officials… On Monday, Special Counsel John Durham released the findings of his years-long investigation into the origins of the FBI’s surveillance of the Trump campaign in the months before, during, and after the 2016 presidential contest. Despite the agency’s claims that the inquiry… was predicated on the belief that Trump’s campaign was colluding with Russian officials leading up to the election, Durham’s report found the FBI had no evidence to warrant such an investigation.

UN, WHO, Bill Gates are Working to Normalize Pedophilia Around the World: Journalist, by Andreas Wailzer

By Andreas Wailzer, LifeSiteNews – “I’ve worked for several months now on gathering evidence that shows undeniably, conclusively that the United Nations and United Nations and the World Health Organization and other organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation […] are working all over the world […] to completely take over the education in kindergartens and elementary schools,” Sorenson said on the Truth for Health podcast, hosted by Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet.  

Minnesota Democrats Push Government ‘Bias Registry’ to Track Conservative Speech, by Raymond Wolfe

By Raymond Wolfe, LifeSiteNews – Minnesota residents may soon end up on a government database if they discuss the origins of COVID-19 or quote Bible verses that criticize homosexuality… Minnesota’s Democrat-controlled legislature last month approved a bill that requires the state Department of Human Rights to collect allegations of perceived “discrimination” or microaggressions in a new “bias” registry.

FOREBODING: SPLC ‘Laying the Groundwork’ for Government to Silence Conservatives, Traditional Catholic Warns, by Tyler O’Neil

By Tyler O’Neil, The Daily Signal – The FBI appears, at least briefly, to have joined the Southern Poverty Law Center’s attempt to demonize Roman Catholics who follow the church’s teachings on marriage and who celebrate the Latin Mass, in a move one traditional Catholic leader calls both embarrassing and foreboding… Michael J. Matt, editor of The Remnant newspaper and producer of Remnant TV in Forest Lake, Minnesota, said he was surprised to see his organization on a leaked FBI memo in February, alongside other groups he described as “defunct.”

Republicans to Hold Hearing on DOJ Targeting Pro-Lifers, by Mary Margaret Olohan

By Mary Margaret Olohan, The Stream – Republican lawmakers will hold a hearing next week focusing on the Department of Justice’s targeting of pro-life activists like Mark Houck through the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, The Daily Signal has learned… On Tuesday morning, the House Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution and limited government will revisit the “Implications of the FACE Act,” examining the shockingly high numbers of attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers around the nation as well as President Joe Biden’s administration’s use of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act.

9-Year-Old Boy Denied Kidney Transplant to Save His Life Because He Doesn’t Have COVID Vaccination, by Steven Ertelt 

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – A prestigious medical clinic is denying a 9-year-old boy the lifesaving kidney transplant he needs just because he doesn’t have the COVID vaccination… Most Americans understand the COVID crisis is over and a sizable percentage of Americans were never vaccinated for what they considered a flu-like virus that presented little in the way of medica issue for 99% of the people who got it.

Insecure Border Will ‘Get More People Murdered’: House Republican Shares Harrowing Story as Title 42 Expires, by Tyler O’Neil

By Tyler O’Neil, Daily Signal – Reps. John Rutherford, R-Fla., and Tom McClintock, R-Calif., celebrated the passage of a Republican bill to secure the U.S.-Mexico border as Title 42 was set to expire on Thursday, explaining how the bill addresses the border crisis and warning that if the crisis isn’t solved, “This is going to get more people murdered.”… The bill passed, 219-213, with every single Democrat voting against it, and all but two Republicans—Reps. John Duarte of California and Thomas Massie of Kentucky—supporting it.

Feds Started A Dangerous Game With Hunter Biden’s Laptop, But GOP Lawmakers Can Finish It, by Margot Cleveland

By Margot Cleveland, The Federalist – The interim report of the House Intelligence Committee and Weaponization Subcommittee released Wednesday established extensive coordination between the Biden campaign and those behind the statement signed by 51 former intelligence officials that painted the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation. More explosive, however, is the fact, first reported on Tuesday by The Federalist, that a Central Intelligence Agency employee solicited a former CIA officer to sign the statement.

Can We Reboot the Environmental Movement — So It Protects Freedom, Too? by W. Aaron Vandiver

By W. Aaron Vandiver, Children’s Health Defense – Polls consistently show that the American people, and people around the world, are deeply divided on the biggest issues of the day: COVID-19, climate change and more… Backlash against the COVID-19 fiasco of the last three years is building among a public that is slowly waking up to the unprecedented power grab and wealth transfer that took place under cover of a pandemic… The environmental left is deeply worried about climate change, but the backlash against climate policy also is building.

Will King Charles III Put His Country First or Serve Globalist Interests Instead? by John-Henry Westen

By John-Henry Westen, LifeSiteNews – If there’s anyone who knows about the globalist agenda and how disastrous it is for humanity, it’s Frank Wright. Nevertheless, I want you to hear Frank’s reflections on why, despite all of Charles’ imperfections, there are many reasons to be hopeful that Charles might still reject his globalist alliances and why we should never lose hope in our fervent prayers for the conversion of our leaders.

Documents Show Biden Admin Considers Pro-Life Moms Potential Domestic Terrorists, by Micaiah Bilger 

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – New documents uncovered by America First Legal suggest the Biden administration considers middle-age pro-life mothers to be potential domestic terrorists because they oppose killing unborn babies in abortions… The documents from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security include information about a proposed “Choose Your Own Adventure” training program that portrays a “middle-aged pro-life” mother as a “radicalization suspect” who should be watched out for.

Making Homelessness a Valid Lifestyle Choice is Wrong, by Betsy McCaughey

By Betsy McCaughey, The Stream – Americans must not surrender to the new normal of squalor and urban chaos — of tent encampments, public defecation, panhandling and shouting schizophrenics… In the aftermath of Jordan Neely’s tragic death on a New York subway, advocates for the homeless and most Democratic politicians are demanding unfettered freedom for the homeless to live on the streets, even with mental illness.

Did Tucker Carlson Just Kill Cable News? by Virginia Allen

By Virginia Allen, Daily Signal – (Tucker Carlson) “You can’t have a free society if people aren’t allowed to say what they think is true… Speech is the fundamental prerequisite for democracy,” he said, adding, that is “why it’s enshrined in the first of our constitutional amendments.”… “Amazingly, as of tonight, there aren’t many platforms left that allow free speech. The last big one remaining in the world, the only one, is Twitter—where we are now.”

‘BANK RECORDS DON’T LIE,’ House Oversight Cmte. Says, Reporting that Biden Family Got Millions from Foreign Entities, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, MRCTV – “BANK RECORDS DON’T LIE,” the House Oversight Committee Chairman tweeted Wednesday, after the committee released a memorandum outlining its findings that millions of dollars were circuitously funneled from foreign entities to members of Pres. Joe Biden’s family… “The Biden family used their web of LLCs & associates to receive millions of dollars from foreign nationals,” the committee tweeted, introducing a video clip of committee Chair Rep. James Comer’s (R-KY) press event announcing release of the 36-page (memorandum) …

What Catholicism Can Teach “DEI”, by David G Bonagura, Jr.

By David G Bonagura, Jr., The Catholic Thing – A promise of universality, charity, and transformation exceeds that of diversity, equity, and inclusion in every way. Why would Catholics want to imitate the minimum standards of the world when they can instead offer those in the world what they truly need: a place in God’s Kingdom, a touch of God’s love, an encounter with God’s salvation. It’s time to update the websites and the slogans: Catholic schools offer UCT to all their students and employees so they can live forever. Done right, it just might lead to secular institutions copying Catholic ones.

McCarthy Is Winning the Debt-Ceiling Standoff, by Douglas Andrews

By Douglas Andrews, Patriot Post – Somewhere around June 1 — no one knows exactly when — the Treasury Department will run out of accounting gimmicks and our nation will exceed its $31.4 trillion debt limit. At that point, we’ll be unable to pay our bills, and we’ll be at risk of defaulting… Unless Congress can come to an agreement with Joe Biden on once again raising that debt ceiling. As we’ve noted previously, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been engaged in debt ceiling non-negotiations with our woefully unpopular president ….

The Latest Hollywood Writers Strike Is Doomed to Fail, by Auguste Meyrat 

By Auguste Meyrat, Crisis Magazine – Of course, even conceding all this to the WGA, they themselves are not entirely blameless. When it comes to writing in Hollywood, one massive elephant in the room is the noticeable drop in quality and rise in wokeness in films of the past few years… Terrible writing has successfully sunk even the most popular franchises, costing billions for entertainment behemoths like Disney and Warner Bros. and proving the conservative adage, “Go woke, go broke.”

Biden Administration Announces $1.2B for Ukraine, Bringing Total Military Aid to $36.9B, by Kristina Wong

By Kristina Wong, Breitbart – The Biden administration on Tuesday announced a new military aid package of $1.2 billion for Ukraine, bringing the total since its war with Russia began to $36.9 billion… “Today, the Department of Defense (DoD) announced a new security assistance package to reaffirm the steadfast U.S. support for Ukraine, including to bolster its air defenses and sustain its artillery ammunition needs,” the Pentagon said in an announcement.

Challenging the Premise of Our Destruction, by Edward Ring

By Edward Ring, American Greatness – The war on fossil fuel is a war on freedom, prosperity, pluralism, independence, national sovereignty, world peace, domestic tranquility, and, most ironically, the environment itself. It is a war of rich against poor, the privileged against the disadvantaged, corporate monopolies against competitive upstarts, Malthusians against optimists, regulators against innovators, and authoritarians against freedom-loving people everywhere.

Donald Trump Meets With Pro-Life Leaders, Pledges to Govern Pro-Life if Elected Again, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – (Donald Trump) met with (SBA Pro-Life America Pres. Marjorie Dannenfelser and Tony Perkins, Pres. Family Research Council) both of whom said Trump reassured them that he would strongly support pro-life legislation to protect babies from abortions… In comments to LifeNews, Dannenfelser described it as a “terrific meeting.”

The Culture War Isn’t The Most Important Issue Of 2024, It’s The Only Issue, by John Daniel Davidson

By John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist – The more obvious it becomes that our domestic political struggles are actually part of a much larger spiritual war over the fate of western civilization, that we are today engaged not so much in a political fight as a religious battle between good and evil, the stronger the urge seems to be among Republican politicians to deny this reality and take refuge in the comforting political narratives of the past… Keep this in mind as we march toward the 2024 election cycle. The cast of buffoons and egomaniacs on the Republican side will feature mostly candidates who don’t understand or don’t want to admit what’s happening.

Ex-Pfizer VP: COVID Vax Push a ‘Supranational Operation’ Intended to ‘Maim and Kill Deliberately’

By Patrick Delaney, LifeSiteNews – ‘Multiple obvious toxicities were deliberately built into [the alleged vaccines’] designs, with the result that there would be high expectations of blood clots, autoimmune attacks and cytokine storms all over the body, depending on where it went in a given individual,’ Dr. Michael Yeadon… “When you inject this into a person and it spreads around their body and gets absorbed into a cell, that message gets converted into a protein.”….

Appeals Court Panel Appears Likely to Block Abortion Pill or Ban Mail-Order Abortions, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – A federal appeals court appears likely to either block the abortion pill nationwide or at least ban mail-order abortions… That’s because the makeup of the three-judge panel that will consider the major case doctors filed against the FDA’s approval process of the dangerous abortion drug are conservative appointees who understand there is not a right to abortion… Last month, the Supreme Court allowed continued sales of the abortion pill while the case continued at the lower court level. The vote was 7-2, with Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissenting.

Church Militant: Catholic Bishops Exploit Faith to Promote Woke Christianity

By Church Militant – There are fewer things in the Church more revolting to listen to or see than woke bishops. They are just the latest evolution in the class of men who began as social justice warriors and simply morphed into the next phase…. Take, for example, the archbishop of San Antonio, Texas, Gustavo García-Siller… And before we get into specifics about him, consider that all of these terms are nothing other than dog whistles for communism: woke, social justice, socialism, equity and any other substitute word that comes to mind. It’s communism, plain and simple.

Incarcerated Pro-Lifers Witness to Inmates, by William Mahoney, Ph.D.

By William Mahoney, Ph.D., Church Militant – Two of five pro-life advocates are free from jail after witnessing behind bars to inmates. Dr. Monica Miller and John Hinshaw of Red Rose Rescue were released from jail on Friday while Laura Gies, Matthew Connolly and Fr. Fidelis Moscinski will remain behind bars with varying release dates… “Indeed, when our fellow inmates know why we are in jail, we receive much respect and support!” she stated.

Can the United States Endure? by Nolan Lewallen

By Nolan Lewallen, The Stream – Article 4 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion.” The powers that be on the Left can quote that, and yet we’ve witnessed an all-out invasion at our southern border for nearly two and a half years. They have invaded from more than 160 countries, and a recent Pew Research poll found that 63% of them are coming from countries other than Mexico and the Northern Triangle.

El Paso Shelter Director: ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ Is Worst I’ve Ever Seen, ‘We Are Expecting the Worst’ when Title 42 Ends, by Ian Hanchett

By Ian Hanchett, Breitbart – On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “José Díaz-Balart” John Martin, who is the Director of the Opportunity Center for the Homeless in El Paso, TX stated that there is “a humanitarian crisis” in the city, “we’ve never seen the situation as critical” as it is now, and “we’re overwhelmed.” Martin also stated that they’re “expecting the worst” as Title 42 is lifted.

ERA: Last Chance for Abortion-on-Demand, by John M. Grondelski 

By John M. Grondelski, Crisis Magazine – Two writers have flagged something much of the political class dances around with pirouettes that would make the Juilliard School jealous: the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is pro-abortion. They quote Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who, in remarks on the Senate floor April 27, made the pro-abortion nexus of the ERA clear… The Senate was taking up a resolution purportedly to declare the ERA part of the Constitution and retroactively to remove the seven-year ratification deadline Congress set when it proposed the amendment in 1972, which expired in 1979.

The Impending Thermidor Reaction in Jacobin America, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness – The decade-long French Revolution that broke out in 1789 soon devolved into far more than removing the monarchy, as it became antithetical to the earlier American precedent. American notions of liberty and freedom were seen as far too narrow, given the state, if only all-powerful and all-wise, could mandate “equality” and force “fraternity” among its subjects… Each cycle of French revolutionary fervor soon became more radicalized and cannibalistic—until it reached its logical ends of violent absurdity.

Republican States Are Cracking Down on America’s Horrific Transgender Mutilation Crisis, by Raymond Wolfe

By Raymond Wolfe, LifeSiteNews – Republican-led states are pushing back against the radical LGBT movement with a wave of new laws restricting devastating transgender surgeries and drugs for children… 2023 has been a breakthrough year in the fight against LGBT ideology and the grave danger it poses to children. Since January, 14 states have approved laws to ban or limit “gender transitions” for minors, which have exploded in popularity in recent years as gender confusion has surged among youth.

Biden’s 1,500 Troops Sent to Southern Border Are a ‘Welcome Wagon,’ Retired Border Patrol Agent Says, by Virginia Allen

By Virginia Allen, Daily Signal – “It’s a welcome wagon,” a retired Border Patrol agent says of the 1,500 active-duty troops the Biden administration is sending to the southern border ahead of the expiration of Title 42 on May 11… The troops will be helping with “non-law enforcement duties,” according to the Homeland Security Department, but Frank Lopez says that likely means they will be assigned tasks like “feeding [illegal aliens], to providing water, [and] blankets for little kids.”

The Inherent Hypocrisy of Liberal Ideology, by Phil Lawler

By Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture – (What) has become a fairly standard practice among liberal polemicists: accusing their opponents of doing exactly what they themselves are doing… Hypocrisy is not an occasional failing of the liberal ideologue; it is an inherent characteristic: not a bug but a feature… when a liberal critic complains that your attitude is unacceptable or your argument is unfair, step back and reconsider. Chances are, he’s doing exactly what he charges you with doing.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Bribery Allegation Could Mean Impeachment, Republican Policy Chair Says, by Fred Lucas

By Fred Lucas, Daily Signal – Impeachment is the only recourse if a government whistleblower’s allegation that President Joe Biden was part of a bribery scheme is true, said Rep. Gary Palmer, R-Ala., chairman of the Republican Policy Committee… “You can’t prosecute a sitting president for crimes, so the only recourse—if this document exists, and we believe it does—is for the House to bring articles of impeachment”

Rescuing Our Kids From Public School’s Pleasure Island, by Emmy Griffin

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post – There is a terrifying logic to the leftist infiltration of our public schools. If they control the minds of children, they have their hooks in the future of the country. Aside from the multitude of evils that this is already producing (transgenderism, critical race theory, environmental cultists), kids are failing academically. This is particularly true in the arenas of history and civics… History and civics actually got the lowest scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) — i.e. the Nation’s Report Card …

Conservatives Won The Word ‘Woke.’ Now It’s Time To Reclaim Accurate Language Everywhere, by Elle Purnell

By Elle Purnell, The Federalist – By describing woke ideologies and their fruits at face value, conservatives felled the left’s self-conferred monopoly on how, when, and where the term could be used. But the same people policing the word “woke” are appointing themselves the arbiters of the rest of the English language, too… For those of us who prefer our words to reflect reality, there is nothing to be gained by good-naturedly going along with linguistic charades. On the other hand, there is the entire discourse to be lost.

Gen. Flynn Exclusive: We’re Not Going to Win 2024 but the Governors Can Change Everything, by Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn

By Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, The Western Journal – Have we lost America to a Marxist-communist movement? Are we in an unrecoverable tailspin toward our nation’s demise? Why have I asked these questions, you ask? It is because the Marxist left has so corrupted America and its election system that it appears no Republican candidate can win in 2024. There, I said it. It won’t happen. Instead, these next two years will not simply be the same as the past two — they will be far worse.

Why Send the Military to the Border? by Emmy Griffin

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post – But don’t worry — Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says that illegal migration is down 90%… The Defense Dept. therefore is preparing to send 1,500 more personnel to the border… Under Pres.Biden’s watch, however, these 1,500 troops would be helping only with administrative tasks and transportation, not actually stopping illegals from entering the country. In other words, this show of force is really a Babylon Bee quip: “Biden Deploys 1,500 Troops At Border To Help Register New Voters.” He’s turning satire into accurate accounting.

‘The Big Catch-up’: Chelsea Clinton Partners With WHO, Gates Foundation on ‘Largest Childhood Immunization Effort Ever’, by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D., Children’s Health Defense – “The Big Catch-up” initiative, described by the World Health Organization as a “targeted global effort to boost vaccination among children following declines driven by the COVID-19 pandemic,” will last 18 months… Chelsea Clinton — via the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) — along with the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation launched an initiative called “The Big Catch-up.”

First ‘Direct Link’ to Biden? House GOP Vows to Fully Pursue Bribery Probe, by Fred Lucas 

By Fred Lucas, Daily Signal – The White House dismisses the revelation that a government whistleblower implicates President Joe Biden in a bribery scheme, calling the accusation no different than other investigations of the president’s family “going on five years.”… But this allegation is quite different, noted one member of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee.
“This is the first time there has been a direct link to President Biden and influence peddling,” Rep. Russell Fry, R-S.C., told The Daily Signal in a phone interview….

Church Militant: Illegal Immigration Makes Money for the Bishops

By Church Militant – In this episode of The Download, Brad Eli, Simon Rafe, Christine Niles and David Gordon discuss the slew of problems related to illegal immigration. They are joined by senior producer Joe Enders, who explains House Republicans’ plan to get ahead of the end of Title 42 — a pandemic-related measure that makes it easier to stop immigrants from entering the United States. When that policy ends, many expect the migration crisis to worsen.

Judge Orders PA District to Allow After School Satan Club to Meet on School Grounds, by Joe Bukuras

By Joe Bukuras, CNA – A federal judge in Pennsylvania has ruled that The Satanic Temple must be allowed to hold its “After School Satan Club” in a public middle school in Pennsylvania’s Saucon Valley School District… U.S. District Court Judge John Gallagher, sitting in Allentown, issued the preliminary injunction just days after The Satanic Temple held its second annual conference called “SatanCon” in Boston, which was heavily protested by Catholics.

Bishops’ Heads About To Explode As Congress Introduces Bill To Cut-Off Funding Their Illegal Immigration Activities, by Lora Ries

By Lora Ries, Daily Signal – What started out decades ago as faith-based organizations (NGO’s) supporting the State Department to resettle genuine refugees in the U.S. after a legitimate application process has evolved into mass illegal immigration and downstream activities, creating an immigration industrial complex (for NGO’s) worth billions of dollars.

When Political Agenda Tries to Override the Constitution, by Andrea M. Picciotti-Bayer 

By Andrea M. Picciotti-Bayer, EWTN News – If your teenage children are curious about how the Constitution and federal laws protect religious believers, then they should steer clear of Teen Vogue… Surprisingly, the publication has just published a long article on a case before the Supreme Court, involving Lorie Smith, an evangelical Christian website designer in Colorado who doesn’t want to be forced to use her creative talents to design websites for same-sex weddings. Less surprisingly, given Teen Vogue’s progressive worldview, the article is relentlessly biased against her.

Title 42 Countdown: 700,000 Migrants in Mexico Waiting to Rush U.S. Border, by John Binder

By John Binder, Breitbart – As many as 700,000 migrants, a foreign population larger than Boston, Massachusetts, are currently in Mexico waiting to rush the United States-Mexico border when President Joe Biden ends the public health authority known as Title 42 on May 11… In 2020, in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis, former President Donald Trump invoked the public health authority known as Title 42 at the border, ensuring that federal immigration officials have been able to quickly return millions of illegal aliens to Mexico over the last three years.

America Out Loud: Flying Blind: FAA Failure To Protect Public From Vaccine-Injured Pilots

By Truth For Health Team, America Out Loud – The DOT, DOJ, FAA, the major US airline carriers (United, American, Delta, Southwest, Alaska Airlines), and the AIG Insurance Group are, at this point in 2023, guilty of at least criminally negligent homicide under U.S. laws that were derived from the Nuremberg Code… These federal agencies and industry groups have been duly notified in sworn affidavits from legal and medical experts of the irrefutable evidence of the widespread damage and deaths from the COVID shots.

Kansas and Arizona Governors Veto Bills Prohibiting Infanticide, by Melissa Ohden & Marjorie Dannenfelser

By Melissa Ohden & Marjorie Dannenfelser, Real Clear Politics – Every day across the country, scenes of stark disparity in who receives health care play out in a way that would shock most Americans. In one reality, in the neonatal intensive care unit, doctors are heroically working to save the tiniest, most fragile patients – premature babies – and their coworkers are striving to keep the new mothers stable. Meanwhile, in another room, possibly down the hall in the same hospital, or maybe down the road in the same city, a baby identical in age is left on a cold metal tray to die, struggling to live.

The Most Accurate Poll Ever, by Jack Devine

By Jack Devine, Patriot Post – Due to the embarrassing embrace of transgender ‘influencer’ Dylan Mulvaney.. (Anheuser-Busch stockholders) lost $6 billion in market cap in one day… Mulvaney is a 26-year-old man-turned-woman, a self-promoting and very successful TikTok and Instagram “transgender” personality… the (response to the) advertising blitz that featured Mulvaney in a bathtub drinking a Bud Light and nationwide distribution of commemorative cans of Bud Light with Mulvaney’s smiling picture on the front.. did not go well.

‘ESG is DOA in Florida’: DeSantis Does for Fla. What Biden Blocked Congress from Doing for Everyone, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, MRCTV – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has done for Floridians what Pres. Joe Biden’s (D) veto prevented Congress from doing for all Americans: save citizens being victimized by woke Wall Street banks and giant investment managers who put politics over profits… On Tuesday, DeSantis signed legislation “to combat government- and corporate-sanctioned activism and the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) movement,” the governor’s office announced in a statement ….

Children’s Health Defense: Bill Gates-Funded ‘Edible’ Food Coating Gets Green Light From Regulators

By Children’s Health Defense – Edipeel is described as a colorless, odorless, tasteless coating for fruit and vegetables that’s composed entirely of a mixture of food-grade glycerolipids, derived from edible plant oils… Is it safe? An extremely good question… At the end of the day, Edipeel is going to be rolled out whether we like it or not… (we are reminded) of the many reasons to prioritize our purchase and consumption of local, traditionally produced, organic.. biodynamic and chemical-free foods wherever possible.

Alleged Biden Bribery: Congress Seeks FBI File On ‘Criminal Scheme’, by Eric Scheiner

By Eric Scheiner, MRCTV – The House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed the FBI for a file that a whistleblower claims links Joe Biden to a “criminal scheme” featuring “money for policy decisions.”… Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and Senate Budget Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday.

Biden Admin Tells Catholic Hospital to Blow Out This Sanctuary Candle or Stop Serving Patients, by Ryan Colby

By Ryan Colby, LifeNews – The federal government recently told a Catholic hospital in Oklahoma to either blow out a small candle or stop serving elderly, disabled, and low-income patients. Saint Francis Health System, the twelfth largest hospital in the nation, keeps, with many prudent safeguards, a sacred candle always lit inside its hospital chapels, in accordance with its Catholic faith.

Prepare for a Jolt to Your Power Bill, by Douglas Andrews

By Douglas Andrews, Patriot Post – Joe Biden’s latest energy regulations are shaping up to be his costliest yet… we Americans get 60% of our electricity from the aforementioned coal and gas-fired power plants. The idea that we could, at any time in the foreseeable future, replace three-fifths of our energy supply with the Left’s twin fantasies of wind and solar is lunacy. But with nuclear, it’s entirely doable — if only we can summon up the collective will.

Bud Light Sales Continue to Plummet Weeks After Mulvaney Disaster, by Brittany M. Hughes

By Brittany M. Hughes, CNSNews – In the week ending April 22, Bud Light sales are down more than 21% across the country, signaling a major blow to a beer brand whose base audience is rooted in blue-collar men. Meanwhile, beer volumes – meaning the actual amount of product sold – fell 26%… this downward spiral has continued at a rapid pace for weeks. In the first week following Dylan Mulvaney’s pearl-spangled announcement that he was the newest face of the beer brand, Bud Light sales plummeted 6%.

President Trump Must Expose “Operation Warp Speed”, by Dr. Steve LaTulippe

By Dr. Steve LaTulippe, America Out Loud – Recent voter polls show that many Americans are siding with Donald Trump as the 2024 presidential race slowly gains momentum. Despite his strong and proven track record in his last term, some good conservatives say they aren’t voting for Trump based on one issue: he has never apologized for Operation Warp Speed. Is this really the main issue?… I get it. Nobody of sound intelligence and knowledge of scientific truth can deny that the so-called mRNA vaccines have caused countless injuries and deaths.

Supreme Court Upholds Pro-Life Law Requiring Proper Burial or Cremation for Babies Killed in Abortions, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – After national controversy surrounding the Planned Parenthood abortion businesses’ sale of aborted babies and aborted baby body parts, then Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed into law a new measure providing that aborted babies may be buried or cremated… But Planned Parenthood sued to stop the law from being enforced and the lawsuit eventually made its way to the Supreme Court… Today, in an unsigned order, the Supreme Court allowed Indiana to enforce the law.

In Reynosa, Mexico, 15,000 Haitian Immigrants Wait For New Chaotic Biden Policy To Kick In, by Todd Bensman

By Todd Bensman, The Federalist – An estimated 15,000 mostly Haitian immigrants have packed into every crevice of this northern Mexican city on the Rio Grande across from McAllen, Texas, and won’t leave. At least not until after 11:59 p.m. on May 11… the moment when the pandemic-era “Title 42” rapid expulsion policy finally expires and is replaced by a new, untested Biden administration plan for keeping them in Reynosa as well as the “volatile logjam,” as The New York Times recently termed them, of tens of thousands of other immigrants now waiting for the policy change all over Mexico.

Dennis Prager’s Troubling Defense of Pornography, by Carl R. Trueman

By Carl R. Trueman, First Things – Many aspects of Prager’s comment are disturbing, not least his failure to address the dark nature of the pornography industry itself. But it is also instructive, because it exposes the superficiality of some of what passes for conservative thought today. Prager’s statement reveals that he lacks a real grasp of what is causing the social and political problems that he claims to abhor: We live in a time of anthropological chaos, where the very notion of what it means to be human is no longer a matter of broad social and political consensus.

Jab Religious Exemption Only Available for Non-Catholic Kids in Diocese of Jefferson City, by Emily Mangiaracina

By Emily Mangiaracina, LifeSite News – The bishop of the Diocese of Jefferson City, W. Shawn McKnight, has nevertheless issued a statement declaring, “The Church not only gives us permission to receive these vaccines, but she informs us that we have a moral responsibility to receive the vaccines when we are able to do so.”… (citing) … a statement from the CDF… “[W]hen ethically irreproachable COVID-19 vaccines are not available … it is morally acceptable to receive COVID-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production process.”

Pornhub Blocks Access in Utah in Protest of New Age Verification Law, by Erin Alberty

By Erin Alberty, Axios – The adult content website Pornhub blocked access in Utah on Monday due to new state laws requiring websites with adult content to verify users’ ages before allowing them to access the platforms… The big picture: Mississippi and Virginia have passed age-verification laws similar to Louisiana’s… “It’s looking more and more like adult sites are going to block off a significant section of the country,” Stabile said.

Repeatedly Deported Illegal Murders Five, by Nate Jackson

By Nate Jackson, Patriot Post – Open borders have sometimes deadly consequences… An intentional invasion of our southern border has been welcomed and enabled by Joe Biden’s administration. Democrats are politically invested in the results of millions of migrants making their way to the U.S., and they are increasingly ideologically committed to the idea that a national border is fundamentally unfair and wrong… How many more innocent people have to die before that choice becomes a bit easier?

EXCLUSIVE: Latin Mass Churchgoers Witnessed Suspicious Activity After FBI’s ‘Radical-Traditional Catholic’ Memo, by Tyler O’Neil

By Tyler O’Neil, The Daily Signal – Two parishioners at a Latin Mass Catholic church in rural Northern Virginia say they witnessed suspicious activity from what looked like FBI vehicles in February, a month after the FBI’s Richmond office published a now-rescinded internal memo focused on “radical-traditional Catholics.”… The two witnesses told The Daily Signal that they saw two cars approach the church, drive through the parking lot as if they were writing down license plate numbers, and then leave, on two separate instances …

US Gov’t to Spend $1.5 Million on Abortion ‘Hotline’, by Matt Lamb

By Matt Lamb, LifeSiteNews – The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is offering a $1.5 million grant to a provider of a planned abortion hotline, reflecting President Joe Biden’s priority of expanding abortion through all nine months of pregnancy at taxpayer expense without any limits… The Office of Population Affairs wants to establish a “hotline” to provide information to “pregnant clients” on “pregnancy termination” as well as adoption and prenatal care.

8 Ways Government Shielded Joe Biden From The ‘Laptop From Hell’, by Margot Cleveland

By Margot Cleveland, The Federalist – Biden and his backers lied to Americans that the Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation.” While that might merely qualify as dirty politics, our government’s assistance in burying the scandal constituted election interference… Though we don’t yet know the extent of government involvement in the info ops, the evidence already indicates eight potential actions taken to protect Biden from what former President Donald Trump and others have since called the “laptop from hell” and hand him the White House.

‘Important Conversations Never Had’: Colleges Quietly End Mandates Without Addressing Harms, by Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.

By Brenda Baletti, Ph.D., Children’s Health Defense – Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Children’s Health Defense said, “Any industry that looked at this product would say, this is the perfect business to be in. There’s no cost. The federal government pays for anything, and there’s no liability and there’s no accountability and there’s no marketing.”… That, he said, created a sort of “gold rush” of vaccines, and many vaccines were added to the vaccine schedule. They became part of a suite of toxins that are poisoning human health, with very little public pushback.

Schumer: The Equal Rights Amendment Would Protect Abortion, by John Hirschauer

By John Hirschauer, The American Conservative – Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.. “Anyone who thinks the [Equal Rights Amendment] isn’t necessary at a time like this is not paying attention to the terrible things happening in this country. In the past year alone, (SCOTUS) has eliminated the protections of Roe v. Wade, our courts have targeted drugs like mifepristone, and we’ve seen over a dozen hard-right states enact near-total bans on abortions. We need the ERA more than ever, ever before.”