Americans Spent More on Taxes in 2019 Than on Food, Clothing, Health Care and Entertainment Combined, by Terence P. Jeffrey

By Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSNews – Bottom line: Funding their local, state and federal governments cost Americans more on average last year… than making sure their families were fed, clothed, had health care — and could keep a dog or cat, buy toys for their kids, pay for cable TV and attend an occasional baseball game or movie.

The Biblical Truth About Gender, Sexuality, by Chris Woodward

By Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow – “Every church in America is filled with hurting people asking tough questions like: Can you be gay and be a Christian? What if someone genuinely fills trapped in the wrong body – did God make me this way and is change even possible?” explains Austin Brooks of American Family Studios.

CNA: Biden Backs ‘Transgender Rights’ For Children During Town Hall

Catholic News Agency – Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Thursday that young children should be able to change gender identities without any “discrimination.”… Biden said that her eight year-old should be able to switch gender identities freely… “The idea that an eight year-old child or a ten year-old child decides, ‘you know I decided, I want to be transgender. That’s what I think I’d like to be, it’d make my life a lot easier.’ There should be zero discrimination,” Biden said.

CNA: Texas Grand Jury Indicts Netflix for ‘Cuties’

Catholic News Agency – Since the film’s release, more than 700,000 people have signed a petition requesting that the movie be removed from Netflix and that the streaming giant be charged with exploiting minors… Netflix has been indicted by a grand jury in Texas on charges of promoting “lewd visual material” in the film Cuties. The French-produced film drew sustained criticism for its sexualized portrayal of minors when it launched on the streaming service last month.

Breakdown of the Family: Contraceptive Roots, by Paul Brock

By Paul Brock, Church Militant, October 4, 2020 – Contraceptive roots. Watch Video

Advice to a Young Woman: Secrets That Feminists Don’t Want You to Know

By Jennifer Bryson, Crisis Magazine – Dear Jane, Congratulations on your graduation from college. You probably think your next step is your career… Here is my career advice: The single most important thing you can do in your life right now is to get married and have children. For Catholics, I would add that you need to discern if God is calling you to marriage or religious life.

Alice von Hildebrand on the Lost Sense of the Supernatural and Feminism, by Jim Graves

By Jim Graves, National Catholic Register – What do you mean when you lament the “lost sense of the supernatural?”… St. Augustine highlighted beautifully, profoundly, the difference between nature and super-nature. When God created man, he gave him a human nature. Man had all the characteristics of “creaturehood,” one completely dependent upon God… But in his infinite love and goodness, he gave man an additional gift, super-nature, the partaking in God’s divine nature. In some way, if we are faithful to God’s grace, we become God-like. This is a gift human nature can never achieve by itself. It pre-supposes a complete collaboration between God’s gift and man’s freedom.

Isolation Cinema, Father’s Day Edition, by Matthew J. Franck (June 19, 2020)

By Matthew J. Franck, Public Discourse – Dads never get a break. Or at least so you might conclude from their depiction in movies, in which they are often put upon, led around by the nose by their wives and children, and generally made figures of fun. Moms get somewhat better treatment in film, but perhaps that is because maternal love and self-sacrifice tug at our heartstrings so much more effectively. Solid, stolid fathers, on the other hand? They get the pratfalls.

The First Bond — the Family — Is Weak, by Michael B. Dougherty

By Michael Brendan Dougherty, National Review – Sometimes it’s worth taking stock of the basics. American conservatives sometimes call the family a “pre-political institution.” Usually they have in mind the idea of protecting the family from manipulation or intrusion by the state’s bureaucrats. But Cicero was more insightful when he observed that marriage and family are the foundation of political life: “The first bond of society is marriage; next, children; and then the family.”

Pro-Homosexual Bishop John Stowe Says Environment Should Be ‘Preeminent Issue’ for Voters, Not Abortion

By Martin Bürger, LifeSiteNews – Bishop John Stowe suggested last Thursday that the environment is the preeminent issues for Catholic voters to consider, not abortion. “They are both critical issues,” the pro-homosexual bishop of Lexington, Kentucky, admitted. “I think an argument could be made that … creation is the preeminent issue, because without the environment to sustain human life, you can’t have human life.”

The Sexual Revolution, Not Racism or Capitalism, Ruins the Lives of the Poor, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – The key insight is that the goals of the Sexual Revolution are Utopian fantasies. The Revolutionaries promote the belief that a good and decent society should do everything possible to separate sex from babies, separate both sex and babies from marriage, and eliminate all distinctions between men and women… But all these goals are impossible. Sex actually does make babies. Children do need their parents. Life-long marriage between their parents does protect the needs of children. Men and women are really different.

Netflix ‘Cuties’ — A Beachhead for Cultural Revolution, by Thomas Gallatin

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post – By now most Americans have heard of Netflix’s decision to host the controversial French film “Cuties” on its video streaming platform. The controversy is directly related to the fact that the film uses 11-year-old girls to depict sexually exploited 11-year-old girls. As film critic John Nolte puts it, “Cuties is soft-core pornography disguised as art. Nothing less. Nothing more.” Put another way, “Cuties” is child pornography that has been labeled “art,” making it socially acceptable to the progressive intelligentsia.

Newsom Signs Bill Intended to End Discrimination Against LGBTQ People in Sex Crime Convictions, by Phil Willons

By Phil Willons, Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times – Discrimination against LGBTQ people in sex crime convictions will be outlawed under a new law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom late Friday evening… The measure, Senate Bill 145, will amend existing state law that allows judges to decide whether an adult convicted of having vaginal sexual intercourse with a minor should register as a sex offender in cases in which the minor is 14 years or older and the adult is not more than 10 years older than the minor.

Ministry Struggling Along With Its Home Community, by Charlie Butts

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – Hurricane Laura struck Lake Charles and the surrounding communities hard last week with winds topping 150 mph and a 15-foot storm surge… Jennifer Morse is the founder of the Ruth Institute, with headquarters in Lake Charles. She tells OneNewsNow that in the city of approximately 75,000 people – located roughly 40 miles inland – there’s no power, no air conditioning, no Internet, no water, no garbage pickup, no refrigeration or ice … and only two service stations providing gasoline.

Chilling! California Legislature Passes Bill Reducing Penalties for Oral, Anal Sex with Willing Children, by Dr. Susan Berry

By Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart – California lawmakers passed a bill Monday that would reduce penalties for adults who have oral or anal sex with a willing minor child if the sex offender is within ten years of the age of the victim… The bill now heads to the desk of Gov. Gavin Newsom (D)… According to SB 145, the legislation “would exempt from mandatory registration” as a sex offender “a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor and if that offense is the only one requiring the person to register.”

Should Government Raise Our 3-Year Olds? by Terence P. Jeffrey

By Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSNews – The Democratic Party and former Vice President Joe Biden have taken an unambiguous stand on this. Caring for 3-year-old children, in their view, is the government’s job… The same Democratic platform that dedicates the party to “creating a society where children are safe” also says: “Like the majority of Americans, Democrats believe every woman should be able to access high-quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion.”

Ben Carson Calls Out Racism of Abortion at Republican National Convention

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – ‘What is racist is the fact that African Americans have the highest abortion rate,’ Trump’s secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development said in his convention speech… The real systemic racism plaguing the United States is the disparate number of black lives destroyed by abortion, U.S. Housing & Urban Development secretary Dr. Ben Carson declared Thursday evening during the final night of the RNC.

Raising a Child in a World Obsessed With Transgender Contagion, by Nicole Russell

By Nicole Russell, The Stream – (I)t’s vital that conservatives understand why — and what to do about it. The consequences of the LGBTQ movement will be detrimental to our young people if we don’t intervene and remain steadfast in truth and reality… The progressive left is enamored with pushing the LGBTQ movement into the mainstream — particularly transgender issues — even though the number of young people struggling with their sexual orientation remains small.

Bishop Strickland . . . Male And Female, He Created Them

By Most Rev. Joseph Strickland, The Wanderer – Rejecting the gift of sexual difference is a rejection of the giver… In June of 2019, the Congregation for Catholic Education of the Vatican issued, Male and Female He Created Them: Towards a Path of Dialogue on the Question of Gender Theory in Education. In this document, the congregation sought to engage a growing trend in educational institutions to reject the gift of sexual difference. Its introductory paragraph frames the entire document ….

Dads, Do We Have Our Acts Together? by Randy Hain

By Randy Hain, Integrated Catholic – What does “having your act together” as a Catholic father really mean?… I’m not the expert, but it seems that this sort of father likely has his priorities straight with Christ first, family second and work third. This kind of dad spends quality time with his family, not just time. This man is a role model to his family in living out his Catholic faith and being the light of Christ to others. This father has joy in his heart and is a man of prayer. This Catholic dad honors and loves his wife and lifts up the Sacrament of Marriage in the eyes of his children as something special and sacred.

LifeSite Petition Against Mandatory Mask Mandates at 56k Signatures and Counting

By LifeSiteNews staff – This petition calls on policymakers, at all levels of government, to rescind any radical mandatory mask mandates, and allow science and logic to prevail over fear, panic, and political posturing… Policies must be nuanced and recognize that the coronavirus is typically only a serious threat to the most vulnerable – not the vast majority of the population, for whom COVID-19 is like a case of the flu… People need to continue to speak up all around the world ….

How the United Nations Promotes an Anti-Family Agenda, by Virginia Allen

By Virginia Allen, Daily Signal – Kimberly Ells arrived at the United Nations excited to engage in work to strengthen families around the world. What she found was an agenda to dismantle the traditional family, promote sexuality to children, and reduce parenthood to a burdensome civil construct… Several years ago, I think it was 2013, I found a document online in the course of just research and so forth, and it was a document all about children’s sexual rights and promoting sexual rights for children. …

A.G. Barr on ‘Public Education:’ ‘That’s a Racist System Maintained by the Democratic Party and the Teachers Union’, by Michael W. Chapman

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews – If you want to find “systemic racism” in America, then look no further than the public schooling system, which is “maintained by the Democratic Party and the teachers’ unions,” said Attorney General William P. Barr. The entire system keeps “inner-city kids in failing schools,” he added.

CNA: The Biden Platform: What Catholics Should Know

By Catholic News Agency – On marriage, Biden supported the Defense of Marriage Act in the 1990s, but in 2012 said he was “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex marriage; his comments as vice president in an election year prodded President Obama to announce his support for same-sex marriage days later. As VP, Biden himself officiated at a same-sex wedding ceremony for two White House staffers in 2016… Regarding abortion, the 2020 DNC platform builds upon the 2016 platform that one former Obama campaign staffer characterized was “extreme.”

WATCH! Pope Francis Endorses Universal Vaccines: Great Reset?, by Dr. Taylor Marshall

By Dr Taylor Marshall – At his Wednesday audience from Vatican City, Pope Francis endorsed his support of a universal vaccine that would belong to humanity. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Is this akin to the plan of Bill Gates? Dr Taylor Marshall provides analysis.

As Schools Debate Reopening, Many Parents Are Deciding To Homeschool For The First Time Instead, by Marlo Safi

By Marlo Safi, Daily Caller – But a growing number are seeking other options, citing the complications that come with remote and in-person learning while a pandemic is taking place. Many parents don’t want their children to sit in front of a computer for several hours, and others believe that a highly-structured school day with minimal interaction with peers and obsessive sanitation would be frustrating for young children in particular.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: Biden-Harris Ticket Threatens Faith, Family, and Life

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – In one of the most troubling episodes in recent politics, in 2018 Harris grilled a Catholic district judicial nominee in Nebraska on his membership in the Knights of Columbus. In written questions, Harris asked Brian Buescher whether he was aware that the Knights “opposed a women’s right to choose” and “opposed marriage equality” when he joined the group. One of Harris’ Democratic colleagues went even further, asking Buescher whether he would quit the Knights – to which millions of Catholic men belong – “to avoid any appearance of bias.”

When Violence is Just Around the Corner, by Christopher Manion

By Christopher Manion, The Stream – Today BLM and Antifa aren’t just setting police cars on fire. They’re testing the waters to see how far they can go. The bad news is, they’re getting pretty far… Right now folks in quiet middle-class American suburbs seldom see domestic terrorists. But what will come to pass when local law enforcement is curbed in capacity, and demoralized police are busy fighting marauders on the city streets? How long will it take for such communities to begin policing themselves?

Must Read: The Two Most Dangerous Men in the World? by Steve Jalsevac

By Steve Jalsevac, LifeSiteNews – The main purpose of this post is to engage you to watch the incredible July 28 video by Dave Cullen, titled “The Rising Resistance to the New Abnormal.” Only 34 minutes and 41 seconds long, it packs a big wallop directly related to the title of this article, including highly supportive video footage of Bill Gates that reveals how truly dangerous and weird this man, one of the world’s wealthiest, has become.

The Dangers of a ‘Safe’ School, by Sean Fitzpatrick

By Sean Fitzpatrick, Crisis Magazine – Covid has given the postmodern mantra Safety First an all new meaning in schools that were already obsessed with safety—safe spaces, safe zones, safe sex, and the safe secular priority of prosperity. So many schools were safe, however, at the peril of souls. Safety should be first when it comes to rampant mortal dangers such as political correctness, pornography, liberalism, cynicism, and relativism. But these are the very dangers called “safe” in many schools…

Responsible Parenthood, Guest Blogger Emily Frase

Responsible parenthood also and above all implies a more profound relationship to the objective moral order established by God, of which a right conscience is the faithful interpreter. The responsible exercise of parenthood implies, therefore, that husband and wife recognize fully their own duties towards God, towards themselves, towards the family and towards society, in a correct hierarchy of values. ~Pope Paul VI, Humanae Vitae #10

Catholic Home for Sex-Trafficked Girls to Open After 3-Year Fight With State

By Clare Marie Merkowsky, LifeSiteNews – A Catholic charity is preparing to open a home for underage victims of human-trafficking after reaching a resolution with California officials who refused for years to grant the charity a license to open a refuge… Since filing a lawsuit in 2019, Children of the Immaculate Heart (CIH), a religious charity that helps women escape sex-trafficking, reached a resolution with the California authorities, allowing them to open a house for girls age 12–17 who have been victims of human-trafficking.

EWTN: Catholic Doctor Urges Need For Ethical Covid-19 Vaccine (Watch)

EWTN, Aug 6, 2020 – Amid the race for a coronavirus vaccine, Joseph Meany, Ph.D., president of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, joins us to remind Catholics we have an obligation to speak up for an ethically-sourced vaccine.

Rebuilding Friendship After Social Isolation, by Jeannie Ewing

By Jeannie Ewing, Catholic Exchange – While the world became crippled by fear, many of us tried desperately to cling to our faith in God. The delicate balance between appropriate caution when venturing outside our homes and complete isolation feels foreign to all of us. What is “right” and “wrong” in this situation? How do we navigate our real-life friendships as the nation begins to slowly reawaken after a long and strange slumber?

FLASHBACK: Morgan Freeman on Ending Racism: ‘Stop Talking About It’ — Black History Month is ‘Ridiculous’, by Michael W. Chapman

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews – Mike Wallace: “How are we going to get rid of racism and ….?”… Morgan Freeman: “Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man, and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman. You want to say, `Well, I know this white guy named Mike Wallace.’ You know what I’m saying?”

Homeschooling Explodes, Private Schools Try to Stay Afloat, by Bob Kellogg, Billy Davis

By Bob Kellogg, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow – In a RealClearPolitics poll conducted in May, 40 percent of parents said they are more likely to choose homeschooling or virtual schooling once the lockdowns are over. That survey included an even split among Democrats and Republicans (45-43 percent), and blacks represented 50 percent of the respondents… In the fast-growing state of Texas, a whopping 25,000 students withdrew from public schools in 2018 alone to pursue a home-based education.

Censored Frontline Doctors Speak Out: ‘We Want to Help People’, by Tony Perkins

By Tony Perkins, Family Research Council – The who’s who of Big Tech took a turn before Congress Wednesday afternoon — and not a moment too soon, considering the mess they’re making of free speech. The men behind Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon have a lot of questions to answer about censorship, if House leaders will let Republicans ask. And the first one, considering what happened this week with the frontline doctors’ conference ought to be: Why are you letting your political agenda get in the way of the coronavirus facts?

Franklin Graham Warns of ‘All-Out Socialism’ If Americans Don’t Vote and Pray in November, by Michael Foust

By Michael Foust, Christian Headlines – Evangelist Franklin Graham said Monday the United States is in danger of becoming socialist if Americans don’t vote in November for leaders who “love this country, defend the Constitution” and “support law & order.”… “The chaos erupting in cities controlled by liberal, socialist-leaning leadership should cause great concern,” Graham tweeted. “If this kind of leadership wins in local, state & national elections in November, we’ll see more of this, which would lead to the demise of our nation as we know it.”

Opus Dei: An Opportunity for Families

The world has been afflicted with so much woe from this COVID-19 pandemic that it seems almost churlish to recognize the occasional ray of light among the gloom. But I would like to talk about one such ray here, a spark of light at this dark time… One of the consequences of school closure and many workplaces shifting to the home-based work mode is that families are spending much more time together than the norm. The time recouped from work and school commutes and a hundred other demands on us of movement from place to place is now available as an opportunity for family flourishing. I share a few ideas on how this time can be used.

CDC Director Compares Rate of Suicides to COVID-19 Deaths, by Micaela Burrow

By Micaela Burrow, Townhall – Center for Disease Control Director Robert Redfield said in a Buck Institute webinar that suicides and drug overdoses have surpassed the death rate for COVID-19 among high school students. Redfield argued that lockdowns and lack of public schooling constituted a disproportionally negative impact on young peoples’ mental health… “But there has been another cost that we’ve seen, particularly in high schools,” Redfield said. “We’re seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now than we are deaths from COVID.

State Ballot Questions on Life and Family Await Voters in November, by Mary Rose Short

By Mary Rose Short, EWTN News – California, Colorado and Louisiana voters will all face measures that deal with the deliberate destruction of human beings in their first weeks and months of life… Colorado and Louisiana have the opportunity to restrict abortion, while California will decide whether or not to further fund embryo-killing stem-cell research.

Honoring the Elderly, by Charles C. Camosy

By Charles C. Camosy, First Things – If the pandemic has a silver lining, it is that it has forced us to reexamine how our culture treats the elderly. It has forced us to reconsider shuttling our relatives off to facilities to die alone, apart from their families. Even before the pandemic, nursing homes were woefully underfunded and understaffed, and many residents died because of despair or neglect. This is not how we honor our elders.

Reopening Catholic Schools Can Benefit Countless Students, by Andrea Picciotti-Bayer

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, EWTN News – Reopening Catholic and other private religious schools will benefit countless children like mine. Nearly 1.8 million students attend Catholic schools. They rank much higher in results — a 99% graduation rate, with 86% of their graduates going on to college — than their public school counterparts. Catholic schools eliminate the achievement gap for low-income and minority children… But opening them up again isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Kennedy Jr. Warns Parents About Danger of Using Largely Untested COVID Vaccines on Kids, by Martin Bürger

By Martin Bürger, LifeNews – Environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned Americans on Thursday to be cautious about any new coronavirus vaccine, pointing out that key parts of testing are being skipped… “The Moderna vaccine, which is the lead candidate, skipped the animal testing altogether,” Kennedy said during an online debate on mandatory vaccinations with renowned Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. The debate was aired by Valuetainment and moderated by Patrick Bet-David.

John Paul II’s Song of the Earth, by James Matthew Wilson

By James Matthew Wilson, The Catholic Thing – Young people are of course curious about what marriage will entail for their lives, but nobody wants to tell them. The Jeweler’s Shop has some “hard sayings” on the matter (though no more so than Our Lord’s), and students typically respond with gratitude to hear, at last, the plain truth that betrothed love, like Christ’s, is sacrificial in nature. Betrothed love also gives life through death.

The Catholic Victims of Gender Ideology, by Austin Ruse

By Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine – It is also challenging to write about such victims because it appears that you are, as they say, punching down. And that we should spend our time not criticizing them but praying for them. All of this is true enough, and we should pray for them, but we must also shoot off a flare of warning. Many terrible things are happening in our society these days, and these two stories are among them.

GUEST BLOG POST SERIES FOR NFP WEEK! “NFP Does Not Limit the Power of God; It Frees It”

By Emily Frase, Total Whine Blog – One of the funniest contradictions that you hear about NFP is that it’s Catholic contraception, but also Catholic couples who use NFP are always pregnant. I really don’t understand how it can be both, and the fact that it’s attacked from both sides indicates to me that it’s probably exactly what Jesus intended.

World Depopulation Crisis, by Paul Murano

By Paul Murano, Church Militant – The world is undergoing a fertility crash — and secular sources are pointing to contraception as its catalyst… A new report published last week in the medical journal The Lancet shows fertility rates around the world plummeting, aged populations increasing and fertility declining everywhere except for southern Africa… The study finds many countries are maintaining dangerous fertility rates that are under replacement levels.

The Cancel Culture Is Losing Its Mind, by Michael Brown

By Michael Brown, The Stream – Now that the Pandora’s Box has been opened and the cancel culture has been turned loose, there is no hiding its scope. It is unrestrained and unrelenting. If you dare cross it, even in the slightest, you will be targeted next — even violently. The cancel culture is out of control… You cannot reason with it or appeal to it. Logic and truth and facts do not matter. The only way to stop it is to confront it and expose it, openly, clearly, boldly, and unashamedly.

Home Education Surges as Teachers’ Unions Block Reopening of Schools, by Dr. Susan Berry

By Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart – As teachers’ unions and their Democrat allies keep looking to the federal government for billions more in taxpayer funds before they consider reopening government schools, creative American parents are pushing past the politics and inventing their own ideal learning environments for their children — many of which involve some form of home education… Good Morning America and the NY Times are just two sources of stories on how parents in the U.S. are refusing to engage in the coronavirus political wars when what is at stake is their children’s education.

GUEST POST FOR NFP WEEK! Blog Series: Uncharted Territory

By Emily. Total Whine – It is important as we introduce this series to understand that the Church upholds two primary purposes of sex and marriage: the good/ union of the spouses, and the procreation and education of children… the Church teachings are (clear) on this… In Canon Law, it states: “The matrimonial covenant, by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life and which is ordered by its nature to the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring, has been raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of a sacrament between the baptized.” (Can. 1055 §1.)

Black Lives Matter: What’s a Parent to Do? by Janet E. Smith

By Janet E. Smith, EWTN News – Once you have set the stage by considering the history and broader context of the civil-rights movement, it’s important to recognize that not only is Black Lives Matter Global Network pro-abortion, it is Marxist and an advocate of gender ideology, and it even considers the nuclear family to be a Western prescription (as though that were in itself a flaw), despite research that shows the adverse effects of the decline of traditional family units. The key positions of Black Lives Matter Global Network are thoroughly incompatible with Catholic principles.

Failed Manhood: It’s Extremely Costly, by Michael Voris

By Michael Voris, Church Militant – The prevailing problem in America today, as well as in the Church — the root cause — is failed manhood. The tentacles of this problem have reached into every aspect of life — economic, psychological, emotional, spiritual. No area of the human experience has been left un-devastated by it… On the cultural level, failed manhood is manifested in numerous ways, from the so-called gay-rights movement to the gangs ruling the urban landscape. Each in their own ways, those two realities are living examples of what happens when manhood fails.

America, Post-Logic, by Donald DeMarco

By Donald DeMarco, Crisis Magazine – Cardinal Wilfred Fox Napier, himself a black man, and archbishop of Durban, South Africa, has stated that “a brief study of the founding statement of ‘Black Lives Matter’ indicates the movement is being hijacked by the interests and parties committed to dismantling the very values, structure and institutions which have over the centuries undergird the best civilizations and cultures!” The cardinal, together with a rising number of other people of color, have denounced BLM for its renunciation of the nuclear family, its embrace of the LGBTQ+ consortium, and its promotion of abortion.

Cancel Culture is Coward Culture, by Randall Smith

By Randall Smith,The Catholic Thing – The disgruntled, like the poor, we will always have with us. Grumbling is not just something God’s people do in the wilderness. It has been a common feature of human life… There will always be people who will complain. There have been bullies ever since Cain beat the life out of his brother Abel. What we have not always had in such large numbers are quite so many cowards who refuse to stand up to such people.

Little Hero: Boy Saves Sister From Dog Attack “If Someone Had to Die, I Thought it Should Be Me”, by Nancy Flory

By Nancy Flory, The Stream – “If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.” A six-year-old boy is a hero after saving his sister from a dog attack… On July 9, Bridger saw a neighbor’s dog charging at his little sister. He stood between them and the dog attacked him instead. After being bitten several times on the head and face, Bridger grabbed his sister’s hand and ran to safety, his Aunt Nikki Walker wrote on Instagram. He received 90 stitches to repair the damage on his head and face.

Thugs Killed an Innocent One-Year-Old. Now the Family Has Questions for Black Lives Matter. by Beth Baumann

By Beth Baumann, Townhall – “For the cowards that did this, you should be ashamed of yourself because everybody talk about Black Lives Matter, what about baby lives? What about teenager lives?” the one-year-old’s grandmother said during an interview with Fox News’ Lawrence Jones. “You took an innocent child from a mother and a father, as well as the grandparents, and I don’t think it’s fair.”… Based on the way city officials are conducting themselves following the child’s death, Davel Gardner Sr. said he doesn’t believe his son’s life mattered.

Back to School? ‘No Thanks’ Say Millions of New Homeschooling Parents, by Kerry McDonald

By Kerry McDonald, The Stream – Many parents are balking at back-to-school, choosing instead to homeschool their children this fall… Gratefully, this virus seems to be sparing most children, and prominent medical organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics have urged schools to reopen this fall with in-person learning. For some parents, fear of the virus itself is a primary consideration in delaying a child’s return to school, especially if the child has direct contact with individuals who are most vulnerable to COVID-19’s worst effects.

What Father Martin Gets Wrong About ‘White Jesus’, by Jesse B. Russell

By Jesse B. Russell, Crisis Magazine – Father Martin seems especially annoyed that there exist some stained glass representations of Christ depict Our Lord as “the purest white—whiter than anyone else,” which makes for “terrible catechesis.” He worries that, if Christ is depicted as white, it might make some “feel left out.” The Jesuit suggests that “we should have Black Jesus in white churches, as a reminder of who Jesus was, and is, today. Because Jesus is best found in people that are outside your comfort zone.”

Notre Dame ‘Thrilled’ to Hire Pro-Abortion Homosexual Pete Buttigieg. Faithful Catholics Dismayed, by Doug Mainwaring

By Doug Mainwaring, LifeSiteNews – The Catholic University of Notre Dame has announced the hiring of Pete Buttigieg, a pro-abortion homosexual who is ‘married’ to another man, as a 2020-2021 faculty fellow at the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study (NDIAS). Buttigieg is the former South Bend mayor who ran as a Democratic presidential candidate.

Corporations Hyping BLM Fail Us In Every Other Way, by Darrell C. Scott

By Darrell C. Scott, American Conservative – “Black Lives Matter.”… We’ve.. witnessed a parade of elite corporations vocally and financially supporting the BLM movement… Their rhetoric is lofty and touching, but contradicted by their actions. As Johnny Burtka.. pointed out on the Tucker Carlson Show: these companies have not lifted a finger to actually help or create jobs for the people they claim to support… While the company talks about “creating a better, more just world for everyone,” we do not see any Apple assembly plants in the black neighborhoods in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis or my home town of Cleveland, Ohio. A job is by far the best social program. So which black lives are Apple’s actions actually supporting?

Trump Pulls U.S. From WHO, Which Wanted to Use Coronavirus Funds to Kill Babies in Abortions, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Today, President Trump said the relationship between the US and the WHO has ended. The president said China, which has pushed a forced abortion population control policy on its people for decades and killed more babies in abortions than any other nation, “has control” over the controversial agency… “China has total control over the WHO despite paying only $40 million per year compared to what the US has been paying, which is approximately $450 million a year,” Trump said previously. “We have detailed the reforms that it must make and engaged with them directly, but they have refused to act.”

Texas Bishop: BLM ‘Dangerous’ (Video), by Martina Moyski

By Martina Moyski, Church Militant – Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler is directing Catholics to read the actual BLM statement to understand its real aims, underscoring the radical bent of BLM’s ideology… Branding the leftist group’s agenda “dangerous,” Strickland points to two disturbing points in particular… Another Texas Bishop, Mark Seitz, attended a BLM rally with parishioners and other clergy El Paso, Texas on June 1, holding a sign that read, “Black Lives Matter.”

FoxNews: Atlanta Mayor Calls for Citizens to Stop ‘Shooting Each Other’ After Murder of 8-Year-Old Near BLM Protest Site

By Gregg Re, Fox News – Secoriya Williamson, the father of 8-year-old Secoriea Turner, told reporters that his daughter had been killed after at least two people in a crowd of armed people opened fire on a car she was riding in with her mother. Authorities said the mother had attempted to drive through illegally placed barricades in the area when the vehicle came under fire Saturday night…

Bloggers Discuss Being SAHMs “Stay at Home Moms”

Blog by Emily, Total Whine – For some women, this manifests as a decision to leave the workforce to be a Stay-at-Home-Mom (SAHM)… Unfortunately, as women make the best choice for their family, it can give way to something ugly. Women are hit with personal attacks on social media, unkind questions at family gatherings, and judgmental presumptions of strangers, just to name a few. It is incredibly isolating, and makes every SAHM look for camaraderie.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: Reclaiming Fatherhood to Heal the Family

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – I believe fatherhood – at least the fatherhood I was privileged to experience from my father and grandfathers, and the pastors of my youth – is on the brink of extinction. And I believe that a great deal of the unrest that we are experiencing right now – the growing violence, ideological extremism, militant secularism, immorality, polarization, and the epidemic of incivility – can be traced to the absence of strong, stabilizing father figures in people’s lives.

Pro-LGBT Clerics Push ‘Outreach 2020’, by Paul Murano

By Paul Murano, Church Militant – A group of pro-LGBT Church leaders are ignoring the call to chastity and encouraging Catholics with disordered sexual desires to “be themselves.”… The online conference, fronted by well known pro-LGBT advocates, offered little moral guidance to Catholics dealing with same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria… Jesuit homosexualist Fr. James Martin, who led the conference, summed up its aim, which did not include calling all Catholics to live according to all Ten Commandments… “We’re gathering together those who minister with LGBT Catholics in order to build community, share best practices and worship our Creator…

Father’s Day Video Contest Honors Men Across US Who Exemplify St. Joseph’s Virtues, by Pete Baklinski,

By Pete Baklinski, LifeSiteNews – “We’re honoring men across America who exemplify the characteristics of Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus Christ. What does a ‘Joseph’s Heart’ man look like? He’s a man who honors and is faithful to the Word of God. He’s a hard-working and courageous man. He’s a man who will protect women and children and all the people who have been entrusted to his care,” she said.

How Fathers Can Help Restore the Family and Unite the Nation, by Sam Rohrer

By Sam Rohrer, CNSNews – Where are the fathers? A generation ago, the Supreme Court defied the God of heaven and declared legal the murder of our babies—and our fathers were silent… When the Ten Commandments were declared to be poison to our children’s minds, our pastors were silent. When the courts and culture continue to attack God’s model for family by redefining marriage and human sexuality, why is there such continuing silence?

Promise Keepers: Men, You DO Have a Say – and an Obligation, by Charlie Butts

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – When a woman becomes pregnant, oftentimes her male partner pushes for abortion or simply deserts her – and pressures inflicted on her ultimately send her to an abortuary. Ken Harrison, chairman of Promise Keepers, likens the situation to the biblical account of Adam and Eve and the apple when God inquired of Adam … and he blamed the woman God had made.

Did the Federalist Society Help Launch a Legal Persecution of Christians? by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – But my real problem with the recent decision is that it will launch a persecution of Christians. And that’s something I oppose. I know, I know, “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.” But that only really works with real live deadly martyrdom. A terrifying experience, surely, but usually over quickly, and followed by an eternity in heaven with Jesus Himself. That’s pretty much guaranteed, if you’re a martyr, most Christians believe. Many of us could face that, provided the death would be quick.

A Striking Display of Sophistry, by R. R. Reno

By R. R. Reno, First Things – Put simply, Bostock gives the LGBT movement a powerful bulldozer with which to demolish all public expressions of dissent from its agenda. This is a great irony. In the Civil Rights Act of the mid-1960s, Congress passed unprecedented legislation in order to counter a powerful social consensus against full equality for African Americans. It used the power of the law to protect an unpopular, poor, and disempowered minority. Now the Supreme Court is doing the opposite. …

Trump Guts Trans Privilege, by Joseph Enders

By Joseph Enders, Church Militant – “No American should be forced to choose between the dictates of the federal government and the tenets of their faith,” said President Trump… President Donald Trump is taking a stand for religious freedom… On Friday, his administration finalized a regulation defining “gender” as a person’s biological sex, changing the 2016 rule in Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which defined gender identity as “one’s internal sense of gender.”… Trump’s new rule overturns and supplants the definition by Obama.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: George Floyd – All Lives Matter

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – A few days ago, in NY City, two black pro-life women were arrested on the sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood facility. PP had called the police to report the women. When the police arrived, they ordered (them) to disperse, saying that they were violating Mayor Bill de Blasio’s social distancing orders. When they refused to leave, the women were arrested… The night before (the women’s) arrest, NY City had been convulsed by yet another night of protesting, marred by widespread violence and looting. Thousands of people participated in these protests, congregating in tight spaces, often with absolutely no effort at preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Neil Gorsuch Helps Transform the Supreme Court Into the Supreme Legislature on LGBT Rights, by H. von Spakovksy & R. T. Anderson

By H. von Spakovksy & R. T. Anderson, The Stream – In what dissenting Justice Samuel Alito called one of the most “brazen abuse[s]” of the Supreme Court’s authority, a six-member majority of the court led by Justice Neil Gorsuch has rewritten Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual orientation and gender identity in the definition of “sex.”… Why bother trying to pass the proposed Equality Act when you can get the justices to make law for you?… Title VII prohibits an employer from failing or refusing “to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual … because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.”

Your Only Goal Is to Arrive: To Survive Quarantine, You Need to Change Your Metrics, by Paul Ollinger

By Paul Ollinger, Forge – When our son was a year old, my pregnant wife and I endured a grueling day of travel from northern Michigan to Los Angeles, where we lived at the time… The fun was just beginning when our flight home finally took off… I shared my hellish tale with my colleague Jen, whose older children had taught her parenting strategies I hadn’t yet learned… Jen said. “When you travel with babies, your only goal is to arrive.”

Sep 16, 2019: Father Absence Is the Biggest Issue Facing Black America

PragerU, Sept. 16, 2019 – Which poses a bigger threat to black communities: Racism? Or absent fathers?… Candace Owens and Larry Elder show just how important black fathers are in turning boys into responsible and happy men–and how their absence has had a tragic impact on millions of black Americans.

Black Conservative Advises, Move Past ‘Victimization…Into Freedom’.. “Our Central Problem is the Breakdown of the Family”

By Susan Jones, CNSNews – “Our central problem is the breakdown of the family. Seventy-five percent of all black children are born out of wedlock. They don’t have a father… When I was growing up, men were everywhere. Everybody had a dad. A good one or a bad one, but they had one… There’s no social program, government intervention that’s going to take the place of that. We as black people need to put more focus and use our imagination to reinforce the institution of marriage and family.”

The Nuclear Family Is Indispensable, by Scott L. Buchanan

By Scott L. Buchanan, Public Discourse – That the nuclear or “traditional” family has rapidly unraveled in most of the Western world is hardly news. The ongoing demise of this particular type of kinship—composed of faithfully married men and women, along with the children they produce—is now so common that the persistence of intact family life often elicits surprise.

COG: Sanofi Pasteur Discontinues Aborted Fetal Polio Vaccine – Using Moral Cell Lines Instead

Children of God for Life – Children of God for Life announced the news that pharmaceutical giant Sanofi Pasteur has discontinued the production of their Poliovax vaccine that is produced using aborted fetal cell lines, MRC-5… In addition, Sanofi also switched the manufacturing of their Pentacel and Quadracel polio combination vaccines from using MRC-5 to the moral Vero (monkey) cells and will continue production of their separate polio vaccine, IPOL which also uses Vero cells. This means that for the first time in decades, Sanofi Pasteur will no longer have an aborted fetal version of polio vaccine.

Attack on Homeschooling, by Trey Brock

By Trey Brock, Church Militant – Studies consistently show that parents choose homeschooling due to the overall environment of other schools, the quality of academic instruction and the lack of moral instruction… When looking at test scores, homeschooled children consistently outperform the general population of students… Looking at the Scholastic Aptitude Test, or the SAT, homeschoolers score about 72 points higher than the national average… Homeschoolers are still achieving well beyond their public school counterparts… Turning to the American College Test, or the ACT, the national average is 21 out of 36, whereas homeschoolers are just under 23 out of 36.

Church Attendance Essential to America’s Greatness, by Star Parker

By Star Parker, Patriot Post – President Donald Trump stepped up to declare houses of worship “essential places that provide essential services” to the American people… “The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important, essential places of faith to open right now for this weekend,” he said… The president raised eyebrows by declaring that he will “override” governors if they don’t do it… The president takes an oath of office during which he swears to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”.. The First Amendment of our Constitution protects the right to “free exercise” of religion.

Catholic Woman’s Online Education Org Helps Students With Intellectual, Learning Challenges, by Clare M. Merkowsky

By Clare Marie Merkowsky, LifeSiteNews – The Secret Garden Education Pathways seeks to help Catholic children with special needs “go to the heart of learning” — namely, the Catholic Faith — to further the student’s learning ability… Walsh said the first reason she decided to start this organization was the realization that students who have difficulties learning academically will also have trouble learning about the Faith… When she worked in a secular school, Walsh taught two Catholic high-schoolers. She asked them a question about Purgatory and learned that they knew nothing about their faith.

Improving the Odds for An Ethical Vaccine, by Phil Lawler

By Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture – If a vaccine for CO19 become available in the coming months, would you be comfortable taking a vaccine that was derived from: placental cells, tobacco leaves, bone marrow, insects, or the dismembered bodies of aborted children?… This is not a purely theoretical question. You may face that sort of choice.

Harvard Prof. Doubles Down: Many Homeschool Parents ‘Extreme Ideologues,’ Want to Raise Kids in Christian Faith, by Michael W. Chapman

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews – Harvard Law Prof. Elizabeth Bartholet, who caused a stir in April by calling for a near-total ban on homeschooling, doubled down in a recent interview, complaining that “many homeschooling parents are extreme ideologues, committed to raising their children” in evangelical Christian “belief systems.”… This apparently is very dangerous, according to Bartholet, “because society may not have the chance to teach them values important to the larger community, such as tolerance of other people’s views and values.”

The Other Virus Victims, by Rodney Pelletier

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – Mental health advocates are warning that government and health authorities are doing little to help people suffering from lockdown-related conditions… A new report published by mental health advocacy organization Well Being Trust is sounding the alarm that more than 75,000 people may die from “unprecedented economic failure paired with massive unemployment, mandated social isolation for months and possible residual isolation for years, and uncertainty caused by the sudden emergence of a novel, previously unknown microbe.”

The Stream: Anxiety From Reactions to COVID-19 Will Destroy At Least Seven Times More Years of Life Than Can Be Saved by Lockdowns

By Andrew Glen & James Agresti, The Stream – Based on a broad array of scientific data, “Just Facts” has computed that the anxiety created by reactions to COVID-19 — such as stay-at-home orders, business shutdowns, media exaggerations, and legitimate concerns about the virus — will destroy at least seven times more years of human life than can possibly be saved by lockdowns to control the spread of the disease. This figure is a bare minimum, and the actual one is likely more than 90 times greater.

Two Crucial Tests for Home Schooling, by Phil Lawler

By Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture – Many home-schooling parents … have taken upon themselves the task of educating their children precisely because they don’t want to give those children an education comparable to what the public schools provide. In far too many public schools, students are more likely to learn about climate change and transgender rights than about the multiplication tables and ABCs.

Is Homeschooling ‘Dangerous’? Parents, Former Students Respond to Harvard Professor, by Mary Farrow

By Mary Farrow, Catholic News Agency – While coronavirus is forcing most families to make school at home work whether they want to or not, Elizabeth Bartholet, Wasserstein public interest professor of law at Harvard University and faculty director of the law school’s Child Advocacy Program, has argued that homeschooling is “dangerous.” Her views were featured in the May-June issue of Harvard Magazine… Among other things, Bartholet argues that homeschooling puts children at risk of abuse by their parents, while if children were in public schools, they would be among teachers who are mandatory reporters of any suspected abuse that may be taking place.

Rights for LGBTs—But Not God, by Casey Chalk

By Casey Chalk, Crisis Magazine – On the Saturday of the Easter Triduum, Virginia governor Ralph Northam signed Senate Bill 868, called the Virginia Values Act, which “prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in housing, public or private employment, public spaces and credit transactions,”… The bill—which was submitted by Adam Ebbin, the first openly gay person elected to the Virginia Senate—makes Virginia the first Southern state to offer such protections for LGBTQ persons.

Keeping the ‘Catholic’ in Catholic Distance Learning, by Patrick Reilly

By Patrick Reilly, National Catholic Register – Faithful Catholic schools are far better for Catholics than public schools. But how do they maintain their distinctive advantage when students are forced to stay home?… In important ways, Catholic schools are doing just that with the help of students’ parents. And in this time of anxiety and isolation, the special character of Catholic schools is more important than ever….

The Strange Battle of Staying Home, by Haley Stewart

By Haley Stewart, Public Discourse – Well, here I am now, with a pandemic sweeping away all traces of normalcy, and I’m doing my fair share of unraveling. I’m not in the trenches. I’m not a heroic healthcare worker risking exposure in order to save lives, experiencing the trauma of an overwhelmed and ill-equipped system collapsing around them. I’m not a brilliant scientist racing against the clock to find a vaccine. I am not a priest offering anointing of the sick to those gravely ill with the virus. I am not being asked to make any of those extraordinary sacrifices. I’m just in my house with an internet connection and my family. We have plenty of food, and so far—praise God—we are healthy. I’m not on the front lines of this battle against a faceless enemy.

Breakdown of the Family, by Trey Brock

By Trey Brock, Church Militant – The family, as it has been known throughout human history, is no longer recognizable… The legalization of contraception, abortion, and no-fault divorce during the 20th century has played a pivotal role in the destruction of the family we see today. Likewise, as cohabitation continues its climbing trend, marriage rates will continue to plummet… Stephen Wynne interviews Fr. Donald Calloway, author of Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father. Father Calloway is known around the world for his conversion to the Catholic Church and his journey to the priesthood.

Matrimony Amid Coronavirus: Couples Face Small Ceremonies, Postponement, by Lauretta Brown

By Lauretta Brown, EWTN News – The global coronavirus pandemic has derailed many things for Americans, including access to the sacraments — and weddings are not exempt from the restrictions… As the coronavirus reached more than 11,000 cases and 150 fatalities in the U.S. on March 19, many Catholic couples have made difficult decisions about whether to proceed with spring weddings — adjusting them to meet small-gathering guidelines — or to postpone their weddings indefinitely in a time of uncertainty.

America: ‘At Home’ With Absurd Consumer Excess, by Addison Del Mastro

By Addison Del Mastro, American Conservative – Every culture has a custom or symbol that encapsulates its entire way of life. For example, a salami hanging from the ceiling of a cramped neighborhood deli is Italy. Japan is a tea ceremony or an orderly subway rush hour. And for us, that condensed cultural symbol is not the Declaration of Independence or the ragtag militia or the all-American con man with a bridge to sell you. ….

Male and Female He Created Them. And for a Good Reason, by Anthony Esolen

By Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine – It has been just six years since I wrote Defending Marriage: Twelve Arguments for Sanity, warning against the fantasy that two members of the same sex can marry one another, when they cannot even have sexual relations but can only mimic them. I founded my arguments not upon Scripture or the teaching of the Church—indeed I did not refer to them at all—but upon common observation, historical and cultural precedent, and the biology of male and female.

The Least Among Us, to Whom We Owe the Most: Our Elderly, at Greatest Coronavirus Risk, by John Zmirak

John Zmirak, The Stream – As I wrote earlier this week, the Coronavirus crisis touches me close to home, since someone I love very much has a compromised immune system. In fact, several people do. And none of them are elderly. Two nephews half my age, for instance. They have medical conditions requiring drugs that suppress immunity as an unhappy side-effect. Now, most of those people live 1,000 or more miles away. So while I might worry about them, I don’t have to worry about picking up the virus and unknowingly infecting them. But the most important person on that list lives right here, and I see her every day.

Sister Mary Catharine Perry: I’m a Nun and I’ve Been Social Distancing for 29 Years. Here Are Tips for Staying Home Amid Coronavirus Fears. 

By Sister Mary Catharine Perry, as told to Cassidy Grom, – For the past 29 years, I’ve chosen to practice social distancing… The coronavirus is forcing many people in New Jersey and across the world to stay home, limit outside contact — and in a way, start living life like cloistered nuns… It is interesting that a lot of people are frightened by this extended time at home because the core structure of society is the family unit… “I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!” people say. Well, this could be it… People say they want peace and quiet. Then when it is thrown in their lap, they panic. They don’t know how to be alone… Stop. Be still. You can either waste this period of social-distancing and be frustrated, or you can choose to make it the best it can be.

Family Is Still Society’s Bedrock, by Robin Smith

By Robin Smith, Patriot Post – Yes, there’s a pandemic of coronavirus (SARS-CoV2, a.k.a. COVID19) that began in China. Yes, there have been locusts descending on the crops of East Africans. Wars and rumors of war are here. Oh, let’s go all in with words written by the Apostle Paul to Timothy: “In the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control… We’re living in times that are apocalyptic by definition. Yet, we can still make an impact and change course. Let’s look at one such place to make positive change — our approach to family.

Boys Must be Separated from Childhood to be Men, by Jason Craig

By Jason Craig, Catholic Exchange – In Rudyard Kipling’s coming-of-age novel Captains Courageous, a spoiled, rich teenager named Harvey is initiated into manhood through a series of adventures on a fishing vessel. Separated from his wealthy family, he gets thrown in with real men, the sort with quick wits, short tempers, and gritty virtue. Prior to the fishing adventure, Harvey had spent his entire childhood and early teens being ushered around the world by his mother ….

Sanctuary Cities Now Shielding Criminal Illegal Immigrants From ICE, Resulting in Horrific Crimes, by Rachel Alexander

By Rachel Alexander, The Stream – They say they want to protect “undocumented” aliens. The sanctuary cities won’t let ICE take them. But most say they’ll give up illegal immigrants who have been charged or convicted of serious crimes. Sanctuaries send ICE the fingerprints of those incarcerated… Illegal immigrants are called “illegal” because they commit a crime by being in this country without permission. But still, most aren’t criminals in any other way. They’re not threats… And at least the sanctuary cities help ICE protect America from the criminals. Or do they?

The Courage to Be Chaste, by Rodney Pelletier

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – People with same-sex attraction have been let down both by society and the Church. What they keep hearing by Church representatives like Fr. James Martin is “God made you gay.”… Yet people who struggle with same-sex inclinations know it is not normal. Natural moral law — the law that God put into the heart of every person — and nature itself know same-sex sexual activity is wrong… The Catechism of the Catholic Church states in paragraph 2357: Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” …

Feminism’s Unexpected Cure, by Carrie Gress

By Carrie Gress, The Catholic Thing – Feminism, by its nature, is a vain effort to look to ourselves for answers, at the cost of constant comparing of ourselves to others. Its first impulse is to have what men have. Starting with Eve, women have always sought that which we don’t have – from the forbidden fruit to the perfect job, partner, property, wardrobe, body, etc… The feminist quest has left no stone unturned, no rule or duty un-flaunted, and no commandment sacred. The evidence shows that it continues to disappoint, leaving a trail of broken and wounded women, while leading to further confusion about what makes us women.

Have We Been Doing Catholic Women’s Messaging Wrong? by Carrie Gress

By Carrie Gress, National Catholic Register – Recently, two alarming studies have surfaced showing just how uneducated Catholics are about key issues, particularly the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the immorality of abortion… As talking heads scramble to both help explain and remedy this situation, one question hasn’t been addressed: Are we doing the messaging wrong when it comes to educating women about the Catholic faith? Reaching Catholic women is a vital issue. As the heart of the family, what the mother values will largely imprint itself on the whole family. Satan knew of this influence when he targeted Eve and the pattern has repeated itself ever since. If you get the women, you get everyone.

Governor Accused of Trying ‘End Run’ Around Parents, by Charlie Butts

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – Michigan’s Democratic governor wants abortion to receive a special status in the state’s schools – a move opposed by one of the state’s pro-family groups… Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer wants the legislature to move on a proposal to allow school personnel to refer students for abortions. Dan Jarvis, research and policy director at Michigan Family Forum, tells OneNewsNow that current law bars schools from taking any steps to refer a student for an abortion.

Do You Suffer From Egalitarian Parenting Syndrome? by John K. Rosemond

By John K. Rosemond, ParentGuru – Today, the typical American parent practices—and, to be fair, unwittingly—what I call Egalitarian Parenting (aka Postmodern Psychological Parenting). The parents in question lack confidence in the legitimacy of their authority and behave, therefore, as if the parent-child relationship is constituted of equals. The general result is children who are flush with esteem for their “bad” selves but deficient in respect for their elders. Fifty years ago, such children were called, among other things, insufferable.

Bp. Strickland Wants Catholic Charity Investigated for Touting Condoms, by David Nussman

By David Nussman, Church Militant – Catholic Relief Services promotes condom use, according to a new report from the Lepanto Institute, and one U.S. bishop is calling for an investigation into the findings… This week, the Lepanto Institute shed light on a number of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) documents that discuss and encourage the use of condoms in the name of combating the spread of sexually transmitted diseases… CRS is an international charity founded by the U.S. bishops’ conference.

The Nuclear Family Is Still Indispensable, by Wilcox, Boyd

By W. Bradford Wilcox, Hal Boyd, The Atlantic – The nuclear family is disintegrating—or so Americans might conclude from what they watch and read. The quintessential nuclear family consists of a married couple raising their children. But from Oscar-winning Marriage Story’s gut-wrenching portrayal of divorce or the Harvard sociologist Christina Cross’s New York Times op-ed in December, “The Myth of the Two-Parent Home,” discounting the importance of marriage for kids, one might draw the conclusion that marriage is more endangered than ever—and that this might not be such a bad thing.

The Assault on Fatherhood is Hitting Married Men Just as Hard as It’s Hitting Priests

By Kevin Wells, LifeSiteNews – Mostly, though, I zeroed in on those moments when I was most disconsolate, when recovery didn’t seem in the cards. I had a single thought then: Soon, I will be judged by God. And what wasn’t running through my head were the great whoppers of sins from my past; what harrowed me were those things I chose not to do. Omissions, wide-sweeping and plenteous, were like sharks gathering in my conscience… I asked Krista to have others pray for my soul. Too late now, I knew, to get to work.

Transgender Reading Day a Good Day for Students to Miss, by Bob Kellogg

By Bob Kellogg, OneNewsNow – Parents are urged to keep kids home on Thursday if their children’s school is participating in the annual reading of “I am Jazz.”… On February 27, the Human Rights Campaign is holding its annual readings of I Am Jazz in schools across the country. It’s the story of Jazz Jennings – a boy who transitioned to a girl at a very young age… Mission America Founder Linda Harvey contends the controversial book is nothing more than LGBTQ propaganda… “It’s another effort by the Human Rights Campaign and the National Education Association – the mighty teachers’ union – to push the LGBTQ agenda down the throats of little kids.”

‘Make the Family Great Again’ Petition Reaches State Dept., by Michael F. Haverluck

By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow – The U.S. State Department is being urged to advocate the recognition of several essential family rights:
“The right of every child to a relationship with his or her natural mother and father – except for an unavoidable tragedy”
“The right of every person to know the identity of his or her biological parents”
“The right to life from conception to natural death”
“The right of families to educate their own children in their faith tradition and values – without being undermined by the state”

Italy May Be Dying: ‘Lowest’ Birth Rate ‘Ever Recorded’, by Michael W. Chapman

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews – taly’s incredibly low number of births in 2019, the “lowest level ever recorded,” indicates a serious problem that “concerns the very existence of our country,” said Italian President Sergio Mattarella on Tuesday, as reported by Reuters… Data from Italy’s national statistics agency, ISTAT, show there were 435,000 births in 2019, which was 5,000 lower than in 2018, “the lowest level ever recorded in Italy” since records started in 1861… In addition, last year there were 647,000 deaths, which was 14,000 more than in 2018.

Seattle Archbishop: Gay Catholic Teachers Face ‘Particular Consequences’

By – Archbishop Paul Etienne, “Those who teach in our schools are required to uphold our teaching in the classroom and to model it in their personal lives,” he wrote. “We recognize and support the right of each individual to make choices. We also understand that some choices have particular consequences for those who represent the Church in an official capacity.”

Obsession for Contraception and Abortion at The United Nations Population Fund, by Edwin Benson

By Edwin Benson, Return to Order – The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is mounting a worldwide campaign to promote abortion and contraception, and they want you to pay for it. Their 2019 Report asks for $264 billion. The United States pays twenty-two percent of the expenses of the U.N. Combine those two numbers, and the U.S. share is a shade over $58 billion. That money ultimately comes from your federal taxes… A quick look at the UNFPA web site quickly reveals the feminist orientation of the organization. The first line on the page is “Ensuring rights and choices for all.”

Biologists in WSJ: Only Two Sexes, Male and Female, There is No Sex ‘Spectrum’, by Michael W. Chapman

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews – In a powerful commentary in the Feb. 3 edition of The Wall Street Journal, biologists Colin Wright and Emma Hilton explain that, scientifically, there are only two sexes, male and female, and there is no sex “spectrum.” They also stress that “biologists and medical professionals” must stop being politically correct and “stand up for the empirical reality of biological sex.”… With the phenomenon of some men saying they “identify” as women and some women saying they “identify” as men, or any “gender identity” combination therein, “we see a dangerous and anti-scientific trend toward the outright denial of biological sex,” state the biologists Wright and Hilton.

This Catholic Parish Has Helped Hundreds Find Jobs, by Jim Graves

By Jim Graves, EWTN News – Monday mornings at a restaurant in Irvine, California, volunteers from nearby St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (SEAS) Parish meet with two to seven unemployed job seekers to offer them helpful tips so that they may find new jobs. The SEAS Employment Ministry was launched during the 2008 recession and has since helped hundreds find gainful employment… Church might not be the first place people think of when they need help finding a job, said Michael Aimola, co-director of the ministry with Virginia Sullivan and Brian Wolf and a volunteer since its launch, “but we have people sitting in the pews Sunday after Sunday who need help finding jobs, so why not offer them the help they need?”

Betsy DeVos Budget Proposal Slashes Education Department in Half

By Eddie Scarry, Washington Examiner – DeVos proposes in the budget that the department cease overseeing nearly $20 billion in federal money that goes to various K-12 public school programs such as “Indian Education” and “21st Century Community Learning Centers.” Instead, that money would roll into one block, and states would receive their share to spend on the local level… For teachers unions, the utterance of the word “local” is akin to throwing holy water on the possessed. “Local” means cutting out high-level bureaucrats and shrinking the power of lobbyists…

Msgr. Charles Pope: An Amusing Look at Familial Love in a Commercial

By Msgr. Charles Pope – The commercial below shows a glimpse of the special kind of love that we call familial love. The Greeks called it storge (στοργή), and the Romans called it pietas. Both words refer to familial love, the natural or instinctual affection between parent and child. Michelangelo’s “Pieta,” depicting Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus with tenderness and sorrow, demonstrates beautifully the meaning of pietas.

CNA: After Priest Says Pedophilia ‘Doesn’t Kill Anyone,’ Bishop Tobin Responds

By Catholic News Agency – Rhode Island’s Catholic bishop has responded to controversy over a series of remarks from a priest in his diocese, which began with the Eucharist and pro-choice politicians, and seemed eventually to diminish the gravity of child sexual abuse… “In the context of the present public discussion, it is important to affirm that both the sexual abuse of minors and abortion are horrific, immoral actions that have very serious, harmful consequences,” Bishop Thomas Tobin said in a Feb. 13 statement… “It is never acceptable to underestimate the harm caused by sexual abuse of minors,” Bishop Tobin added.

A Solution for Keeping Your Cash From Left-Wing Corporations, by Chris Woodward

By Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow – “What we’re dealing with as conservatives and Christians is that for 50 years we’ve allowed the Left to structure our society in a way in which we are actually funding the attack on our values,” says Black. “2nd Vote for nine years has been focused on retail dollars and donated dollars trying to educate people on how this is structured and to, whenever possible, stop putting your dollars into basically the offering plate to these radical efforts.”

This Church Is Bucking Trends of Lethargy, Secularism, by Josh Shepherd

By Josh Shepherd, The Stream – “There are no easy answers,” said David Kinnaman, president of The Barna Group. “Everyone in church ministry is really struggling to know how to practice faith leadership in a divided culture.”… The Barna Group released results of an extensive national survey of Protestant pastors. Fully 72 percent of pastors ranked “watered-down gospel teachings” as their greatest concern… “It’s interesting how two of the top three issues are about the church’s own faithful witness,” said Kinnaman in a phone interview. “Then the other big concern is about the cultural shift to secularism.”

US Bishop Declares ‘Person Cannot Change His or her Gender’ in New Pastoral Guidelines, by Doug Mainwaring

By Doug Mainwaring. LifeSiteNews – In a sensitively worded but thoroughly-grounded-in-truth pastoral guide regarding the handling of gender identity issues in his diocese, Bishop Thomas Paprocki declared unequivocally, “A person cannot change his or her gender,” and “should accept and seek to live in conformity with his or her sexual identity as determined at birth.”… While the diocese encourages professional counseling for those who suffer from gender dysphoria, Bishop Paprocki has made clear that certain policies regarding the Diocese of Springfield are non-negotiable. …

Why Mothers Now Weep for Their Children, by John Horvat II

By John Horvat II, CNSNews – The (Superbowl) halftime show is not the only sign that things are worse. There are others that are also terrifying in their corrupting power… One of these is the ever-growing presence of drag queens, especially in their story hours that target pre-school children in public libraries and elementary schools. The scandalous scenes of garish drag queens are everywhere, exposing small children to highly sexualized and revealing shows… Once again, we sense the desire to corrupt. The drag queen spokesmen are very clear in what they desire and who they wish to reach. They seek out children, some as young as three years old.

Ephesians: The Remarkable Letter That Just Happens to Mention Husbands and Wives, by Dr. Jeff Mirus

By Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture – Remember this suggestion that Christ’s headship is for the Church. We will see two similar references as the letter sweeps along. But now, in chapter 2, Paul wants the Ephesians, as Gentiles, to know that they too have been made alive in Christ, though they were dead through sin. Thus the old way of living must give way to the grace of Christ, for “by grace you have been saved through faith”, which is “the gift of God” (2:5,8). Paul reminds them of their former condition—that as Gentiles (non-Jews) they were not only in sin but cut off even from the promises, “having no hope and without God in the world” (2:11-12).

The Rainbow Shakedown, by Austin Ruse

By Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine – The annual Rainbow Shakedown of America’s corporations continues. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has released its Corporate Equality Index for 2020. They announced it at Davos, no less. The Corporate Equality Index is the annual threat to corporate America that they better step into line with the gay elite because hell hath no fury as a rainbow scorned. It is reminiscent of what Jesse Jackson used to pull back in the day when his Rainbow Coalition had a slightly different meaning.

Marxism Sugarcoated And Forcefed To Schoolchildren As ‘Equity’, by Marina Medvin

By Marina Medvin, Townhall – “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” -Karl Marx, 1875… This Marxist socialist principle refers to forced redistribution of goods, capital and services to those the governing body in charge deems in need. Marxism is the philosophy that has led to the darkest levels of poverty for the Soviets, East Germans, Venezuelans, and all others who tried it. But the neoliberals of the United States have decided to ignore things such as historical examples of utter failure, and instead chose to take a Utopian, pollyanna approach to the fairytale they crafted of socialism.

The Democrats ‘Transition’ to Radical Gender Ideology, by Kevin Burke

By Kevin Burke, Crisis Magazine – If you support Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders, you’d better pay close attention to what they are saying about the transgender movement. If elected in November, their administration will have a direct impact on your son’s or daughter’s long-term emotional and physical health, especially if they are on the autism spectrum… Wrapped in the manipulative mantle of civil rights, politicians are advancing this radical ideology that is literally mutilating and poisoning our youth… Joe Biden tweeted: “Let’s be clear: Transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time. There is no room for compromise when it comes to basic human rights.”

Parent Guide: How To Undo Liberal Revisionist History Lessons At Home, Marina Medvin

By Marina Medvin, Townhall – A well-educated, keen child is less likely to fall victim to the revisionist movement that has claimed the Millennial generation. Millennials have been brainwashed into adoring socialism, with 70 percent saying they would vote for a socialist. They have not been taught about the Holocaust. Millennials have been conditioned to sympathize with terrorists. They oppose free speech for those who disagree with them. Generation Z, the Millennial successor, is likely to unwittingly fall deeper and deeper into the propaganda movement that followed Obama’s election. Don’t let the next generation, our elementary school children, get trampled by leftist ideologues.

Fr. James Martin: ‘Church Must Stop Firing Married LGBT People’, by Dorothy C. McLean

By Dorothy Cummings McLean, LifeSiteNews – Fr. James Martin, S.J, 59, discusses his beliefs concerning the Catholic faith and homosexuality on this week’s video… “In the US, the Church must stop firing married [sic] LGBT people from their positions in Catholic institutions,” the Catholic priest said… “Because if you’re going to fire people for not following Church teaching that would include a lot more than just married [sic] LGBT people,” Martin continued… “Otherwise, you’re not enforcing Church teaching: you’re engaging in discrimination.”

A New Paradigm for a Liberal Arts Education? by Randall Smith

By Randall Smith, The Catholic Thing – Here’s my radical proposal. Every student should learn a skill with a master craftsman. It could be such skills as plumber, electrician, bricklayer, farmer, auto mechanic, carpenter, furniture maker, or any number of others. The primary goal would be to introduce the students to a practice requiring discipline and excellence, where the results are concrete and obvious.

The Billionaires Behind the LGBT Movement, by Jennifer Bilek

By Jennifer Bilek, First Things – Gays and lesbians were underdogs, vastly outnumbered and loosely organized, sometimes subject to discrimination and abuse… Today’s movement, however, looks nothing like that band of persecuted outcasts. The LGBT rights agenda—note the addition of “T”—has become a powerful, aggressive force in American society. Its advocates stand at the top of media, academia, the professions, and, most important, Big Business and Big Philanthropy. Consider the following case.

Chastity Speaker’s Web Traffic, Youtube Views Skyrocket in Wake of LGBT Campaign to Silence Him, by Dorothy Cummings McLean

By Dorothy Cummings McLean, LifeSiteNews – Pressure from LGBT activists may be behind the cancellation of talks in Ireland by a well-known U.S. Catholic chastity speaker, but this hasn’t stopped his message from getting out… “Yesterday our web traffic at went up 150% in one day,” (said) Jason Evert, founder of The Chastity Project… “We’re very grateful for all the additional youtube hits and people clicking through our videos,” he added, indicating that the Irish media’s attempt to keep him from speaking may have been futile.

Why Are So Many Young People Unhappy? by Dennis Prager

By Dennis Prager, Townhall – America — and much of the rest of the West, but I will confine my discussion to America — was founded on two sets of values: Judeo-Christian and American. This combination created the freest, most opportunity-giving, most affluent country in world history. This is not chauvinism. It is fact. And it was regarded as such throughout the world. That is why France gave America — and only America — the Statue of Liberty. That’s why people from every country on Earth so wanted to immigrate to America — and still do.

The Golden Globes, by David Carlin

By David Carlin, The Catholic Thing – I am astonished at the success the Great Progressive Propaganda Machine (GPPM) has had at promoting the moral acceptability of abortion and homosexuality… Homosexual practice, on the other hand, is widely seen to be a good in itself, at least for those persons deemed to have been “born that way.” More than half the nation believes that it is not just a tolerable thing, but a positively good thing, for two men or two women to have sexual intercourse with one another; for in doing so they are acting in accordance with their nature…

Fundamental Transformation of a Nation, Culture: The Decade in Review, by Paul Kengor

By Paul Kengor, EWTN News – The shift has been unprecedented — and far beyond anyone’s imagination in 2008. It was signaled most conspicuously mid-decade, in June 2015, when the Obama White House — the nation’s first house — was illuminated in the colors of the “LGBTQ” rainbow on the day of the Obergefell decision, when the Supreme Court by a one-vote margin rendered unto itself the ability to redefine marriage… and imposed this previously nonexistent “constitutional right” on all 50 states.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: The Decade Marriage Died

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – Less than a decade ago, President Barack Obama was opposed to same-sex “marriage.” So was just about everybody else. Legislatures and pluralities of people in state after state voted in favor of marriage amendments that defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman… I can vividly remember how as few as seven to ten years ago, many people treated same-sex “marriage” as an absurd proposal, just one more outlandish idea cooked up by social progressives that would never get off the ground. Obviously, only a man and a woman could get married. To claim otherwise was madness.

Our Real Existential Crisis: Extinction, by Patrick Buchanan

By Patrick Buchanan, American Conservative – For many First World countries, there are more compelling concerns. High among them is population decline, and, if birth rates do not rise, the near-extinction of many Western peoples by this century’s end… Consider. The number of births in Japan fell in 2019 to a level unseen since 1874, around 900,000. But there were 1.4 million deaths for a net loss of 512,000 Japanese. An even larger loss in Japan’s population is expected this year… “The Death of the West is not a prediction of what is going to happen. It is a depiction of what is happening now. First World nations are dying…”…

Texas Values: Austin Schools Deceiving Parents Again, by Bob Kellogg, Billy Davis

By Bob Kellogg, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow – Texas state law forbids public schools from working with abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood to present explicit sex-ed curriculum, but Austin Independent School District cooperated with Canadian-based Alberta Health Services – and yet claimed it did no such thing… According to Texas Values, the conservative group presented an open records request after Austin schools told the media that Alberta’s sex-ed lessons were obtained online for free, hence there were no agreement with the abortion provider nor any “legal concerns” about violating the state law.

Transgenderism Is Not Normal, by Casey Chalk

By Casey Chalk, Crisis Magazine – What are your pronouns? How do you self-identify? As recently as when I was in college, earlier this young century, those two questions would have elicited confusion, if not mockery. Now, they are increasingly part of the grammar of our introductions to others. During an LGBTQ town hall this past fall, Sen. Kamala Harris stated that her pronouns were “she” and “her.” It is becoming common to hear people introduce themselves and “self-identify” by sexual, gender, racial, or ethnic classifiers.

No, Cardinal Marx, the Church Cannot Bless Same-Sex Couples, by Eduardo J. Echeverria

By Eduardo J. Echeverria, The Catholic Thing – Once again, the German archbishop, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, responded positively to the question, “What do you do when a homosexual couple asks you for an episcopal blessing.”  He claims not to be promoting a general ecclesial solution and, hence, a general public liturgical blessing for same-sex relations. And he even rejects calling such a relationship marriage. Nevertheless, he says, “the decision should be made ‘on the ground, and [considering] the individual under pastoral care’.”

Fr. Maurice Meschler: How Joseph Was a Husband to Mary

By Fr. Maurice Meschler, Catholic Exchange – In Holy Scripture special emphasis is given to the fact that Saint Joseph was the husband of Mary: “Jacob begot Joseph, the hus­band of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ” (Matt. 1:16). From this circumstance the weightiest consequences result for Saint Joseph, above all, his relationship to Mary, which was threefold.

Daily Reading & Meditation: Monday (December 30)

“Anna recognized the coming of Christ and gave thanks to God” Author Don Schwager – Scripture: Luke 2:36-40 36 And there was a prophetess, Anna, the daughter […]

Hallmark Bullied and Threatened in Name of Tolerance, by Steve Jordahl

By Steve Jordahl, OneNewsNow – The Hallmark Channel controversy is only the tip of a far-left iceberg over the bullying tactics of radical homosexual activists… The family-friendly channel, which is especially known this time of year for its sappy Christmas movies, at first apologized for airing an ad that featured two lesbians kissing only to apologize for its apology when homosexual activists bombarded it with complaints… Anne Paulk of Restored Hope Network says Hallmark wisely listened to their core audience but then Big Gay pounced… “What they did in consenting to the audience’s needs angered the gay community,” she says, “and GLAAD, of course, was going to stand against that.”

The Trojan Horse Of Gender Ideology, by Rod Dreher

By Rod Dreher, The American Conservative – Earlier today, I wrote about how the issue of gender ideology might be one on which the Democratic Party is Corbynizing itself — that is, staying pure to the radicalism of its leadership, but getting way too far ahead of the public. I want to write something specifically about transgenderism, and why critical Attention Must Be Paid. None of this is being talked about outside relatively narrow circles. It is never in the mainstream media, which, as we know, will not waver from its agenda to advocate for and normalize transgenderism. Many priests and pastors won’t touch it, nor will Republican politicians, because they are all terrified of being labeled as bigots.

It’s Time to Ban Porn, by Casey Chalk

By Casey Chalk, Crisis Magazine – It’s true that pornography is not the same thing as taking an innocent life, as abortion is. Yet there are few public health crises afflicting our nation on the same scale and at the same level of damage as that of pornography addiction. Between five to eight percent of the adult population in the United States is either addicted to pornography or engages in problematic porn use. Almost a third of men between ages 18 and 30 use it daily. Scientific studies are discovering that its effects on the brain are similar to that of compulsive drug use. More than fifty percent of divorce proceedings cite an “obsessive interest” in pornography.

A Dreaded Subject No More, by Charlie Butts

“Children are naturally pro-life, and I believe that as adults we can foster that natural inclination and be more intentional about creating a culture of life from a very young age,” the pro-lifer tells OneNewsNow… So she encourages parents to no longer consider abortion a dreaded subject… “My motivation for writing this book was really something that would replace the fear of talking about hard things with tools that would allow adults to articulate a pro-life view to their children … appropriately,” Bomberger shares.

‘Birth Tourism’ and the 14th Amendment, by Lewis Morris

By Lewis Morris, Patriot Post – The Center for Immigration Studies has released a new report that tracks the number of children born to foreign nationals in the United States, as well as the extent of what could be called “birth tourism.” The numbers are worrisome… Using federal statistics for the second half of 2016 and the first half of 2017, the latest reliable data available, CIS estimates that 39,000 babies were born to foreign students, guest workers, and others on long-term temporary visas. There were an additional 33,000 births to tourists. This is in addition to the estimated 300,000 children born in the U.S. each year to illegal immigrants.

The Rainbow Mafia’s Hallmark Card, by Nate Jackson

By Nate Jackson, Patriot Post – Not so fast. The Rainbow Mafia isn’t defeated so easily, because no one uses pressure tactics better. As Allie Beth Stuckey put it, “The left doesn’t like other people playing the game they created.” Within hours, Hallmark reversed its decision, issuing a groveling apology for making the “wrong decision” and “for the hurt and disappointment this has caused.” Hilariously, the company claimed, “It is never Hallmark’s intention to be divisive or generate controversy.” But without the remotest sense of self-awareness, Hallmark went on to tout its LGBTQ-friendly record and promise to work “with GLAAD to better represent the LGBTQ community across our portfolio of brands.”

Almost 6M Off Food Stamps After All-Time High Under Obama, by Michael F. Haverluck

By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow – A new report reveals that more than 5.9 million people have dropped off food stamps with new work requirements and the burgeoning economy of President Donald Trump – just six years after food stamp levels hit an all-time high under former President Barack Obama in 2013… With the unemployment rate hitting a 50-year low at 3.5 percent this fall and reaching all-time record low rates for blacks, Hispanics and women, the latest statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reveal that 5,975,739 Americans have discontinued using food stamps…

Mayor Pete Blasts Hallmark Channel for Pulling Kissing Lesbians Commercial, by Todd Starnes

By Todd Starnes, The Stream – Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is blasting the Hallmark Channel’s decision to pull four television commercials that featured a lesbian couple kissing… “Families are built on love — no matter what they look like,” Buttigieg, the first openly gay presidential candidate, tweeted Sunday. “Being ‘family friendly’ means honoring love, not censoring difference.”… In other words, “wholesome” Mayor Pete believes the reason for the season is forcing children to watch lesbians making out on the Hallmark Channel.

God’s Money Doing the Devil’s Work, by Austin Ruse

By Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine – They say the homosexual scenes in the new Elton John biopic are the most titillating ever in a mainstream movie. They make Brokeback Mountain look like Bringing Up Baby. Less discussed, perhaps, is the fact that ordinary Catholic pew-sitters paid for it via their Peter’s Pence donations to the Pope… The cash came from a fairly small Malta-based investment fund called Centurion Global, which is run by Enrico Crasso, who has been much lauded by the Vatican Secretary of State and the Pope. It turns out the Vatican is by far the biggest investor in this fund which has been charged with all sorts of shenanigans.

Christians Are Dumping Netflix Over Blasphemous ‘Gay Jesus’ Comedy, by Calvin Freiburger

By Calvin Freiburger , LifeSiteNews – Disgust continues to swell over a “Christmas special” on Netflix depicting Jesus Christ as a closeted homosexual, with Bishop Joseph Strickland of Texas joining almost two million others in speaking out against it. Some, including the bishop, have gone as far as to cancel their subscriptions to the video streaming service… On Sunday, Strickland announced that he had canceled his subscription to the video streaming service over the blasphemous production. Many on social media shared that they have done the same, and condemned Netflix for airing the special: Just cancelled Netflix….hardly have time to watch it anyway but blasphemers don’t deserve a penny of support!

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: Shut Down the Pornography Industry

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – The sexual revolution promised more sex and more pleasure; instead, it delivered a generation of men (and, increasingly, women) who objectify others, treating them as mere objects to be used and abused for their sexual exploits and pleasure. Pornography teaches us to pursue self-gratification at all costs, inculcating, especially in men, the mindset of using others for sex and then discarding them as if discarding an empty plastic container.

One Million Moms Calls Out Hallmark Channel for LGBT Cave, Same-Sex ‘Wedding’ Ad, by Calvin Freiburger 

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – The pro-family organization One Million Moms has joined the chorus of Americans urging the Hallmark Channel not to trade its traditional values for LGBT “representation,” as with the channel’s recent airing of a commercial featuring a lesbian “wedding.”… For years, the Hallmark Channel’s made-for-TV movies have been a source of wholesome comfort entertainment in contrast to Hollywood’s increasingly “woke” output, but that may be changing in the near future. …

‘Fairness for All’ Is Well Intentioned but Inadequate and Misguided

By Ryan T. Anderson, The Daily Signal – Working to find legislative compromise can be a good thing. But not every bill that calls itself a compromise is a good compromise… And that, sadly, is the case with the so-called “Fairness for All” legislation introduced Friday… Despite the undoubted good will of those who drafted and introduced the legislation, and despite some meaningful though insufficient protections for religious liberty, the bill is not in fact fair for all. Its protections for religious liberty come at the high cost of enshrining a misguided sexual and gender ideology into federal law.

German Bishops Proclaim Homosexuality ‘Normal,’ Adultery ‘Not Grave’, by Dorothy Cummings McLean

By Dorothy Cummings McLean, LifeSiteNews – The Commission for Marriage and Family of the German Bishops’ Conference has come to a consensus that homosexuality is a “normal form of sexual predisposition.”.. Two German prelates have also claimed that Amoris Laetitia teaches that sexual relationships formed after a divorce are neither gravely sinful nor a bar to the reception of Holy Communion… The consultation, which included a panel of bishops, sexologists, moral theologians, dogmatic theologians, and canon lawyers, took place in Berlin and concluded on December 4. The timing of the event coincided with the German bishops’ departure along their own “synodal path.”

African Bishops Raise Concern Over the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Set for Nairobi

Kenya CitizenTV – The Kenya Conference of Catholic bishops on behalf of the catholic church in Kenya has raised concerns over the ICPD 25 conference, scheduled to take place in Nairobi from the 12th to 14th of this month. Their position is that the summit, under the guise of advancement and development of women, is advocating for sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as comprehensive sexuality education

Will the Supreme Court Stand Up for Reality? by Ryan T. Anderson

By Ryan T. Anderson, Patriot Post – Does a 50-year-old law banning discrimination based on sex mean employers must treat biological men who identify as women as if they are women? That’s the question the Supreme Court will consider Tuesday when it hears arguments in Harris Funeral Homes v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission… The Supremes’ answer could have enormous implications for women’s rights… the directors at this family-owned business follow a basic dress code: Men wear dark business suits; women wear skirt suits. The dress code complies with federal law.

Hallmark Channel, Lifetime Wants to Make More Christmas Movies Focused on LGBT Characters, by Alana Mastrangelo

By Alana Mastrangelo, Breitbart – According to the entertainment news outlet, it’s not enough for gay characters to simply be present in films, they should also be the main characters, taking center stage… The report added that executives at Hallmark parent company Crown Media and Lifetime have expressed that in the future, they hope to “remedy” what they see as an issue of their movies not having enough LGBTQ representation… “We are continuing to expand our diversity”…

Women Who Use Birth Control Have Smaller Brain Region Affecting Hormones, Sexual Behavior, And More, Study Finds, by Mary Margaret Olohan

By Mary Margaret Olohan, Daily Caller – Using birth control is linked to having a smaller region of the brain that affects hormones, sexual behavior, and more, a study released Thursday found… The study, which examined the effects of oral contraceptive pills (OCP) on the hypothalamus region of the brain, found that women who use the birth control have a smaller hypothalamus size than women who don’t use it… The hypothalamus plays a vital role in releasing hormones, regulating body temperature, maintaining daily physiological cycles, controlling appetite, managing sexual behavior, and regulating emotional responses.

What’s in Your Children’s Vaccines? by Paul Murano

By Paul Murano, Church Militant – The health care and pharmaceutical industries are in unison in their defense of vaccines as being beneficial to society and the surest way to safeguard children from debilitating diseases. Nevertheless, the controversy about their moral implications and health risks has not died… Among health concerns are their purported links to autism, cancer and auto-immune disease. Despite evidence to the contrary, many parents still believe their children’s autism has been caused by their vaccines.

U.S. Catholic Bishop: LGBT Indoctrination is ‘Child Abuse’

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews – Commenting on a video that shows how pro-LGBT propaganda is being taught on a popular YouTube-based series for kids, U.S. Bishop Joseph Strickland, who oversees the Catholic Diocese of Tyler, Texas, tweeted that this so-called education is “evil” and constitutes “CHILD ABUSE.”… “We must STOP THIS INSANITY!!” said the bishop… The video is from an episode of “Sex Ed School” on the Shaftesbury Kids’ YouTube channel, which is run by Shaftesbury in Toronto, Canada.

Minno: A New Digital Media Resource for Parents Who Will Raise the Next Generation of Christians, by Nancy Flory

By Nancy Flory, The Stream – Minno’s name comes from John 15:4-5: “Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.” The word “abide” is Meno in the Greek. Minno comes from that. “That’s what we really hope for and long for for families,” said Erick, “that they’ll learn to experience Christ in their day-to-day lives.” It’s something Erick wants to be reminded of. “Life is not about sort of productivity and outcomes, but it’s really about what does it mean to abide and experience Jesus and to participate in what He’s doing versus what we want to do.”

Chick-fil-A Capitulates! Has Emboldened the LGBT Mob. If You’re Still Defending Them, WATCH THIS

By Patrick Craine, Managing Editor and VP of Editorial for LifeSiteNews – Now, as supporters dig deeper, they’re seeing that Chick-fil-A has quietly been betraying their Christian customers for years. According to the Chick-fil-A Foundation’s IRS filings they have already been giving money to pro-abortion and leftist groups… Chick-fil-A donated $2,500 to the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2017… The Southern Poverty Law Center is a virulently anti-Christian group, and arguably one of the biggest agents of the soft persecution of faithful Christians in the U.S. today. It is famous for its “hate map” targeting pro-family groups that promote Biblical teaching on homosexuality.

Catholics Refute Pro-Gay Fr. Martin for Claiming ‘Married’ Lesbian Judge is Victim of ‘Discrimination’ 

By Stephen Kokx, LifeSiteNews – Pro-gay Jesuit priest Fr. James Martin is claiming that a pastor in Western Michigan is guilty of “discrimination” for asking a lesbian judge in a same-sex “marriage” to not present herself to Holy Communion. Hundreds of Catholic laity and several prominent Catholic clergy have taken to social media to refute his arguments.

Abp Viganò Condemns Pro-‘LGBT’ Concert in Vienna Cathedral as ‘Blasphemous’ 

By Diane Montagna, LifeSiteNews – Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has denounced a pro-LGBT concert hosted last night in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, calling it the “yet another homoerotic and blasphemous provocation.”… Archbishop Viganò said the event represents “the sinister vision of a church that seems to want to rebuild itself against the faith and against the truth of the human person.”… “Gay activists, transvestites and transsexuals perform on the Cathedra of St. Stephen, when instead they should receive from the Catholic Church the proclamation of Christ’s liberating Truth and the gift of his saving Love, freely offered to all those who, from the depths of their wounds and repentance, dare to acknowledge their need for salvation.”

What’s in Your Children’s Vaccines? by Paul Murano

By Paul Murano, Church Militant – Among health concerns are their purported links to autism, cancer and auto-immune disease. Despite evidence to the contrary, many parents still believe their children’s autism has been caused by their vaccines. While questions linger, virtually the entire medical and pharmaceutical establishment has been debunking these claims and refuting assertions that cell lines from fetal body parts are morally problematic… The moral problem remains that many vaccines are derived from human fetal cell lines cloned from tissue of babies killed by abortion.

Toronto’s Catholic Schools Bow to the Rainbow Mafia, by Donald DeMarco

By Donald DeMarco, Crisis Magazine – On the night of November 8, 2019, the Toronto Catholic District School Board, after a long and heated debate, voted to adopt four gender terms into its code of conduct: “gender identity,” “gender expression,” “family status,” and “marriage status”. The board chair, who supported the 8 to 4 vote, stated that “we need to celebrate our differences and make sure our children from the LGBTQ community and families from the LGBTQ community are supported and welcomed”.

Three Powerful Ways to Prevent the Tragedy of Young Children Committing Suicide, by John Horvat II

By John Horvat II, The Stream – Having certainties disposes children to act with conviction and determination. It builds character and enriches their personality. A child’s education must be solidly oriented toward the good, true and beautiful… When impressionable children lack certainties, they will follow the latest fad and fashion… No moral compass will govern their behavior. They will question their own identities and reason for living… When children face uncertainty, they will become anxious when trying new things outside their routines. Unknown things will “trigger” anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide.

On Big Families and Happy, Educated Women, by John Garvey

By John Garvey, Catholic Philly – Last year, French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking at a Gates Foundation event in New York, suggested that no well-educated woman would have a large family. “Present me the woman who decided, being perfectly educated, to have seven, eight or nine children,” he said… Catherine Pakaluk, a professor at The Catholic University of America with degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University, responded by posting a picture of six of her eight children. It ignited a Twitter storm. Other smart women around the world with large families followed suit.

Fr. James Martin Touts Blasphemous Image of Jesus As a Homosexual, by Doug Mainwaring

By Doug Mainwaring, LifeSiteNews – In sending out a tweet about the Gospel reading from Friday’s Mass, Fr. James Martin, SJ chose to share a painting drawn from a series of blasphemous homoerotic works depicting the life of Jesus as if he were a gay man… Fr. Martin knew exactly what he was doing, because in a later tweet he credited the artist: “Image, Douglas Blanchard.”… While this painting is jarring because an effeminate Jesus is depicted turning over the money changers’ tables in a contemporary setting, other paintings in the series show an overtly sexualized version of Jesus in various Gospel stories.

San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Top Census Bureau Table for Percent of Same-Sex-Couple Households

By Staff – San Francisco, Calif., and Washington, D.C., ranked No. 1 and No. 2 on a newly published Census Bureau table that lists eighteen U.S. “selected cities” by the percentage of households living there in 2017 that were headed by same-sex couples… “The Census Bureau collects data on same-sex couple households by asking how each person in the household is related to the householder (who owns or rents the home),” says the bureau. “Households are identified as same-sex couple households if a spouse or unmarried partner is the same sex as the householder.”… Nationwide, only 0.8 percent of American households in 2017 were determined by the Census Bureau to be “same-sex households.”

‘My Privacy is Being Invaded’: High School Girl Reacts to New Transgender Bathroom Policy

By Mary Margaret Olohan, The Daily Caller – A high school student identified by the Daily Herald as Julia Burca chokes up as she discusses how her school district ruled Thursday that transgender students will have unrestricted access to bathrooms of their choice, video footage created by the Daily Herald shows… “I feel uncomfortable that my privacy is being invaded,” Burca says, who had a red nose and eyes. “As I am a swimmer, I do change multiple times… I understand that the board has an obligation to all students but I was hoping they would go about this in a different way that would also accommodate students such as myself.”

McVety: Chick-fil-A Sold Its Soul for Canadian Foothold, by Chad Groening, Billy Davis

By Chad Groening, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow – Dr. Charles McVety, president of the Institute for Canadian Values, says one clue to a Chick-fil-A’s new direction was hiring Navigator, a powerful, international lobbying firm, as part of its expansion in Canada… Navigator, which has a Toronto office, is the “number one gay lobbying firm” in Canada, McVety says, and he blames the powerful lobbyist for successfully pushing for homosexual marriage at the same time McVety was working with other Christian conservatives to oppose it.

Anger Brewing as School Board Vote Forces Girls to Share Locker Rooms With Boys Who Say They’re ‘Girls’ by Calvin Freiburger

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – Provoking concern among both parents and students, an Illinois school district voted last week to allow gender-confused students to choose which restrooms and locker rooms reflect their “gender identity.”… The board of District 211 voted 5-2 last Thursday evening to adopt a new policy for Palatine High School, the Daily Herald reported. It declares that “students shall be treated and supported in a manner consistent with their gender identity, which shall include students having access to restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity.”

Shock — Some Women Still Choose Motherhood, by Robin Smith

By Robin Smith, Patriot Post – A recent study of the paid child leave law in California is proving one thing — if you subsidize something, you get more of it. The Left is none too pleased and is now pivoting away from paid leave to paid childcare… Put simply, paying to spend time with their babies is resulting in … wait for it … mothers spending time with their babies! Even if women and men are treated equally with access to paid leave and treated equally to resume their work and wages upon return, it’s the women who are choosing to be a stay-at-home Mom and abandon or delay their careers.

Bishop Calls LGBT Indoctrination of Kids ‘Child Abuse’: ‘We Must Stop This Insanity’, by Martin M. Barillas

By Martin M. Barillas, LifeSiteNews – Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, expressed disgust over a video that featured two LGBT activists telling a classroom of school kids that boys can become girls and girls can become boys and one’s “identity” can change over time… The LGBT activists told the children that “genitals actually don’t determine our gender…”… Bishop Strickland tweeted that the LGBT lesson promotes an “insane and evil message” that is destroying the lives of “innocent children.”… “In a sane society,” he wrote, this would be “called what it is, child abuse.”

There’s No ‘Parental Right’ to Chemically Castrate a Child, by Jane Clark Scharl

By Jane Clark Scharl, Crisis Magazine – This month, the question of how to deal with the rapid spread of gender dysphoria among young children reached a breaking point. In Texas, a jury ruled that Jeffrey Younger could not do anything to prevent his seven-year-old son James from undergoing irreversible hormone-replacement procedures, which can cause infertility and significant health issues if used through puberty. The jury said that because the child’s mother Anne Georgulas (the parents are divorced) asserts that James is actually a girl, Mr. Younger could not prevent Ms. Georgulas from facilitating hormone replacement.

Former Planned Parenthood Staffer Reveals How Abortion Biz Grooms Kids for Sex and Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Monica Cline used to be a Planned Parenthood volunteer educator who taught sex education to students and young adults… Cline said Planned Parenthood is targeting younger and younger children through its sex education programs in public schools… In early October, for example, Planned Parenthood wrote on Twitter, “Abortion is health care — and it needs to be included in conversations about sex and sexual health at home and in the classroom.”

Use and Abuse: The Exploitative Reality of Surrogacy and Egg Donation, by Molly Sheahan

By Molly Sheahan, Public Discourse – Over the last two years, I noticed my Facebook and Instagram feeds filling with ads urging me to donate my eggs or to become a surrogate. At first I laughed it off. But the more ads I saw, the more concerned and uncomfortable I felt… It troubled me that women were portrayed as Easter Bunnies; that their ovaries were compared to egg cartons; and that the donors, especially Asian women, were fetishized as exotic, smart, sexy finds, ideal for making a baby… These fertility companies ask young women like me to make a choice―somehow simultaneously altruistic and lucrative―either to sell their eggs for up to $10,000 per ovulatory cycle, or to serve as a surrogate for a couple who just wants a child of their own (for upwards of $75,000).

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: The Hypocrisy of Progressivism

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – Consider the following: Progressives claim to believe in “tolerance” above all else. But it is they who have proved to be the worst offenders when it comes to demonizing and vilifying those who deviate one iota from the shape-shifting progressive orthodoxy. The same progressives who incessantly talk about the value of “dialogue” are those who have spawned so-called cancel culture, in which mobs of their confreres conscientiously strive to drum out of polite society anyone who dares say – or believe – anything that is less than 100% “woke.”

Pope to Fr. Martin: Upset Gays ‘Should Look for Another’ Parish, by George Neumayr

By George Neumayr, Church Militant – Father James Martin, the leading propagandist for LGBT causes in the Church, met in late September with Pope Francis at the Vatican. The 30-minute meeting itself generated headlines and photos, but the content of the conversation between Martin and the pope was not revealed — until now… “(The Pope) asked me not to go to the press, because journalists might twist the conversation,” said Martin Sunday night at a talk before “Out at St. Paul,” a LGBTQ group at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle on the Upper West side of Manhattan.

Fr. James Martin: Pope Meeting Me Was ‘Public Sign of Support’ for My Pro-LGBT Work

By Lianne Laurence, LifeSiteNews – Pro-LGBT Jesuit priest Fr. James Martin is claiming his private meeting with Pope Francis in September was “a public sign” of the pontiff’s “support” for his work — which the American Jesuit describes as “ministering with LGBT Catholics” but which critics say is an indefatigable campaign to change Catholic teaching on homosexuality and other deviant sexual behaviors.

TX State Rep Vows Action After ‘Transition’ Legal Fight, by Chris Woodward

By Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow – Following a court case that gained national attention, a state legislator in Texas is vowing to introduce legislation prohibiting the use of puberty blockers for children… The promise from state Rep. Matt Krause comes after a custody battle over 7-year-old James Younger, who reportedly wants to be a girl according to his mother. But his father, however, claims that is not true and blames the mother for pushing the boy to become a girl named “Luna.”

10 Tips for Surviving a Midlife Crisis in Marriage, by Jacques Gauthier and Luc Adrian

By Jacques Gauthier and Luc Adrian, Aleteia – Middle age is a period of transition, the end of a second adolescence, a crisis of desire when one becomes aware of the finiteness of life. It can play out differently between spouses but, whether it be the man or the woman, the symptoms are unmistakeable: a feeling of loneliness, disillusionment about your limitations and those of your spouse, doubts, lack of self-confidence, depression, lack of pleasure doing the things you’ve always done, indifference to life, ambivalence, difficulty knowing what you want, boredom, an awareness of death, and a great need for introspection.

Austin, Texas School District Mandates Teaching 5th Graders How to Have Unnatural Sex, by Todd Starnes

By Todd Starnes, The Stream – The sex and gender revolutionaries have officially taken over the Austin ISD without firing a single shot… In spite of overwhelming opposition from parents and pastors, the district’s trustees voted early Tuesday morning to implement a pornographic sex education policy that includes instruction on unnatural sex acts and condom-applying techniques… The father of a fifth grader demanded to know who gave the school district the right to impose such vulgar lessons on his child… “Who gave you the right, Austin ISD? You have overstepped,” the rightfully frustrated dad said.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: Pets – Not Children – Are Now “Family”

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, I am often frustrated by how many major network programs are pushing pets – HGTV, Hallmark, Food Network, etc. This is even from networks that have nothing to do with pets. Recently, I was watching a documentary program on electrical engineering, but the commercials mostly showed images of people with pets – no children. Indeed, everywhere we look – TV commercials, billboards, social media, movies, etc., we are bombarded with images of the “new family” – singles and couples, young and old raising “fur-babies.”

Parental Consent Measures Advancing in Sunshine State, by Charlie Butts

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – Lynda Bell of Florida Right to Life tells OneNewsNow it’s wrong to leave parents in the dark… “Your child may have a special blood factor problem [or] there may be some other conditions that the abortionist does not know about,” she argues. “You cannot get your ears pierced, you cannot get a tattoo, you cannot even get an aspirin from the school without parental consent – but you can have an abortion, a surgical abortion? I mean, this is crazy.”

Women: To Work or Not to Work? by Carrie Gress

By Carrie Gress, Ph.D., Catholic World Report – The absence of women as the heart of the family has led to a sharp decline in personal happiness among men, women, and children, while abuse, neglect, suicide, divorce, consumerism, and narcissism have increased… A closer look at the historical Catholic family looks a lot more like Jean-François Millet’s famous mid-19th-century painting The Angelus, which depicts a man and his wife, who have been working together in the field, stopping to pray when the church bells ring.

Can Europe Be Saved From Demographic Doom? by Alessandra Bocchi

By Alessandra Bocchi, American Conservative – “There is a total lack of perspective in my generation’s way of approaching life. They don’t see a future for themselves beyond the present moment,” Giubilei said. “Furthermore, there’s the added factor of our provincial, rural areas disappearing into our cities. Our youth moves to study or to build work opportunities in a city, but the family isn’t factored into this equation. Many of them end up living individualistic lives with no proper direction beyond their careers.”

Purple and Sweet Pro-LGBT Propaganda On the Breakfast Table, by Chris Woodward

By Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow – As part of an effort to say “we’re all in this together,” Kellogg’s has combined several of its cereals into one package to support an LGBTQ “anti-bullying” campaign… In support of last year’s “Spirit Day” – described by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) as “the most visible anti-LGBTQ bullying campaign and united show of support for LGBTQ youth” – Kellogg Company launched the special edition “All Together” Cereal. The variety pack includes Frosted Mini Wheats, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies, and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, packaged in a purple box ….

BREAKING: Texas Gov. Investigating Case Involving Mom Who Wants Gender ‘Transition’ for 7-Yr-Old, by Madeleine Jacob

By Madeleine Jacob, LifeSiteNews – The governor of Texas tweeted today that the state will be investigating the case of a mother who is trying to orchestrate a gender “transition” for her seven-year-old son against the wishes of his father… This evening, Republican Governor Greg Abbott tweeted that the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services will be looking into the James Younger case…. “FYI the matter of 7 year old James Younger is being looked into by the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. #JamesYounger”

Patriot Post: Texas Court Okays Chemically Castrating Seven-Year-Old Boy

Patriot Post – LifeSiteNews reports on a horrific story of child abuse: “A jury in Dallas, Texas has ruled against Jeffrey Younger, the father who is trying to protect his seven-year-old son, James, from chemical castration via a gender ‘transition.’ This means James’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, will be able to continue ‘transitioning’ him into ‘Luna,’ and now has full authority to start him on puberty blockers and eventually cross-sex hormones.”

To Promote Strong Families, America Needs a Shift in Economic Policy, by C C Pecknold

By C C Pecknold, Catholic Herald – Nearly a decade ago, Andrew Cherlin, a sociologist at the Johns Hopkins University, published a book called The Marriage-Go-Round which brought thirty years of research to bear on the state of marriage in America. One of his several dramatic findings was that Americans no longer saw marriage as something foundational for their lives but rather as a “capstone” to a successful life. Because of contraceptive technology, the sexual urge no longer propelled people into marrying young as it once did…

Joker and the Need for Family, by Kody Wayne Cooper

By Kody Wayne Cooper, Public Discourse – Before (the Jokers) release and since, discussion of the film has been obsessed with the debate over whether the portrayal of a disaffected white man violently lashing out at society might bleed over into real life by breeding copycats or if such suggestions are the overreach of woke culture. Major reviewers have judged the film to be “empty,” “foggy,” and a “bad movie,” that “leaves you numb.” But critics have missed what seems to me a central message of the story: the descent into madness begins with the breakdown of the family.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: An Epidemic of Child Porn

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – “The Internet Is Overrun With Images of Child Sexual Abuse,” states the title of a New York Times investigative article, published last week, exposing the epidemic of child porn. According to the Times, in 1998 there were some 3000 reports of images depicting child sex abuse. A decade later, that number grew to over 100,000. By 2014, the number of reports broke one million, before ballooning to over 18.4 million by last year. Those reports, says the Times, “included over 45 million images and videos flagged as child sexual abuse.”

What Percentage of Marriages Survive Infidelity? by Deborah M. Piroch

By Deborah M. Piroch, Human Life International – The Institute for Family Studies reports, “In general, men are more likely than women to cheat: 20% of men and 13% of women reported that they’ve had sex with someone other than their spouse while married.”… “A person’s political identity, family background, and religious activity are also related to whether or not they cheat. Overall, Democrats, adults who didn’t grow up in intact families, and those who rarely or never attend religious services are more likely than others to have cheated on their spouse.

Can Ruth Bader Ginsburg Make a Man Into a Woman? by Terence P. Jeffrey

By Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSNews – Judging by the argument that one lawyer made to Justice Neil Gorsuch, Tuesday must have been an interesting day in the restrooms at the U.S. Supreme Court… “There are transgender lawyers in this courtroom today,” attorney David Cole told Gorsuch… “Of course, there are,” said Gorsuch… Cole was in the court to represent a biological male who decided in 2013 that he “identified” as a female — and who then fought a family-owned Michigan-based funeral home all the way to the Supreme Court because it fired him as a funeral director when he indicated that he intended to start dressing as a female at work.

CDC: Three STDs At An All-Time High In U.S., by Paul Bois

By Paul Bois, DailyWire – The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed cases of gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis at an all-time high across the U.S… “For the fifth consecutive year, combined cases of gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis have risen in the United States, according to a Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published on Tuesday,” reports CNN. “A rise in the prevalence and incidence of STDs can come with serious public health consequences and concerns, including infertility, drug-resistant gonorrhea and congenital syphilis, which can cause infant death.”

The Left to America’s Children: Your Past is Terrible, and Your Future is Terrible, by Dennis Prager

By Dennis Prager, The Stream – A rule of life is that everything the left touches it ruins: art, music, Christianity, Judaism, race relations, male-female relations, universities, high schools, elementary schools, late-night comedy, sports, liberty, journalism, the Boy Scouts, national economies, language and everything else it influences… The left, not liberalism… To this list, we can now add childhood and children… The left robs children of their innocence and has helped produce an unprecedented number of anxious and depressed young people.

What You Need to Know About the Transgender Case at the Supreme Court, by Lauren Evans, Virginia Allen

By Lauren Evans, Virginia Allen, Daily Signal – There’s a case that will be heard by the Supreme Court where a man who identifies as a woman is alleging sex discrimination after being fired from their job at a funeral home. Can you tell us more about this case, Emilie?… Yes. The Harris Funeral Homes case originated when a male employee of a funeral home wanted to start presenting as a woman. He wanted to start dressing as a woman, and the funeral home has a sex-specific dress code, which is legal…. The funeral home owner, Thomas Rost, was very concerned, not only about his employees, his female employees, who might have to share bathrooms with the male employee, but also about the effect on the people whom the funeral homes serve.

Living NFP Joyfully, by Anya Semenoff

By Anya Semenoff, Denver Catholic – A touchpoint has consistently appeared in the course of Jenny Uebbing’s writing career. Over the past 10 years, Jenny Uebbing has covered a wide range of topics on her popular blog, Mama Needs Coffee: the joys and challenges of motherhood, travel, style, liturgical seasons, spirituality, and more. But she consistently returned to one subject: natural family planning.

Will Your Child Be Forced to Celebrate Sex Politics 15 Times This School Year? by Cathy Ruse

By Cathy Ruse, Family Research Council – Powerful forces are pushing your child’s public school to celebrate sex politics this year—15 times!… How many of these events have made it onto your school’s calendar? Find out today… For the 2019-2020 School Year: Ally Week (September 23-27, 2019)… Pressures students to declare themselves “allies” of students or teachers who identify as LGBT… Bisexual Awareness Week… LGBTQ History Month.. Labels historical figures as LGBT, even when they never identified as such… National Coming Out Day (October 11, 2019)…

Supreme Court to Decide High-Stakes ‘LGBT’ Cases Amid Partisan Scrutiny, by Joan Frawley Desmond

By Joan Frawley Desmond, National Catholic Register – The U.S. Supreme Court will begin its 2019-2020 term with a thunderclap: a trio of cases that could result in the extension of federal employment protections that now bar discrimination based on “sex” to encompass workers who identify as “gay” or “transgender.”… “When Title VII passed in 1964, there is no question that Congress at that time did not intend to include gender identity or sexual orientation, and most appellate courts have recognized that,” said Eric Kniffin, a Colorado-based attorney who specializes in religious-freedom issues in the workplace.

Sex, Contraception, and Morality: The Catholic Church Gave Us Wise Advice 50 Years Ago, by Dr. Janet Smith, Aug. 2, 2018

By Janet Smith, PhD, Americna Life League – Fifty years ago (in 1968), Pope Paul VI advanced quite a different view. He issued an encyclical titled Humanae Vitae, which means Of Human Life in Latin… The encyclical—a high-level papal teaching document on faith and morals—reaffirmed the traditional Roman Catholic teaching rejecting all forms of contraception as incompatible with God’s plan for sexuality. It also discusses why methods of natural family planning are compatible with responsible parenthood and married love.

Why Women Love The Home But Not Being A Homemaker, by Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering

By Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering, The Federalist – Over the past decade, our culture has seen a resurgence of interest in the domestic arts. What was old seems new again… Contemporary McMansions are shunned for old farmhouses or low-slung mid-century homes. Convenience food is something we buy sheepishly, opting instead to wear aprons while making simple, slow meals served on hand-thrown pottery. We knit, sew, quilt, and even quill. If it is a craft, it has probably made, or is about to make, a social comeback from prior relative obscurity.

Body-Soul Unity, National Catholic Bioethics Center

By National Catholic Bioethics Center – Gender transitioning, involving behavioral, hormonal, or surgical treatments, or a combination of these, is coming to be broadly accepted as a form of “therapy.” The concept of gender transitioning, however, stands in radical opposition to a proper understanding of the nature of the human person. It presupposes that there is a “self” that is separate from the body, which happens to find itself in a body and which might therefore be in the wrong body.

Rambo: Last Blood — a Movie for Dads and Sons? by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, a Senior Editor, The Stream – The movie is part of a franchise built on bloody, vigilante revenge. That’s not as redemptive as the last two films I recommended here. (Brian Banks, an uplifting story of a young black man falsely convicted of rape, and Peanut Butter Falcon, a delightful buddy movie which stars a young actor with Down Syndrome.) Let’s admit that right off the bat… But you don’t always need an uplifting or heartwarming movie. Sometimes your heart, battered by seeing so many evils on the news, craves a different medicine. And Stallone here offers a tincture which in safe doses, rightly applied, can serve a legitimate purpose.

Women and the Rebuilding of Christian Civilisation, by Maria Madise

By Maria Madise, Voice of the Family – “To a great extent the level of any civilization is the level of its womanhood,” noted Archbishop Fulton Sheen. We can only fathom the full dignity and beauty of Christian civilisation when we consider that its level is none other than the Blessed Virgin… Today’s world looks even more fallen than after the Fall and wholly unworthy of her. However, we should not forget the perseverance of those who lived between Eve and Mary, ceaselessly imploring God to send a saviour to reopen the gates of Heaven. Their prayer was successful. So we should also pray – and work – for the speedy triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

Sexual Orientation and Priestly Ministry, by Gene Gomulka

By Gene Gomulka, Church Militant – In time the woman met someone with whom she fell in love and who accepted her knowing all that she had gone through in her life. It was two years after they married that they had a child, whom they named after the priest who counseled her… The counseling provided by the priest is supported by recent findings published in Science, which show that there is no such thing as a “gay gene.” According to the study, which examined the sexual histories of some 500,000 people, it was “environmental factors” that were found mainly to be responsible for one’s sexual preferences.

Surrogacy, Same-Sex ‘Marriage,’ and the Thirteenth Amendment, by Robert G. Marshall

By Robert G. Marshall, American Life League – While social elites have embraced the Court’s Obergefell decision, Mother Nature still exhibits a complete indifference to providing for procreation by same-sex couples… Even though commercial surrogacy advocates claim they are merely reimbursing women for their “services” as gestational mothers, surrogacy contracts which are enforceable in state courts require the actual delivery, not simply the carrying, of a child to the “Intended Parents.” In other words, the payment is finally to obtain the child.

Imagine This: Putting Children First, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – If you’re not following Dr. Jennifer Morse on family issues and sexual morals, you’re missing out… (at) Acton University… she gave a terrific talk on her book The Sexual State. It’s an important read, because it highlights how the sexual revolution resembles the French and the Russian Revolutions. Each one saw utopian movements championed by intellectuals grab vast, unaccountable power, then set up a state to impose their ideas by force on anyone who resisted.

Catholic Hospital Can Be Sued for Refusing Transgender Hysterectomy, by Wesley J. Smith

By Wesley J. Smith, National Review – I wrote the other day about the intention within bioethics to destroy Catholic healthcare. Today, a court ruling from California proves my point… A Catholic hospital known as Dignity Health refused to perform a hysterectomy on a transgendered male, as against Catholic moral teaching. The patient sued for discrimination, but the case was dismissed on the basis that the hospital was legally following its faith principles. Alas, a Court of Appeals reversed, reinstating the case to the active docket. Why am I not surprised?

Family and the Revolution, by Prof. Roberto de Mattei

By Prof. Roberto de Mattei, Voice of the Family – And it is in this perspective that we meditate on the words of Sister Lucia with which we opened, and with which we will conclude: “Father, there will come a moment in which the decisive battle between the Kingdom of Christ and Satan will be over the family. And those who will work for the good of the family will experience persecution and tribulation. But there is no need to be afraid because the Blessed Mother has already crushed the serpent’s head.”… This is what the Madonna promised at Fatima, and we, with immense faith, believe her.

Does “Conversion Therapy” Hurt People Who Identify as Transgender? The New JAMA Psychiatry Study Cannot Tell Us, by Mark Regnerus

By Mark Regnerus, Public Discourse – A new study purports to prove the harms of “conversion therapy” for those who identify as transgender. But there are at least four good reasons for being leery of the results appearing therein… In a “study” that arrived to much media fanfare last week in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, researchers affiliated with Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital purported to offer convincing proof that “conversion therapy” predicts longstanding toxic outcomes among Americans who self-identify as transgender, including greater recent suicidality and more severe psychological distress in the past month.

New Petition Asks President Trump to Help ‘Make the Family Great Again’, by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

By Jennifer Roback Morse, LifeSiteNews – Advocates of “unalienable rights,” or “inalienable rights” of the kind found in the US Declaration of Independence, ground their understanding of rights in undeniable and universal truths about the human condition. This is a basic starting point of natural law thinking… Sexual revolutionaries sneer at natural rights and natural law, treating these as self-evidently terms of derision. They seem to think that anything using the word “natural” is a strictly theological concept… But, advocates of the Sexual Revolution often use an expansive understanding of “human rights” to promote their values and visions. Describing “marriage equality” as a “human right” allows them to sidestep the many troubling consequences of redefining marriage. Labeling abortion as a “human right” puts defenders of the unborn on the defensive.

Archives: Cardinal Caffarra: Satan is Hurling at God the “Ultimate and Terrible Challenge”, by Edward Pentin

By Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register – Cardinal Caffarra.. made clear that the Lord’s force of attraction “can only take effect on those who ‘are from the truth’ — those “profoundly available to the Truth, who love the truth, who live in familiarity with it.”… But “there is no truth” in Satan, he added, who seeks to kill truth in the heart of man by “inducing” him to unbelief. He is constantly refusing the truth; his action in society is to oppose the truth. “Satan is this refusal,” the cardinal remarked. “He is this opposition.”… Satan is therefore always working against the Lord’s strong force of attraction to Himself, seeking to “neutralize” it.

The 2 Ways a Sacramental Wedding Changes Your Marriage, by Theresa Civantos Barber

By Theresa Civantos Barber, Aleteia – A sacramental marriage is not merely a civil contract under human law; rather, it is a covenant under God that permanently unites two persons. As long as the marriage “results from the free human act of the spouses,” it becomes “a covenant guaranteed by God’s fidelity,” something that is “irrevocable” and “can never be dissolved” (CCC 1640). That is, the marriage covenant is for the whole of life, and nothing on earth can tear it apart.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: The Contraception-Abortion Connection

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – HLI’s founder, Fr. Paul Marx, OSB, ardently believed that, looked at one way, abortion is merely one symptom of a much deeper cultural and spiritual disease. Without addressing this deeper problem, he worried, we may well save many individual lives, but make precious little progress in turning the culture away from child-killing… For his part, Fr. Marx believed that the root cause of abortion, and many of the evils of the Culture of Death, is the “contraceptive mentality.” As he said: “While we need a variety of pro-life groups hacking away at the anti-life monster, it is enormously futile and indeed grossly short-sighted to overlook the chief source of baby-killing, which is contraception.”

Gay Media Praise Pope Francis’ Pick of Pro-LGBT+ Bishop as Cardinal, by Michael W. Chapman

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews – PinkNews, a popular online news source for the global LGBT+ community, praised one of Pope Francis’ new appointments for cardinal, Archbishop Matteo Zuppi of Bologna, Italy, stating that the Pope had “named a pro-LGBT+ bishop as cardinal” and that “LGBT+ advocates are celebrating” the selection… On Sept. 1, Pope Francis announced that he was appointing 13 new clerics to the rank of cardinal, which means they will be able to vote for the next Pope when the time arrives. Such appointments usually indicate the direction the Pope wants the Church to follow.

The Responsible Parenthood of ‘Humanae Vitae’ Requires Virtue, by Susanna Spencer

By Susanna Spencer, National Catholic Register – Virtue ethics helps us to know what are “well-grounded reasons for spacing births, arising from the physical or psychological condition of husband or wife, or from external circumstances” in which couples should “take advantage of natural cycles” (HV §16). It further helps us to know when it is a prudent time to have more children. Married couples who are acting as responsible parents and decide to either have or to not have additional children are being both prudent and generous. And prudence and generosity are both virtues.

If You Don’t Find Your Identity in a Family, You’ll Look For It in the Primal Screams of Identity Politics, by Luma Simms

By Luma Simms, Public Discourse – In Primal Screams, Eberstadt argues that today’s identity politics arose from the deep anthropological wound slit open by the sexual revolution. That is, the ascent of identity politics reveals that people are having an identity crisis, and they are having an identity crisis because the sexual revolution resulted in family—and, by extension, individual—breakdown. This sent mankind throughout the West into a crisis. The fundamental question “Who am I?” can no longer be answered outright.

Report: Razor-Maker Repents, Refocuses, by Bill Bumpas

By Bill Bumpas, OneNewsNow – Gillette, owned by Procter & Gamble, had been airing a commercial featuring “toxic masculinity” as well as an ad that showed a father helping his daughter – who was trying to transition to a boy – to shave (pictured). After a public backlash and a financial downturn, the company has changed its tune, according to Monica Cole, director of OneMillionMoms.

The Seattle Suicide: Not ‘Confusion’ But Grave Scandal, by Phil Lawler

By Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture – Confusion? The AP story was not confusing at all; its message was crystal-clear. A man had received a blessing in a special ceremony arranged by his parish before he carried out his plan to take his own life—and, for good measure, to enter into “marriage” with his male partner just before the suicide. The implication was unmistakable: the parish approved of Robert Fuller’s plans. The problem was not “confusion;” it was scandal.

Transgenderism is a Gateway to Pedophilia, by Benjamin Wiker

By Benjamin Wiker, EWTN News – As I’ve written previously, pedophilia was widely accepted in ancient pagan Greece and Rome. The only reason that it’s still illegal today is that Christians evangelized the decadent Roman Empire and made it clear to converts that sex with children belonged to the “way of death,” not the “way of life.” These are the words of the Didache, the first-century catechetical manual for converts to Christianity from paganism, which commands, “you shall not corrupt boys.”

The Real War on Women, by Stan Guthrie

By Stan Guthrie, BreakPoint – The Sexual Revolution, despite its claim to “liberate women,” fired the first shot. While certainly the old, pre-revolution sexual order may have produced its own oppressions and hang-ups about sex, by and large it kept the act largely within marriage, which provided undeniable protections to women and children. In exchange for sex, men, who would otherwise tend toward unbridled sexual libertinism, were forced to provide a stable home and a trustworthy commitment to their marriages and families. In the process, men were “civilized.”

AFA: Target Continues Doing Nothing to Prevent Voyeurism, by Chris Woodward

By Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow – The retail giant says its policy allowing people to use opposite-sex restrooms and changing rooms is meant to be inclusive for transgender employees and customers. Still, organizations such as American Family Association argue the policy puts women and children at risk of sexual predators who take advantage of the transgender policy.

How Did Sodomy Become “Pride”? by Chris Ferrara

By Chris Ferrara, – The “gay pride” movement spread throughout the country and ultimately achieved governmental recognition by a supposedly religiously neutral but actually inherently anti-religious federal government. Two presidents, Clinton and Obama, have “officially” declared that June is “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month,” thus committing the “religiously neutral” federal government to a moral position that radically contradicts a fundamental precept of the divine and natural law…

CNSNews: IVF and Frozen Embryos: What Should We Do with These Little Abandoned Lives?

By John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris, CNSNews – I’m unapologetically Protestant but, as I’ve said for a while now, our Catholic friends have long led the way on many bioethical issues like abortion and assisted reproductive technologies. For example, back in 2008, the Vatican released a document called “Dignitatis personae,” which said that “The desire for a child, while good, cannot justify the ‘production’ of offspring, just as the desire to not have a child cannot justify the abandonment or destruction of a child once he or she has been conceived.”

Sloppy Hospice Care Only Helping Assisted Suicide, by Charlie Butts

By Charlie Butts – Schandenberg contends the problems in the industry give proponents of assisted suicide ammunition to support their cause and therefore, he says, it’s time for lawmakers to take action… “The truth is that hospice needs to be cleaned up in a serious manner,” he tells OneNewsNow. “We will not have a strong argument against assisted suicide in a secular world if we cannot provide good care — and it’s simply not occurring.”

Fr. Michael Rennier: Why Marriage is Inherently “Unfair”

By Fr. Michael Rennier, Aleteia – Perhaps, as Mary Kenny contends over at the Catholic Herald, men’s brains are simply wired differently. Whatever the cause, I can certainly see how the situation seems unfair. It seems unfair because it is unfair. In fact, most marriages are riddled with unfairness. If the goal is a perfectly equal partnership in which duties are carefully discussed and agreed upon such that neither partner carries more of the load … well, I’ve never seen that arrangement in real life. Inevitably, married couples fall into a comfortable pattern that seems to work for them.

Cleaning Up Our Personal Environment, by Judie Brown

By Judie Brown, American Life League – The latest environmentally correct headline claims that “Contraception Is the Answer to Climate Change.”… Why is that? you might ask. Well, doesn’t everyone know that human beings are the problem because, as the writer claims, there are “too many of them, and born too fast.”… While this pessimistic gibberish has been around for many years, we would do well to think about it again, especially when considering one’s individual bodily integrity. After all, contraception is not only dangerous but a pollutant to the human body.

Pro-Abortion & Pro-LGBTQ – Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work, by Bob Kellogg

By Bob Kellogg, OneNewsNow – Two groups prominent in America’s public education community are being taken to task for strategically indoctrinating children in liberal thought and “progressive” political activism.Every summer, the National Education Association assembles thousands of delegates to consider and vote on “new business items” for the teachers’ union. Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute reports one of those items adopted at the NEA convention last month in Houston states unequivocally that the organization supports abortion.

Big Families Will Be the Next Target in the Culture Wars, by Colin Brazier

By Colin Brazier, Catholic Herald – But we live in shrill times. There is an aud¬ibly angry lobby emerging which argues that the only way to help a planet with a population zooming towards ten billion is to make a personal decision to forgo childbearing at all… Many of these “birth-strikers” would be surprised to learn that there is nothing original in the pose they strike. In the 1970s, in the wake of a previous moral panic about family size (spawned, in part, by Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb), there was a similar spasm of childless-by-choice activism.

Teen Vogue Gonna Do Its Thing, But Will Parents Do Parenting? by Charlie Butts

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – A teen magazine known for its outrageous left-wing articles is at it again but a family advocacy group says parents are ultimately responsible for pushing back… OneNewsNow has reported how Teen Vogue is seemingly obsessed with promoting abortion to impressionable teen girls, and the latest abortion apologetics story advises them on how to hide a life-altering abortion from their parents… “Having access to abortion should be your right,” the article tells young girls, “regardless of your parents’ beliefs.”

A Sex-Abuse Story Catholics Need to Hear, by Sue Ellen Browder

By Sue Ellen Browder, National Catholic Register – I met my beloved husband, Walter, in 1966 at the University of Missouri, where he was studying to be a chemical engineer and I was enrolled in the School of Journalism, hoping to earn a living as a magazine writer. Almost from the moment we met, Walter and I were fast friends.After our marriage, he left engineering to become a struggling novelist, and we both freelanced from home, working, playing and raising our children side by side.

CNSNews: Parental Nightmares in Public Schools

By L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNSNews – Public schools are reopening for business across America, meaning it’s time to get back to reading, writing, arithmetic … and revolution… As usual in matters such as these, California is leading the way… On the first day of classes at Denair Middle School near Modesto, science teacher Luis Davila Alvarado handed out a worksheet from a transgender advocacy group titled “The Gender Unicorn” asking students about their “gender identity,” “gender expression” and their sexual and emotional attractions… These are children.

Woodstock at 50: The Anti-Fatima Event that Should Not Be Celebrated, by John Horvat II

By John Horvat II, Crisis Magazine – On August 15–17, 1969, the Woodstock Music and Art Fair was held on a 600-acre dairy farm near Bethel, New York. Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of this monumental cultural event that marked an epoch… Woodstock changed America. It helped usher in a period of moral devastation. The event enshrined free love as acceptable in the national psyche. It created the idea that life should be dominated by the maxim, “if it feels good, do it.”… However, the worst part of Woodstock was its role in creating the spiritual desolation of imagining a utopian society without religion or the Catholic Faith.

America’s Biggest Issue: Welfare (Video )

By Media Editors, Patriot Post – Genevieve Wood explains why more than five decades, several welfare programs, and $25 trillion later, the welfare system has largely failed the poor. ‘Welfare is anti-work and anti-marriage’.

The Pedophile Project: Your 7-Year-Old Is Next On The Sexual Revolution’s Hit Parade, by Stella Morabito

By Stella Morabito, The Federalist – Activists for normalizing pedophilia are on the move. Public acceptance of adult sex with children is the next domino poised to fall in identity politics. It’s being sustained, among other things, by the rapid sexualization of children in the media and in K-12 education… We cannot dismiss the campaign to legalize pedophilia as fringy stuff that will get nowhere. It’s real and it’s here and it’s gaining strength. It’s a very logical outgrowth of the nihilism inherent in the sexual revolution.

Meanwhile, This Is What LGBTQ Organizations Are Doing to Society, by Dennis Prager

By Dennis Prager, PJ Media – Virtually every week, there seems to be another issue that preoccupies the country. But while our attention is focused on President Donald Trump, Google, Charlottesville, Russia, impeachment, Jeffrey Epstein…. LGBTQ organizations are quietly going about their work dismantling ethical norms, making a mockery of education, ruining innocent people’s lives and destroying children’s innocence.

Loneliness Is a Human Catastrophe – and It’s Getting Worse, by Barbara Kay

By Barbara Kay, MercatorNet – The chapter (in Mary Eberstadt’s latest book, Primal Screams: How the sexual revolution created identity politics) in which the heat wave incident features concerns an epidemic of loneliness that is affecting great swaths of the populations in countries all over the world. The sexual revolution produced what Eberstadt calls a “Great Scattering,” the result of a breakdown of family as the pillar of society. She says, “(T)he human animal has been selected for familial forms of socialization that for many people no longer exist.”

Msgr. Charles Pope: Will Marriages Be Acknowledged in Heaven?

By Msgr. Charles Pope – That a marriage ends by the death of a spouse speaks more to worldly realities than to heavenly ones. It still does not follow that one’s earthly marriage will have no meaning in Heaven. Even if a person remarries after the death of his/her spouse, surely both relationships will be perfected in Heaven, not discarded. As the relationships are perfect, there will be no jealousy or resentment between the first spouse and the second.

‘Where Are Our Voices?’ Ministry Leader Pleads With Christian Parents and Churches to Stand Against LGBT Agenda, by Nancy Flory

By Nancy Flory, The Stream – “It breaks my heart. Do you know we have more ex-Christians or Christians leaving the lifestyle going into the homosexual life than there are those coming out? That’s kind of our fault.”… Janet Boynes has a ministry to help people who want to leave the homosexual life. Janet Boynes Ministries “exists to help people get spiritual guidance and be set free from homosexuality and other sexual sins through the power of Jesus Christ.” The ministry also works with pastors so that they can help those in their congregation who struggle with the issue.

Giving the Devil His Due, by Paul Kengor

By Paul Kengor, Crisis Magazine – I wrote here at Crisis back in March 2018 about the all-too-common link between mass shooters and fatherlessness. That was in the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida incident. Looking at a list of the worst mass shooters in U.S. history, it was clear that the vast majority came from broken families lacking a consistent biological father throughout their rearing and development. Very few had good, stable dads.

Virginia’s Governor Wants to Lock Teens in Transgenderism. Stop Him. by Cathy Ruse

By Cathy Ruse, Family Research Council – Disgraced Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has directed his Board of Counseling to punish any counselor who responds to a teen’s cry for help to accept her own physical biology… That’s called putting politics in front of people… You have heard of these bans. They’re sometimes called bans on “conversion therapy.” LGBT activists describe nightmarish scenarios of cruel methods used on “gay” people to make them “straight,” without any real evidence, to get what they really want: sweeping bans to outlaw not only cruel methods, but all therapy. Even talk therapy.

Pope Francis’s Strange Bedfellows, by James Kalb

By James Kalb, Crisis Magazine – One would assume a radical pope like Francis would at least keep a few token conservatives in his entourage. On the contrary: many of his appointees are well to the Left of his own public image. Much can be gleaned about the Holy Father’s mind by studying the men he entrusts with power and authority… Take the appointment of Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia to head the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family. The regime-change took place two years ago; now, as expected, Paglia is conducting a Stalin-style purge of the Academy.

The Marketing Crisis of NFP

By Gloriam Marketing – A few weeks ago, at a bachelorette party of all places, I was asked about NFP (Natural Family Planning)… Certainly not expecting the question in that element, and being a “halfway” user of NFP.. my answer was short and to the point: Yes… that it was a sacrifice but totally worth it, and that I did not regret NOT being on birth control at all. Thankfully, the questioner accepted it, seemed interested in looking into it, and then blessedly changed the conversation.

Amazon Just Banned My Dad’s Therapy Books, Caving to LGBT Activists, by Joseph Nicolosi, Jr.

By Joseph Nicolosi, Jr., Church Militant – On Amazon, you can buy almost any book written throughout human history — from the Bible to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, or even a book glorifying pedophilia… As of last week, however, you cannot get any of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Sr.’s books about leaving homosexuality — because Amazon just banned them all… From 1981 until his death in 2017, my father was the driving force behind reparative therapy. He invented, refined and used this innovative counseling method to help thousands of men overcome the effects of sexual abuse and other deep-seated childhood traumas.

A Calculated Media Campaign is Gaslighting the World On Transgender Insanity, by Jonathon Van Maren

By Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSiteNews – What the media is doing while shrieking about our vanishing standards of normalcy is waging an all-out war on the idea of the male-female gender binary itself. While they are highlighting the abnormal nature of a president who tweets out spur-of-the-moment policy, they are pushing child drag queens and transgender children …..

Social “Science” at the JPII Institute, by Robert Royal

By Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing – The Catholic world was surprised – though not entirely so – last week when the previously announced “refounding” of the John Paul II Institute on Marriage and the Family resulted in the firing of two prominent longtime professors and the “suspension” – for the time being, we may hope – of all faculty. All this in service of what was reported as Pope Francis’ intention to “broaden its academic curriculum, from a focus on the theology of marriage and the family to an approach that will also include the study of the family from the perspective of the social sciences.”

Fr. James Martin is a False Teacher, Must be Rebuked by All Faithful Catholics, by Matt Gaspers

By Matt Gaspers, Catholic Family News – Every year on the Third Sunday after Pentecost, which fell on June 30 this year, the faithful who attend the traditional Roman Mass hear a powerful duo of readings from Holy Scripture… The Epistle, 1 Peter 5:6–11, focuses our attention on the reality of spiritual warfare, with the Prince of the Apostles exhorting us, “Be sober and watch, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour. Whom resist ye, strong in faith: knowing that the same affliction befalls your brethren who are in the world.”….

Indoctrinating Children With ‘LGBTQ’ Entertainment, by Brian Mark Weber

By Brian Mark Weber, Patriot Post – Young minds are more frequently being subject to emotional manipulation in cartoons…There was a time in America when children’s entertainment was a safe bet. Sure, we saw the slow creep of movie violence, more promiscuous characters, and more subject matter made for mature viewers, but we could certainly let our kids watch a Disney flick without worrying about our values being undermined… Not anymore.

Even Married Christians Are Called to Embrace Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience, by Peter Kwasniewski

By Peter Kwasniewski, LifeSiteNews – In the Middle Ages, every member of Christendom lived under a common law: the law of the Gospel as taught by the Church. There were not two worlds, two standards, the sacred and the profane; there was but one, which unified all things around the Cross. Hence this society was hierarchical but not clericalist. Clericalism is the sclerosis of hierarchy. It occurs when hierarchy ceases to be a vital, internal principle of cohesion, recognized as the mouthpiece for a commonly-held Christianity….

Social Science Is Not Enough, by Scott Yenor

By Scott Yenor, Public Discourse – All the science in the world does not answer the deepest questions of political importance. Pretending that questions of political priority are merely technical or scientific questions is the lie of modern times. Conservatives must relearn this lesson in order to defend essential public goods like marriage and the family… Debates over the science of marriage and happiness are really about whether marriage is best understood as a vehicle for individual growth or as a community of love.

What’s Driving America’s ‘Boy Crisis’, by Daniel Davis

By Daniel Davis, The Daily Signal – Mass shootings like the one in California last weekend have caused many to wonder what’s going wrong with our young men. Warren Farrell has a book out on this. He calls it “the boy crisis.”… About 90% of the mass shooters that I studied since Columbine have been boys brought up in homes that have minimal or no father involvement or products of divorce or so on.

This Attack on John Paul’s Legacy is Intellectually Embarrassing, by C C Pecknold

By C C Pecknold, Catholic Herald – In 2017, Pope Francis issued a motu proprio, Summa Familiae Cura, essentially re-founding and re-naming the Pontifical Institute to accord with Amoris Laetitia. The Holy Father explicitly praised John Paul the Great’s vision which gave rise to the Institute, but said that the re-founding was important for “expanding the field of interest, both in terms of the new dimensions of the pastoral task and the ecclesial mission, as well as in the development of human sciences and the anthropological culture in such a crucial field for the culture of life.”

Fr. Jerry Pokorsky: Healing an Angry Culture

By Fr. Jerry Pokorsky, Catholic Culture – Sexuality affects all aspects of the human person: body, mind, and emotions. It is the foundation of the capacity of men and women to bear children within the context of marriage. Human sexuality is also a significant factor in forming bonds of healthy relationships with others. In the crucially important arena of human sexuality, our first obligation is to identify the normal. Christian chastity defines normal and removes the frustrations that come with living abnormal lifestyles.

The Daily Signal: Why the Carbon Tax Would Backfire on America

By Laura Williamson, Nicolas Loris, The Daily Signal – (M)arginal bipartisan support for enacting a new tax on American families and businesses doesn’t make it good policy… Different models and prices have been proposed, but they all tax activities that emit carbon dioxide on the premise that emissions are responsible for global warming, a cost to society which otherwise isn’t accounted for. They propose to address this “market failure” with a policy that could well lead to economic failure.

How the Sexual Revolution Has Corrupted the Professions (and What You Can Do About It!) by Jennifer Roback Morse

By Jennifer Roback Morse, EWTN News – People sometimes ask me, “Dr. Morse, how in the world do these crazy ideologies and policies keep coming at us? Why are we seeing demands for gender neutral bathrooms in public places, drag queen story hours in our libraries, and a “non-binary” option on birth certificates and driver’s licenses?”… these things didn’t spring up overnight out of nowhere… Many professional societies have become corrupted by Sexual Revolutionary ideology and captured by committed ideologues. These people have been plowing this ground for a long time.

NFP & the Priesthood: Fr. Justin Braun

By Fr. Justin Braun, Source: TotalWhine Blog – The beauty of chastity, self-denial, integrated and selfless love, is that it actually makes you happier! The virtues are not some archaic set of propositions to make you miserable, but rather reveal man more fully to himself. Sexual sins often are just the symptom of a life caught up in the world, a life devoid of or only shallowly engaging the joyful life of faith, and that is the bigger problem. To re-engage someone where they are at is the chance of “encounter”, but to lead them away from sin, as Jesus did with the woman caught in adultery, is one of the most meaningful and life-giving works of every Christian.

A Warning to Church Over ‘Reckoning’ That is Coming, by Steve Jordahl

By Steve Jordahl, OneNewsNow – At the same time a secular culture is pushing Christian beliefs out of the public square in the name of “tolerance,” a longtime theologian is warning the Church that many houses of worship have already given up the fight… When the U.S. Supreme Court narrowly ruled last year in favor of business owner Jack Phillips and his Masterpiece Cakeshop, most conservatives realized it was a temporary victory in a long and desperate culture war… Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Seminary, said as much in June at the annual Western Conservative Summit that was held in Denver.

Trump Admin Praised for Withholding UN Funds, by Charlie Butts

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – A controversial United Nations organization isn’t getting any American dollars after the Trump administration stuck to a funding policy… For the third year in a row the administration has eliminated funds for the United Nations Population Fund, a family planning organization… Rebecca Oas of C-FAM says there is a good reason: the UN group has a history of cooperating with the communist Chinese government and its coercive one-child policy, a population control program that included forced abortions and contraceptives.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: The LGBT Doctrine of Intolerance

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – A depressingly true image has been making the rounds on social media. I can’t seem to find the original right now. But if I recall correctly, the text on the image goes something like this: “2009: How will legalizing gay marriage personally affect you? 2019: Celebrate this 11-year-old drag queen, or you’re a bigot!”… That just about sums up the current insanity in our culture.

Gay Men Purchasing Babies is Not Honorable, by Jennifer Hartline

By Jennifer Hartline, The Stream – Last week on Twitter a gay man announced that he and his sexual partner are planning to contract the services of a “carrier” and purchase a baby. In a long thread, he laid out his answers to the objections he expected people to raise, then concluded by saying the reason they were doing this was simple: love. … That is utter horse hockey. Love has nothing to do with it.

A New Feminism, by Stephen G. Adubato

By Stephen G. Adubato, First Things – In our metaphysically confused age, pro-life feminist groups like the New Wave Feminists are offering women an alternative to the Feminist Magisterium and its limited view of human personhood… The NWF was founded in 2004 by purple-haired Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa. Herndon’s conception was unplanned. She calls her mother’s choice to carry her to term—and all the sacrifices that went along with it—a demonstration of “true feminist strength.” According to her, abortion is not a solution to women’s oppression, but a symptom of oppression. ….

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: The Blessings of ‘Ordinary’ Children

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – Most Reverend José H. Gomez said, For thousands of years, just about everyone intuitively understood that it was a good thing to commit one’s life to another in marriage, and then to bring children into the world. But for unusual cases, such as those entering the priesthood, or monasteries and convents, this is what the overwhelming majority of people would aspire to, and expect to do. Now, however, for a variety of reasons, “many young people are debating whether it is ‘ethical’ to have kids,” the archbishop noted. “There is an even larger conversation going on among millennials about the ‘value’ of starting a family.”

Ruth Institute President Blasts the American Psychological Association for Pushing Sexual Anarchy, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., Ruth Institute – Morse said, “The goal of mental health professionals used to be to help individuals overcome harmful tendencies. Mental health professionals used to believe that children deserved love and support from their parents. Now the APA is completely ignoring the impact of adult sexual behavior on children. Their only considerations seem to be making adults feel good about themselves and fighting ‘stigmatization.’’’

Wake Up, Parents, to Left Stealing Your Kids, by Charlie Butts, Billy Davis

By Charlie Butts, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow – Democratic lawmakers in Illinois want to help girls sneak into abortion clinics and keep their parents in the dark, but a pro-life activist says the issue is about more than one controversial law… A 1995 law bars minors from getting an abortion without parental notification but now a proposal in the General Assembly would drop the old law entirely despite a “judicial bypass” option that is also on the books… “This is going to be for every girl,” she warns. “And actually, since we already are the abortion Mecca of the Midwest, this would allow sex traffickers [and] predators to bring young minor girls into the state to have abortions.”

NFP’s Modern Marvels Draws Millennials, Scientists and Some Pushback, by Peter Jesserer Smith

By Peter Jesserer Smith, National Catholic Register – More millennial women than ever are turning to fertility-awareness-based methods, not simply for a natural way to plan their families, but as a way to keep track of their bodily health and well-being without putting hormones or artificial devices into their bodies… “I’m a millennial, and we’re just kind of tired of anything that looks like it’s from the 1970s, especially for our health,” Cassie Moriarity, a 29-year-old Catholic woman living in New York City, told the Register.

How Fathers Influence Their Daughters’ Romantic Relationships, by D. Scott Sibley

By D. Scott Sibley, Institute for Family Studies – The research literature is becoming increasingly clear about the substantial importance of fathers in the lives of their children. Unfortunately, far too many children in the United States and throughout the world experience father loss. As discussed previously on this blog, father loss can negatively impact children in a variety of different ways, even on a biological level. Compounding this issue are myths about fatherhood that are perpetuated in our society…..

Polyamory is for Pre-Teens in Public Schools. Oh, Really? by Cathy Ruse

By Cathy Ruse, The Stream – The world recently learned that the American Psychological Association promotes “polyamory,” “swinging,” and “relationship anarchy.” Their experts say it’s healthy and ethical. They’re crazy… Leftists who run our nation’s public schools love to hide behind the skirts of the APA when it comes to crazy Sex Ed. So in a recent column, I wondered how long it would take for them to push polyamory on the pubertal… Then I learned they already do…

ICYMI: Faithful Catholics: Don’t Accept Confusion About Sexual Morality, by Phil Lawler

By Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture – But there is a far greater evil (than any “Pride” Parade) that goes largely unchecked and mostly unchallenged in the Catholic Church: the ongoing problem of priests and prelates and their lay underlings who openly disseminate their own spin on LGBT propaganda. What makes their actions grossly evil—is that they do so in the name of God.

LifeSiteNews: Texas Bishop Speaks With Clarity While Pro-LGBT Fr. Martin Sows Confusion, by Lisa Bourne

By Lisa Bourne, LifeSiteNews – When Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, shared an essay on Twitter by respected Catholic commentator, journalist and author Phil Lawler this week, he spoke with typical clarity on a crucial issue related to the salvation of souls while again pledging to do his job and defend the Catholic faith… “As a bishop, I will do my best to ‘guard the deposit of faith, entire & incorrupt’ from the wolves who attack it. Mercy abhors bigotry AND sin.”

Patriot Post: Boy Raises Nearly $90k for Bulletproof Vests for Police Dogs

The Patriot Post – “Nine-year-old Brady Snakovsky from Strongsville, Ohio dreams of being a police officer one day. When he was 8 years old, he was watching ‘Live PD’ — a modern version of ‘Cops’ — and noticed that while the officers wore bulletproof vests, the K9 officers were not.”

ACLU Video a How-to Guide to Keep Parents in Dark, by Charlie Butts

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – Leaked video from a public school seminar in California shows an ACLU attorney coaching teachers about helping students hide abortions from their parents… The video, recorded in June, also shows the attorney and school staff discussing explicit sex-ed lessons and how California law ensures students must sit through them without parental involvement.

Fr. Richard Heilman: Why I’m Passionate About Spiritual Warfare-This Happened in the Span of My Lifetime

By Fr. Richard Heilman, Roman Catholic Man – Venerable Fulton Sheen tried to sound the alarm, as he explained how such evil is allowed to advance … “Why is it that so few realize the seriousness of our present crisis? Partly because men do not want to believe their own times are wicked, partly because it involves too much self-accusation, and principally because they have no standards outside of themselves by which to measure their times … Only those who live by faith really know what is happening in the world. The great masses without faith are unconscious of the destructive processes going on.”

California Adopts Planned Parenthood Program Pushing Sex on Kids as Young as 5 or 6, by Mary Margaret Olohan

By Mary Margaret Olohan, LifeNews – AB-329, otherwise known as the California Healthy Youth Act, was created in 2016 and has several aimed purposes… The bill aims to teach K-12 students how to ward off HIV and other STDs, to teach “healthy attitudes” towards sexual orientation, gender, and relationships, and to “promote understanding of sexuality as a normal part of human development.”… “There is a clear political agenda to destroy the traditional family in America,” Gallagher told the DCNF.

Christian Rugby Player Fights Back Against the Gay Lobby, by Jesse B. Russell

By Jesse B. Russell, Crisis Magazine – However, all is not lost, and the recent case of Christian rugby player Israel Folau’s challenge to Globohomo totalitarianism is an inspiration to Catholics who increasingly find themselves and their families in the grip of enforced LGBT orthodoxy… A talented athlete of Tongan descent, Israel Folau has been waging a battle against Globohomo in Australia throughout these past several months. Formerly the highest paid man in Australian rugby, Folau was expelled from Rugby Australia in May of 2019 due to posting that homosexuals will go to hell unless they repent of their sins on his Instagram account a month earlier.

Gallup: Americans Radically Overestimate LGBT Population, LGBT Only 4.5%

By Michael W. Chapman , CNSNews – In its survey, Gallup asked, “Just your best guess, what percent of Americans today would you say are gay or lesbian?”… From the respondents’ answers, the average was 23.6%. In other words, American adults think LGBT people make up nearly 24% of the population, which is more than 5 times the real percentage of 4.5%… “Americans’ estimate of the proportion of gay people in the U.S. is more than five times Gallup’s more encompassing 2017 estimate that 4.5% of Americans are LGBT, based on respondents’ self-identification as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender,” reported the survey firm.

4 Years On, ‘Marriage Equality’ Slogan Still Doesn’t Add Up, by Ryan T. Anderson

By Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D., The Stream – Most everyone in America was and is in favor of marriage equality. Most everyone was and is in favor of marriage equality because most everyone wants the law to treat all marriages equally… The debate in the United States in the decade and a half before Obergefell v. Hodges wasn’t about equality. It was about marriage. We disagreed about what marriage is… Before you can get to considerations of equal protection of the law, you have to know what it is the law is trying to protect equally… Every law makes distinctions. Equality before the law protects citizens from arbitrary distinctions, from laws that treat them differently for no good reason.

Kennedy Combined ‘Loneliness’ and 14th Amendment, by Chad Groening, Billy Davis

By Chad Groening, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow – A pro-family activist predicts the Obergefell decision that imposed homosexual marriage on the United States will eventually receive the same legal and moral scrutiny as Roe v. Wade… June 26 marks the fourth anniversary of the Obergefell v. Hodges decision, a 5-4 ruling that found same-sex couples are guaranteed the legal right to marry by the 14th Amendment, the Equal Protection Clause in the U.S. Constitution… The ruling was predictably hailed as a historic moment for homosexuals and lesbians, who had successfully sued in numerous courts to roll back state-level efforts to defend normal, man-woman marriage.

Men Can’t Stay Silent As Our Children Get Aborted, by Jason Jones

By Jason Jones, The Stream – My own journey started when I was just 17. One Saturday morning my girlfriend sat down on the edge of my bed. She woke me with news of her pregnancy. My shoulder pads and football helmet sat on the floor. Posters of my heroes Walter Payton and Mike Singletary hung on the wall. In a boys’ room, I learned I was embarking on a man’s journey… We agreed on what to do. I would join the Army, so I could support us. She would take prenatal vitamins and hide her pregnancy with baggy clothing until I was through with basic training. We would tell our parents when I returned… And that’s exactly what we did…

The Patriot Post: The Best Book to Read to Your Kids (Video)

The Patriot Post, Media Editors – There’s a book you can read to your children that will make your job as a parent a lot easier… This book will teach them lessons in character, how to distinguish right from wrong; about gratitude, respect and perseverance. And that’s in the opening chapters!… Parents have been reading this book to their children for a very long time. It’s one reason it’s a perpetual best-seller… This book, of course, is the Bible, and you don’t have to be religious to read it. And your kids don’t have to be religious to enjoy it and get a whole lot out of it.

Trump Signs Executive Order to Help Americans Find Low-Cost Health Care: “The Opposite of Obamacare” by Evie Fordham

By Evie Fordham, LifeNews – Pres. Trump signed an executive order he called “the opposite of Obamacare” that directs the DHHS to create rules increasing transparency in health care pricing Monday… “We will empower patients with the information they need to search for the lowest cost and highest quality care,” Trump said at the White House Monday afternoon, adding the executive order’s goal is to “put American patients first.”.. “People have no idea how big it is. Some people say bigger than health care itself. … For too long it’s been virtually impossible for Americans to know the real price and quality of health care services and the services they receive,” Trump continued.

Female Athletes, Beaten By Boys, Claim Title IX Violation, by Charlie Butts, Billy Davis

By Charlie Butts, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow – Female teen athletes who were forced to be “tolerant” of stronger, faster males competing against them in track meets are fighting back… Alliance Defending Freedom is representing teen athlete Selina Soule (pictured at above) and two other girls in a legal quest to wrestle control of their sport from transgender girls — biological boys — who are breaking state records while depriving females from all-female competitions and scholarship opportunities.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: How the Gates Foundation Harms, Not Helps Human Development

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – In 2017, the Gates Foundation pledged $375 million for “family planning,” with the goal of providing contraception to 120 million women around the world, particularly in developing countries. This was merely the latest of the many hundreds of millions that the Gates Foundation has previously spent on promoting contraception. Melinda defends her foundation’s emphasis on contraception by claiming that there are hundreds of millions of women with an “unmet need” for contraception.

How (Public) Libraries Are Being Used to Corrupt Children, by Sarah Quale

By Sarah Quale, Church Militant – Drag queen story hours are popping up in libraries across the country…. To destroy the human made in the image of God — to destroy inherent value, dignity and thus, personhood — the Enemy must systematically dismantle each of God’s design elements — life, marriage, family, sexuality and gender (Genesis 1:26–28). What we are witnessing everywhere in our culture today is a direct assault on these elements.

US Bishops Give $750,000 Grant to Group Pushing Homosexuality, LGBT Propaganda, by Michael Hichborn

By Michael Hichborn, Lepanto Institute – The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), an anti-poverty agency of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), is providing a $750,000 grant to the Ignatian Solidarity Network (ISN) over the next three years. Announcing the grant on its website, ISN president Christopher Kerr said, “The Ignatian Solidarity Network staff and board are grateful for the support of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.”

The Supreme Court Has a Chance to Uphold School Choice and Religious Liberty

By Jamie Gass and Ben Degrow, The Hill – The Supreme Court of the United States is expected to decide whether to hear Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, a case that reveals the harm a state constitutional amendment marked by religious bias can do to families… Kendra Espinoza, who suddenly became a single mom, sought a better education for her daughters. In their public schools, one daughter was bullied and the other struggled academically. Both later would thrive in parochial school… After the Montana Supreme Court struck down her state’s education tax credit program, Espinoza was denied access to scholarships her children badly needed…

Sex-Ed Guidelines Designed to ‘Severely Desensitize’ Pre-Teens, by Bob Kellogg

By Bob Kellogg, OneNewsNow – Linda Harvey of Mission: America contends that games such as this are meant to create anarchy in America. “Getting 10-year-olds to handle condoms [and] put condoms on male, anatomical models is just one way to severely desensitize them and normalize sex in all kinds of directions…”… According to Harvey, the school may send in a Planned Parenthood representative to take over if a teacher chooses not to teach the curriculum. She says the children “will be lied to” if that happens… “And then there’s also, of course, the money issue,” Harvey continues. “There’s a lot of money coming into these promoters of sexually explicit sex-education lessons.”

Catholic Sociologist: Vatican’s New Critique on Gender Theory a ‘Toothless Lion’, by Gabriele Kuby

By Gabriele Kuby, LifeSiteNews – Why had the Church given up protecting her flock from the wolves, especially the young generation? Because she had not followed the Holy Father, Paul VI, in his 1968 passionate call in Humanae Vitae to hold on to the meaning of sexuality in the good order of Creation: pro-creation. Once the sexual act and procreation are systematically severed, which became possible through the pill of all pills, the door was opened to any and all kinds of sexual satisfaction of the body… Half a century has passed since then, and the Church may be in its greatest crisis.

The Pursuit of Happiness Rightly Understood, by Justin Dyer

By Justin Dyer, Public Discourse – C.S. Lewis did concede that the idea of a right to the pursuit of happiness is “cherished by all civilized men, but especially by Americans.” However, the authors of the American Declaration of Independence, according to Lewis, could only have meant that we have a right “‘to pursue happiness by all lawful means’: that is, by all means which the Law of Nature eternally sanctions and which the laws of the nation shall sanction.”

Did Your Child Return From College a Better Person? by Dennis Prager

By Dennis Prager, The Stream – When assessing America’s or any of the Western world’s universities — wondering whether you should send your child to one; whether you should pay for a child to attend one; whether you should go into great debt to attend one; whether you should donate money to one; and related questions — it would seem that the single most important question to be answered is: What type of person does the university produce?

Treat the Marriage Vow with the Solemnity It Deserves, by Anthony Esolen

By Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine – No, I take a common-sense approach to the vow. A young soldier swears to defend the flag of the United States. He does so while knowing nothing of barbed wire and trenches. We hold him to that vow, and do not accept ignorance or immaturity as excuses. In time of war we subject deserters to a court-martial, with the firing squad ready at hand. A young man in business signs a contract. We hold him to it, and do not accept ignorance or bad fortune as excuses. If he reneges, he may be hauled into civil court for damages.

Pride Really is Nothing to Boast About, by Tim Wildmon

By Tim Wildmon, OneNewsNow – Somewhere along the way, the month of June was designated Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride month. Friends, we must beware the perversion that boasts in this kind of pride… Still, it is celebrated all over the country by governments, businesses, etc. The colors of the rainbow are used to signify the LGBTQ movement. Parades commemorating it go on in many places. There is no question that the LGBTQ movement is mainstream America now.

Psychologist Gives Searing Critique of Vatican’s New Gender Doc: A Compromise With ‘Neo-Paganism’, by Diane Montagna

By Diane Montagna, LifeSiteNews – A Catholic psychologist has denounced the latest Vatican document on gender theory as containing “not one sentence of sound advice for parents who try to educate their children towards the virtues necessary for a Christian life.”… In a searing critique, Dr. Gerard J.M. van den Aarweg, a Dutch psychologist and psychoanalyst specializing in the treatment of persons with homosexual tendencies, condemned the recent Vatican document on gender theory, saying “the aggressive neo-pagan sexual ideology of the world has no wisdom we might share. The task of the Church is not dialoguing but teaching and correcting, there is a relentless spiritual war going on in the field of sexuality, marriage, and the family.”

CatholicTV Network: What is “Witness to Love”?

The CatholicTV Network – Ryan and Mary Rose Verret joins us today to talk about Catholic relationships, marriage prep, and their ministry Witness to Love… Witness to Love is marriage prep that works to connect couples to their parishes through mentors and powerful online resources! The key to Witness to Love is that engaged couples are invited to choose their own mentors. Unlike other mentor models there is no need to build trust in order for the marriage prep process to work — the trust already exists.

How I Learned to Admit Fault by Almost Knocking Out an Elderly Lady, by Bill Sheridan

By Bill Sheridan, Those Catholic Men – In my case, the who is a combination of Mom, the Presentation Sisters with those daily catechism classes, and other significant adults in my life… I think that Mr. and Mrs. Jones were in their mid-70s when the incident occurred. They were not mean people. Rather, they were elderly and preferred that we not kick or hit balls into or play in their yard. I don’t think they had the stamina to tolerate commotion. We tried to be respectful and never had any ‘little kids vs. old people’ altercations with them. It was clearly understood, however, that it was in everyone’s best interest not to cause them grief.

Fathers: Education is the Initiation of Your Children into Culture, by R. Jared Staudt

By R. Jared Staudt, Those Catholic Men – If we don’t teach our kids how to live their faith in an integrated way, they will follow the way of the world. Our family culture will conform either to our faith or to the secular worldview. Catechesis imparts not just the content of the faith but a Christian way of life… If our children conform to the secular culture more than to the faith, we will experience a breakdown in the raising of Christian men and women.

It’s Happening: People are Canceling Netflix and Disney—and the Revenue Losses Are Growing by the Hour, by Megan Fox

By Megan Fox, PJ Media – Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus never waste an opportunity to tell the American public living in red states how much they hate them. From Netflix showing movies that could meet the legal definition of sexual assault of children to making cartoons about babies in drag (while ignoring customer concerns) to Disney’s CEO complaining about Alabama abortion laws, people are sick of their entertainment companies pushing a hard-left agenda… Now these services are not only going after conservative values but are actively trying to harm conservative states, reports Fox News.

Catholic Schools Are Right to Use Morality Clauses, by Hudson Byblow

By Hudson Byblow, Crisis Magazine – In the States, where religious liberty is protected, churches (and religious organizations) can hire and fire whoever they want. But in Canada religious freedom is more precarious. Not only is there no equivalent to the First Amendment to protect speech, but also in Canadian (and some provincial) law, certain things connected to gender and identity are (or are becoming) enshrined as human rights.

Survivors of the Sexual Revolution the Media Will Ignore During Gay Pride Month, by Jennifer R. Morse

By Jennifer Roback Morse, Daily Signal – June has been declared “Pride Month,” and we’re supposed to celebrate those “coming out” and living a “gay” life… June 12 will mark the third anniversary of the Pulse gay nightclub mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, that left 49 dead. Some will no doubt connect those two things to claim America hates people who have same-sex attraction and to make new demands for affirmation of homosexuality… But that’s not the only lesson one could draw from these events. The media will not tell you this, but in the aftermath of the Pulse massacre, some survivors began to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

“The Pill” Is Destroying Our Bodies And Everyone Is Ignoring It For Money, by Mary Margaret Olohan

By Mary Margaret Olohan, Evie Magazine – We’ve been told that birth control is one of the great inventions of our time and that we would be foolish not to take it. The truth is, we’ve been lied to… Birth control is sexist towards women – and it is incredibly damaging to our bodies. This is pretty ironic, considering we are always told that birth control is empowering, right? Yet even the history of birth control reveals an utter lack of respect for the dignity of women… The creation of the pill was sketchy – to say the least. Prompted by Margaret Sanger, millionaire Katherine McCormick funded studies for Harvard Professor Gregory E. Pincus; studies focused on ways in which women could prevent pregnancy without a man knowing.

Bishop Defends Brother Bishop Attacked for Telling Catholics to Not ‘Support, Attend’ LGBT Events

By Lisa Bourne, LifeSiteNews – A US bishop is defending his brother bishop who is under assault from LGBT activists and mainstream media after he told Catholics that they should have nothing to do with homosexual “pride” events… Tyler, Texas, Bishop Joseph Strickland defended Catholic principles and Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin on Twitter over the weekend after Tobin’s exhortation for Catholics to eschew homosexual “pride” events. Strickland was responding to the Boston Globe’s story on Tobin’s June 1 tweet on Catholics and gay pride events during June…. Both bishops were the targets of intense LGBT vitriol and anti-Catholic vitriol from those commenting on their tweets.

Abp. Gregory’s Pro-LGBT Efforts Honored in Diocesan Newspaper, by Bruce Walker

By Bruce Walker, Church Militant – The rainbow-colored ad appeared in the official Atlanta archdiocesan newspaper, placed on behalf of Fortunate and Faithful Families, an organization of “Catholic families affirming their LGBTQ members.” Fortunate and Faithful Families openly dissents from Church teaching on chastity, and associates with other dissident, pro-LGBT organizations like DignityUSA and New Ways Ministry, condemned by the Vatican.

LGBT People Are Not Oppressed Or Persecuted In This Country. Here’s How We Know. by Matt Walsh

By Matt Walsh, Daily Wire – Indeed, we have heard nary a word about congenital cytomegalovirus, despite this being a month of awareness about that illness, because every company, corporation, celebrity, and television channel has been tripping over itself to exclusively celebrate LGBT pride. Or, more specifically, LGBTTQQIAAP pride. That last part of the acronym must not be neglected, even as it rapidly grows, adding new letters by the day and threatening to take over the entire alphabet.

Bishop Tobin Attacked for Speaking a Plain Truth, by Anthony Esolen

By Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine – A few days ago, Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence sent out a message that within living memory absolutely no mother or father, liberal or conservative, Christian or Jewish or secular, old or young, would have considered to be controversial. He said, gently, that it was not good for parents to take their children to a so-called “Pride” parade… these are parades to celebrate sexual perversion.

Real Talk On Natural Family Planning, by Deanna Johnston

By Deanna Johnston, Catholic East Texas – I became aware of Natural Family Planning (NFP) when I was young; in fact, NFP was an integral part of my family’s return to the Catholic Church. As a child, I remember seeing charts with the baby stickers and the colors. I attended a mother-daughter program once in grade school and again in high school that explained the goodness of God’s design of the male and female bodies and the gift of fertility. Basically, I knew that NFP was a thing, that the Catholic Church liked it, and that at some point I would probably use it too.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Each Day in Every Way We’re Getting Better … Or Are We? The Paradox of Progress

By Fr. Dwight Longenecker, The Stream – While our physical well being is improving, our spiritual life is declining. Statistics for religious commitment mirror the physical statistics, but in reverse. When we are healthy and wealthy, awareness of the eternal fades away. An increasing number of people simply conclude that they don’t need God… We should rejoice that our world is improving physically. But unless our physical wealth and health is matched with spiritual well being, there will continue to be an empty space beneath the outwardly abundant life we enjoy… At the heart of addiction and suicide is loneliness and despair. Wallets might be full, but hearts are empty…

Fr. Mike Schmitz: Catholic Teaching on IVF and Contraception Explained (Video)

By Fr. Mike Schmitz, Ascension Presents – For many people, the Catholic teaching on IVF (in vitro fertilization) and contraception is a hard one, but it is in concordance with the nature of things. The nature of a thing, as Fr. MIke puts it, is its “what-it’s-for-ness”. Sex is for procreation and the unity of the couple. Equally important is the fact that sex, not in vitro fertilization, is the natural way to bring forth a new life… Contraception and in vitro fertilization violate the nature of not only sex, but also the nature of the person and life itself…

The Equality Act, by David Carlin

By David Carlin, The Catholic Thing – On May 17, the U.S. House of Representatives passed, by vote of 236 to 173, a bill titled the Equality Act – one of the worst bills (in my humble opinion) ever to pass either house of Congress. All the NO votes came from Republicans. The YES votes came from 228 Democrats, plus five Republicans… The Equality Act, if it becomes law, will amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That famous law, promoted by President Lyndon Johnson and endorsed by Martin Luther King Jr., was mainly aimed at preventing discrimination based on race. Incidentally, however, it aimed at preventing discrimination based on sex.

SCOTUS Cases for Next Term: Religious Liberty, Guns and Possibly Abortion, by Rachel Alexander

By Rachel Alexander, The Stream – The Supreme Court is going on its regular summer break, but has already lined up a few cases to hear when it returns in the fall. And as usual, since the Supreme Court became America’s main legislator, the cases mean a lot for the future of our country… America’s founding fathers designed the Court as an umpire. Now it rules… The court will decide whether federal anti-discrimination law that bans discrimination based on sex also bans discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identification. The lower courts are split on this….

Financial Honesty in Marriage, by Dr. Peter Kleponis

By Dr. Peter Kleponis, Those Catholic Gentlemen – Tony and Laura are newlyweds who have been married just one year.  They came to my office visibly angry with each other.  Laura was angry because Tony had a secret credit card that he had been using to view pornography and attend strip clubs.  Tony was angry with Laura because she had amassed over $40,000 is student loan and credit card debt, which she didn’t reveal to him until after they were married.  Both felt deeply hurt and betrayed.

CNA: ‘If You Want to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life’ – Study Finds Women of Faith Most Satisfied in Marriage

Catholic News Agency – A new study examining the correlation between religion and marital happiness found that women who are part of a highly religious, traditional couple are most likely to report being happy in marriage, as well as sexually satisfied in their relationship… In addition, a woman in a highly religious couple was most likely to report that she and her spouse share responsibility for important household decisions, rather than one spouse making all the family’s decisions.

Once Again, Melinda Gates is Wrong About Catholic Teaching

By Patti Armstrong, EWTN News – In 2017, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donated $375 million for population control to organizations providing contraceptives and abortions, and they also gave over $117 million previously… In a TIME article, Melinda said that because she grew up Catholic, she had to “wrestle” with the issue of contraception and “reflect about it deeply before I came out publicly.” She opted against supporting Church teaching because “no country has made it from middle income to high income in the last 50 years without going through the transition of having contraceptives widely available to people.” So, there you have it — a decision made 100% on money and 0% on theology.

The Equality Act Shows That State Persecution is Just Around the Corner, by C C Pecknold

By C C Pecknold, Catholic Herald – Last week the House Democrats passed the Equality Act, legislation which adds sexual orientation and gender identity to the definition of “sex” in federal civil rights laws… In the Democratic primary race, this legislation seems perfectly timed. Bernie Sanders congratulated House Representatives for voting “on the right side of history.” No longer would transgendered persons be denied their natural right to a gender-reveal cake. Joe Biden said that the Equality Act brings us “one step closer to righting this wrong.” Senator Kamala Harris has co-sponsored the Act in the Senate, saying that “progress can’t wait.”

Cardinal Cupich’s Cathedral Promotes Elton John Biopic ‘Rocketman’ Despite Gay Sex Scenes, by Martin M. Barillas

By Martin M. Barillas, LifeSiteNews – The parish bulletin of Holy Name Cathedral in the Chicago archdiocese advertised that a group of parishioners is getting together to watch the pornographic film Rocketman… Father Greg Sakowicz serves as rector of the cathedral, which is the see of Cardinal Blase Cupich. The bulletin of the parish he serves lists a number of different activities involving parishioners, including a Shabbat service at a Chicago synagogue, a book group, “Centering Prayer,” and an “Afternoon Movie Group.”

Coming Out of the Closet, by Austin Ruse

By Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine – Hats off to some of my friends from those olden days who knew me as a liberal and stayed my friend as I moved right; David LaGesse from high school and college who became a very successful journalist; Bobby Love, long ago managing editor of Rolling Stone, now running the AARP Magazine; and Scott Clarkson, a federal judge with whom I cut my political teeth in high school. All are on the left, and all remain good friends of mine… To all those who remain in the closet, to you, I say, come out.

Boys Will Be Boys — and Should Be — to Become True Men, by Anthony Esolen

By Anthony Esolen, Ph.D., National Catholic Register – Human nature has not changed. The nature of boys and men has not changed. Good teachers work with and not against the nature of their students. We Roman Catholics believe that such nature, though compromised by original sin, is God-ordained and good and that grace does not obliterate nature, but elevates it, purifies it of its dross and perfects it. That includes the nature of boys.

Bill Protecting Religious Freedom Nearing Law in Texas, by Jody Brown

By Jody Brown, OneNewsNow – Since March, lawmakers in Austin and legal groups have been grappling with the City of San Antonio’s refusal to allow Chick-fil-A to operate at the San Antonio Airport. Six members of the city council voted to strip the fast-food chain from a contract that includes other businesses set to operate at the airport, claiming it discriminates against same-sex “marriage” by donating to groups such as The Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Fr. Paul Sullins: It’s Time to Promote Good Social Science on Same-Sex Parenting

By Fr. Paul Sullins, Ph.D., Crisis Magazine – In our day, the alleged personal liberation of the sexual revolution is becoming progressively socialized in institutions and norms. As a result, we have moved beyond the cultural condition in which scientific research into the related social behaviors (hormonal contraceptive use, premarital sex, abortion, homosexual relations, gender transformation) is deployed for political ends, into a state in which the process of deciding scientific truth has itself become irretrievably politicized.

Father-Son Bond is ‘Civilization’s Keystone,’ Expert Says, by David Nussman

By David Nussman, Church Militant – Having a strong relationship between a father and son is essential to Christian civilization, says one family researcher… This was the thesis presented by Dr. Patrick F. Fagan on May 4 at the 2019 Family and Life Conference at St. George’s Cathedral in London… Fagan noted that Marxists and radical feminists in the 1960s set their sights on dismantling family life and “the patriarchy” by normalizing various sexual sins. This was done with the intention of weakening men’s moral fibers; but it has been devastating for women as well, Fagan argued.

Archives: Bishop Joseph E. Strickland: True Love and Christian Marriage

By Bishop Joseph E. Strickland, Catholic East Texas – In this issue of the Catholic East Texas Magazine, we turn our attention to topics that lie at the very core of what it means to be human. Life is the most foundational gift that our Lord gives us. New life comes to us in a beautiful way: “a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). In the marital act, when the two become one flesh, this beautiful expression of love cooperates with the creative power of God to produce a new human being. The parents provide the genetic material, while our heavenly Father creates the immortal soul.

AP: House Democrats Approve Homosexual Rights Bill

Associated Press – Democrats in the House approved sweeping homosexual rights legislation Friday. The protections would extend to employment, housing, loan applications, education, public accommodations and other areas… Called the Equality Act, the bill is a top priority of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The vote was 236-173… The legislation’s chief sponsor, David Cicilline, who is homosexual, said it affirms fairness and equality as core American values… Most Republicans oppose the bill and call it another example of government overreach. Several GOP lawmakers spoke against it Friday on the House floor. President Donald Trump is widely expected to veto the legislation if it reaches his desk.

The Stay-At-Home Mom Wars and the Altar of GDP

Editorial, Washington Examiner – Only one third of all U.S. mothers say they prefer to work full time. Nearly half say they want to work part time, and 20% say they would prefer to be full-time stay-at-home mothers… On the whole, American moms want to stay home more with more kids… So, it’s very unfortunate that commentators, politicians, and economists are looking for ways to get women out of the home more, away from their kids more, and into paid labor more. These experts are elevating GDP over family and their own morality over women’s preferences.

Is Remarriage After Catholic Annulment Adultery? by Jenna McGuire

By Jenna McGuire, Human Life International – Annulment is not a “Catholic divorce.” The process should not be the first recourse if difficulties develop. Rather than seeking to dissolve a marriage, annulment is a process, governed by a tribunal, which takes the position after an extensive review that the marriage was never fully sacramentally valid. If it was not a valid marriage, the spouses are not bound to each other by a covenant with God. The Church may declare the marriage null, and both spouses are free to remarry.

LGBTQ: Forcing Us to Embrace Evil, Destructive Lies, by Lloyd Marcus

By Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker – Someone asked, “What is behind the LGBTQ agenda?”  The goal of LGBTQ enforcers is to forcibly normalize their lifestyle in the minds of the 97% of the population that is not LGBTQ.  This is why we are bombarded with the LGBTQ lifestyle inserted into everything.  Why are major corporations making the promotion of LGBTQ, which are less than 3% of the population, their top priority?

Maternal Wisdom From Mom-Saints: 3 Life Lessons From Heaven’s Mothers

By Claire Dwyer, EWTN News – Heaven is brimming with mothers — mothers who lived and loved and have some wisdom for all of us. In honor of Mother’s Day, here is a look at a few life lessons from holy women through the ages whose glorious titles include “mom” as well as “saint.”… St. Frances of Rome was a wife, mother, friend, prayer warrior, champion of the sick and poor, and founder of a religious community. Born in 1384, she wanted to be a nun, but her parents planned a marriage to a nobleman, the commander of the papal troops in Rome….

Trump Admin. Crackdown on Illegals’ Public Housing, by Michael F. Haverluck

By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow – The Trump administration is ramping up its war on illegal immigration by cracking down on federally subsidized housing that has been accessible to illegals – whose participation in the program has made it unavailable to needy United States citizens… A new “opportunity zones” program for American citizens has been introduced by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and it was devised to boost economic growth in distressed areas by making public housing available to qualified applicants.

The Irreplaceable Role of a Grandmother, by Melanie Jean Juneau

By Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand – While it’s true that children thrive when nurtured by their primary caretakers, attachments to grandparents enhance the process. By offering a helping hand in caring for the children, grandparents provide their adult children with much-needed support. Grandparents can be great role models, encouraging healthy development simply because they have the time and patience to spend playing, reading, and sharing family stories with their grandchildren.

The Brian Sims Incident Was About Dehumanizing Christians — Not Just Unborn Babies

By Tom Gilson, The Stream – The Brian Sims incident this week highlighted a strange contradiction I’m seeing more and more in leftists’ behavior. It ran completely against progressives’ own highly touted values of tolerance and understanding. How could anyone do that to a fellow human being?… The answer might be contained in the question. I’m not sure all progressives see conservatives, especially Christians, as fully human.

Those Unlikely Saints Among Us, by Clara Sarrocco

By Clara Sarrocco, Crisis Magazine – Jean Vanier founded L’Arche communities which are an alternative living environment for the mentally and physically disabled because he saw the suffering of the most vulnerable and saintly among us. His first community was in France and there are now 154 communities in 38 countries that form the network of L’Arche International.

Immoralists: The Example of Brian Sims, by Daniel J. Flynn

By Daniel J. Flynn, American Spectator – A man must be something of a moralist if he is to preach,” G.K. Chesterton observed, “even if he is to preach immorality.”… Brian Sims, a Pennsylvania state representative by profession and abortion counterprotester by avocation, embodies Chesterton’s quip… (Sims) aggressively hectored a woman who appeared to be praying the rosary outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic in his Pennsylvania district. On the uncomfortable eight-minute clip, Sims calls the silent protester “an old white lady” and announces, “If you know who this woman is and if you can give me her address, we’ll protest in front of her home. Let’s protest out in front of her house.”

Daily Signal: A Pediatrician Explains How ‘Dangerous’ Equality Act Would Force Doctors to ‘Do Harm’

By Katrina Trinko and Daniel Davis, Daily Signal – Doctors who are uncomfortable prescribing hormone treatments or doing gender reassignment surgeries could soon potentially be in violation of federal law, warns Dr. Michelle Cretella, a pediatrician and executive director of the American College of Pediatricians. And they’re not the only ones at risk: Parents, too, could find themselves unable to decide on their own child’s medical treatment.

The New Family Violence, by Douglas Farrow

By Douglas Farrow, First Things – Family violence can take many forms,” says Madam Justice Marzari of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, including “unreasonable restrictions or preventions of a family member’s personal autonomy.” To be more specific, “family violence” can now take the form of refusing to accept a family member’s chosen gender identity. Such is the violence inflicted on a fourteen-year-old girl (referred to as AB) who is determined to be a boy, by her father (dubbed CD), who insists she is no such thing.

Father Flanagan is an Intercessor for Our Times, by Patti Armstrong

By Patti Armstrong, National Catholic Register – I recently found a hero to help heal our cultural wounds. I am appealing to Father Edward Flanagan, the Irish American founder of Boys Town, to pray for us… With my Irish Catholic heritage, social work degree, and past experience running a group home for delinquent teenage boys, I should have made his acquaintance years ago… Although I had heard of him, I only came to know about him recently through a magazine article assignment and after reading his biography, Legacy of Devotion, written by 93-year-old Father Clifford Stevens, who lived at Boys Town while Father Flanagan was still there.

Homeless by Choice: The New Shift to Rejecting Ownership, by John Horvat II

By John Horvat II, CNSNews – (A) new class of homeless is now emerging. These individuals do not want a place to build their lives. They do not want roots, possessions or deep relationships. Their homelessness is by choice… These new “uber-homeless” have everything except things. They are generally young people who prefer not to own anything. They are increasingly relying upon the rental or sharing economy for all their immediate needs.

Bayou Priest Battles Human Trafficking, With Boost From Nuns

By Christopher White, Crux Now – Father Jeff Bayhi may be a Catholic priest running a house for victims of human trafficking, but he’s the first to admit that it’s women – not men – leading the fight… “The heroes in today’s Church for the fight against human trafficking are religious women. It’s not the bishops, it’s not the priests. It’s religious women. Period,” Bayhi told Crux during a Vatican conference on human trafficking earlier this month… Bayhi is a priest of the diocese of Baton Rouge in Louisiana where in the early 1980s he purchased a home hoping to turn it into a Catholic retreat center for young people… “Every young priest has a desire to change the next generation,” he said.

Sexual Liberty Over Religious Liberty? That’s Not ‘Equality’, by Chris Woodward

By Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow – A prominent pro-family organization is warning that legislation currently being pushed by congressional Democrats would “nationalize” Target’s dangerous bathroom/changing room policy… Target is on record as supporting The Equality Act (H.R.5), something the American Family Association (AFA) says is nothing more than a repackaged version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)… “This legislation has been driven for years by rabid homosexual activist groups like Human Rights Campaign and is specifically designed to place sexual liberty above religious liberty and the First Amendment,” AFA says in an Action Alert sent out Thursday.

Fr. Matthew Schneider: We Must Explain Why Contraception is Wrong

By Fr. Matthew Schneider, EWTN News – I want to summarize three arguments that contraception is wrong: all are paraphrased from Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later by Janet Smith… We know that the body speaks a language. In sex, it speaks a language of gift, of self-giving… Contraception, instead, says that this person is taking back self-giving to just use the other for pleasure. Contraception destroys the marital language of mutual self-giving. Such a destruction of the language of marriage is immoral.

Effective Evangelization Starts With the Family, by Greg Schlueter

By Greg Schlueter, Catholic Exchange – Here’s the thing. When we encounter Jesus Christ, if we’ve really encountered Jesus Christ, we can not help but be transformed. We can’t help but to surrender lesser things for greater. We can’t help but cultivate those seeds in our souls and homes. Not simply in moments, or as a program, but as a way of life. Without doing this, the many, awesome programs are really no more than another spiritual roller coaster. Our faith, an amusement park.

REUTERS: Study: Kids’ Suicides Spiked After Netflix’s ’13 Reasons’

Reuters – Suicides among U.S. kids aged 10 to 17 jumped to a 19-year high in the month following the release of a popular TV series that depicted a girl ending her life, researchers said… The study published Monday can’t prove that the Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” was the cause, but there were 195 more youth suicides than would have been expected in the nine months following the show’s March 2017 release, given historical and seasonal suicide trends, the study estimated.

Social Conservatives Need to Get to Work, Not Give Up, by Jennifer Roback Morse

By Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., The Stream – Peter Wolfgang’s cry from the heart got to me, I have to admit. His recent Stream piece “George Weigel, John Paul II, and What We Need Now” moved me… The Conservative-Christian-Catholic hopefulness, even triumphalism, expressed by George Weigel and the late Michael Novak and Richard John Neuhaus, in the 1990’s has evaporated. Couched as a critique of these famous “neo-cons,” Wolfgang’s real point was “Man, we’ve got a mess on our hands. None of our Smart Guys has a clue what to do.”.. I sympathize. I’ve been thinking about it too. I do have a plan. It goes like this.

Adopting Inclusion for Families of Faith, by Tony Perkins

By Tony Perkins, The Stream – Religious Freedom isn’t a “fringe” issue — but try convincing NBC. The outlet’s latest puff piece on LGBT parents is a typical one-sided angle on adoption — but maybe that’s the scary part. Because for all the attention they seem to give it, there’s always one theme that seems to be missing: the children… There aren’t many issues more crystallizing about the LGBT movement than its adoption crusade. Like so much of their agenda, it exposes just how self-centered their priorities are.

Kids Aren’t Born Trans, by Walt Heyer

By Walt Heyer, CNSNews – People who pursue a cross-sex identity aren’t born that way, and children should not be encouraged to “transition” to the opposite sex, according to a reference work endorsed by the American Psychological Association… Yet every day I hear from another parent who tells me that a child’s therapist, after an appointment or two, strongly recommends that the parent allow the child to change his or her name and personal pronouns, live as the opposite sex, and get on the track toward irreversible medical interventions.

Police Can’t Make Up for Absent Fathers, by Walter E. Williams

By Walter E. Williams, The Daily Signal – Sometimes, during my drive to work, I listen to Clarence Maurice Mitchell IV, host of the Baltimore’s WBAL “C4” radio show… Mitchell was formerly a member of Maryland’s House of Delegates and its Senate. In recent weeks, Mitchell has been talking about the terrible crime situation in Baltimore… In 2018, there were 308 homicides. So far this year, there have been 69. That’s in a 2018 population of 611,648—down from nearly a million in 1950.

Redefining Marriage Kills Joy of Wedding – And Honeymoon, by John Stonestreet

By John Stonestreet, CNSNews – When Sarah and I got married, if I remember correctly, I think we stuck around the wedding reception maybe for a grand total of about 45 minutes. Not to put too fine a point on it, we had other places to be. The anticipation of a wedding is more than just a passing element of the joy and mystery of marriage. It’s why people laugh and throw rice at couples as they run for the getaway car. It’s why we celebrate in the first place….

Five Steps to Begin Overcoming Bitterness, by Dr. Gregory Popcak

By Dr. Gregory Popcak, Catholic Exchange – No one wants to be bitter. It sneaks up on us. Bitterness is unforgiveness fermented. The more we hold onto past hurts the more we become drunk on our pain and the experience can rob us of the joy we can find in anything. Bitterness occurs when we feel someone has taken something from us that we are powerless to get back. We hold on to the hurt in an attempt to remind ourselves and others of the injustice we’ve experienced in the hopes that someone will save us and restore what we’ve lost.

A New Kind of Porn Addiction for Teens, by Dr. Peter Kleponis

By Dr. Peter Kleponis, | Those Catholic Men – Bill and Sandy came to my office with their son Kevin, age 15.  Kevin was addicted to Internet pornography.  He had been viewing it daily on his smartphone for over four years.  Along with viewing pornography, Kevin was masturbating daily.  The first time Bill and Sandy caught Kevin, they believed it was just an adolescent phase and that he would grow out of it.  They placed parental controls on his phone and discussed the dangers of pornography with Kevin.  They thought that would solve the problem.

Catholics Bring Pro-Life Voices to the UN Commission for Women, by Courtney Grogan

By Courtney Grogan, CNA – As participants in the UN Commission for Women’s annual gathering advocated for increased international access to abortion, side events hosted by the Vatican and other Catholic groups presented a pro-life perspective on women’s empowerment at the UN… The ten-day international meeting in New York March 11-22 included debate as to whether this year’s final document will include “universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights,” as a part of the commission’s “agreed conclusions,” as it did last year.

2 of 3 Pastors: Schools a ‘Negative Influence’ on Spirituality, by Michael F. Haverluck

By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow – A nationwide study shows that approximately two out of three Protestant pastors believe that schools are detrimentally affecting the spiritual development of students… Even though parents and the church are perceived as the primary sources from which youth build their faith, they are quite cognizant of the destructive influence school culture has on their faith….

Family Leave and the Federal Government, by Brian Mark Weber

By Brian Mark Weber, The Patriot Post – For decades, conservative politicians have talked a good game about limiting the scope and power of the federal government, reducing entitlements, and fostering a sense of self-reliance. Yet they’ve offered little to back up the political rhetoric and, consequently, the Left has run the table on a range of issues by giving the people feel-good government programs.

Gratitude, Sacrifice and Hope, by Kathryn J. Lopez

By Kathryn Jean Lopez, The Stream – His birth mother continued: “The reason I am going into all of this is because I want you to try to love him without any reservation. You see, he has my love, but he won’t know that firsthand. I have had to trust many people in this past year that I never would have met if not for my pregnancy, and though I am a trusting person, this is different. This tiny life was in my care until just over two months ago. Now he is with people I don’t even know. The separation is difficult, but the worry is worse. I am trusting him to you…..

Pope Francis’s Socialist Agenda, by William Kilpatrick

By William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine – This reminded me for the umpteenth time that the pope has far more radical ideas than most people realize. Like Bernie Sanders, the pope is a socialist. He has had many unkind words about capitalism (“the dung of the devil”)… Like Sanders, his ideas about economics were shaped by Marxist thinkers and activists… Meanwhile, as the Democratic Party becomes more like a church, the Church, under Francis, is becoming more like a leftist political party… Francis’s increasingly “humanistic” Church seems less concerned with the salvation of souls and more concerned with the creation of an egalitarian utopian society here on earth.

Storytelling and How We Learn, by Chad Chisholm

By Chad Chisholm, The Imaginative Conservative – Stories convey wisdom about ourselves, our culture, and human nature. The existence of Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman is more believable than the existence of a civilized people who have no need of poets or sages… Whatever I teach, I teach storytelling because it is an expression of human creativity that provides perspective. Stories help us understand our world by showing us that random events surrounding our lives only seem random, but are in fact connected.

The Continued Resilience of Quiet America, by Victor Davis Hanson

By Victor Davis Hanson, Townhall – America is such a huge and diverse country, and so abundantly endowed with natural and human resources, that it is capable of achieving unprecedented scientific, economic and technological breakthroughs even as its social fabric is tearing apart… Or, put another way, while the media highlights crime, protests, grievances and civil disorder, a majority of Americans still go to work unbothered each day… And in a rare society with a free market, constitutional government and individual freedom, people continue to do amazing things even amid the utter chaos around them.

‘A Win for Freedom’: Colorado Drops Second Case Against Christian Baker, by Fred Lucas

By Fred Lucas, Daily Signal – Colorado baker Jack Phillips is 2-0 now after state officials dropped their second attempt to coerce him into baking products that violate his beliefs… Phillips, in turn, dropped a federal lawsuit… “I have and will always serve everyone who comes into my shop; I simply can’t celebrate events or express messages that conflict with my religious beliefs,” Phillips said in a statement Tuesday.

Birth Control a “Good” Alternative to Abortion? No Way…

By Vincent Weaver, EWTN News – So, if we say birth control is the answer to avoiding the consequence of abortion, we’re saying people aren’t capable of self-mastery. We’re saying they are simply animals who cannot control their urges. We’re saying they really don’t have dignity and should not be expected to avoid any temptations that come their way. None. “Choices” are actually just an illusion.

Are Those Who Experience Same-Sex Attraction Prone to Abuse? by Dr. Jeff Mirus

By Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture – Contempt for chastity makes sexual abuse pandemic for the simple reason that, in matters of sexual temptation, it is precisely the virtue of chastity which provides the remedy. Extending beyond our personal struggles, chastity also becomes an important element in the glue that holds entire societies together, which enables men and women to form cohesive cultures oriented toward the good, and which empowers citizens to make virtuous laws……

Children Don’t Need ‘Day Care For All,’ They Need Their Mothers, by Joy Pullmann

By Joy Pullmann, The Federalist – Democrats aim to nationalize not only the economy, but also families. Presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris have both publicly endorsed socialized child care… Warren’s plan is supposedly funded by (what else) wealth confiscation — but only from “the rich,” so don’t worry, everybody. It’s okay to use government force to take money from people who have more than you and use it to employ people.

OneNewsNow: Corporate Attack on Traditional Marriage ‘More Like a Betrayal’

Walmart has launched a “gay dating” video as part of an advertising campaign – a corporate move that the American Family Association says likely has Walmart founder Sam Walton “rolling over in his grave.”… The retail giant has posted an online video that normalizes homosexual relationships. The video – posted on Facebook – is part of an ad campaign called “Love is in the aisle: A dating show at Walmart.” The ad features “Pat” and “Andy,” two homosexual men on a “blind date” as they meet at the store, embrace, and then shop together…

A Mother Raising Boys Speaks Out, by Randall Smith

By Randall Smith, The Catholic Thing – “Where would a young adult male go today,” my friend wanted to know, “to find an adult to hang out with so he could mature? Who in public life seems like an adult by your lights? I would pit any of my three sons, including the 22-year-old socialist and the 15-year-old baby of the family who has a lot of growing up to do, against virtually ANY teacher they have encountered in grammar or high school for Christian virtue and manliness.”

Give Up this Bad Relationship Habit For Lent, Dr. Gregory Popcak

By Dr. Gregory Popcak, Catholic Exchange – If you’re looking for something a little different I have a small suggestion that will not only be a great spiritual exercise, it will also improve your marriage 100 fold.  What is it?  This Lent, I suggest that you give up loving your comfort zone more than you love your spouse… A “comfort zone” represents a person’s preferred ways of being and acting.  My comfort zone keeps me on familiar ground and helps me feel safe.  This isn’t a bad thing by itself.

Sacrifice of Children to Weather Gods … and Democrats?, by Marina Medvin

By Marina Medvin, TownHall – The idea that we should sacrifice children for improved weather is nothing new. Before the advent of abortion, ancient Mesoamericans would savagely sacrifice their young children in the belief that the killings would appease the weather gods. Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas all sacrificed children throughout Mexico, Peru and Columbia. These civilizations believed that the barbaric executions would result in weather change.

Glorious Chastity: Offering Children the Safest Place in a Devastated World

By Stacy Trasancos, EWTN News – Once I understood the bigger supernatural picture, I understood that the real goal of parenting is to lead children to heaven, which can be difficult. On one hand, we teach children to use their God-given intellect and think for themselves. We dive right into the hardest questions about life, death and humanity. On the other hand, children raised to think will do just that. Children also have free will, which means they will try to think things through for themselves and push the boundaries.

WOW! A Touching Story From Russia (Video)

By Marcus Roberts, Mercatornet – The video below from Radio Free Europe tells of a school in the village of Shapy, in the Smolensk region of western Russia. It was on the brink of closing a dozen years ago owing to the shortage of students. Then three teachers adopted five children, and the rest of the village has followed their example. Now, over 70 children have been adopted and the school is flourishing.

US Catholic Women Speak Out Before Vatican Summit, by Patti Armstrong

By Patti Armstrong, National Catholic Register – When bishops gather for the summit in Rome this week to address clerical sex abuse, they will have the perspective of thousands of U.S. Catholic women. The Catholic Women’s Forum (CWF) sent three documents to Pope Francis, all the archbishops and bishops throughout the United States, and other key participants, to help in their efforts to restore the Church’s credibility and promote healing.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Contraception and Consumerism vs. the Cross

By Fr. Dwight Longenecker, EWTN – Everything is connected, and it may sound absurd to link contraception with economics, but think about it: History will look back and decide that artificial contraception was the most radical invention ever devised by mankind. When the link between the sexual act and procreation was broken it not only changed our sexual behavior, it changed everything… Most importantly, it changed the way we think about ourselves and our actions…

How to Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day (Video)

By Jackie and Bobby, Ascension Presents – Jackie and Bobby offer some suggestions on how to spend Valentine’s Day in a Catholic way, whether you’re single, dating, religious, or married… This day is a great opportunity to do a service project, go to adoration, or visit someone who is lonely. You can even do what Jackie and Bobby do and host a game night… The important thing to remember, though, is that this day is about a saint and martyr who was imprisoned and beheaded for his love of Christ; and so the true meaning of Valentine’s Day is to give ourselves to others—whether that be our spouse or a stranger—in a selfless way.

Toxic Femininity, by Randall Smith

By Randall Smith, The Catholic Thing – We, especially from the 1950s on, have… We created “adolescence,” an absolutely absurd construction of a developmental stage where emerging adults are given all the freedoms of adulthood and none of the responsibilities. And we’re surprised when problems arise?… Instead of doing what wise cultures do, which is to take “young adults” and make sure they spend their time with actual adults so that they can learn the disciplines and virtues they need to take on adult responsibilities and manage adult freedom, we have our young adults spend all their time with other young adults, who are mostly as clueless as they are, doing mostly childish things.

CNA: Mentors Are Key in Program to Get Civilly Married Couples Back to Church

By Mary Rezac, Catholic News Agency – Mary Rose was humbled… “On my end, working with this couple, I thought I was going to teach and I was going to form, and Ryan and I thought we were going to give everything to them… But when we started listening to them and the husband’s experience of getting to know Jesus at a bible study while he was in jail, and the relationship he had with Jesus, and how he wanted to make things right with God, and how he wanted to have a marriage in the Church and he wanted Jesus to be part of their marriage, it was very humbling…and it really changed the way Ryan and I lived our ministry and lived our faith and lived our marriage.”

Netflix Show ‘Sex Education’ – A New Low for Teen-Geared Shows, by Tina Griffin

By Tina Griffin, CNSNews – Over the last decade, I’ve noticed more and more sex glamorized in teen-geared shows, but Netflix reached a new low with their newly released “Sex Education” TV series. In the last 2 years, Netflix has pumped out many graphic original series like “13 Reasons Why,” which glamorizes suicide and has been linked to several teen deaths.

Bob Kellogg: Pro-LGBT Curriculum Aims to Replace Parents’ Role in Sex Ed

By Bob Kellogg, OneNewsNow – Despite the loud vocal opposition at a hearing in Denver, a controversial sex education bill continues to make its way through various committees of the Colorado state government… According to Denver7, House Bill 19-1032 would add more “human sexuality” curriculum on topics such as consent, birth control, abstinence, STD prevention, LGBTQ inclusion, and healthy relationships. Described as “a serious overreach” by opponents but as “age-appropriate … information” by supporters, a summary of the bill says it…..

Glenn T. Stanton: Manhood Is Not Natural

By Glenn T. Stanton, Public Discourse – Manhood is not natural, but it is essential. No society can endure if it does not harness male sexual energy and teach men to take care of the children they father and the women who bear them… Few would disagree that manhood is in crisis today.  Men are falling behind women in important measures of personal and social well-being.  This is well-documented in books such as Hannah Rosin’s bluntly titled The End of Men.  In deeply consequential ways, they have become the weaker sex….

Tony Perkins: Where Are the Self-Proclaimed ‘Human Rights Advocates’ When It Comes to Late-Term Abortions

By Tony Perkins, CNSNews – For 40 years, America has had one of the most extreme abortion laws on the planet. Babies in the womb — boys and girls, unwanted by their families, rejected as members of the human family, have been deprived of their human rights and legal protection until the moment of birth, thanks to the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973. But rarely has there been the collective outrage we now see against the New York legislature and its governor, Andrew Cuomo.

Mary Rezac: After 25 Years, What JP2’s Letter to Families Can Teach Today’s World

By Mary Rezac, Catholic News Agency – When the Communist Party ruled Poland, family’s work and school schedules were arranged in such a way that they spent as little time together as possible. The state, and not the family, was, according to the government, the ultimate good and end of society… “So he was in this battle for family life very directly in Communist Poland,” he said of Wojtyla… Much of what Wojtyla came to know about the sanctity and importance of marriage and family life can be found in his 1994 “Letter to Families.”

Michael F. Haverluck: Texas Transgender Bills to ‘Ban Christianity’ in Texas?

By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow – The magnitude of the latest wave of pro-LGBTQ legislation is so severe that one conservative columnist argues that the left is attempting “to ban Christianity in Texas.”… While LGBTQ activists across the Lone Star State are confident that the upcoming state bills will enhance the so-called “gay rights” of Texans, many conservative pastors in the state are fearful that the proposed laws… will diminish their right to express their faith.

Bishop Olmsted: ‘The Vocation to Family Life Is Beautiful and Noble’

By Claire Dwyer, EWTN News – On the feast of the Holy Family, Dec. 30, 2018, Bishop Thomas Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix promulgated a new apostolic exhortation entitled “Complete My Joy.” Although addressed to the people of his diocese in honor of its 50th anniversary, it is of universal significance and great value to all who are striving to understand and live the call to holiness within marriage and family life.

Leadership is Love

By Matthew Pride, The Catholic Gentleman – Modern love is a weak love… Our society associates love more closely with sex than with leadership. The evidence of this is very clear… How we arrived here requires an understanding of deontological rationalism, the resultant tyranny of moral relativism, and the triumphant antagonism of those who championed a sexual revolution in the 1960s and 1970s. However, the point of this reflection is to derive one conclusion – “Leadership is love” – as shown by four logical arguments.

Mikki Sciba: Teaching Children Moral Excellence

By Mikki Sciba, St. Philip Institute of Catechesis and Evangelization – God calls us to know him, to love him and to serve him in this life so we can enjoy happiness with him in heaven for all of eternity. No greater happiness exists than this. So this means that there is no greater or more important task for parents than teaching our children the truths of our faith and raising them to be saints!

Mary Shivanandan: Why Are There Sex Hormones in the Water? (A book review)

By Mary Shivanandan, Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family – Perhaps our society is not ready for the message that various estrogen products, not least the artificial estrogens used in hormonal birth control, are not filtered from the water we drink. Like secondhand smoke, they contribute to obesity, depression, cancer and infertility for all of us, not only in this generation, but in generations to come.

David Carlin: Silencing Catholic Speech

By David Carlin, The Catholic Thing – In the United States, in recent decades, this campaign against homophobic hate speech has been very effective. Almost never nowadays does anybody dare to utter a public word of disapproval against homosexuality… What about the Catholic Church? Has the homosexualist campaign against “hate speech” had the effect of silencing the Church, of preventing it from communicating its ancient teaching that homosexual sodomy is sinful?

How the Corporate Pill Pushers Started the Opioid Crisis

By Brian Saady, The American Conservative – A federal judge has ruled that a massive lawsuit that blames drug manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies for the American opioid epidemic will proceed to trial… “It is accurate to describe the opioid epidemic as a man-made plague, twenty years in the making. The pain, death, and heartache it has wrought cannot be overstated,” blasted U.S. District Judge Dan Polster… Take Purdue Pharma, the first manufacturer of OxyContin and the most high-profile defendant in this case. The company has reportedly made $35 billion from the sale of OxyContin since its introduction in 1995… that sold the painkiller as a pill to “start with and to stay with” that was “virtually non-addictive. [1]”

Why Catholic Millennials Need These Four Urgent Life Skills, by John Horvat II

By John Horvat II. Crisis Magazine – Many complain that young people are not getting the basic life skills so needed to survive in the world. Parents and schools no longer teach skills like cooking, laundry, budgeting, or car repair as in times past… At the same time, our culture encourages young people to extend their adolescence well into their twenties. They postpone future responsibilities indefinitely as seen in a third of young adults between 18 and 34 that now rely upon their parents for room, board or financial support.

Matt Vespa: This Company Just Took Gillette’s Nonsense Toxic Masculinity Ad Campaign To The Woodshed–“What is a Man”?

By Matt Vespa, TownHall – Well, the Egard Watch Company decided to take on this PC trash, producing an ad of their own, saying they already see the good in men while torching the myth of male privilege and toxic masculinity. Prior to the declaration that they see the good in men, they note that men account for the vast majority of suicides (80 percent), those who are single and homeless (75 percent), homicide victims (79 percent), and workplace fatalities (93 percent).

Strengthening the Family Through the Sacred Heart

By Emily Jaminet, National Catholic Register – As Father Mateo Crawley-Boevey, of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, explained in 1907, “The enthronement is the official and social recognition of the rule of the Sacred Heart of Jesus over the Christian family, a recognition affirmed, outwardly expressed and made permanent by the solemn installation of the image of the divine Heart in a conspicuous place in the home and by the Act of Consecration.”

What Catholics Can Learn From ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’– “Does it Spark Joy?”

By Michelle La Rosa, CNA – Catholics seeking to implement Kondo’s methods may notice that some of her practices display a sense of animism, the idea that inanimate objects have spirits… While Catholics should not take part in practices that do not align with the Catholic faith, this does not mean they need to reject the KonMari Method of tidying altogether, Rapp said. Catholicism has long understood how to embrace what is good in other cultures, without accepting ideas that are problematic.

Kevin Jones: Small, Well-Funded LGBT Group to Challenge Catholic Teaching at World Youth Day

By Kevin Jones, CNA – A U.S.-based coalition of dissenting Catholics, whose backers include wealthy non-Catholic funders, is sending a small group of LGBT activists to World Youth Day in Panama to engage with media and pilgrims and to challenge Catholic teaching and practice they say is “harmful.”

Hope is Enough: TLC’s Rattled Stars on Trusting God and the Miracle of Family

By Kathryn Jean Lopez, The Stream – “We were trying to have a baby. We thought the next big call we would be making to our family was that I was pregnant, and instead we’re calling them saying I have breast cancer.”.. Aly Taylor was only 24 when she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. “We were living a normal life,” said Josh. “I was building houses, Aly’s in school. … We were just kids. And then this happens.” For the first two months after the diagnosis, he felt like he was drowning. It was all about surviving each moment.

Bishop Olmsted: ‘The Vocation to Family Life Is Beautiful and Noble’

By Claire Dwyer, National Catholic Register – On the feast of the Holy Family, Dec. 30, 2018, Bishop Thomas Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix promulgated a new apostolic exhortation entitled “Complete My Joy.”… Bishop Olmsted is candid about the current challenges faced by families; he urges them to remain strong even in the midst of the current culture, which is so often opposed to authentic family life. He quotes Servant of God Sister Lucia of Fatima, who wrote that “the final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be about marriage and the family.”

LifeSiteNews: Priest Gives Pulpit to Homosexual Partners to Share ‘Witness’ Story Prior to Sunday Mass

LifeSiteNews staff – Archbishop Bernard Hebda told LifeSiteNews via email… “I am deeply concerned that the presentation would have incorrectly suggested to those in attendance that the Catholic Church approves of same-sex marriage, in vitro fertilization, or surrogacy,”… Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, the Church teaches that homosexual acts are “acts of grave depravity” and are “intrinsically disordered” since they are “contrary to the natural law” in that they “close the sexual act to the gift of life.”.. “Under no circumstances can they be approved,” states the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Bruce Walker: US Birthrate Falls to Drastic Lows

By Bruce Walker, Church Militant – Total fertility rates have decreased significantly over the past 60 years. According to a report by John Binder, “Between 1955 to 1960, the U.S. birth rate peaked with nearly 3.6 children being born per woman. Demographers predict, based on current trends, for the U.S. birth rate to remain below replacement level into the year 2100.”… Beyond specific Catholic doctrine against abortion and contraception, the decrease in total fertility rates as a result of both poses serious financial concerns from a strictly utilitarian point of view.