Louisiana Supreme Court Rules Abortion Ban Can Keep Saving Babies

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – The Shreveport, Louisiana abortion facility, Hope Medical Group for Women, filed a request with the Louisiana Supreme Court asking it to reverse the First Circuit Court of Appeals decision that shuttered the three abortion facilities in the state pending further legal challenges. Today, the Louisiana Supreme Court denied the request, keeping the First Circuit’s decision in place.

Tim Tebow is Now Fighting Human Trafficking: “One of the Greatest Evils in the World Today”, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The 34-year-old Christian athlete recently expanded the mission of his foundation to include providing safe housing for individuals rescued from human trafficking across the world… “It’s such a focus for me because we believe this is one of the greatest evils in the world today,” Tebow told Fox News Digital this week.

Jury Rules for Pro-Life Pharmacist Who Refused to Fill Prescription for Abortion Drug, by Suzanne Bowdey

By Suzanne Bowdey, LifeNews – Joe Biden may believe in a woman’s right to choose, but what about a doctor’s? Or a nurse’s? Or a pharmacist’s? While the Left rants, vandalizes, and bullhorns about the sanctity of personal decisions, their version of individual freedom has limits. It doesn’t apply, for instance, to people who don’t share their radical worldview. In that case, there’s only one choice — surrender. But fortunately for America, there are still Christians like George Badeaux who refuse to.

‘Value Them Both’ Flawed Foundations? by Kristine Christlieb

By Kristine Christlieb, Church Militant – Chrisman believes it’s time for a new organization, one based on Catholic principles… Chrisman: “We have decided to start a new organization. We want it to be a Catholic pro-life organization. We want to basically re-educate Catholics on being pro-life. And we want to start with Humanae Vitae, so our motto is ‘living Humanae Vitae.'”

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: Great Disappointment in Kansas Vote

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – In a powerful statement responding to the vote, the Kansas Catholic Conference of Bishops expressed their own disappointment, saying that they are “sorry to see that the most vulnerable human being in our society—the unborn child—will not be protected but further treated with indifference and injustice.”… As the Kansas Catholic Conference of Bishops wrote in the statement quoted above, “We trust that God will bring good out of evil. In the end, the truth wins! No matter how deep the darkness is, no matter how long it reigns, no matter how much it grows, it cannot destroy the light.”

Persons vs. Human Beings, by Randall Smith

By Randall Smith, The Catholic Thing – A common defense of abortion is that the developing fetus within a mother’s womb, although clearly a “human being” – not a fish or a reptile, as the DNA and chromosomes clearly indicate – is not yet a “person.”  Used this way, the term person identifies a certain class of human being we have judged as deserving of our moral concern and protection, distinguishing these from others we have decided do not.

We’re Now Reliving the Lincoln-Douglas Debates

By Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture – This Wall Street Journal editorial on the lessons to be drawn from the Kansas abortion referendum is balanced, reasonable, and mostly right. But my own thoughts on the issue take a different approach… This Wall Street Journal editorial on the lessons to be drawn from the Kansas abortion referendum is balanced, reasonable, and mostly right. But my own thoughts on the issue take a different approach.

Pro-Life Coach Tony Dungy: Adopting Eight Children Has Been a “Blessing”, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – n an interview with Air 1 Radio, the Dungys shared how they strive to say “yes” to God while managing a household with 11 children, including three foster children and eight who were adopted, CBN News reports… “We believe that we’re being obedient to God’s calling on our lives,” Lauren Dungy said. “… We both love children and are passionate about mentoring, supporting, and encouraging children and actually people of all ages.”

Killing Babies Isn’t ‘Stabilizing Treatment,’ But The Lying Biden Administration Already Knows That, by Margot Cleveland

By Margot Cleveland, The Federalist – The Biden administration is dishonestly trying to reinject federal courts into state abortion policy following Roe’s downfall… Treating pregnant women’s “emergency medical conditions” never requires ER doctors to perform illegal abortions. The Biden administration’s claims to the contrary represent a dishonest attempt to reinject federal courts into state abortion policy following the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

Confusion Helped Defeat Kansas Pro-Life Amendment, by Kevin J. Jones

By Kevin J. Jones, Catholic News Agency – The defeat of a proposed pro-life amendment in Kansas is in large part due to confusion and fear-mongering in the wake of the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, one leading supporter on the ground has said… Chuck Weber, executive director of the Kansas Catholic Conference, said the Dobbs decision just six weeks before the amendment vote “really changed the trajectory of the abortion legal landscape.”

Looking Ahead After a Pro-Life Loss in Kansas, by Lauretta Brown

By Lauretta Brown, EWTN News – The first state-level vote on abortion after the overturn of Roe v. Wade was a loss for the pro-life movement in Kansas’ Tuesday primary. The result raises questions about how the Supreme Court’s June 24 decision might be a factor in the midterm elections and what it might mean for abortion-related ballot initiatives in other states… Kansans voted 59% to 41% to leave in place a 2019 state Supreme Court ruling that found a right to abortion in the state’s constitution.

Catholic Priest Gets Three Months in Jail for Going Inside Abortion Clinic to Save Babies, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – For trying to save unborn babies inside a New York abortion facility, (Franciscan Friar Fidelis Moscinski, of the Bronx) will spend three months in jail… “Isaiah said woe to those who call good evil and evil good. Woe to those who call abortion a right,”… Addressing the judge, he continued, “You disallowed the justification defense and that injustice was compounded by the jury and also by the sentencing you have given, I plead the blood of Jesus on this court room.”

YouTube Censors Accurate Medical Data on Abortion, Cites World Health Organization, by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

By Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, The Ruth Institute, The Stream – “YouTube has begun its post-Roe censorship campaign by removing three episodes of the Dr. J Show, our weekly interview podcast,” said Ruth Institute President, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D… In its notification of removal, YouTube stated it “does not allow content about abortion that contradicts expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO) and poses a serious risk of bodily harm or death.”

Biden Signs Executive Order to Help Women Get Abortions Out of State Through Medicaid, by Melanie Arter

By Melanie Arter, CNSNews – Pres. Biden signed an EO on Wednesday to allow Medicaid to help women get abortions out of state if they live in a state that has banned abortion… “Republicans in Congress and their extreme MAGA ideology are determined to go even further, talking about nationwide bans that would outlaw abortion in every state, under every circumstance, going after the broader right to privacy as well, but as I’ve said before, this fight is not over, and we saw that last night in Kansas,” Biden said.

Kansans Vote 65-34% Against the Pro-Life Amendment, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – The “Value Them Both” amendment is especially critical after the Kansas Supreme Court found a so-called “right to abortion” in their state constitution in 2019. The ruling jeopardizes Kansas laws that protect women and babies… Unfortunately, Kansans voted 65-34% against the pro-life amendment — a pro-abortion result that came just weeks after the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

CNSNews: Elizabeth Warren Leads 25 Democratic Senators in Calling on Federal Agency to Provide Abortions

By Staff – In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs vs. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization, which overturned the Roe vs. Wade decision that had declared abortion a constitutional right, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is leading a group of 25 senators calling on the Veterans Administration to provide abortions to female veterans.

Out-Of-State Democrats Pay Millions To Influence Kansas Election Because Abortion Is On The Ballot, by Margot Cleveland

By Margot Cleveland, The Federalist – Kansans head to the polls Tuesday to vote on the proposed “Value Them Both” constitutional amendment that seeks to overturn the Kansas Supreme Court’s decision… that declared that the state constitution guarantees a “fundamental right to abortion.”… votes they cast on Tuesday may have been heavily influenced by out-of-state abortion apologists who contributed a whopping 71 percent of the $6.54 million spent by the lead group campaigning against the amendment.

Louisiana’s Near-Total Abortion Ban Can Take Effect, Court Rules, by Raymond Wolfe

By Raymond Wolfe, LifeSiteNews – A Louisiana appeals court has ruled that the state can once again enforce a ban on abortion throughout pregnancy, in a major victory for pro-lifers in the Pelican State… The Louisiana 1st Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday granted AG Jeff Landry’s request to let the ban take effect while the state appeals a lower court ruling that blocked it last week… The ruling will force the state’s abortion clinics to shut down for the third time since the SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade.

Msgr. Robert J. Batule: The Steadying Wisdom of ‘Humanae Vitae’

By Msgr. Robert J. Batule, The Catholic Thing – Science and technology enhance our lives in innumerable ways. There’s no disputing that. But we have moved beyond fixing things and operating at maximum efficiency. If truth be told, we have arrived at something like Huxley’s Brave New World (1932) with the counter-developments in biotech… Science and technology are powers, and thus they have to be harnessed or regulated if there is to be a morally licit way of making the best use of them.

Louisiana Appeals Court Rules Abortion Ban Can Take Effect, Save Babies From Abortions, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – A Louisiana appeals court has ruled that the state’s abortion ban can take effect and save babies from abortions while a pro-abortion lawsuit against it continues in court… La. Atty. General Jeff Landry wants to make sure women and unborn babies are protected from abortions. So he filed an appeal today of a judge’s decision blocking enforcement of the state’s abortion ban.

Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh Takes Courageous Stand in Defense of Right to Life

By CNSNews Staff – “To me, the right choice is to have the courage to let the unborn be born,” said Harbaugh at the event, according to a report published by Detroit Catholic… “I believe in having the courage to let the unborn be born. I love life,” said Harbaugh… “My faith and my science are what drive these beliefs in me. Quoting from Jeremiah, ‘Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart. I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.’”

Justice Samuel Alito: “I Had the Honor” to Write Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – In his first public comments since the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, Justice Samuel Alito says he’s happy he “had the honor” to write it… Last week, during an appearance at a conference in Rome on religious freedom sponsored by Notre Dame University law school, Alito gave his first public remarks on the Dobbs decision.

A Pro-Life Rebuttal: Karen Santorum: Give Kids With Trisomy 18 a Chance So They May Live, by Karen Santorum

By Karen Santorum, NewsMax – On the morning of July 7, 2022 my daughter, Elizabeth, sent my family an article, “I had an abortion 15 years ago. Now I’m fighting the Georgia state house for your rights,” by Shea Roberts… It’s about a mom who had an abortion because her baby had Trisomy 18… The unanimous response from my family was tears followed by justifiable anger.

Abortionist Celebrates Killing Babies: “If You Don’t Believe in [Killing Babies], Then Don’t [Kill] One”, by Curtis Houck

By Curtis Houck, LifeNews – Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the liberal media have been engaged in an abortion disinformation campaign seeking to terrify women into believing miscarriages will be criminalized and women will die from medical complications related to pregnancies. It’s been so sinister that it would make even the Russians jealous.

OBGYN Who Delivered 5,000 Babies: Abortion is Not Health Care and Miscarriages are Not Abortions, by Sen. Roger Marshall, M.D.

By Sen. Roger Marshall, M.D., LifeNews – “Don’t let the sun set on an ectopic pregnancy” was an axiom we were taught the first week of OB-GYN residency – it’s as true today as it was before and after Roe, and after Dobbs. Make no mistake about it, an ectopic pregnancy is always a life-threatening condition, and the reality of being sued for delay in treatment far outweighs the misguided cry of those who say physicians will “withhold treatment.”

U.S. Bishops Declare Abortion ‘the Antithesis of Healthcare’, by Joe Hoft

By Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit – Aborting unborn children is the opposite of healthcare, the U.S. Bishops declared Monday in a statement condemning the Women’s Health Protection Act as “the most unjust and extreme” abortion bill our nation has ever seen.

As a 13-Year-Old Kali Bravely Rejected Abortion After Rape. She Has No Regrets, by Micaiah Bilger 

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Kali faced ridicule and nasty gossip when she chose life for her unborn son at age 13… Raped and impregnated by a stranger, Kali said people pressured her to have an abortion and friends turned against her, according to Live Action News. But after hearing her unborn son’s heartbeat, the very young mother knew that she could not abort her baby.

Congress Passes “Right to Contraception Act”, by John Burger

By John Burger, Aleteia – Afraid that Supreme Court will erode more rights, Democrats seek to codify past rulings like Griswold v. Connecticut… Yes, the Catholic Church still teaches that using contraception is wrong, and this week it had an opportunity to remind the world why.

Louisiana Bishops Conference Endorses Abortifacient Drugs in Cases of Rape, by Raymond Wolfe

By Raymond Wolfe, LifeSite News – The Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops (LCCB) has come out in favor of emergency contraception for cases of rape, despite the abortifacient nature of the measure and the Vatican’s insistence that it is morally impermissible… In recent comments to Louisiana newspaper The Advocate, Tom Costanza, executive director of the LCCB, which speaks on behalf the Louisiana Catholic bishops on matters of public policy, endorsed a new state law requiring hospitals to dispense emergency contraception to sexual assault victims.

Ruth Institute: Teen Testifies to Dangers of Gender ‘Transitioning’

By The Ruth Institute, The Stream – “Increasingly, detransitioners are coming forward to tell their stories and warn of the physical and psychological dangers of so-called gender transitioning,” said Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., president of the Ruth Institute… Chloe Cole, a California teen who formerly identified as “transgender,” recently testified at a Florida hearing …

Don’t Criminalize Women for Abortion, by David G Bonagura, Jr.

By David G Bonagura, Jr., The Catholic Thing – The overturning of Roe v. Wade has revived abortion criminalization laws, dormant for fifty years, in several states. Included in the penal code of these laws – unlike more recent laws curbing abortion in Oklahoma and Florida – is the prosecution of women who procure abortions. If a woman has an illegal abortion in one of these states, we could potentially see her handcuffed, brought before a grand jury, and tried.

Abp. Naumann: Abortion Is a ‘Human-Rights Issue’ More Than a Religious Issue, by Jonah McKeown

By Jonah McKeown, CNA – Responding to claims that Kansas Catholics are seeking to impose their religion on their neighbors by voting to exclude a right to abortion from the state’s constitution, Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, says “reason alone is sufficient to know that it is wrong to destroy an innocent human life.”

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: We Don’t Need Abortion to Save Mom’s Life

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – With Roe gone and abortion already illegal, or set to become illegal, in numerous states, you can expect abortion activists and pro-abortion media to go into overdrive spreading propaganda, trying to make the case that abortion is often “necessary” to preserve the life or health of the mother… By now, we know the tactics all too well. …

Southwest Flight Attendant Fired Because She’s Pro-Life Wins $5.1 Million Lawsuit, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Breitbart reports Charlene Carter, of Texas, accused the Transportation Workers Union of America (TWU) Local 556 and Southwest Airlines of firing her in 2017 because she spoke out against the union spending members’ dues on pro-abortion activities… “Today is a victory for freedom of speech and religious beliefs… I am so humbled and thankful for today’s decision and for everyone who’s supported me these past five years, including the National Right to Work Foundation.”

CNSNews: Pelosi Names ‘Catholics for Choice’ as Group That Joined in ‘Mobilization’ for Legalized Abortion

By Staff – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) delivered a statement on the steps of the U.S. Capitol on Friday in which she noted that “Catholics for Choice” had joined in what Pelosi called the “mobilization” behind bills taken up by the U.S. House of Representatives to legalize abortion nationwide… “Today, the House will pass landmark bills: our Women’s Health Protection Act to make the essential protections of Roe the law of the land,” said Pelosi.

From Killer to Savior, by Emmy Griffin

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post – In the story of abortion in our country, there are many characters besides the two main ones: mother and unborn child. Families, friends, and fathers all play a role in this decision. Then there are the architects of the act itself: doctors, medical personnel, and directors of abortion facilities. These architects are in many ways the greatest villains. A few of them, however, have used their experience as part of their powerful story of why they have pivoted 180 degrees and are now the loudest, most ardent pro-life advocates. Here are a few of their stories.

Dems Working to Enshrine Roe, by Kim Tisor

By Kim Tisor, Church Militant – Democratic politicians have masterminded ways to fuel the sputtering abortion machine, ever since the Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe… Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Speaker of the U.S. House: “This is deadly serious. But we are not going to let this pass. … Democrats will keep fighting ferociously to enshrine Roe v. Wade into law.”…

House Democrats Pass Bill to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth Nationwide, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – “Pro-abortion Democrats are dramatically out of touch with a majority of Americans who reject abortion extremism,” SBA Pro-Life America president Marjorie Dannenfelser said. “Already in this new Dobbs era, more than a dozen states have implemented life-saving protections for unborn children and their mothers.”.. President Joe Biden and almost all Democrats in Congress support the pro-abortion bill. And while the House has passed it three times, U.S. Senate Republicans repeatedly have used the filibuster to block it.

After Roe v. Wade: Pastors and Leaders — Your Silence Speaks Volumes

By Shane Idleman, The Stream – I don’t know what’s more disheartening — the anger of many because Roe v. Wade was overturned or the silence of pastors and worship leaders. (For some “naming names,” click here.) To tackle this topic, I’m revisiting points from past articles that I’ve written.

WATCH! Pelosi: ‘We’re Not Going to Negotiate’ on Abortion, by Lucy Collins

By Lucy Collins, CNS News – At her weekly press conference today, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said, “We’re not going to negotiate a woman’s right to choose.”… Pelosi replied, “What do you mean negotiations? What do you want to negotiate?”… “We’re not going to negotiate a woman’s right to choose,” said Pelosi.  “Senator Murkowski [R-Alaska] and Senator Collins [R-Me.] may have their view, but it is not a view that is one about a woman’s having the right to decide. So, we’re not negotiating that, no.”

Biden Admin’s New HHS Guidance Shoehorns Unfettered Abortion Into Existing Law, by Margot Cleveland

By Margot Cleveland, The Federalist – The Biden administration’s “new guidance” to hospitals declaring that abortions must be provided in emergencies seeks not to clarify the law but to provide pro-abortion forces a way to skirt state law while pushing several lies to further the false narrative that overturning Roe v. Wade endangers women’s lives.

Catholic Vote: Biden To Issue Executive Order to ‘Protect’ Abortion, Defying SCOTUS

By Catholic Vote News Feed – Pres. Joe Biden on Friday announced that he would defy the Supreme Court and state lawmakers by signing an executive order to federally “protect” and “expand access to” abortion… The Biden administration claimed in a briefing that the “only way” to secure women’s rights is through protecting Roe vs. Wade as “federal law.”

Back to the Sixties? Pontifical Academy for Life Pushes for Departure From Doctrine on Contraceptive Sex, by Jonathan Liedl

By Jonathan Liedl, EWTN News – Fifty-five years ago, Pope St. Paul VI promulgated Humanae Vitae, a papal encyclical that unequivocally clarified the Church’s perennial opposition to artificially contracepted sex… Now, a Vatican institute, ironically first created by the late, great Polish pope and saint, is pushing for a “paradigm shift” in moral theology ….

Media Exploit 10-Year-Old Girl to Promote Abortion, Ignore How Illegal Immigrant Raped Her, by Kevin Tober

By Kevin Tober, LifeNews – On Wednesday, it was reported that the 10-year-old girl from Ohio who was raped, had been raped by an illegal immigrant from Guatemala. While most of the leftist media wants to focus on the fact that she had apparently sought an abortion in the neighboring state of Indiana because of Ohio’s law protecting the life of the unborn, this disturbing news that a man who was in the United States illegally is being buried.

Scrooge and the Economics of Abortion, by Anna Reynolds

By Anna Reynolds, Crisis Magazine –
Ebenezer Scrooge is such a memorable miscreant, and he is so enjoyably villainous before his dramatic Christmas conversion… When told that the poor would rather die than go to debtors’ prison, he responds callously, “If they would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.” The phrase “decrease the surplus population” is still widely recognized and universally ridiculed as an inhumane response to poverty.

Clarifications after ‘Dobbs’, by Francis X. Maier

By Francis X. Maier, The Catholic Thing – Humpty Dumpty owns the trademark to the word “devout.” Anyone familiar with fairytales will remember Humpty Dumpty. Who could forget.. his searing political acumen? “When I say a word, it means exactly what I say it means, neither more nor less.” Devout™ Catholics, it turns out, can say and do pretty much whatever they want while remaining safely Devout™, as long as they’re true to their feelings and really, really sincere about it.

USCCB Official Warns of Rise in ‘Polite Persecution’ of Catholic Views on Abortion and Sexuality Internationally, by Lauretta Brown

By Lauretta Brown, EWTN News – During last week’s 2022 International Religious Freedom Summit in Washington, Lucas Koach, director of the Office of International Justice and Peace for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, warned that in the developing world there’s an impulse “to push for policies that the Church thinks run contrary to the innate human dignity of the human person and attach that to U.S. foreign assistance or other diplomatic levers.”

Pope Francis: Biden’s Support for Abortion is a Matter for His ‘Conscience’ and ‘Pastor’, by Michael Haynes

By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – Pope Francis has noted the “incoherence” of President Joe Biden’s support for abortion as a Catholic, but said that he “leaves it” to Biden’s “conscience” whether to receive Holy Communion or not… the 85-year-old pope condemned abortion, saying that “scientific data” show that “a month after conception, the DNA of the fetus is already present and the organs are already aligned.”

Former Planned Parenthood Director: More People Would be Pro-Life if They Saw “Barbarity” of How Abortions Kill Babies, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Speaking with Fox & Friends host Rachel Campos-Duffy on Sunday, (Abby Johnson) reminded Americans of the violence of abortion as abortion activists protested the overturning of Roe v. Wade in Washington, D.C… “I think if people could actually see the barbarity of abortion, if they could see how terrible abortion is, more people would be against it,” Johnson said.

(2010) Excommunicate Pelosi! It’s Time Somebody Finds the Gumption to Excommunicate Her, by Brad Miner

By Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing – One of America’s leading canon lawyers, Edward N. Peters, has written: “If her prolonged public conduct does not qualify as obstinate perseverance in manifest grave sin, then, in all sincerity, I must admit to not knowing what would constitute obstinate perseverance in manifest grave sin.” His point of reference is to a passage in Canon 915: “Those upon whom the penalty of excommunication or interdict has been imposed or declared, and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin , are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.”

Biden Administration Has Been Flying Migrant Minors Out of Texas for Abortions, by Michael Haynes

By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – The Biden Administration’s devotion to abortion was highlighted by Reuters… According to “four U.S. officials who requested anonymity..”.. “Biden officials are exploring ways to provide abortion access for pregnant women and girls in U.S. immigration custody in states with bans.”

(Catholic) Pres. Joe Biden Signs Abortion Executive Order: Protects ‘Right’ to Kill Unborn, by Katie Yoder

By Katie Yoder, Catholic News Agency – Pres. Joe Biden signed an EO Friday aimed at protecting abortion access in response to the SCOTUS’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade… “This is a choice… “A moment to restore the rights that have been taken away from us, and the moment to protect our nation from an extremist agenda that is antithetical to everything we believe as Americans.”.. He repeatedly referred to abortion as “health care” and called abortion drugs “medication.”

(Catholic) Pres. Biden Signs Abortion Executive Order: ‘Right to Choose’ Is ‘Essential’, by Katie Yoder

By Katie Yoder, CNA – Biden, a Catholic, has repeatedly supported abortion, in contrast with the Catholic Church’s teaching that human life must be respected and protected from the moment of conception… In the order, Biden states his administration’s policy to support “women’s right to choose” as “essential to justice, equality, and our health, safety, and progress as a Nation.”

Pro-Life Insurance Company Pledges to Support Workers Who Adopt, Have Children, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – A Texas insurance company took a stand for life this week as many other big name companies announce their support for abortion… Buffer Ins. in Texas is offering new benefits to help families choose life for their unborn babies, including maternity and paternity leave and adoption assistance… “We saw all the mega-corporations … making it easy for people to still have these continued abortions. So, as a small business owner, we thought it was important to take the opposite stand….”

Pro-Life Perspectives on Life-Threatening Pregnancies: Experts Contest Claim That Abortion Is Necessary, by Lauretta Brown

By Lauretta Brown, EWTN News – Shortly after Roe v. Wade was overturned and pro-life states moved to ban abortion, a media narrative began to emerge that abortion bans would put women in danger, preventing them from lifesaving treatment in cases of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage management.

Last Abortion Business in Mississippi Will Close Down as New Abortion Ban Takes Effect, by Steven Ertelt 

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – In accordance with the provisions governing Section 41-41-45 of the Mississippi Code, Attorney General Lynn Fitch published the required certification to Mississippi’s Administrative Bulletin for what is known as the State’s trigger law. That meant abortions are now banned and babies are legally protected from conception for the first time since 1973. The law protects babies from conception and bans abortions except in the case of a formal charge of rape or for the preservation of the mother’s life.

The Disparity Antiracists Don’t Talk About, by John Stonestreet, Heather Peterson

By John Stonestreet & Heather Peterson, The Stream – Recently in The Wall Street Journal, Jason Riley asked a provocative question, “Why Won’t the Left Talk About Racial Disparities in Abortion?” In it, he describes how the “black abortion rate is nearly four times higher than the white rate,” how more black babies in New York City are aborted than born, and how “[n]ationally, the number of babies aborted by black women each year far exceeds the combined number of blacks who drop out of school, are sent to prison and are murdered.”

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: A Decision with Global Consequences

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – “The fallout from this calculated decision will also reverberate worldwide,” worried Dr. Alvaro Bermejo, Director-General of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), in a statement, “emboldening other anti-abortion, anti-woman and anti-gender movements and impacting other reproductive freedoms.”

IVF Next to Be Banned? by Paul Murano

By Paul Murano, Church Militant – Two percent of all American babies born in 2020 were conceived through IVF. This means being created in a petri dish by a clinician manipulating sperm and egg cells… Fr. Tad Pacholczyk, Ph.D., education director, National Catholic Bioethics Center: “You’re bringing the child into the world the wrong way.”

49 Abortion Centers Have Closed Since Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade

By Anne Reed, LifeNews – According to Operation Rescue’s first-hand investigation, over 49 abortion clinics have either halted abortions or have been forced to close their doors altogether since last Friday when the U.S. Supreme Court released its decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. The decision effectively overturned Roe v. Wade (1973) and its companion case Casey v. Planned Parenthood (1992), placing the issue of abortion in the hands of the states.

How Mississippi Became The State To Take Down Roe v. Wade, by Bob Anderson

By Bob Anderson, The Federalist – History will record that Mississippi, the small and often overlooked state, led the way in protecting the lives of unborn children. And Behind it all was the little army of pro-life warriors who simply did what they could and never lost hope. Local action does indeed have national impact.

WATCH: Biden, War, War, War While U.S. Citizens Suffer, DiscloseTV

SOURCE: @disclosetv, Telegram Channel – NEW – Biden: US has gathered a coalition of 50+ countries to donate new weapons to Ukraine. The US will contribute another $800 million in military aid… According to Biden, aid to Ukraine has already included: 600 tanks, 500 artillery systems, 600 000 shells, 140 000 anti-tank weapons

World Health Organization Director Slams Roe Reversal as ‘Setback’ That Will Cost Lives, by Tim Jackson

By Tim Jackson, LifeSiteNews – The AP reported on Wednesday that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said “restricting (abortion) drives women and girls toward unsafe abortions resulting in complications, even death,” but the WHO director-general failed to substantiate his claims with any of the “irrefutable” evidence he insisted exists.

As Law, Roe Was a Bad Ruling That Always Had to Go, by Michael Brown

By Michael Brown, The Stream – Despite being reinforced and even expanded by the Casey decision of 1992, Roe was a bad ruling by the Supreme Court that simply had to go. It had no legal ground on which to stand and no Constitutional logic behind it. That’s why few, if any, pundits are challenging Justice Alito’s legal reasoning in dismantling Roe.

Biden Unveils Web Site Telling Teen Girls How to Get Secret Abortions Without Their Parents Knowing, by Micaiah Bilger 

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The website describes killing unborn babies in abortions as a “right” even though the U.S. Supreme Court said there is no constitutional right to abortion in its historic ruling Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health last week… “Your right to access abortion services: Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, access to abortion will depend on the state you live in even more than before,” the HHS website states.

UK Daily Mail: Louisiana Judge BLOCKS State From Enforcing Abortion Ban …

By Vanessa Serna, and Reuters – Louisiana anticipated to enforce the trigger laws ten days after the SCOTUS ruling… La. Judge Robin Giarrusso on Monday temporarily blocked the state from implementing ‘trigger laws’ to ban abortion following the overturn of Roe v. Wade on Friday… State abortion providers halted the procedure on Friday, citing the ‘vagueness’ as to when the trigger law would be in full effect and under what circumstances abortions would be allowed, according to the lawsuit.

Italian Abortionist Praised by Pope Says Roe Ruling is a ‘Step Backward’ for Women, by Michael Haynes

By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – The notorious Italian abortionist Emma Bonino spoke out against the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, calling it a “step backward” that could spread to countries in Europe… In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court issuing its ruling Friday to overturn the nearly 50-year-old Roe v. Wade, abortion activists in the U.S. and further abroad have been swift to denounce and reject the ruling.

A Plan to Defund Planned Parenthood, by Anne Hendershott & Daniel R. Kempton

By Anne Hendershott & Daniel R. Kempton, Crisis Magazine – We believe Roe was in error not just because it imagined an unwritten constitutional right but, more importantly, because it took away a written constitutional right—the right to life for an entire segment of the population. Such actions have previously been found unconstitutional for other groups within the American population. 

Msgr. Charles Pope: Thoughts on the Miracle of Life, As We March.

Msgr. Charles Pope – MIRACLE OF LIFE– Consider the miracle of the human body. Its chemistry is just as extraordinarily well tuned as is the physics of the cosmos. Our world on both sides of the divide that separates life from lifelessness is filled with wonder. Each human cell has a double helix library of three billion base pairs providing fifty thousand genes.

Report: ‘Open Season’ on Pro-Life Groups, 40+ Attacks Since Alito Opinion Leaked on May 3, by Stephanie Samsel

By Stephanie Samsel, CNS News – Pro-life individuals and groups have been targeted more than 40 times with violence, vandalism, and intimidation, since the Supreme Court draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade leaked, according to a new report… The 22-page report, Pro-Abortion Vandalism, Violence & Intrruptions of Worship, released by Susan B. Anthony (SBA) Pro-Life America lists over 40 incidents of attacks on peaceful pro-life groups, including churches and crisis pregnancy centers, since May 3.

Here’s How to Deal With Pro-Abortion DAs Who Won’t Enforce Abortion Bans, by Joe Kral 

By Joe Kral. LifeNews – It is becoming clearer that with the likely overturn of Roe coming very soon, some pro-abortion District Attorney’s that have been elected in states where Abortion Trigger Bans have passed have openly declared war on their states’ pro-life law… Abortion Trigger Bans, of course, are those laws that have been passed in states that will be triggered into effect where abortion will be banned when Roe is overturned.

Planned Parenthood Stops Scheduling Abortions in Wisconsin Because Roe May be Overturned, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Planned Parenthood will no longer schedule abortions in Wisconsin after June 25th because the abortion business anticipates the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade this month… The abortion giant operates three abortion facilities in the Badger state and a new report from the Associates Press indicates Planned Parenthood officials have confirmed they will no longer book abortions after June 25th, which is excellent news for women and unborn children.

The Effects of Abortion Laws: Myths and Facts, by William Lawyer

By William Lawyer, Human Life International – If Roe v. Wade is overturned, pro-lifers will have an exciting opportunity to increase protections for the preborn in their state. Now more than ever it is important to know which laws work, and which don’t… So, what do common pro-life and pro-choice policies truly do, and what policies can you fight for to make your state safer for preborn children?

Biden Considers Declaring ‘Health Emergency’ if Roe Overturned

By Art Moore, World Net Daily – Amid demands from his far-left base to take immediate action to “protect abortion rights” in the event the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, President Joe Biden and his staff are considering declaring a public health emergency, according to the New York Times… The paper said the administration would use an emergency declaration to ensure that physicians who carry out abortions in states where they are not licensed are shielded from legal liability.

CatholicVote Creates Map Tracking Attacks on Churches

By Catholic Vote News Feed – “Since 2020, there have been at least 140 attacks against Catholic churches in the U.S., including thefts of sacred tabernacles, fires which severely damaged historic churches, spray-painting and graffiti, windows smashed, and statues destroyed,” CatholicVote reported. “Crucially, while some of the attacks have included thefts, most have only involved property destruction, indicating that the motive is not primarily material gain.”

Stunning Change in Abortion Rate After 30-Year Trend, by Art Moore

By Art Moore, World Net Daily – A study released ahead of a Supreme Court ruling that could overturn the Roe decision finds an increase in abortions performed in the United States after 30 years of decline… The number of abortions performed as well as the rate of the abortions increased between 2017 and 2020, according to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute.

Pro-Abortion Violence Is Real, Even if Not Reported, by Emmy Griffin

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post – It has been negligent for the Supreme Court to continue withholding its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. It’s frustrating that this hesitancy — after the leaked draft hit the pages of Politico — has created aggressive pro-abortion domestic terror cells that have been antagonizing the American public.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: Be Courageous in the Face of Violence

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – The U.S. DOD is warning of an increase in “extremist” violence in the next few months, partly in response to an impending decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. So is the DHS, which warned in an unclassified memo obtained by Axios that threats against SCOTUS, lawmakers, clergy, and healthcare workers, “are likely to persist and may increase leading up to and following the issuing of the Court’s official ruling.”

Pregnancy Resource Center in Oregon the Latest Pro-Life Facility to Be Firebombed, by Debra Heine

By Debra Heine, American Greatness – A pregnancy resource center near Portland, Oregon, appears to be the latest pro-life facility to be firebombed by pro-abortion zealots… According to KOIN 6 News,  investigators believe an incendiary device was thrown through a window of the Gresham Pregnancy Resource Center at around 3:00 am Friday, but no messages or notes were left behind.

Biden Says He May Take Executive Action to Ensure Abortion Access if Supreme Court Overturns Roe, by Ashley Sadler

By Ashley Sadler, LifeSiteNews – Pres. Joe Biden, a self-professed Catholic, has stated he is looking at signing executive orders to ensure women can still kill their unborn babies if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.. Biden said he is exploring potential executive actions which would ensure pregnant women are able to abort their unborn babies even if the federal “right to abortion” is overturned.

Abp. Cordileone ‘Stood Up for What’s Right’ in Actions Toward Pelosi, Fresno Bishop Says, by Kevin J. Jones

By Kevin J. Jones, CNA – Abp. Salvatore J. Cordileone of San Francisco was right to ask House Speaker Nancy Pelosi not to receive Holy Communion because of her abortion stand, Bp. Joseph V. Brennan of Fresno, California, has said… the bishop criticized what he suggested was “virtue signaling” on the part of some Catholic politicians who approach the Eucharist as an opportunity to demonstrate their “Catholic credentials” for “a kind of spiritual photo op.”

Supreme Court Announces Extra Day of Opinions on WEDNESDAY With 33 Decisions – Including Potentially Overturning Roe v. Wade…

By Katelyn Caralle, U.S. Polical Reporter, UK DailyMail – Louisiana is one of the 13 states that has so-called ‘trigger laws’, along with Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and WyomingThese trigger laws would immediately ban all abortion once Roe v. Wade is overturned… SCOTUS is issuing its opinions for the term at the end of June – and anticipated as part of that is a full overturn of the 50-year-old landmark abortion ruling that constitutionally protected a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy.

The Abortion Pill Has Injured 125 Women and Put 5 in the Hospital, Just in Ohio, by Cheryl Sullenger

By Cheryl Sullenger, LifeNews – In the wake of the leaked opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case that indicated the Supreme Court is ready to overturn Roe v. Wade, the news has been rife with reports of the planned expansion of abortion pill usage throughout the United States….

Babylon Bee CEO: “Abortion is Health Care the Way That Rape is Lovemaking”, by Beth Connell

By Beth Connell, LifeNews – The head of the world’s most popular satirical website said that it’s no joke that “misinformation” from the left about abortion is not only “harmful,” but deadly… “Harmful misinformation is telling a woman that abortion is a decision about her body when another body and life is at stake,” said Babylon Bee’s CEO Seth Dillon at a pro-life gala dinner following Canada’s May 12 National March for Life.

Supreme Court Set to Issue New Round of Opinions Monday, as Future of Roe v. Wade Still Unknown, by Michael Haynes

By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – The U.S. Supreme Court is set to issue opinions Monday, June 6, with the fate of Roe v. Wade still yet to be publicly decided, one month after a leaked draft opinion suggested it could be overturned… The Supreme Court has announced another day for issuing opinions, June 6, as the current term draws to a close in June.

New York Legislature Passes Bill to Investigate Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers for Not Doing Abortions, by Calvin Freiburger

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – The New York legislature passed legislation that will effectively empower the state to investigate pro-life pregnancy centers for not offering abortions, effectively punishing them for their reason for existence… “This bill weaponizes the power of government against groups whose only wrong is that they disagree with the political positions of the powerful”

A Look At State Laws That Will Govern Abortion If Roe Is Overturned

By Michael Robison, The Gateway Pundit – Should the nation’s highest court overturn Roe vs. Wade, supporters and opponents of abortion rights will need to shift their focus to the state level. The issue will become a matter of state legislation, and the battleground will no longer rest in the nation’s Capital… Many states have either passed or proposed new laws that will significantly change the access and rights of those seeking to end a pregnancy…

Leftists Plan to Blockade, Shut Down Supreme Court Before Decision to Overturn Roe, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Leftists plan to blockade and attempt to shut down the Supreme Court in two weeks as a decision is expected soon on whether the nation”s high court will overturn Roe v. Wade and allow states to protect babies from abortion… The Supreme Court reportedly has the votes to overturn Roe, according to a leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft ruling that overturns Roe v. Wade.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: Correcting Pelosi with Truth and Charity

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – “To the Church belongs the right always and everywhere to announce moral principles, including those pertaining to the social order, and to make judgments on any human affairs to the extent that they are required by the fundamental rights of the human person or the salvation of souls.” ─ Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 2032

Doctor Confirms: Women Don’t Need Abortion. “Pregnancy Centers Provide Real Alternatives”, by Dr. Grazie Christie 

By Dr. Grazie Christie, LifeNews – …pregnancy care centers exist to provide real alternatives for women who too often think their only choice is abortion. Volunteers and supporters understand that it would be wrong to defend the lives of vulnerable unborn children from elective abortion while ignoring the real challenges faced by their mothers and fathers.

World’s Most Premature Twins Were Born Two Weeks Before Abortion Limit

By Right to Life UK, LifeNews – The world’s most premature twins, who were born two weeks before the UK abortion limit of 24 weeks, are now happy and healthy three-year-olds… Identical twins Kambry and Keeley Ewoldt hold the Guinness World Record for being the world’s most premature twins.

The Tragic Consequences of Removing God From American Life, by James Robison

By James Robison, The Stream – When all life is not valued (60 million of the most innocent among us have been sacrificed in the last five decades!), it should not come as a shock that many people seem to devalue any and all lives for whatever reason. The only way we’ll ever stop abortion is to show everyone how precious every life is and the great potential each life has.

WND: The Pro-Life Movement’s Greatest Challenge Ever

By WND Staff – Anticipating that the Supreme Court might imminently repeal Roe v. Wade, its most controversial and society-transforming decision in a century, America – already a war zone because of the destructive and intentionally divisive policies of today’s radicalized Democratic Party – is descending into full-blown meltdown.

Garbage Man Rescues Newborn Baby From Dumpster (Iran), by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – An Iranian garbage collector rescued a newborn baby from a dumpster on Monday in Tehran, a tragic reminder that infant abandonment is still a huge problem across the world… The New York Post reports the baby boy reportedly was in stable condition in a city hospital Tuesday after being pulled out of the dumpster in a plastic bag.

Of Pelosi, Pills, and Honesty, by Judie Brown

By Judie Brown, American Life League – Arch. Salvatore Cordileone who denied the Eucharist to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi… As you have not publicly repudiated your position on abortion, and continue to refer to your Catholic faith in justifying your position and to receive Holy Communion, that time has now come.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: Creatively Healing the Demographic Winter

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – What, indeed, is it that we value as a society? Do we appreciate the great gift that is a human life? Do we treasure the immeasurable greatness of a unique human soul?… Or do we see in the face of a newborn child only a sign of challenges and difficulties ahead; of a threat to our freedom and autonomy; of a drain on our checkbook and our savings; of vacations lost and unwanted responsibilities shouldered; of resources consumed; of fear, uncertainty, and frustration?

Abortion Disproportionately Targets Black Babies; CDC: 74% of Abortions in Mississippi Were Performed on Black Mothers. by Terence P. Jeffrey

By Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSNews – Mississippi, which has enacted a bill to ban abortion after 15 weeks that is now being reviewed by the Supreme Court and which has on its books a law that (if Roe v. Wade is overturned) would ban all abortions except in cases of rape and to save the life of the mother, has the highest percentage of its abortions among black women of all the reporting states… For 2019, Mississippi reported.. (74% of abortions) were performed on black mothers.

The Little-Known Father of the Abortion Movement, by Russell Shaw

By Russell Shaw, Catholic Exchange – Probably few people today remember Lader, but feminist writer Betty Friedan admiringly declared him “the father of the abortion movement.” Among other things, he wrote the most influential abortion advocacy book before Roe, and his handiwork was cited nine times by the majority opinion in that case. He remained a stalwart of the pro-abortion crusade up to his death in 2006 at the age of 86.

Catholic Bishops Back Decision to Deny Nancy Pelosi Communion: She Left Church to Promote Abortion, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The nation’s Catholic bishops are already speaking out in favor of Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s decision to deny Nancy Pelosi communion over her repeated abortion promotion… Cordileone said he formally notified U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week that she can no longer be allowed communion because she is no longer in communion with the Catholic Church by virtue of her repeatedly promoting abortion.

Young Catholics Are Enthusiastically Pro-Life, by Paul Krause

By Paul Krause, The Wanderer – One of the blessings of being involved in Catholic educational work is getting to know young Catholic students. While trendy Catholic “rebels” tend to take the media clout, young Catholics who are devout in their faith, I have found, are enthusiastically pro-life. This should fill us with great hope… Abortion used to be “the Catholic issue.” While evangelicals and various Baptist groups initially supported Roe v. Wade, Catholics have always held the line concerning the dignity of life and the grave sin of abortion …

Abortion is the Real Assault on Women, by Samantha Stephenson

By Samantha Stephenson, Crisis Magazine – In the United States today, women are woefully uninformed about the realities of abortion. By their own accounts, 84 percent of women who have had abortions felt they did not receive adequate counseling prior to the procedure; and 64 percent felt pressured to have an abortion. When women do receive in-depth counseling about potential side effects and risks, only 33 percent choose abortion, as opposed to the 94 percent of Planned Parenthood’s patients who choose the procedure. ..

FDA Knew About Baby Formula Crisis Months Ago, But Did Nothing, by Douglas Bair 

By  Douglas Bair, LifeNews – As the nation grapples with a shortage of infant formula, a pair of letters from three Democratic senators indicate that they were aware of the bacterial infections connected to the Abbott Laboratories formula plant in Sturgis, Michigan, as far back as February… Yet the three senators, along with the Food and Drug Administration, apparently did nothing to prepare for a dearth in production of baby formula should the Michigan plant be shut down.

VP Harris on Oklahoma Abortion Law: ‘Think About That For a Second: From the Moment of Fertilization’, by Patrick Goodenough

By Patrick Goodenough, CNSNews – VP K. Harris, “Just half an hour ago, in Oklahoma, the state legislature passed one of the most extreme abortion bans in the country – a ban that would outlaw abortion from the moment of fertilization,” Harris said… “Now, think about that for a second: from the moment of fertilization,” she said. “It’s outrageous, and it’s just the latest in a series of extreme laws around the country.”

Overcoming Hardness of Hearts on Abortion, by Regis Martin

By Regis Martin, Crisis Magazine – How imbecilic must one be, I wonder, not to know when life begins? Even if one had slept through every high school biology class, somewhere along the line, surely, the facts of life would have intruded themselves. After all, human reproduction is not like astrophysics, the details of which only members of Mensa may know.

If Roe Is Overturned, Bishops Can No Longer Let Catholic Democrats Off The Hook, by Robert Busek

By Robert Busek, The Federalist – For years, it has been clear that Democrats must toe the line on supporting child murder or be purged from the ranks. No other issue comes close to this shibboleth of the left; to the party of today, a Democrat must favor unrestricted abortion or he is no Democrat… For almost 50 years, the bishops have actively avoided holding these lawmakers accountable for promoting the Culture of Death in return for the party’s lip service to Catholic social teaching.

Sister Renée Mirkes, OSF: Aquinas on When Human Life Begins

By Sister Renée Mirkes, OSF, The Catholic Thing – public discussion of when human life begins ought to include the most current embryology as interpreted by sound philosophical anthropology. It should neither revert back to medieval science nor misappropriate Aquinas’s use of that biology to defend the mistaken theory of delayed hominization… Such uses of Aquinas need to be seen for what they are:  partisan politics not authentic science or religious principle.

Clarence Thomas Condemns Pro-Abortion Protests at Justices’ Homes: “Act Appropriately,” Quit “Throwing Tantrums”, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – During a public event Friday night, Justice Clarence Thomas condemned the pro-abortion protests taking place in recent days at the homes of members of the Supreme Court after news broke last week about a leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft ruling that overturns Roe v. Wade.

Abortion and the Genocide of the Black Community, by Randall Smith

By Randall Smith, The Catholic Thing – There’s been a lot of discussion recently about the upcoming Dobbs decision, in which the Supreme Court might finally overturn the Court’s deadly earlier decisions in Roe v. Wade and its companion case Doe v. Bolton.  Many of the articles bemoaning the coming decision have been filled with incivility, mindless vitriol, fear-mongering, absurd non sequiturs, and outright lies.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: A Post-Roe America: What’s Next?

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – If we are given this chance to rewrite the wrong that has brought about the death of over 63 million unborn children… then we must take this moment by the horns and settle for nothing less than a complete rejection of the culture of death that spawned ubiquitous and legal abortion… With Roe gone, the battle is just beginning. …

Child Sacrifice Is Nothing New, by Thomas Shaffern

By Thomas Shaffern, Crisis Magazine – At the birth of an ancient Spartan, the parents brought the child before a group of elders who inspected the child for deformities. Plump and healthy children were allowed to live, and sickly or deformed children were brought to caves, left to die. This practice came about because Spartans considered children property of the state and not the parents, sound familiar?

Let the Beautiful Creature Live, by Anthony Esolen

By Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine – What strikes me is that, in all my life, I have never heard a single supporter of the abortion license describe that child as beautiful. If you must level an old neighborhood to build an airport, you may mourn for the houses to be razed, the streams to be choked up, the contours of the land to be effaced, the human memories to be obliterated. We would consider it rather monstrous in you if you did not do so. 

‘Things Are Going to Get Exponentially Worse’: Pro-Life Icon’s Warning Amid Potential Roe v. Wade Game-Changer, by Billy Hallowell

By Billy Hallowell, The Stream – Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood clinic director-turned-pro-life activist.. “While we are, of course, celebrating the fact that it does look like the court is going to overturn Roe … make no mistake that this means that things are going to get exponentially worse in our country,” Johnson said… “I say that just to present some reality [for] the pro-life movement.”

26 States Will Ban Abortions When Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, by Steven Ertelt, Micaiah Bilger

By Steven Ertelt, Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – More than half the country will protect unborn babies by banning all or most abortions when Roe v. Wade is overturned as expected next month.
That estimate comes from the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion organization previously affiliated with Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion company.

The Roe v. Wade Firefight, by Jack Devine

By Jack Devine, Patriot Post – Suddenly, the future of Roe v. Wade is the number one issue on American minds — and a public brouhaha of the highest order… It remains to be seen who engineered the public release of a highly confidential court document. But it’s out there, like it or not, and the Democrat political/media spin machine is working overtime with tales of the apocalyptic consequences of the now-anticipated court action. Call it disinformation.

Republican-Led Louisiana House Fails To Pass Bill Abolishing Abortion, by Ben Zeisloft

By Ben Zeisloft, DailyWire – Members of the Louisiana House of Representatives failed to pass a bill that would have abolished abortion by applying homicide laws to women who procure the procedure… The Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act (HB813)… recognizes “the right to life and equal protection of the laws to all unborn children from the moment of fertilization by protecting them by the same laws protecting other human beings.”

CatholicVote Endorses ‘Pro-Life Champion’ Kathy Barnette for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, by Michael W. Chapman

By Michael W. Chapman, CNS News – Although former President Donald Trump endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania’s Senate GOP primary, claiming he is pro-life and pro-veteran — a decision ridiculed by many conservatives — the grassroots non-profit CatholicVote endorsed veteran and mother Kathy Barnette for the Republican nomination, stating voters can trust her on “the right to life and other critical issues.”… “Catholics don’t have to worry whether Kathy Barnette is sincere,”

The Fall of Roe Can Bring Healing, by Janet E. Smith

By Janet E. Smith, Crisis Magazine – Ever since a draft copy of the Supreme Court decision regarding abortion has been leaked, social media has been awash with arguments and testimonies from both sides… Whatever the political ramifications of the leaking of the possible Supreme Court decision about abortion, it presents an opportunity to try to educate the public about precisely what an abortion is …

WHO and Guttmacher Publish Global Abortion Study, by Katarina Carranco

By Katarina Carranco, Population Research Institute – Together with the WHO, the Guttmacher Institute recently released “Country-Specific Estimates Of Unintended Pregnancy And Abortion Incidence: A Global Comparative Analysis Of Levels In 2015–2019.”… A closer look (at the study) reveals a deeper theme: the “research” is simply the latest installment in the abortion lobby’s efforts to eliminate virtually every pregnancy on the planet that is not specifically planned.

Nancy Pelosi: Pro-Life Republicans are a “Cult” Because They Don’t Support Killing Babies, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Nancy Pelosi, a supposedly devout Catholic who believes late-term abortions are “sacred ground,” called pro-life Republicans a “cult” on Monday… (Pelosi) criticized pro-life Republican leaders as many anticipate the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade soon.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: A Route to a Post-Roe State

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – The leaked opinion relates to the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which involves a challenge to a 15-week abortion ban in Mississippi. Roe required that states permit abortion up until the point of viability – around 24 weeks’ gestation. The Mississippi law was crafted by pro-life legal analysts precisely in order to push back against Roe’s framework, giving the Court a rare opportunity to revisit Roe.

Best Pro-Life Political Ad Ever! My Story: Kathy Barnette for U.S. Senate

Kathy Barnette for Senate, YouTube – In addition to being raised as what many would consider “disadvantaged,” I’ll add one more stumbling block to success: I’m the by-product of a rape… My story only takes place in America. I am not standing outside waiting for someone to admit me into the American Dream. I AM THE AMERICAN DREAM.

Update on Unrest: Tabernacle Stolen, Catholic Church Defaced, Pregnancy Clinic Vandalized, by Shannon Mullen

By Shannon Mullen, CNA – ‘We are not fighting flesh and blood. We’re fighting dark demonic forces.’… More criminal acts targeting Catholic churches and pro-life advocates were reported Monday, after a Mother’s Day weekend marked by unrest in multiple locations in the U.S. tied to anger over a possible Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

The Consequences Of Overturning Roe v. Wade, by Donald DeMarco

By Donald DeMarco, The Wanderer – If Roe v. Wade is overturned, the American people will benefit, though these benefits will be denied by many who persist in opposing the very essence of their country as established by its Founding Fathers and concretized in its Constitution. Nevertheless, the recognition that the Constitution does not justify abortion is absolutely required if America is to fulfill its destiny as “one nation under God.”

Bloodthirsty Dems

By Aidan O’Connor, Church Militant – Soon after a draft document criticizing Roe v. Wade was leaked from the Supreme Court… leadership seized the opportunity — immediately calling for radical change in the government… This, while the U.S. Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer, is promising a vote next week — aiming to codify abortion as a legal right.

Roe Fact and Fiction, by Gary Bauer

By Gary Bauer, CNS News – According to a leaked draft opinion by pro-life stalwart Justice Samuel Alito, that Trump majority appears ready to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion-on-demand in America. Conservatives and leftists are alternately excited and enraged by that prospect… But when Roe goes to the ash heap of history, as is expected any day now, it is critical that we separate fact from fiction.

Abortion Activists Plan Potentially Violent Attacks on Churches on Mothers Day, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Abortion activists plan to “raise hell” at churches across the country on Mother’s Day with protests and, some fear, violence… Fox News reports at least two pro-abortion groups are calling for churches, especially Catholic Churches, to be the target of abortion activists’ outrage… violence by abortion activists likely will continue as the U.S. Supreme Court gets ready to issue its final ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health this summer.

Constitutional Expert: Democrats Pushing Abortion ‘by Any Means Necessary’, by Bob Unruh

By Bob Unruh, World Net Daily – Constitutional expert Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, says the leak of a draft abortion opinion from the Supreme Court is a result of leftists who want to have their way “by any means necessary.”… The leak of the still-unfinalized opinion revealed that at the time five justices were in agreement that Roe v. Wade must be struck down, and the regulation of abortion returned to the state legislatures.

Corporate Killers, by Aidan O’Connor

By Aidan O’Connor, Church Militant – Corporate giants are working to provide their employees full abortion access — and even reimburse their travel costs… With Roe v. Wade on the line, many red states are poised to restrict abortion… In response, a growing list of leftist companies is drafting polices that would pay for their red-state workers to travel to pro-death states and kill their unborn children.

Louisiana Legislators Pass Bill Making Abortion a Homicide Crime, by Jim Hoft

By Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit – A House Appropriations Committee in Louisiana passed a bill Wednesday in a 7-2 vote to make abortions a homicide crime in the state… The bill called the Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act of 2022, sponsored by state Rep. Danny McCormick, “fully recognizes the human personhood of an unborn child at all stages of development prior to birth from the moment of fertilization” and “ensure the right to life and equal protection of the laws to all unborn children from the moment of fertilization by protecting them by the same laws protecting other human beings.”

Convincing the Apathetic Middle the Truth About Abortion, by Kennedy Hall

By Kennedy Hall, Crisis Magazine – Although I sit on the other side of the Covid Curtain, and my Soy Minister in Chief has yet again shown he is a lapsed Catholic apostate by trumpeting the “right to abortion,” I am overjoyed at the thought of the international precedent this will set. America, the most powerful nation on earth, will very soon stare down the slaughter of innocents and tell Moloch to take a time out. That demon has had his hour, but God will have His day. 

Roe v. Wade v. Eternity, by David Warren

By David Warren, The Catholic Thing – It is good news, that after half a century America is returning to the rule of law, and that extravagant legal fictions – in the name of privacy – are now being exposed as such by a majority of the Court… We guess this from a Court decision leaked, probably for the political motives of a rogue law clerk. We can see the fight that is coming, but things could be worse in America. In Canada, for instance, there has been no restriction whatever on abortions through four decades, and this has contributed to making the culture even more poisonous.

Beware This Sunday, by Brian Burch

By Brian Burch, CatholicVote – In the wake of this week’s brazen leak of Justice Alito’s Dobbs draft opinion, the wrath of pro-abortion activists has been unleashed… A group named “Ruth Sent Us” is now calling for disruption and violence in Catholic churches… But our “Catholic” president has been silent. He has failed to condemn these domestic terrorist threats against his own people.

The Leak: ‘Roe’ May Go, by Rodney Pelletier  

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant – Could it be the end of Roe? Intensity is at fever pitch following last night’s leak by the liberal media outlet Politico of a draft ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS). That document suggests SCOTUS may soon overturn Roe v. Wade — 49 years after it wiped out pro-life laws across the country, resulting in the slaughter of 65 million innocent children.

What Would a Post-Roe Landscape Really Look Like? by George Neumayr

By George Neumayr, American Spectator – Despite their bluster, abortion advocates know that the American people, at the very least, do not support an unrestricted right to abortion. Even the polling mavens on MSNBC acknowledge that most Americans harbor reservations about abortions the later they take place… In light of divided opinion on abortion, the most realistic picture of a post-Roe landscape is that around half the states will go pro-life in varying degrees …

Joe Biden Trashes Pro-Life Americans: They’re “the Most Extreme Group in American History”

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – “The idea that we’re gonna make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child based on a decision by the Supreme Court I think goes way overboard,” Biden added — even though overturning Roe just sends abortion back to the states.

WATCH! ‘Truly Remarkable’: Pro-Life Lawyer Praises Justice Alito’s Leaked Draft Opinion Overturning Roe v. Wade

By Nick Marmalejo, LifeSiteNews – “The left, the pro-abortion lobby are masters at controlling the narrative,” said pro-life lawyer and activist Royce Hood… “They are going to do everything they can to control the narrative, to demonize the justices, their families, pro-life movement, to demonize this draft opinion … to probably even riot.”… “Pray for the justices. Pray for their families”… “It’s going to be a really interesting few weeks.”

Is the Leaked Roe v. Wade Reversal Opinion an Attempt by the Left to Pressure Justices? by Matt Lamb

By Matt Lamb, LifeSiteNews – “The leak is inexcusable and threatens the Court’s functioning,” Georgetown University’s Ilya Shapiro tweeted. “The most plausible explanation is that it’s someone on the left engaged in civil disobedience—so yet again it’s those who bemoan the ‘loss of norms’ who break them. Cf. court-packing, attacking legitimacy, etc.”

BREAKING: Supreme Court Votes to END Roe v Wade in DRAFT OPINION by Justice Samuel Alito Leaked to Press, by Jim Hoft

By Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit – The Supreme Court is planning to vote to strike down the decision of Roe v. Wade, long considered a vanguard of guaranteeing a right to an abortion in the United States… The opinion draft – originally obtained by Politico – was written by Justice Samuel Alito, one of the six justices appointed by Republican presidents on the nine-member court, repudiating both Roe and the 1992 Planned Parenthood vs. Casey decision.

Amazon Will Pay for Employees to Kill Their Babies in Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – If pro-life Americans need another reason to quit using Amazon, here’s one: The company is giving money to employees to abort their unborn babies… Reuters reports the online marketplace company told its employees Monday that it will give them up to $4,000 a year for travel expenses for elective abortions.

BREAKING: Alleged Leaked Majority Opinion Shows Supreme Court Will Overturn Roe v. Wade, by Jack Bingham

By Jack Bingham, LifeSiteNews – ‘Roe was egregiously wrong from the start,’ penned Justice Alito in the alleged leaked decision… According to an initial leaked draft majority opinion allegedly written by Justice Samuel Alito and obtained by Politico, the U.S. Supreme Court has voted 5-4 to overturn its nearly 50-year-old Roe v. Wade decision, which imposed abortion on demand across the country.

Roberts May Not be Writing Opinion in Dobbs Case, Which Means Supreme Court Might Overturn Roe, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – When it comes to the Supreme Court, observers look for the smallest indication on how the high court may rule. Whether it’s questions asked during oral arguments or the law clerks they hire to research cases, people search for even the tiniest clues as to how the Supreme Court may rule on a major case.

Oklahoma Legislature Passes Texas-Style Bill Banning Abortions on Babies With Beating Hearts, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – The Oklahoma legislature has passed a pro-life law that would ban abortions in the same manner as Texas did. The Texas abortion ban is a unique law that has been on the books for almost 250 days days and saved thousands of babies from abortions… Once pro-life Governor Kevin Stitt signs the bill into law, Oklahoma will be the third state to have passed such a law, following Texas and Idaho.

Federal Appeals Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Texas Abortion Ban, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Another lawsuit against the Texas abortion ban is going down in flames, allowing the Texas heartbeat law to continue saving babies from abortions… After having ruled multiple times previously on other cases, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the federal district court to dismiss one of the more recent lawsuits from abortionists against the Heartbeat Law.

Women Who Regret Their Abortions Share Their Stories at Abortion Clinic, Save Babies From Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Through their message of forgiveness and hope, a group of post-abortive women helped four mothers choose life for their unborn babies last week outside a Mississippi abortion facility… Live Action News reports Serena Dyksen, founder of the post-abortion healing ministry She Found His Grace, organized the April 15 event with several other pro-life groups outside the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the only abortion facility in Mississippi.

California’s ‘Infanticide Bill’ Isn’t Fixed by Latest Amendments, Legal Experts and Pro-Life Groups Warn, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, CNS News – A bill making its way through the California legislature has been dubbed the “Infanticide Bill” by opponents and legal experts who say it would decriminalize the killing of babies after birth… The bill, AB 2223, passed the Assembly Health Committee on a 11-3 vote on Tuesday… “The proposed legislation would shield a mother from civil and criminal charges for any ‘actions or omissions’ related to her pregnancy, ‘including miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death.”…

Fashion: “A Manner or Way of Doing”, by Michael Steil

By  Michael Steil, The Remnant – “[R]elativism … allowing oneself to be carried away with every wind of doctrine, seems to be the only attitude that is fashionable. A dictatorship of relativism is being constituted that recognizes nothing as absolute and … only leaves the ‘I’ and its whims as the ultimate measure.” (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, homily at Mass before the conclave that elected him as Pope Benedict XVI.) (Emphasis added)

FDA Warns That Prenatal Screening Tests Can Be Misleading, Lead to Abortions of Healthy Babies, by Emily Mangiaracina

By Emily Mangiaracina, LifeSiteNews – The FDA is warning that prenatal screening tests for genetic abnormalities, which lead some women to have abortions, can give “false results” and in some cases have high chances of false positives… (NIPS) tests, which are designed only to tell a baby’s risk of a genetic abnormality and not to “definitively confirm or rule out” such an abnormality, are often claimed by laboratories to be “reliable,” “highly accurate,” …

Pro-Lifers Press Case Against Calif. Law They Claim ‘Decriminalizes Infanticide’, by Joan Frawley Desmond

By Joan Frawley Desmond, EWTN News – Hundreds of pro-life activists and Christian church groups in California swarmed the statehouse in Sacramento April 19, waiting to register their opposition to proposed legislation they claim would “decriminalize infanticide.”… The tense, hour-long hearing on the controversial bill was dominated by testimony warning that the legislation could weaken protections for newborn infants, leaving some more vulnerable to neglect, abuse and abandonment.

Doctor Confirms Unborn Babies are Human Beings With Beating Hearts: “This is Science”, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The mainstream media bias on abortion has gone from bad to worse in recent years as reporters now ignore or deny well-established science that conflicts with the pro-abortion agenda, two pro-life doctors told Fox News this week… “If the New York Times needs 1,800 words in an attempt to convince readers that a baby’s developing organ which pumps blood isn’t actually a heart, then the pro-life movement is winning,” she told Fox News Digital.

States Fighting for Life, by Kristine Christlieb

By Kristine Christlieb, Church Militant – The Left’s war on unborn children is being fought in state legislatures, and abortion legislation is becoming a good litmus test for how a state will lean in November… Five governors have signed laws cracking down on child-killing within their states’ borders. Those states are Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, Idaho and Wyoming…

California Assembly Health Committee Passes Bill That Would Legalize Infanticide

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – The California Assembly committee has passed a radical bill that legal analysts say would legalize infanticide, letting babies die up to 28 after birth. The panel voted for the measure on an 11-3 vote… California Assembly Bill 2223, sponsored by Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, D-Oakland, already has prompted massive outrage. While the legislation is meant to end criminal penalties for abortion, it could stop people from being punished for killing newborns as well.

Kentucky’s Last Two Abortion Centers Stop Aborting After Legislature Overrides Veto of Pro-Life Law, by Calvin Freiburger

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – Last week, the legislature overrode Beshear’s veto of HB 3, which prohibits abortions performed past 15 weeks and the dispensation of abortion pills by mail, as well as requires parental consent for minors’ abortions and humane burial or cremation of aborted babies.

Referendum on Life, by Paul Murano

By Paul Murano, Church Militant – For the first time in the nation’s history, voters in one state will be able to craft an abortion policy through their direct vote… Volunteer, Value Them Both Amendment: “We will be voting ‘yes’ on the ‘Value Them Both Amendment,’ Aug. 2, 2022.”… Kansans will head to the polls Aug. 2, where their votes could alter the state’s Constitution in favor of the unborn. The outcome will be veto-proof.

Joe Biden Will Scrap Trump’s Pro-Life Rule, Force Christian Doctors to Kill Babies in Abortion, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical workers soon may be forced to help abort unborn babies or lose their jobs as pro-abortion politicians work to get rid of conscience protection rights… Now, (DHHS) officials confirmed to Politico this week that they plan to revoke a Trump administration rule that protected pro-life medical workers from being forced to kill unborn babies in elective abortions.

Kentucky is Abortion Free as State’s Two Abortion Centers Stop Killing Babies

By Cheryl Sullenger, LifeNews – When the Kentucky Legislature overrode Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear’s veto of HB 3, the omnibus abortion law went into immediate effect.  As a result, Kentucky’s two abortion facilities voluntarily halted all abortions. Since April 14, 2022, Kentucky has been abortion free.  This has sent shock waves through the Abortion Cartel, who already fear the U.S. Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade when it issues a decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization later this spring.

Baal Worship in America, by Gary Bauer

By Gary Bauer, Patriot Post – Is a waste disposal company burning aborted baby bodies to provide energy for the city of Baltimore?.. Have you ever heard of Baal worship? It’s mentioned several times in the Bible, and it’s never a good thing. In biblical times, people worshiping Baal sacrificed their newborn children by throwing them on burning altars. ..

‘Murders Were Committed’: Pro-Lifers Demand Justice for Five Late-Term Aborted Babies Found in DC

By Ashley Sadler. LifeSiteNews – Pro-life advocates gathered outside the Washington, D.C. medical examiner’s office Friday to demand justice for the five nearly full-term aborted babies whose dismembered bodies were discovered by pro-life activists late last month outside an infamous D.C. abortion clinic… Several pro-life groups collaborated to organize a press conference and rally in front of the building, calling on D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and the city’s medical examiner to conduct autopsies …

Joe Biden Wants to Force Christian Hospitals to Kill Babies in Abortions or Shut Down, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – “The general public has almost no awareness of what may be coming,” Doug Wilson, CEO of the Catholic Benefits Association, told CNS. “It is written to end Catholic health care. The requirements are so far beyond Catholic teaching that Catholic employers of every sort would be faced with complying or shutting down.”

Chip Roy Slams Democrats for Ignoring Babies Potentially Killed in Infanticide: “May God Have Mercy on This Nation”, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Horrified by the discovery of five late-term aborted babies who may have been born alive or killed in illegal partial-birth abortions, U.S. Congressman Chip Roy joined growing calls this week for the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate… In an interview with The Daily Wire, however, the Texas Republican expressed frustration and doubt that there will be any justice for the babies while Democrats remain in power… “May God have mercy on this nation”

Maryland’s Infanticide Bill, by John Stonestreet & G.S. Morris

By John Stonestreet & G.S. Morris, The Stream – Maryland Senate Bill 669 would amend the state’s fetal murder-manslaughter statute to prevent “any form of investigation or penalty” for a person “experiencing a miscarriage, perinatal death related to a failure to act, or stillbirth.” Notice that this is not in the context of a botched abortion. Abortionists have already been caught more than a few times in the past allowing babies born alive after abortions to die… This law would prohibit investigations in any case where a baby died after birth as a result of neglect.

Oklahoma Passes ‘Life at Conception’ Bill to Make Abortion a Felony if Roe v. Wade is Overturned, by Emily Mangiaracina

By Emily Mangiaracina, LifeSiteNews – The Oklahoma House passed Tuesday a “Life at Conception” bill that would make all abortions illegal except for those performed to save the life of the mother if Roe v. Wade is overturned… Senate Bill 612, which overwhelmingly passed the state Senate last year, would render anyone who “performs” an abortion “guilty of a felony and subject to a maximum fine of $100,000, a maximum term of imprisonment of 10 years, or both,” according to the legislation’s written summary.

Abortion Clinic Boxed Up 115 Aborted Babies, Sent Them to Incinerator to Burn for Power, by Jonah McKeown, Katie Yoder

By Jonah McKeown, Katie Yoder, LifeNews – Anti-abortion activists said Tuesday that they obtained 115 aborted babies from a driver for a medical waste company in late March, with the intention of giving the unborn children a dignified funeral and burial… Five of those babies that appear to be of late-term gestation are now in the possession of Washington, D.C. Metro Police, which retrieved the remains Friday from an apartment in the city where they were being stored by members of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), a group that demonstrates against abortion and engages in activism in and around abortion clinics.

California Assembly Committee Passes Bill That Would Legalize Infanticide, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – A California Assembly committee has passed a radical bill that legal analysts say would legalize infanticide, letting babies die up to 6 weeks after birth… Assembly Bill 2223, sponsored by Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, D-Oakland, is one of eight bills that the Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California identified as a legislative priority this year and the Assembly Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the legislation today. …

California Will Vote Tomorrow on Bill to Legalize Infanticide. Babies Could be Left to Die Up to 6 Weeks After Birth, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The California Assembly plans to consider an extreme pro-abortion bill… In an alert Monday, the California Family Council described state Assembly Bill 2223 as the “most extreme anti-life bill California has ever seen,” and warned that the state legislature is advancing it quickly. The state Assembly Judiciary Committee plans to hold a hearing on the legislation Tuesday.

BREAKING: Colorado Legalizes Abortion Until the Moment of Birth, by Jack Bingham

By Jack Bingham, LifeSiteNews – Democrat Gov. Jared Polis of Colorado signed a bill into law on Monday that allows babies to be killed in the womb up until the moment of birth… “No matter what the Supreme Court does in the future, people in Colorado will be able to choose when and if they have children..”… “We want to make sure that our state is a place where everyone can live and work and thrive and raise a family on their own terms”…

Shocking Images Show 5 Babies Killed in Late-Term Abortions at D.C. Abortion Clinic

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Lauren Handy, director of activism for the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), informed the Metropolitan Washington D.C. Police homicide unit that she had obtained the babies’ bodies who were killed in abortions or possible illegal partial-birth abortions or left to die in infanticides. Their late gestational ages as well as their apparent sustained injuries potentially show violations of the Partial Birth Abortion Act as well as the Born Alive Infants Protection Act which are federal crimes.

Frontline Doctor Says Fetal Deaths Up Nearly 2,000 Percent Since COVID Jab Rollout, by Emily Mangiaracina

By Emily Mangiaracina, LifeSiteNews – One of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) is warning pregnant women that the COVID jab rollout has coincided with a nearly 2,000 percent increase in fetal deaths, as compared to the rate during previous vaccines… In a “Frontline Flash” segment entitled “Huge Preborn Death Spike” released Monday, Dr. Peterson Pierre presented statistics showing that the rate of fetal death per vaccine administered in the U.S. had, in fact, massively increased since the COVID shots were made available.

Why Does the Far Left Want More Women to Have Abortions? by Mary Szoch & Joy Zavalick

By Mary Szoch & Joy Zavalick, The Stream – Today, progressives are tripping over themselves to increase “access” to abortion, but they should recognize there is a better route. As the world awaits a decision in Dobbs, churches, communities, and legislators are working to support moms, dads and children in need. Instead of doing everything possible to ensure that moms believe their easiest and only option is abortion, it is time for the pro-abortion lobby to accept the truth that daily life affirms: abortion ends the life of a beautiful baby.

Human Rights Must Not Be Twisted to Include Abortion, by Arielle Del Turco

By Arielle Del Turco, CNSNews – Sadly, the WHO offered a shameless example earlier this month of what twisting human rights to fit a radical agenda looks like… In a massive report on “Abortion care guidelines,” the WHO made a series of bold recommendations meant to guide the policies of all countries. Among the many policy recommendations were the removal of laws and regulations that “restrict abortion by grounds” and the insistence that “abortion be available on the request of the woman, girl, or other pregnant person.”

The Brutal Reality of the Origin of Vaccines: Ripping Apart Living Pre-Born Babies, by John-Henry Westen

By John-Henry Westen, LifeSiteNews – Some time ago I did a show with Pamela Acker, the vaccine researcher who gave up her PhD for her conscientious refusal to work with stem cell lines created on the backs of aborted babies. She is likely the most well-read researcher on the planet regarding vaccines, and yet many took it upon themselves to besmirch her reputation after our interview.

Maryland Abortion Bill: ‘A Dream Come True for the Abortion Industry’, by Doug Mainwaring

By Doug Mainwaring,  LifeSiteNews – Although a bill proposed in the Maryland Senate which would’ve allowed babies to be left to die for as long as the first 28 days after birth was withdrawn earlier this month after attracting national attention, two equally heinous abortion bills remain alive in the Annapolis state house… The Maryland House of Delegates passed HB 1171, titled a “Declaration of Rights — Right to Reproductive Liberty,” which aims to place a question on ballots during the November state elections asking voters whether the right to an abortion should be enshrined in the Maryland Constitution.

World Health Organization Demands Nations Legalize Abortions Up to Birth, by Wesley Smith

By Wesley Smith, LifeNews – New guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) claim laws preventing abortion at any point during pregnancy risk violating the rights of ‘women, girls or other pregnant persons . . . The WHO document recommends ‘full decriminalisation of abortion’ and the scrapping of laws and regulations that ‘prohibit abortion based on gestational limits’ and ‘restrict abortion’ on any grounds.

University Caught Storing Bags of Aborted Babies and Aborted Baby Parts, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Pro-life advocates made a disturbing discovery earlier this month in a lab at the University of Washington Department of Pediatrics: a freezer full of rows and rows of aborted babies’ body parts… Procuring “pristine” fetal organs for research requires withholding feticides to preserve the stem cells. This means these often late-term fetuses are torn apart and dismembered alive or, ideally for experimentation, they are delivered through an induction process which, at these late gestational ages, produces born alive infants over half of the time ….

Ketanji Brown Jackson Claims There’s a “Right” to Kill Babies in Abortions, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – During her Senate confirmation hearings today, Ketanji Brown Jackson falsely claimed there is a “right” to abortion in the Constitution even though no such right exists. Jackson says Roe v. Wade is “settled law” and that women have a “right” to kill babies in abortions and she called killing babies in abortions merely a “termination of pregnancy.”

Biden Science Advisor Francis Collins Defends Using Aborted Baby Parts in Research, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – A top scientist in the Biden administration defended using taxpayer dollars for experiments with aborted babies’ scalps, livers and other organs in a new leaked audio, claiming the research is “moral and beneficial.”… The Daily Wire first reported about the leaked audio of Francis Collins, a NIH director and current science adviser to President Joe Biden.

Texas Republicans Pass Measure Saying Unborn Babies Have a Right to Life, by Samantha Farnsworth

By Samantha Farnsworth, LifeNews – On March 1, Texan Republicans overwhelmingly passed a strong Right to Life proposition on the Republican primary ballot… Republican voters considered ten ballot propositions concerning the core principles of the party… Proposition 5, the Right to Life proposition, reaffirmed the strong Pro-Life position of the Republican Party. …

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Will Sign Pro-Life Bill to Ban Abortions After 15 Weeks, Saving 5,000 Babies, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told a news conference today that he will sign a bill to ban aboritons after 15 weeks, which is estimated to save as many as 5,000 babies from abortions… The Florida Senate passed a historic pro-life bill Thursday night to protect unborn babies by banning abortions after 15 weeks. The state Senate voted 23-15 along party lines to give final approval of the Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality Act (House Bill 5). …

Chief Justice John Roberts’ Own Opinion Makes It Clear: No Right to Abortion in the Constitution, by Helen Alvare

By Helen Alvare, LifeNews – During oral argument in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization – about Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban – Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts’s questions indicated that he was searching for a way to uphold Mississippi’s law while leaving Roe v. Wade intact. But Roberts has already penned the most convincing argument for overturning Roe, in his dissenting opinion in the Court’s same-sex marriage case.

Joe Biden Will Spend $88 Million This Year Funding Research With Aborted Baby Parts, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Under the Biden administration, American taxpayers once again are being forced to fund scientific experiments using aborted baby body parts… It is a major shift from the Trump administration, which cut off funding after undercover videos caught Planned Parenthood allegedly selling aborted baby body parts and conservative news outlets uncovered a study in which scientists implanted scalps from second-trimester aborted babies onto rodents.

Joe Biden Celebrates Abortion During State of the Union: Calls Killing Babies “Health Care”, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Biden said, “Advancing liberty and justice also requires protecting the rights of women.”… “The constitutional right affirmed in Roe v. Wade—standing precedent for half a century—is under attack as never before,” Biden said… “If we want to go forward—not backward—we must protect access to health care. Preserve a woman’s right to choose,” Biden said.

Fr. Shenan J. Boquet: Colombia’s Assault on Human Dignity

By Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, Human Life International – Today I have deeply discouraging news to report out of South America. On Monday, February 21, the Constitutional Court of Colombia issued a 5-4 arbitrary and unconstitutional decision that abortion is to be allowed, without restriction, up through 24 weeks of pregnancy… In a press release, the Constitutional Court stated that abortion “will only be punishable when it is carried out after the twenty-fourth (24) week of pregnancy and, in any case, this time limit will not apply to the three cases established in ruling C-355 of 2006.”

Texas Heartbeat Law Has Saved 17,000 Babies From Abortion, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton provided an update on the Texas abortion ban today, and he confirmed the heartbeat law has saved 17,000 babies from abortions… Paxton on Monday said the state’s ban on abortions after unborn babies heartbeat can be detected at 6 weeks has saved “17,000 newborn lives” in the six months since the law went into effect. He said the pro-life law is responsible for a 60% decline in abortions.

What People Who Love Life Should Be Doing Now To Prepare For Roe To Go, by Nathanael Blake

By Nathanael Blake, The Federalist – Overturning Roe v. Wade will not end the struggle to protect human life in utero, but it is the breakout battle… It is time to prepare for life after Roe. Although the rest of us won’t know the results for a few more months, the Supreme Court has already voted in Dobbs, the case challenging Roe v. Wade’s invention of a constitutional right to an abortion. …

Worse Than Roe! by Michael Warsaw

By Michael Warsaw, EWTN News – With the demise of Roe v. Wade — the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion through all nine months of pregnancy nearly 50 years ago — seemingly within reach, efforts are underway by both the pro-life community and the radical abortion lobby to prepare for a post-Roe world… While much of the action being taken so far is at the state level, the U.S. Senate is poised to vote on the misleadingly named “Women’s Health Protection Act.” If truth in advertising was a requirement in naming bills, it would be called “The Abortion On Demand Until Birth Act.”

Abortions Kill 20 Times More People Than Guns, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Every human life is precious and every preventable death a tragedy.
But unborn babies’ abortion deaths all too frequently are ignored or, worse, celebrated because so many people refuse to recognize them as valuable human beings… Deaths from guns, meanwhile, receive a lot of attention.

Texas Supreme Court Begins Hearing Oral Arguments on Heartbeat Abortion Ban, by Calvin Freiburger

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – Texas’ ban on aborting babies with detectable heartbeats is now being reviewed by the Lone Star State’s highest court, months after the U.S. Supreme Court allowed it to remain in effect while lower courts debated its constitutional merits… Senate Bill 8, the Texas Heartbeat Act, requires abortionists to screen for a preborn baby’s heartbeat and prohibits abortion if a heartbeat can be heard (generally as early as six weeks), with exceptions only for medical emergencies.

The Abortion Pill is So Dangerous for Women That ER Visits Have Skyrocketed 500%, by Aly Beley, Kelly Ferguson

By Aly Beley, Kelly Ferguson, LifeNews – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) joined Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) and 125 of their colleagues to demand the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) immediately restore more stringent oversight of chemical abortion pills, including the in-person dispensing requirement the FDA suspended in December.

Justice Byron White and Abortion, by Hadley Arkes

By Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing – Richard Doerflinger has been a friend of many years, and one of the enduring, great figures in the pro-life movement since his days in the pro-life office of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops… This is one of those rare occasions where my friend might have misread me, and it’s worth getting clear on this matter, because it touches questions of enduring interest in the pro-life movement.

Nurse Who Was Fired Because She is Pro-Life Wins $374,000 in Court, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – A pro-life Illinois nurse who was fired after refusing to refer mothers for abortions won her case in court this week and has been awarded $374,000 in damages and attorney fees… A local court in Illinois ruled that Sandra Mendoza Rojas, of Rockford, should not have been fired from the Winnebago County Health Clinic for living out her pro-life beliefs.

Senate Democrats Set Up Vote on Bill to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth Nationwide, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Senate Democrats have pushed forward with a radical pro-abortion bill that would force states to legalize taxpayer-funded abortions up to birth… “This radical ‘Abortion Until Birth Act’ would block popular pro-life laws around the country, including limits on late-term abortions when unborn babies feel pain, and effectively enshrine an unlimited abortion ‘right’ in federal law”…

44th Texas City Passes Measure to Ban Abortions, Become “Sanctuary for the Unborn”, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The city of Jewett, Texas just became the 44th in America to pass a Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance that bans all abortions within city limits… Mark Lee Dickson, director of Right to Life of East Texas and founder of the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn initiative, said the city council approved the pro-life ordinance in a unanimous vote Tuesday.

Pro-Life Group Ready to Help Pregnant Moms When Roe v. Wade is Overturned, by Mary Margaret Olohan

By Mary Margaret Olohan, LifeNews – “When the Supreme Court releases its hold on abortion policymaking, we will show the world that we are ready and willing to empower women and promote life,” Lynn Fitch, Mississippi’s pro-life attorney general, said in a statement… The Susan B. Anthony List announced Monday that it is launching a campaign in partnership with Fitch that will benefit a slew of pro-life pregnancy centers across Mississippi.

Virginia House Passes Bill to Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Born Alive After Abortions, by Olivia Gans

By Olivia Gans Turner, LifeNews – In a vote of 52-48 along party lines, members of the House of Delegates yesterday voted to pass HB 304, introduced by Del. Nick Freitas (R-30).
This is a sensible and compassionate bill that recognizes that babies alive after a failed abortion have a right to be treated the same way any other baby of the same age and condition would be.

Abortion Pill Reversal Has Saved 3,000 Babies From Abortion and Jerrold Nadler is Totally Unhinged, by Laura Echevarria

By Laura Echevarria, LifeNews – House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler, (D-N.Y.) sent a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg attacking Facebook for approving Abortion Pill Reversal or Abortion Pill Rescue (APR) ads. The letter argues that the APR process is a “flawed theory”… “Abortion Pill Reversal has saved over 3,000 babies,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “For the chairman to call this a ‘flawed theory’ when the evidence says otherwise, is disingenuous.”

Texas Heartbeat Act Saves as Many as 3,207 Lives in Its First Month, Especially the Unborn of Young Pregnant Females, by Craig Bannister

By Craig Bannister, CNSNews – The Heartbeat law appears to be the most effective when it comes to saving the lives of the unborn of young mothers. While no abortions were recorded for females 11 years old and younger in either month, the number of Texas abortions performed on 12-13 year-old females fell from five in August to zero in September.

CDC: 40.5% of U.S. Babies Born in 2020 Had Unmarried Mothers; 42.0% Born on Medicaid

By Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSNew – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported last week that there were 3,613,647 births registered in the United States in 2020 and that 1,464,121 of these—or 40.5 percent–were to unmarried mothers… “The percentage of all births to unmarried women was 40.5% in 2020,” said the CDC’s “Births Final Data for 2020” report.

Abortion Activists’ $3.7 Billion Blowout, by Hayden Ludwig

By Hayden Ludwig, The American Conservative – For evidence that the abortion industry is perhaps the single most powerful player on the left, look no further than its mountains of cash… In 2020 alone, pro-abortion activists raked in a stunning $3.4 billion and spent nearly $3.8 billion. That is quite a leap from the $1.9 billion the industry spent in 2019 ….

China Spent Decades Killing Its Own People in Abortions and Now it’s Desperate for Babies, by Caroline Wharton

By Caroline Wharton, LifeNews – Although abortion is still legal and even forced on minority populations… by the Chinese government, this new effort means that the CFPA will be selectively choosing which women must abort their children and which must keep their children.

Texas Heartbeat Law is Saving So Many Babies From Abortion Planned Parenthood Calls it “Devastating”, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – A new report from the Texas health department confirms the state’s new abortion ban is saving as many as 90 babies from abortions each and every day. With the Texas heartbeat law having been in effect since September 1, that means as many as 13,860 babies have been saved from abortions in Texas.

Texas Heartbeat Law is Saving So Many Babies From Abortion Planned Parenthood Calls it “Devastating”

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – When your business is to sell abortions and abortions banned, business isn’t good. That’s the problem the Planned Parenthood abortion company is having in the state of Texas, where, as LifeNews reported over a week ago, state health department statistics show thousands of babies being saved from abortion every month.

‘They Are Butchering People’: Republican Congressman Scorches China’s ‘Genocide Olympics’

By Ashley Sadler, LifeSiteNews – Republican Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey blasted the Biden administration for turning a blind eye to China’s brutal human rights abuses by agreeing to participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics hosted in Beijing… Rep. Smith, a staunchly pro-life Catholic (said) it’s “unconscionable” that the United States would participate in the Olympic games while “a genocide is occurring simultaneously.”

Scientist Slams University for Implanting Aborted Babies’ Scalps Into Mice: Exploiting “Death of an Innocent Child”, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – A prominent scientist criticized the University of Pittsburgh this week for “trafficking body parts” from aborted babies for gristly experiments, including one in which babies’ scalps were implanted onto rodents to study the human immune system… “This tissue is derived via the death of an innocent unborn child,” Prentice told The College Fix in a new interview. “There’s frankly no realistic way that informed consent …

Christian Doctor Fights Medical Board’s Decision to Suspend Him for 18 Months for Saving Babies From Abortion, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – A British medical doctor who was suspended for saving unborn babies from abortion is appealing his case in court this month… Dr. Dermot Kearney wants to be allowed to provide the abortion pill reversal treatment again to women who are desperate to save their unborn babies’ lives. …

Waiting for Dobbs, by Hadley Arkes

By Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing – It will come, of course, by the end of June, in the closing hours of the year for the Supreme Court; the moment when it delivers the judgments on the most heated, controversial cases – and the justices then decorously flee town, even the country, as the reactions explode.  Bound to set off tremors this year is the Dobbs case from Mississippi on abortion, for it tees up again the possibility that Roe v. Wade may finally be overruled.

Anthony Fauci is Funding 80% of All Research Using Body Parts From Aborted Babies, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – When it comes to the grisly use of aborted baby parts for dubious scientific research in America, a new report shows embattled NIH director Anthony Fauci is behind most of the funding… The National Institutes of Health (NIH), which Fauci directs, is behind $27 million in taxpayer funding for research involving tissue or body parts from babies killed in abortions, or approximately 80% of the funding for all such research in the United States.

Opinion: The Soviet Union Collapsed in 1991, and the United States of America in 1992, by John Zmirak

By John Zmirak, The Stream – All the wildest demands of the Sexual Revolutionaries, radical feminists, and Gay Liberation activists had just been vouchsafed in advance. If America’s very essence amounted to rejecting the search for Truth about life’s meaning, or even the moments when it really begins and ends … . Then our nation had no more anchor. We floated rudderless without a sail, at the whim of whoever holds power.

Fr. Frank Pavone: Joe Biden Has No Business Leading a Prayer Breakfast or Religious Service, He’s an Abortion Extremist

By Father Frank Pavone, LifeNews – Joe Biden spoke this morning at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. Although every president has attended over the 70 years since the event was established by President Dwight Eisenhower, Biden should not have been there… Do you agree with me? If so, I invite you to let me know so that we can show religious leaders, government officials and the media the strong base of support we have!

Texas Heartbeat Law Has Cut Abortions in Half, Saved 15,000 Babies: Report, by Calvin Freiburger

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – ‘Our impact is only just beginning as more states seek to replicate our success and as we look to the Mississippi case that could overturn Roe this summer.’.. A Texas law effectively banning abortion of babies with detectable heartbeats appears to have saved the lives of 15,000 babies since taking effect five months ago, according to statistics from the Texas Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC).

Catholic Bishop Tells Pro-Abortion Politicians: Don’t Present Yourselves for Communion

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Las Vegas Catholic Bishop George Thomas recently told pro-abortion politicians not to present themselves for Communion in his diocese unless they repent of their actions against unborn babies… The Catholic News Agency reports the Nevada bishop issued the statement Jan. 24 in response to a column by U.S. Rep. Susie Lee, a pro-abortion Democrat who professes to be Catholic… “If a politician from the Diocese of Las Vegas finds himself or herself at odds with the church’s teaching on the sacredness of human life, I ask him or her voluntarily to refrain from the reception of Holy Communion while holding public office,” Thomas said.

Joe Biden Sends Millions to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz: “We Have Your Back”, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, not only did Joe Biden celebrate abortion, he unveiled a new task force designed to promote abortion throughout the federal government as much as possible… More details of the program have become available, which includes Biden forcing Americans to fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business to the tune of $2 million.

New Republican Bill Would Require Abortion Clinics to Report Sex Trafficking, by Mary Margaret Olohan

By Mary Margaret Olohan, LifeNews – Legislation proposed by Rep. Ted Budd of North Carolina would require abortion providers to file a report with the National Human Trafficking Hotline if they suspect a patient at the clinic is a victim of human trafficking… Should the bill be enacted into law, those abortion providers who violate the act could be fined $10,000, imprisoned for up to six months, or both.

Joe Biden Has One More Litmus Test for His Supreme Court Nominee: She Must be Pro-Abortion, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – As it always tends to do, the issue of race has dominated the political landscape when it comes to the potential Supreme Court nominee Joe Biden will appoint to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer… Biden has expressly stated that he will only appoint a black woman to replace him. But that racist and sexist criteria is not the only litmus test Biden has.

Family Research Council: Like China, Vietnam and North Korea, U.S. Allows Killing Babies in Abortions Up to Birth

Family Research Council, LifeNews – Alongside Canada, China, Vietnam, and both North and South Korea, the United States is one of only six nations in the world whose national law allows abortion at any point through the entirety of pregnancy… The vast majority of nations restrict abortions at least to some degree. The question is — why? Why do the majority of European countries restrict abortion at 12 weeks?

Fighting for Life, by Trey Blanton

By Trey Blanton, Church Militant – Students for Life of America followed up the 49th annual March for Life with a full day of pro-life training. The potential for a post-Roe world has created an increased focus on increasing state-level activism. Church Militant’s Trey Blanton highlights some of the experts…

Hospital Takes Dying Patient Off Heart Transplant List Because He’s Unvaccinated, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Medical discrimination against unvaccinated patients is continuing, this time in Massachusetts… A dying patient’s family is speaking out for his plight after a Boston hospital removed him from its heart transplant list because he is unvaccinated against COVID… DJ was first in line to receive a new heart transplant, but because of his unvaccinated status, the hospital ruled that he was no longer eligible for the transplant.

Joe Biden “Working With Congress” on Bill to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – During a White House press conference today, Press Secretary Jen Psaki says Joe Biden is in league with top Democrats in the House and Senate to push for a vote on legislation that would overturn every pro-life law in the country and implement legalized abortion up to birth… Psaki says Joe Biden is “continuing to work with Congress” to pass a radical bill in Congress that would overturn every pro-life law in America and usher in abortions up to birth nationwide. The measure is misnamed the “Women’s Health Protection Act.”

WATCH! Responding to Pro-Choice Arguments, by Jackie Angel

By Jackie Angel, Ascension Presents – Jackie Angel shares how you can respond to pro-choice arguments in a compassionate way… In short, every human being has the right to live, and we are human beings from conception. But there is a lot more logic that goes into being pro-life than that… From the onset, it’s important to be compassionate toward those who have had an abortion, because 73.8 percent of women were pressured into getting one, often by loved ones… Once we establish that compassionate connection with someone who is pro-abortion, it helps to keep in mind these responses to the most popular pro-abortion arguments: Argument: “It’s my body, my choice.”

Patriot Post: Honoring the Sanctity of Life

By Patriot Post – January 22 marks the anniversary of the two most tragic Supreme Court decisions in American history, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. (Pro-lifers around the nation observe Sanctity of Life Sunday this weekend.) Those decisions sparked a contentious debate between those who would deny legal protection for babies in the womb and those who rightly acknowledge that those babies constitute “life” as understood throughout history and affirmed in our Declaration of Independence. Tragically, that right has been denied to 60 million pre-birth babies sacrificed on the altar of “choice” since 1973.

Women Deserve Men Who Oppose Abortion, by Clement Harrold

By Clement Harrold, Crisis Magazine – Forty-nine years and sixty million preborn lives later, the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade should be recognized for the moral and legal calamity that it was. But there remains another, less commonly discussed dimension to this decision, namely, the catastrophic moral and spiritual failure of men—especially Christian men—who have stood on the sidelines for so long.

LifeSiteNews: Hope for America: Massive turnout at the 2022 US March for Life

LifeSiteNews – The 2022 March For Life was a resounding success with turnout as large as ever, despite attempts by the District of Columbia to discourage attendance with harsh vaccine restrictions. This year took on a special significance after last year’s March was canceled and the possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court could repeal Roe vs. Wade in June. AnneMarie Scheiber and Jim Hale were on the ground in the nation’s Capitol.

Supreme Court Rejects Big Abortion a Second Time, Keeps Texas Abortion Ban in Place, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – For the second time in two months, the Supreme Court has rejected a request from Big Abortion to help it overturn the Texas abortion ban that protects unborn babies with beating hearts… In a 6-3 ruling today, the nation’s highest court rejected a request from Texas abortion companies to move their lawsuit from the Texas Supreme Court and place it in the hands of a federal judge that would overturn the ban. All of the Republican appointed justices voted in the majority against Big Abortion while each of the three liberal justices voted with the abortion businesses.

‘All He Wanted Was an Abortion,’ But God Intervened, by Nancy Flory

By Nancy Flory, The Stream – Lisa McBain found out she was pregnant at 16. The father, her boyfriend, didn’t want anything to do with a baby. “All he wanted was an abortion,” she said in a recent video posted by Hillside Church in Bloomington, Minnesota. But God intervened and saved Lisa from doing something she would regret.

Abortion and the Problem of the “Parental Project”, by John M. Grondelski

By John M. Grondelski, The Catholic Thing – As tens of thousands of people gather again in Washington today for the annual March for Life, it’s worth noting not only pro-life gains in multiple states but also growing medical evidence for opposition to abortion… For example, buried in the press just recently over the New Year’s weekend was a New York Times story that failed to receive the serious attention it deserved: “When They Warn of Rare Disorders, These Prenatal Tests are Usually Wrong.”

Roe v. Wade, the Collapse of the Family, and the Aging of America, by Star Parker

By Star Parker, CNSNews – After a COVID-19-driven timeout in 2021, March for Life returns this year to Washington, D.C., for the 49th year, noting the anniversary of and support to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision of Jan. 22, 1973. This began the era of legal abortion in the USA… A high turnout is expected due to last year’s hiatus, but even more so, to express optimism that this could well be the last March for Life with Roe v. Wade the law of the land.

A Great Cloud of Pro-Life Witnesses, by Austin Ruse

By Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine – Today very well could be the last March for Life to topple the national abortion regime. The national abortion regime may crumble in the coming months when the Supreme Court hands down its decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. The great edifice of Roe and Doe and Casey may come tumbling down… We understand fully that the fight then shifts to the states, where the fight actually began before the Supremes got their grubby hands on it.

After 49 Years of Roe v. Wade and 63 Million Babies Killed, It’s Time to End Abortion, by Kristan Hawkins

By Kristan Hawkins, LifeNews – After Roe v. Wade overhauled America’s abortion laws in 1973 by nullifying state control in favor of Supreme Court management, politicians had a get-out-of-accountability free card for decades. Little could be done to change the legal framework allowing for abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy, for any reason—and often subsidized with taxpayer funding—but it generated a lot of debate.

Federal Appeals Court Keeps Texas Abortion Ban in Place, Will Continue Saving Babies From Abortions, by Steven Ertelt

A federal appeals court has issued a ruling today allowing the Texas abortion ban to continue saving the lives of unborn children from abortions. The 5th Circuit moved the case to the Texas Supreme Court, where pro-life groups say it’s more likely to receive a favorable ruling upholding it long-term.
“On Monday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit certified the Supreme Court of Texas to take over Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson, the one remaining federal lawsuit challenging the Texas Heartbeat Act,” Texas Right to Life officials informed LifeNews.

Nearly 200 Members of Congress Vow to Uphold Hyde Amendment, Protect Preborn in Spending Bills, by Nick Marmalejo

By Nick Marmalejo, LifeSiteNews – In initial spending legislation for 2022, Democrats intentionally removed long-standing protections for the preborn in their bid to fund the government. The Hyde Amendment, the most well-known of these safeguards, which prohibits direct taxpayer funding for most abortions, was replaced with pro-abortion provisions to advance the practice. The congressmen highlight the Hyde Amendment’s critical impact, citing a study that estimates that this Amendment alone is responsible for having saved at least 2.4 million lives.  

Catholic Bishop to Pro-Abortion NJ Gov: ‘You Have Bowed to the Culture of Death’

By Michael W. Chapman, CNS News – Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas, said (Gov.) Murphy is “not a good Catholic,” and had “bowed to the culture of death.”.. “There is no defense for wanton destruction of life,” said Bishop Strickland. “We must all pray for you & all who have succumbed to your delusion.”

NJ’s Bishops’ Crocodile Tears, by William Mahoney, Ph.D.

By William Mahoney, Ph.D., Church Militant – Terrified the U.S. Supreme Court might overturn Roe v. Wade, New Jersey Democrats have enshrined child killing into state law (NJ Gov. Phil Murphy signed the so-called Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act.) The radical abortion legislation, which was signed into law Thursday by the Garden State’s fake-Catholic governor, was introduced earlier this month. And the state’s bishops put up almost no resistance…

Catholic Gov. Phil Murphy Signs Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth in New Jersey, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has signed a bill into law that will legalize abortions up to birth, even though he claims to be a practicing Catholic… the bill will legalize abortions up to birth and allowing non-doctors to kill babies in abortions. The legislation guarantees “the fundamental right of reproductive autonomy,” …

Support the Human Cell Product Labeling Act

By Edward Szymkowiak, Crisis Magazine – The author of the Culture of Death no doubt wishes to entwine the entire human race more and more with the evil of abortion. The first step was legalizing it, then it was paying for it via our taxes, and now it is medically benefitting from it, even to the point of seemingly having no other option. It is not too late to push back with a Culture of Life. Please urge your state representatives to introduce and pass the Human Cell Product Labeling Act.

Gov Ron DeSantis Tells Legislature to Pass Bill Banning Abortion: We Need “Protections for the Right to Life”, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis began the new year Tuesday by “welcoming” legislation to protect unborn babies’ right to life in his state… The state legislature started its new session this week with several pro-life bills up for consideration, including a ban on abortions after an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable and a ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Pro-Abortion Attorney Who Tried to Stop Texas Abortion Ban Faces Suspension After Making Threats, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – A pro-abortion attorney who is fighting to overturn the life-saving Texas heartbeat law could be suspended after an Illinois disciplinary board said he sent threatening messages to other lawyers… According to the commission, Gomez sent insulting, harassing and threatening emails and voicemail messages to seven different lawyers at two different law firms in 2018 and 2019.

63,459,781 Babies Have Been Killed in Abortions Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – A new factsheet that tallies the number of babies killed in abortions since 1973 presents heartbreaking news for pro-life Americans. The new figures from the National Right to Life Committee show that almost 63.5 million babies have been killed in abortion since the Supreme Court legalized abortion in roe v. Wade in 1973.

Americans Excited About March for Life as Supreme Court Poised to Overturn Roe v. Wade, by Mary Margaret Olohan

By Mary Margaret Olohan, LifeNews – Organizers of the March for Life, which will take place days after D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s vaccination mandate takes effect, announced Thursday that the annual event will proceed as planned… “The 49th annual March for Life, including the rally and pre-rally concert, will go on as planned,” the pro-life organization said in press release, noting that “outdoor events are not impacted by the Washington, D.C., vaccine mandate.”

Law Professor: Precedent Doesn’t Matter, Supreme Court Can Overturn Roe v. Wade, by Dave Andrusko

By Dave Andrusko, Crisis Magazine – It’s important to remember that when thinking about Mississippi’s “Gestational Age Act” that while observing “precedent” (stare decisis) ordinarily is important, the Supreme Court has reversed itself when it has made egregious errors… Welcome to “Precedents Are No Obstacle to Overturning Roe v. Wade,“ an op-ed by Robert P. George and Christopher Kaczor. If there is a textbook case for overturning precedent, Roe—and its 63 million victims—qualifies.

Woman Changes Her Mind About Having Abortion as Christians Sang Christmas Carols at Planned Parenthood, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Christmas carolers celebrating the birth of the Christ child encouraged a mother to choose life for her unborn baby in December outside a Planned Parenthood in California… California Catholic Daily reports the woman sat in her vehicle listening to about 50 pro-life advocates singing on the sidewalk and then drove away without ever going inside the abortion facility.

Students for Life Releases Report Featuring Catholic Schools with Ties to Planned Parenthood, by Lauretta Brown

By Lauretta Brown, EWTN News – When Catholic institutions of higher learning publicly associate with Planned Parenthood despite the Church’s clear teaching on the grave evil of abortion, faithful students and alumni should take note. A recent report from Students for Life can help them do just that. The group investigated 784 Christian institutions, including 237 Catholic schools, and initially found that 103 Christian schools, including 22 Catholic schools, were connected with Planned Parenthood.

Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2021, Killing 42.6 Million People, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – More human beings died in abortions than any other cause of death in 2021… A heartbreaking reminder about the prevalence of abortion, statistics compiled by Worldometers indicate that there were over 42.6 million abortions world-wide in 2021. The independent site collects data from governments and other reputable organizations and then reports the data, along with estimates and projections, based on those numbers. It reveals 42,640,209 people died from abortions in 2021.

Abortion and Population Control are Destroying America as Underpopulation Becomes Massive Problem, by Terence Jeffrey

By Terence Jeffrey, LIfeNews – As of July 1, 2020, there were 331,501,080 people living in the United States of America, according to the Census Bureau’s estimate. A year later, there were 331,893,745… That was an increase of only 392,665—or 0.1%… In a press release published last week, the Census Bureau announced that this was the lowest annual rate of population growth “since the nation’s founding.”

WATCH! Fr. Mark Goring, CC: “Join the Cause”

Fr. Mark Goring, Companions of the Cross, Dec. 30, 2021 – Fr. Goring discusses “Children of God for Life”: End the Use of Aborted Children in Science, Children of God for Life is the pro-life worldwide leader in the campaign for ethical biomedical research and commerce that preserves the dignity of human life.

Feminists Launch Campaign to Shuttle Women to Mexico for Abortions, Smuggle Dangerous Abortion Pills Into America, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger , LifeNews – Abortion activists are trying to thwart new Texas laws that protect unborn babies by shuttling women across the border for abortions… The Blaze reports abortion activists in Mexico and the U.S. are working together to build an underground pro-abortion network, believing that they are helping women by making it easier to kill unborn babies.

Your Fertility and the Covid Shot – Laying the Groundwork, by Blaise Vanne

By Blaise Vanne, America Out Loud – In the interview here, Dr. Chris Martenson, Ph.D., in pathology from Duke University, interviews Dr. Peter McCullough, who is the most published doctor in history in his field of cardiology, and has been editor of several major medical journals: In the interview, they discuss issues such as the Lancet with its retracted fake “studies” on hydroxychloroquine, which turned out to be produced by a shell company, with unverified data gathered by non-scientists …

Pro-Lifers Raise Safety Concerns, Push Back at the State Level Following FDA’s Removal of Restrictions on Abortion Pill, by Lauretta Brown

By Lauretta Brown, EWTN News – Pro-life advocates and physicians are warning of serious risks to women arising from the Biden administration’s Dec. 16 permanent lifting of in-person dispensing requirements on the abortion pill mifepristone, which allows for widespread at-home abortions through telemedicine… The FDA’s move “puts countless women and unborn children in danger,” Sue Liebel, policy director at the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List …

Planned Parenthood Endorses 200 Members of Congress in Desperate Bid to Keep Nancy Pelosi in Control, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the political arm of the abortion chain, endorsed 198 candidates who all have 100-percent pro-abortion voting records… The abortion chain spends millions of dollars every year on elections, including at least $45 million in 2020 to elect President Joe Biden and other pro-abortion candidates.

ADL: Christian Groups Ask Supreme Court to Block Biden’s Unlawful COVID Vaccine Mandate

Alliance Defending Freedom, LifeNews – “The government has no authority to unilaterally treat unvaccinated employees like workplace hazards… The profoundly negative effect of this upon those employers and the 80 million American workers who are impacted is just one reason the Supreme Court immediately should halt enforcement of the mandate,” said ADF Senior Counsel Ryan Bangert.

Illinois Catholic Bishop: Gov. Pritzker Has ‘Facilitated Murder’ By Repealing Parental Notice of Abortion Act, by Michael W. Chapman

By Michael W. Chapman, CNS News – By signing into law a bill that repeals the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act, Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker has granted a “victory to evil” and, like a “hit man,” has “promoted and facilitated murder,” said Catholic Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki, head of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

FDA Lifts In-Person Restrictions on Abortion Pill, by Dr. Susan Berry

By Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart – The FDA may permanently lift some restrictions on the abortion pill. Not only does the pill end the life of a preborn child, but it also poses serious health risks to women. Policymakers should seek to protect women and their preborn children, not endanger them… In April 2020, Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson referred to telemedicine abortion as the “silver lining” of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Supreme Court’s Abortion Argument Isn’t Over. The Left Is Still Fighting — So We Must Too, by Christopher Bedford

By Christopher Bedford, The Federalist – It’s been two weeks since the Supreme Court of the United States heard the oral arguments for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization — the seminal case that could finally see a change to our country’s half-century abortion regime; a regime among the most barbaric on the entire planet.

Supreme Court Sends Texas Abortion Ban to Appeals Court, Will Likely be Upheld and Save More Babies

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Amy Hagstrom Miller, president of Whole Woman’s Health… warned last week that the current volume of services is not enough to keep clinics open in the long term… “Staying open is not sustainable if this ban stays in effect much longer,” Hagstrom Miller said. “We are grateful for the donors and foundations and folks who have been supporting us in the interim … but the future looks bleak if we can’t get some justice here.”

43rd Texas City Passes Measure to Ban Abortions, Become “Sanctuary for the Unborn”, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Another Texas city took action to protect unborn babies’ lives Monday when it passed a Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance that outlaws abortions within its limits… The unanimous vote by the Slaton City Council makes the city the 43rd in the United States to protect unborn babies by banning abortions, Everything Lubbock reports…

Meet the Man Who Has Helped 42 Texas Cities Pass Laws Banning Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Mark Lee Dickson is the director of Right to Life of East Texas and founder of the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn initiative. In less than three years, he has helped 42 cities in Texas, Ohio and Nebraska to protect unborn babies through enforceable Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinances that ban abortions within city limits… Now, state and national news outlets are highlighting Dickson’s work, too.

Chief Justice Roberts Calls Texas Ban on Aborting Babies With a Beating Heart an ‘Unconstitutional Law’, by Terence P. Jeffrey

By Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSNews – “Texas,” Roberts continued, “has employed an array of stratagems designed to shield its unconstitutional law from judicial review.”… Roberts goes on to refer to aborting a baby with a beating heart as “constitutionally protected conduct.”… “But by design, the mere threat of even unsuccessful suits brought under S.B. 8 chills constitutionally protected conduct, given the peculiar rule the state has imposed,” wrote Roberts. ..

Jen Psaki Says Joe Biden is “Deeply Committed” to Supporting Abortions Up to Birth, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – In response to today’s Supreme Court ruling allowing the teas abortion ban to stay in effect while the lawsuit from abortion businesses against it continues, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Joe Biden remains “deeply committed” to abortions up to birth… As LifeNews reported, the Supreme Court has allowed the pro-life law to continue saving babies from abortion and it dismissed Joe Biden’s lawsuit against it.

The Abortion Regime Will End Without the Help of the Catholic Political Left, by Austin Ruse

By Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine – No one knows if the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade… No one knows if they are going to roll it back even a smidge… Personally, I don’t really trust most of the Justices. I certainly don’t trust the Chief Justice… But I do know that if Roe is overturned, if abortion is sent back to the states where it belongs, sour grapes are on the way, heaping helpings of sour grapes when the Supreme Court overturns the abortion regime at the federal level.

Democrats Want to Codify Roe v. Wade Into Law to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth, by Christian Mysliwiec

By Christian Mysliwiec, LifeNews – The Daily Signal spoke with Melanie Israel, a policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation’s Devos Center, to understand what this process will look like… The Daily Signal: What is the road map for the left to codify Roe v. Wade into law?.. Melanie Israel: When the left says they want to “codify” Roe v. Wade—a Supreme Court decision—into law, what they’re actually talking about is the misnamed Women’s Health Protection Act.

‘Dobbs’ and the Conservative Legal Movement, by Gerard V. Bradley

By Gerard V. Bradley, EWTN News – Whenever former Attorney General Edwin Meese says something about the conservative legal movement in the United States, it is time to sit up and listen… One reason is that Meese, who served as President Ronald Reagan’s attorney general from 1985 to 1988, founded that movement four decades ago, along with Antonin Scalia, Robert Bork and William Rehnquist. Meese has been a stalwart of the project ever since.

Elon Musk Says Depopulation is a Problem: “Civilization is Going to Crumble” if People Don’t Have More Kids

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Billionaire Elon Musk dismissed all the fear-mongering about overpopulation Tuesday in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, saying people really should be concerned about rapidly declining birth rates… Unlike other famous billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett who believe the world is growing overpopulated, Musk said depopulation is the real problem.

If You Believe ‘My Body, My Choice,’ You Should Be Against Abortion AND Forced Vaccines, by Claire Chretien

By Claire Chretien, LifeSiteNews – The simple reason that “my body, my choice” does not work as an argument for abortion is because the unborn child being aborted is not part of his mother’s body. A child in the womb is a whole, distinct, living human being, with his own DNA, heartbeat, organs, and unique blood type. Your right to “reproductive freedom” does not include a right to violently dismember and destroy the body of your offspring.

Doctor: There is No Doubt That Unborn Children are Alive and Human Beings From Conception

By Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie, LifeNews – The Court is being asked to overturn the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade and 1992 decision in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. I joined two other female physicians (a neonatologist and an obstetrician) in an amicus brief detailing advances in fetal science that have happened since 1973.

CNSNews: Pelosi on Possibility Court Overturns Roe: ‘It’s Really Scary–And I Say That as a Practicing Catholic’

By Staff – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in the opening statement of her press conference on Thursday that—speaking as “a practicing Catholic’—she found it “really scary” that the Supreme Court might overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that declared there was a constitutional “right” to abortion.

At Least 21 States Will Protect Babies From Abortions if Roe v. Wade is Overturned, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – At least 21 states immediately could ban the killing of unborn babies in abortions if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade… Many hope the Mississippi case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, which the high court heard Wednesday, will spur the justices to reverse its disastrous 1973 ruling and allow states to protect unborn babies from abortion again.

Takeaways From Oral Argument in Dobbs, by Hadley Arkes

By Hadley Arkes, First Things – The oral argument yesterday morning in the Dobbs case on abortion was not exactly a moment to celebrate for either side. One side, we might say, was “morally challenged” or imbecilic, and the other side wasn’t sure just which fork to use. The liberal side, as ever, could not explain what was “justified” in the guideline of viability, just as it couldn’t explain why the decision in Roe was justified in the first place …

Pelosi Declares That It Is ‘Radical’ to Ban the Killing of Unborn Babies After 15 Weeks of Pregnancy

By Staff – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) put out a statement on Wednesday morning criticizing the Mississippi abortion law that the Supreme Court was going to review that day and declaring that the law—which bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy—was radical… Pelosi also declared it “would seriously erode the legitimacy of the court” if it did not overthrow the Mississippi law.

Dobbs and the Shaky Foundations of Roe, by Thomas Ascik

By Thomas Ascik, Crisis Magazine – In the oral arguments in the much-anticipated Mississippi abortion case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization heard in the Supreme Court Wednesday, there was little discussion of the details of abortion. Instead, the status of the Court’s major precedents and the Court’s power and influence in American life were the main subjects.

New Texas Pro-Life Law Saves More Babies From Abortion, Bans Sales of Dangerous Abortion Pills By Mail

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – A new pro-life law is going into effect in Texas (Dec. 2) that will protect women’s health and help save more unborn babies from abortion… Today is the 89th day the Texas abortion ban is saving babies from abortion but a new law that supplements the abortions ban is taking effect today that would ban mail-order abortion drugs and would place limits on in-person sales of the abortion pill before 7 weeks to protect women’s health. ..

America Abortion Laws on Par With China and North Korea: Chief Justice John Roberts, by Emily Mangiaracina

By Emily Mangiaracina, LifeSiteNews – Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts noted during Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization oral hearings Wednesday that Roe v. Wade places American abortion law in the same class as China and North Korea… Roberts pointed out during questioning that the 15-week mark, at which abortions are banned in the Mississippi law HB 1510 at issue in Dobbs, is not only “not a dramatic departure from viability,” but also a “standard that the vast majority of other countries have.”

SCOTUS Hears Most Important Abortion Case in a Generation, by Emmy Griffin

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post – Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The prerogative of the petitioners from Mississippi was to ask the Supreme Court to uphold the ban on abortions past 15 weeks gestation and to give the decision on abortion back to the states. Doing so could extend to completely overturning Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

FRC Report: Abortion on Demand in 6 Countries: U.S., China, N. Korea, S. Korea, Canada, Vietnam, by Michael W. Chapman

By Michael W. Chapman, CNS News – Although abortion is legal in much of the world, it is very restricted in many countries and completely banned without exception in 26 nations. Only six countries allow abortion on demand, up through nine months of pregnancy, and they include the United States and Comnist China, according to a new report by the Family Research Council (FRC).

This is Abortion in the United States, by Abby Johnson

By Abby Johnson, The Stream – When a product is deemed unsuitable or unsafe for the public, it is pulled from the market. Abortion is unsuitable for public consumption. Any product where its success is determined by the death of another human being should be pulled from the market. It is time for abortion to be recalled in the country. It’s time to end abortion.

Justice Clarence Thomas Makes It Clear There’s No Right to Abortion in the Constitution, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas made it clear during today’s hearing on a Mississippi pro-life law banning abortions at 15 weeks that there is no right to abortion in the Constitution… Thomas questioned Wednesday where in the Constitution abortion is protected as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments over a Mississippi abortion law case that challenges Roe v. Wade.

Is This Victory? A Historic Day at the Supreme Court Could Overturn Roe vs. Wade

LifeSiteNews staff – Pro-lifers assembled in Washington in anticipation of a favorable ruling in the Mississippi abortion case… Pro-lifers turned out en masse at the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday as the Mississippi abortion case, which could result in the overturning of Roe v. Wade, was argued before the court… On this historic day, LifeSiteNews’ Danielle Zuccaro asked about the palpable spirit of hopefulness.

Federal Judge Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate Nationwide, Protects Health Care Workers Across America, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Yesterday, in response to a multi-state lawsuit led by Missouri, a federal court barred the Biden administration from enforcing a vaccine mandate for health care workers in 10 states who are employed at federally-funded health care clinics. That means they doctors and nurses can’t be fired for refusing the COVID vaccine despite Biden’s federal mandate requiring them to get it… Today, a federal court in Louisiana expanded on that ruling and blocked the vaccine mandate nationwide.

WATCH: LifeSite’s Full Coverage of the Supreme Court’s Oral Arguments Wednesday

By LifeSiteNews staff – On Wednesday, December 1, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. Pro-lifers (and pro-abortion activists) are planning to make their voices heard at this historic event. LifeSite will be right in the thick of it with complete coverage of the day’s activities.

Legacy of 7 Justices: More Than 62 Million Dead Babies, by Terence P. Jeffrey

By Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSNews – …Blackmun wrote the court’s opinion in Roe v. Wade. It declared there was a constitutional “right to privacy” that included the right to kill what could be called “little persons” — unborn babies — in the womb… To come to this conclusion, Blackmun had to circumvent the obvious biological fact that an unborn human being is a living human being. So, he referred to unborn babies as “prenatal life,” “potential life,” “potential human life” and “the developing young in the human uterus.”

Texas Abortion Ban Has Saved Thousands of Babies and Abortion Activists are Totally Unhinged, by Micaiah Bilger 

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Abortion activists and several prominent journalists criticized the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday for not fulfilling their expectations with a ruling about the Texas heartbeat law… Abortion activists had hoped that Monday would be the day when the U.S. Supreme Court would issue a ruling about the pro-life legislation. However, the court published only one opinion for the day, an unrelated case about water rights, according to SCOTUS Blog.

What Makes Dobbs the Best, and Possibly Last, Chance to Overturn Roe? by Matt Hadro

By Matt Hadro, CNA – After nearly a half century of legal abortion throughout the United States, that precedent could fall  — or stand  — through one critical case now before the U.S. Supreme Court. Yet what makes it possibly the most significant abortion case in decades?… The Supreme Court on Dec. 1 will hear arguments in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, concerning Mississippi’s ban on most abortions after 15 weeks. The court will take up the question of whether all bans on pre-viability abortions are unconstitutional.

Intercessors for America to Walk and Pray Around US Supreme Court Building December 1 as Arguments are Heard in Pro-Life Case, by Nancy Flory

By Nancy Flory, The Stream – Thousands of people, online and in person, are expected to join Intercessors for America (IFA) in their Appealing for Life events November 30 and December 1. Those in D.C. on December 1 will walk around the Supreme Court building and pray for a positive outcome as the high court conducts oral arguments in the Dobbs v. Jacksons Women’s Health Group case.

Lawyers Arguing to Uphold Roe v. Wade Have Radical Pro-Abortion Pedigrees, One Worked on Russia Hoax, by Ashley Sadler

By Ashley Sadler, LifeSiteNews – A duo of attorneys slated to argue the pro-abortion side in the crucial Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health case on the U.S. Supreme Court docket will come to the Court with a pedigree of radical left-wing political involvement and anti-life activism… Their radical political affiliations could have a strong bearing on how they argue in the monumental abortion case in the Supreme Court when oral arguments begin December 1.

Abortion Businesses Admit Texas Abortion Ban Has Saved 70-80% of Babies From Abortions

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Aborting unborn babies is not big business anymore in Texas… Since the state heartbeat law went into effect Sept. 1, abortion facilities across Texas have reported a massive drop in abortions… Whole Woman’s Health, which runs four abortion facilities in the state, saw a 70 percent to 80 percent decline in abortions over the past two months, according to the Texas Tribune.

30,000 Doctors Tell Supreme Court: Unborn Babies are Human Beings, They Deserve Human Rights

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Tens of thousands of medical professionals are calling for restored legal protections for unborn babies as the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to hear a major abortion case on Dec. 1… The message from the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, which represents more than 30,000 doctors and other medical professionals, is simple: Unborn babies are patients, too, and they deserve the same rights and protections as every other human being.

Dec. 1: National Day of Repentance as SCOTUS Hears Challenge to MS Pro-Life Law, by Michael W. Chapman

By Michael W. Chapman, CNS News – “As our nation looks on at the proceedings at the Supreme Court and the landmark abortion case of Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health, unity among those who advocate for life is at an all-time high,” states the National Day of Repentence website… “We come before our Father in humility and repentance on this solemn day, December 1st, the day of the oral arguments on this Supreme Court case. It will not only affect the state of life in the United States, it will affect pro-life policies across the globe.”

The Abortion States of America, by Paul Kengor

By Paul Kengor, Crisis Magazine – Roe v. Wade and so-called “abortion rights” are facing challenges unlike any time before, especially via the Texas heartbeat bill. The chances of abortion being sent back to the states are higher than ever. As that prospect looms, faithful Catholics are being treated to a tragic spectacle: “pro-choice” Catholic leaders stepping forward to do everything within their power to protect unrestricted abortion. These abortion Catholics do so with the support of many Catholic voters and are effectively abetted by many Catholic clergy who, for decades, have not stopped them.

This Activist is Trying to Make Sure Babies Can be Killed in Late-Term Abortions Across America

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Shannon Brewer’s Mississippi abortion facility ends the lives of 10 to 15 nearly fully formed, post-15 week unborn babies every month… These unborn babies have heartbeats and brainwaves, taste buds on their tongues, reproductive organs, fingers and toes. They can yawn and suck their thumbs, and some are rapidly approaching viability… Brewer’s Jackson Women’s Health Organization is fighting at the U.S. Supreme Court to be allowed to continue second-trimester abortions.

Texas Didn’t Just Ban Abortions, It Also Helped Pregnant Women, by Kristan Hawkins

By Kristan Hawkins and Chelsey Youman, LifeNews – The abortion activists in President Joe Biden’s Administration are fighting Texas again in court, arguing that some Constitutional rights matter more than others… Keeping in mind that abortion is never mentioned in the Constitution while protecting states’ rights was of great concern, those facts don’t have much weight for Biden’s Department of Justice.

Ohio Republicans Introduce Bill to Effectively Ban All Abortions Following Texas Heartbeat Act, by Ashley Sadler

By Ashley Sadler. LifeSite News – As the Supreme Court hears challenges to Texas’ “Heartbeat Act” which bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, Ohio Republicans have introduced a bill which goes a step farther than the Texas law, which appears to outlaw almost all abortions regardless of cardiac activity or gestation time.

Texas Senator Who Authored Abortion Ban: I Want to Protect “Every Little Baby” From Abortion, by Mary Margaret Olohan

By Mary Margaret Olohan, LifeNews – Texas state Sen. Bryan Hughes, author of one of the most controversial pieces of abortion legislation in decades, insisted Monday that his law is focused on protecting every “little baby” with a heartbeat… The Texas Republican stood steps away from the Supreme Court building as the nine justices heard oral arguments in challenges to Texas’ Heartbeat Act.

Abortions in Texas Have Dropped Nearly 50% Since Heartbeat Act Was Signed Into Law: Report, by Patrick Delaney

By Patrick Delaney, LifeSiteNews – Recognized as the most protective pro-life bill in the nation, the Texas Heartbeat Act prohibits abortion once a baby’s heartbeat becomes detectable, typically by six weeks’ gestation. The legislation relies on a unique enforcement mechanism that empowers citizens, rather than the state, to sue abortionists and anyone else, other than the mother, who facilitates an abortion of a baby with a detectable heartbeat. Violations can result in fines of at least $10,000.

If Roe v. Wade is Overturned, Unborn Babies Would be Protected Across Much of America, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Unborn babies in more than half the country could be spared from abortion depending on how the U.S. Supreme Court rules in an upcoming abortion case… If the court overturns Roe v. Wade, a new interactive map by the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion research group, estimates that 26 states likely will ban abortions.

Does Biden Agree With Pope That Abortion is Murder? Psaki: ‘The President Believes in a Woman’s Right to Choose’, by Melanie Arter

By Melanie Arter, CNSNews – …the reporter shouted his question, asking, “The pope has said abortion is murder, and it’s like hiring a hitman. Does the president agree or disagree with that?”… “You know that the president believes in a woman’s right to choose. You’re very familiar with this issue. We’ve spoken about it many times,” Psaki said.

The Brown Pelican Society Co-Sponsors Dr. Peter McCullough, Nov. 3rd, Tyler, Texas

The Brown Pelican Society Co-Sponsors Dr. Peter McCullough, Nov. 3rd, Tyler, Texas – AN EVENING OF TRUTH COVID-19 TREATMENTS with Dr. Peter A. McCullough on Nov. 3rd. (Please see attached flyer; feel free to share)…. The Brown Pelican Society, of which I am publisher, along with Texas Right to Life, Children of God for Life and The Common Good Foundation are sponsoring this presentation.

Will Pope Francis Tell Biden to Protect Unborn Babies? by Terence P. Jeffrey

By Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSNews – A Catholic American president will travel to Rome this Friday to meet with Pope Francis.
There is a very profound and obvious issue they could discuss: Is it OK for a politician of any religious faith, or even none at all, to violate the natural law and support the deliberate killing of unborn babies?

12 States Sue Joe Biden for Forcing Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – State leaders are fighting back against President Joe Biden’s new rule forcing taxpayers to fund the billion-dollar abortion chain Planned Parenthood… On Monday, 12 state attorneys general filed a lawsuit challenging Biden’s rule for the Title X family planning program, saying taxpayer-funded family planning clinics should be physically and financially independent of abortion facilities, the Washington Times reports.

Fr. David Poecking: Pro-Life Together

By Fr. David Poecking, The Human Life Review – At its core, the pro-life movement is about extending the protection of the law to unborn children. But prolifers should still care about winning over the hearts and minds of those who don’t share this commitment, not least because broad sympathy for the pro-life cause will help us advance and sustain pro-life laws.

Coerced Abortion in America, by Mary Szoch

By Mary Szoch, CNSNews – (Last week) two Washington, D.C. police officers… revealed that early on in their careers, they had been told to have an abortion or they would lose their jobs. Fearing for their careers, both women aborted their unborn babies… They expressed the pain caused by the police department’s past actions. (one) lamented, “It’s so unfair….And now I’ve never been able to have a kid. All these years, I’ve tried, and I’ve never been able to have a baby….I did this for a job….”

SCOTUS Fast-Tracks Texas Fetal Heartbeat Case, by Thomas Gallatin

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post – At the end of last week, the U.S. Supreme Court decided to speed up addressing a challenge to Texas’s recently passed SB 8, a law that is designed to severely limit abortions in the Lone Star State… This was despite strenuous objections from Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who lamented the Court’s decision was “enacted in open disregard of the constitutional rights of women seeking abortion care in Texas.”

Why Legal Abortion is Bad Precedent: Roe v. Wade Critics Make the Case to Supreme Court, by Kevin J. Jones

By Kevin J. Jones, CNA – As the Supreme Court considers whether to overturn its precedents mandating legal abortion nationwide, critics of legal abortion have argued that precedent by itself is no reason to preserve flawed decisions — especially rulings that treat taking a human life as a constitutional right… “The Supreme Court has, in fact, overruled many of its own erroneous precedents, such as Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson, upholding slavery and segregation laws.”…

BREAKING: Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments for Texas Heartbeat Act on Nov. 1, by Calvin Freiburger

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – The U.S. Supreme Court confirmed Friday that it will hear oral arguments over a Texas law banning abortion once a heartbeat is detectable and will not block enforcement of the pro-life law while the case is pending… The Texas Heartbeat Act requires abortionists to screen for a preborn baby’s heartbeat and prohibits abortion if a heartbeat can be heard (generally as early as six weeks), with exceptions only for medical emergencies.

Courage in the Face of Our Birth Rate Decline, by Emmy Griffin

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post – The low fertility rate is a web of our own weaving, but we can reverse it with self-sacrifice… The fertility rate in America is not good. Our country’s population rate hasn’t been this low since the 1930s. With a birth rate of just 1.6, it’s not going to keep up with the death rate, which is a foreboding sign for an already slow economy that depends on young people to drive it.

What Does “Respect Life” Look Like? by Sonja Morin

By Sonja Morin, Catholic East Texas – I was at the Women’s March for Reproductive Rights in Washington, D.C., attempting to puncture the violent shouts with the truth of human life. The atmosphere was enraged, but barely masked deeper wounds that lay beneath. That day, I came in contact with people who had experienced abortion, those who had been sexually assaulted, those who had been in one way or another forced into this issue that continues to plague our communities daily. Their shouts and signs all came down to the same thing: “How can you call yourself pro-life if you don’t respect others?”

Supreme Court to Fast-track Appeal of Texas Abortion Law, by Eric Mack

By Eric Mack, NewsMax – The Supreme Court has agreed to fast-track the appeal to block Texas’ abortion restriction, which was petitioned to the court by abortion rights advocates, CNBC reported Monday… The case is pending in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, but an expedited appeal to the Supreme Court could bring the case before the high court as soon as December, according to the report.

USCCB: Respect for Unborn Humans

USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities – The Catechism of the Catholic Church states: “Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law” (No. 2271).

Cry Havoc! Threats to Right-to-Life Groups, by Randall Smith

By Randall Smith, The Catholic Thing – Some friends were kind enough to invite my wife and me to the Texas Right to Life banquet a few weeks ago.  For those who don’t know, Texas Right to Life is among the most successful, if not the most successful, pro-life organization in the country.  Hence, we have the Texas Heartbeat Law, requiring that an abortionist check for a heartbeat of a child in the womb and making it illegal for anyone to terminate the life of that child if a heartbeat is found.

Bishop Lambasts Biden, by Aidan O’Connor 

By Aidan O’Connor, Church Militant – The USCCB’s pro-life chairman is blasting Joe Biden for claiming to be devout while failing to protect unborn life… Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas spoke out Friday, challenging the unelected president to act like the “devout Catholic” he claims to be. Naumann also blasted Biden’s administration for being “in the control of abortion extremists.”

100 Members of Congress Demand Investigation of University Doing Experiments With Aborted Baby Parts, by Maria Gallagher

By Maria Gallagher, LifeNews – A panel discussion in southwestern Pennsylvania this week shined a spotlight on gruesome allegations regarding research at the University of Pittsburgh… Panelist David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress indicated the university’s decision to hire a law firm to probe the situation was inadequate. “That’s not an investigation. It’s hiring a law firm.” Daleiden went on to allege, “It looks like an obvious cover-up.”

BOMBSHELL: Pfizer Whistleblower Says Vaccine ‘Glows,’ Contains Toxic Luciferase, Graphene Oxide Compounds, by Celeste McGovern

By Celeste McGovern, LifeSiteNews – Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine vials glow fluorescent blue and contain an enzyme called Luciferase, a quality inspector for the drug company told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview this week… “The vaccine glows, at least Pfizer’s does,” Melissa Strickler, who worked for the pharmaceutical giant for nearly 10 years, said. “It looks like someone took a blue glowstick, cracked it open and put it in the vial, but only if there is light and it is around a dark background.”

Mississippi Attorney General Tells Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v. Wade

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Attorney General Lynn Fitch today filed a reply brief with the Supreme Court of the United States in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, underscoring the need to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey and return abortion policymaking to the people… “Finally forced to defend those cases, respondents drive home the stark reality: Roe and Casey are indefensible”

USCCB Pro-Life Chairman Urges Biden to Act Like the ‘Devout Catholic’ He Says He Is, by Katie Yoder

By Katie Yoder, CNA – “He likes to call himself a devout Catholic. I would urge him to begin to act like one, especially on the life issues,” Archbishop Joseph Naumann said. “And to let his faith really inform his conscience and the decisions that he’s making, not the platform of his party.”

Federal Judge Appointed by Obama Blocks Texas Abortion Ban After It Saves Thousands of Babies, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – A federal judge appointed by Barack Obama has issued a ruling temporarily blocking the Texas abortion ban that has saved over 3,000 babies from abortion… U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman sided with the Biden administration’s Justice Department, which sued the state, arguing Texas’ law was unconstitutional because it went agaisnt Roe v. Wade.

Texas Supreme Court Refuses Planned Parenthood’s Demand to Block Texas Abortion Ban, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The billion-dollar abortion chain Planned Parenthood just lost another attempt to block the Texas heartbeat law in court, meaning babies will continue to be saved from abortion violence… On Monday, the Texas Supreme Court refused the abortion chain’s request to allow its lawsuit to proceed, the Texas Tribune reports… Texas Right to Life, one of the parties named in the lawsuit, celebrated the ruling.

Bishop of Pro-Abortion Nancy Pelosi Launches Public Campaign of ‘Prayer and Fasting’ for Her, by Jack Bingham

By Jack Bingham, LifeSiteNews – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s local archbishop announced a campaign of “prayer and fasting” for a “conversion of heart” for the notorious pro-abortion Catholic… “A conversion of heart of the majority of our congressional representatives is needed on this issue [of abortion], beginning with the leader of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I am therefore inviting all Catholics to join in a massive and visible campaign of prayer and fasting for Speaker Pelosi …

Biden Admin Claims Constitution Allows Federal Government to Overturn Texas Abortion Ban, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The Biden administration urged a federal judge to block the Texas heartbeat law Friday after its previous attempts to stop the abortion ban have failed… Attorneys for Texas said Biden’s Department of Justice is being unfair by asking the court to block “absent third parties” from enforcing the law “without letting them be heard.”… The Texas law went into effect Sept. 1, prohibiting abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable …

TX Lawmakers Learn Heartbeat Bill Hysteria Not All Hyperbole, by Charlie Butts

By Charlie Butts, Billy Davis, OneNewsNow – U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland (pictured with President Joe Biden) called a Texas pro-life law unconstitutional, and ordered the Justice Dept. to sue, after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowed it to stand… Law enforcement authorities are being praised for making an arrest after Texas lawmakers were threatened for passing a pro-life law which made them targets of abortion-supporting fanatics.

Most Radical Abortion Legislation Passes in the House, by Emmy Griffin

By Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post – San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone.. criticized Pelosi, saying it was “especially shameful that any self-professed Catholic would be implicated in such an evil, let alone advocate for it.” He also said the bill “is surely the type of legislation one would expect from a devout Satanist, not a devout Catholic.”

President Trump: Christians Can’t Support Joe Biden Because He’s Radically Pro-Abortion, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Trump revealed in an interview with CBN News that he has a lot of concerns against Biden who is exactly his opposite when it comes to being pro-life despite describing himself as a “Devout Catholic.” Trump particularly cited Biden’s policies that are negatively affecting organized religion… “If you look at his policies, and if you look at what he’s doing to religion, and organized religion, if you look at what’s going on, I don’t know how the Catholic Church can be supportive of him,” Trump said.

The Democratic House Proves: It Really Is All About Abortion, by Peter Wolfgang

By Peter Wolfgang, The Stream – I’m not one of those guys who reacts to every issue under the sun by saying, “Oh, yeah? Well what about abortion, huh? What About That?” I run the Family Institute of Connecticut, and we deal with a lot more issues than just abortion… But abortion is why our country is falling apart. Abortion is why Satanism is now the de facto religion of America. Abortion is why our country is descending into collective madness. At the end of the day, it really is all about abortion.

State Takes Three-Month-Old Baby From His Parents Because They Refuse to End His Life Support, by Wesley Smith

By Wesley Smith, LifeNews – Keaton has a serious case of muscular dystrophy and has broken bones from birth that are not healing properly. He is on pain control. The doctors say that Keaton’s health is worsening and he won’t live a year, and so the life support is futile. But according to the parents, doctors previously said he would only live a month. These things can be very uncertain.

Texas Governor Signs Bill Banning ‘Abortion Inducing Drugs’ After Seven Weeks of Pregnancy

By Michael Haynes, LifeSiteNews – On the heels of the Texas Heartbeat Act, pro-lifers can welcome another victory in the state, as Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed into law a bill prohibiting physicians or health care providers from giving women an “abortion inducing drug” after seven weeks of pregnancy… Physicians may still distribute the drugs before the 49th day, at face-to-face meetings …

Democrats Advance Radical Abortion Bill That Would Overturn Every Pro-Life Law in America, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Democrats in Congress are pushing forward with an extreme pro-abortion bill that pro-life advocates say would go beyond Roe v. Wade and create federal government-mandated abortion on demand across the country… Deceptively named the Women’s Health Protection Act, the bill would erase basically all restrictions on abortion and prevent states from enacting even modest protections for unborn babies. It also would force taxpayers to fund the killing of unborn babies in abortions.

Abortion Doctor Sued Under Texas Abortion Law, by Jonah McKeown

By Jonah McKeown, CNA – A Texas abortion doctor who said he performed an abortion in violation of a new state law was sued Monday by two non-Texas residents in what appears to be the first legal action taken since the law took effect this month… A Texas pro-life group has criticized the lawsuits, however, calling them “imprudent” and “self-serving.”

Biden Directs Additional Funds to Texas Abortion Centers, Launches New Attacks on Heartbeat Law, by Raymond Wolfe

By Raymond Wolfe, LifeSiteNews – The Biden administration will award up to $10 million to abortion facilities with ‘an influx of clients’ due to the Texas heartbeat law… Biden health secretary Xavier Becerra on Friday announced a “three-pronged Department-wide response” to the Texas Heartbeat Act, or SB 8, by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), following Joe Biden’s call for a “whole-of-government effort” against the law.

Fr. Jerry Pokorsky: Follow the Science

By Fr. Jerry Pokorsky, Catholic Culture – Unborn babies – every unborn baby regardless of heritage, regardless of physical or mental characteristics – need our protection and love. And we need them to fill the earth according to God’s plan of marriage. We rejoice in science, the study of God’s handiwork. Life is beautiful, and God is great. Denying the humanity of an unborn baby and insisting we can choose our gender identities are anti-scientific superstitions.

Supreme Court Will Hear Abortion Case That Could Finally Overturn Roe v. Wade

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The U.S. Supreme Court just set a date for a major abortion case that could overturn Roe v. Wade and allow states to protect unborn babies from abortion again… The hearing on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health is scheduled for Dec. 1 at the Supreme Court… Mississippi AG Lynn Fitch said she is looking forward to the opportunity to convince the court that there is no constitutional right to abortion and Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

Justice Clarence Thomas Blasts Media, Defends Supreme Court Upholding Texas Abortion Ban, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas defended the integrity of the Supreme Court in a lecture at the University of Notre Dame — responding in part to abortion activists who are upset the nation’s highest court didn’t put on hold a new Texas law that saves babies from abortion… He criticized those who, like abortion activists on Texas, are for “destroying our institutions because they don’t give us what we want, when we want it.”

Resource! LifeSiteNews: How Americans Can Resist Coronavirus Shot Mandates – a Comprehensive Guide

LifeSiteNews Staff – Americans in many different fields of work are suddenly having to choose between taking an abortion-tainted, poorly tested, and dangerous coronavirus injection or being fired from their jobs. Students are also having their educational opportunities denied without proof of COVID-19 vaccination. As many conservative commentators on Twitter are pointing out, over the course of 18 months, “15 days to slow the spread” turned into “two shots to feed your family.”

Texas Right to Life Flooded With Hate, Threats After Planned Parenthood Leaks Employee’s Address, by Calvin Freiburger

By Calvin Freiburger, LifeSiteNews – Planned Parenthood (PP) published the home address of a Texas Right to Life (TRTL) employee as part of a recent lawsuit over the state’s novel abortion ban, leading the pro-life worker to be “bombarded with threats” from pro-abortion zealots… A previous copy of the abortion giant’s lawsuit against TRTL over the recently-enacted Texas Heartbeat Act, linked in a September 2 PP press release, contained the home address of one of the pro-life group’s staffers …

Other States Need to Ban Abortions and Protect Unborn Children Like Texas Has, by Marjorie Dannenfelser

By Marjorie Dannenfelser, LifeNews – The pro-life cause has just secured a major victory for the unborn and their mothers, with further protections possible soon — if its champions stay courageous and don’t flinch. The Supreme Court’s decision to leave the Texas Heartbeat Act standing was an unexpected blessing and has resulted in an estimated hundreds of abortions prevented thus far. The goal of the pro-life movement has always been to make abortion illegal and unthinkable.

Report: Half of Abortionists at Texas Clinic Left Jobs over Heartbeat Act, by Dr. Susan Berry

By Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart – A report from a pro-abortion rights news outlet said Wednesday half of the abortionists at Whole Woman’s Health clinic in Fort Worth have left their jobs since Texas’s Heartbeat Act went into effect September 1… “On August 31, there were 17 abortion providers serving at the four locations of the Whole Woman’s Health clinics in Texas,” reported 19th News. “On September 1 — the day that the nation’s most restrictive active abortion law went into effect, there were just eight.”

Newsmax: Justice Department Seeks Order Against Texas Abortion Law

Newsmax – The Justice Department has asked a federal court in Texas to stop the enforcement of a new state law that bans most abortions in the state while it decides the case… The Texas law, known as SB8, prohibits abortions once medical professionals can detect cardiac activity — usually around six weeks, before some women know they’re pregnant.

WATCH: Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone on Catholic Politicians and the Fight for Life

One America News Network  Published September 13, 2021 – Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone on Catholic Politicians and the Fight for Life

Abortion Has Paved the Way for Rejecting the Fundamental Equality of Those With Profound Disabilities, by Charles Camosy

By Charles Camosy, EWTN News – That’s the way throwaway culture works. Misleading concepts like “reproductive freedom,” “a woman’s right to choose” and “fetal abnormalities” hide from both personal and public consciousness what is actually going on: the violent marginalization of entire groups of disabled people because they don’t have the kinds of lives we find valuable.

COVID-19 Mandates and the Dictatorship of Technocracy, by Michel Therrien

By Michel Therrien, Crisis Magazine – What we have done with COVID-19 mandates, to reference Aquinas, is to subordinate the common good to the private good of individuals, thus making the common good an alien good for everyone else. We have done this by making a person’s individual life (a private good) an end, or final cause, to which every other good is ordered. The problem with this logic is that it leads directly to tyranny. In fact, for Aquinas, using law to direct people’s actions to the private good of individuals is the very definition of tyranny.

Priests for Life Defend Texas ‘Heartbeat’ Law: ‘If You Don’t Like the Law, Come and Take It’

By Craig Bannister, CNS News – “If you don’t like the law, come and take it. We’re ready,” Priests for Life’s National Director Father Frank Pavone said in a statement Friday, responding to the efforts of the Biden Administration, Congressional Democrats, abortion activists and media to negate Texas’ new law defending the right to life of the unborn after a heartbeat is detected… “We know full well that the other side is in hysterics, but their reaction is not reasonable,” Fr. Pavone said..

Two Cheers for the Texas Heartbeat Act, by Josh Hammer

By Josh Hammer, First Things – We have seen a tremendous amount of misinformation, disingenuousness, and unjustified hysteria this week in response to S.B. 8, Texas’s novel new heartbeat law, which bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. The Supreme Court, by a narrow 5-4 margin, denied various Texas abortion provider plaintiffs’ emergency request for the Court to enjoin any enforcement of the Texas Heartbeat Act.

Jen Psaki Confirms What We All Know: Joe Biden is an Abortion Activist, Not a “Devout” Catholic, by Ryan Bomberger

By Ryan Bomberger, LifeNews – “Why does the President support abortion when his own Catholic faith teaches abortion is morally wrong?” reporter Owen Jensen asked… As predictable as day turning into night, Psaki responded like a devout pro-abortion activist. She couldn’t defend Joe Biden’s extreme position and conflict with Catholicism, so she went with the dogma of the religion both she and the President adhere to—fake feminism.

We Need a Relevant Ministry in 2021, by Fr. Frank Pavone, Alveda King

Fr. Frank Pavone, Alveda King, Catholic Exchange – At the founding of our nation, Pastor John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg declared in his sermon on January 21, 1776, “In the language of the Holy Writ, there is a time for all things. There is a time to preach and a time to fight. And now is the time to fight.” He then threw off his clerical robes to reveal the uniform of an officer in the Continental Army.

Kamala Harris Celebrates Abortion With Abortionist Who Killed 67 Babies in 17 Hours, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – “The Supreme Court has allowed a state law to stand that deputizes citizens, anyone, to proclaim themselves in a position to have a right under law to interfere with those choices that that woman has made,” Harris said. She called the Texas pro-life law “essentially an abortion bounty law, empowering vigilantes with a private right of action to interfere with a woman’s relationship with her health care provider.”… “We need to codify Roe v. Wade,” she said.

Mother Teresa: “The Greatest Destroyer of Peace is Abortion”, by Maria Gallagher

By Maria Gallagher, LifeNews – “The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion,” Mother Teresa said… “We are fighting abortion by adoption, we have saved thousands of lives, we have sent words to all the clinics, to the hospitals, police stations—please don’t destroy the child, we will take the child.”

Left Hits Back With Radical Abortion Bill, by Charlie Butts

The Biden administration is retaliating against a recent gain for life with a plan to force abortion on every state… Joe Biden has launched what calls a full federal government campaign to ensure that unborn babies will be killed in abortions… “This bill would eliminate almost every pro-life law that is in effect at the federal and state level,” Carol Tobias of the National Right to Life Committee tells American Family News. “They say it’s codifying Roe v. Wade; it will go even further.”

Satanic Temple Challenges Texas Abortion Ban, Wants “Religious Freedom” to Kill Babies, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The Satanic Temple, a group that claims aborting unborn babies is a religious “ritual,” is challenging the new Texas heartbeat law on religious freedom grounds… The Hill reports the group just asked for an exemption from the pro-life law under the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act. If the state refuses, the Satanic Temple said it will ask the courts for “judicial relief.”

State’s Bishops ‘Celebrate Every Life Saved’ by Texas Abortion Law

By Christine Rousselle, CNA – Bishops around the country reacted with praise to a Texas law banning abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat and noted that women experiencing a crisis pregnancy have resources available, instead of abortion… “We celebrate every life saved by this legislation,” said the Texas Catholic Conference, the public policy voice of Texas’ 16 Catholic dioceses and 20 bishops, in a Sept. 3 statement.

Report: Texas Abortionists Ended 67 Pregnancies in 17 Hours to Beat Heartbeat Ban Deadline, by Dr. Susan Berry

By Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart – According to the gender and politics independent outlet founded by two former editors of the Texas Tribune, abortionist Marva Sadler of Whole Woman’s Health, one of the largest abortion clinics in Texas, said four hours before the deadline, two dozen women were still packing the waiting room hoping to end their pregnancies before the law took effect… The abortionists terminated 67 pregnancies in 17 hours, racing to beat the heartbeat ban, said the report.

Stop Pretending the COVID Jab is Morally Equivalent to Other Meds, by Suzan Sammons

By Suzan Sammons, Crisis Magazine – In the unfortunate battle between Catholics who promote the COVID-19 injections and those who oppose them, several specious arguments have arisen. Proponents point to a long list of commonly used medications they say were also developed or tested using the cells of HEK-293. This is a fetal stem cell line propagated from an aborted baby whom those who care about the humanity of children named Johanna (she was a person not a licence plate number).

AP: Texas Law Barring Most Abortions Has Origins in Tiny Waskom, Texas

Associated Press, (OneNewsNow) – Texas’ abortion law S.B. 8 follows a model first used in Waskom to ban abortion within its boundaries in 2019. The novel legal approach used by the city on Texas’ border with Louisiana is one envisioned by a former top lawyer for the state… Right to Life East Texas director Mark Lee Dixon, 36, a Southern Baptist minister, championed Waskom’s abortion ban.

BREAKING: GoDaddy Deplatforms Texas Right to Life Website That Let People Report Violations of New Texas Pro-Life Law, by Kennedy Hall

By Kennedy Hall, LifeSiteNews – A GoDaddy spokesman said in an email to the New York Times and The Verge, “We have informed they have 24 hours to move to another provider for violating our terms of service.”… “Too bad for the mob: We will not be silenced,” Texas Right to Life responded. “Anti-Lifers hate us because we’re winning. We’re transferring our assets to another provider and will have the site restored within 24-48 hours. Come back soon.”

CNSNews: Pelosi: It’s ‘Cowardly’ for Supreme Court Not to Uphold the Right to Kill an Unborn Baby With a Heartbeat

By Staff – Nancy Pelosi put out a statement calling the Supreme Court “cowardly” for not issuing an injunction to stop enforcement of a Texas law, which went into effect on Wednesday, that prohibits aborting babies who have a detectable heartbeat… “The Supreme Court’s cowardly, dark-of-night decision to uphold a flagrantly unconstitutional assault on women’s rights and health is staggering,” said Pelosi.

President Biden Claims Killing an Unborn Baby Who Has a Beating Heart is a ‘Private and Personal’ Decision, by Terence P. Jeffrey

By Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSNews – President Joe Biden put out a statement today condemning the Supreme Court’s decision not to issue an injunction to immediately stop a Texas law (SB 8) that seeks to prevent the abortion of babies who have a detectable heartbeat–which generally occurs at six weeks into pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood Clinics Stop Killing Babies in Abortions as Texas Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The largest abortion chain in America, Planned Parenthood (PP), was forced to stop aborting unborn babies Wednesday in Texas when the new state heartbeat law went into effect… Texas Public Radio reports PP facilities in south Texas put a “pause” on abortions entirely, while its facilities in other parts of the state are doing abortions only in “the rare cases when a pregnancy is detected” …

Today, Texas Will Become the First State in America to Ban Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Wednesday is a big day for Texas. The new state heartbeat law, which could save tens of thousands of unborn babies from abortion every year, is slated to go into effect. Unless pro-abortion groups succeed in their emergency appeals Tuesday, Texas will be the first state in America to enforce a heartbeat law… The pro-life law, which Gov. Greg Abbott signed in May, prohibits abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, typically about six weeks of pregnancy. Exceptions are allowed if the mother’s life is at risk. Unique from other heartbeat laws, the Texas legislation includes a private enforcement mechanism that allows people to file lawsuits against abortionists who violate the law.

Texas Will Become First State to Ban Abortions, Court Allows Heartbeat Law to Go Into Effect Wednesday, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Texas appears likely to become the first state in America to be allowed to enforce a law banning abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable… In a huge victory for life, on Sunday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals canceled a Monday hearing on a lawsuit to block the law, Newsmax reports… That means, at least for now, the law will go into effect, as planned, on Wednesday – and potentially save more than 100 babies from abortion every single day.

Are There Remains of Aborted Babies Used in Vaccines? by Brian Clowes

By Brian Clowes, PhD, Human Life International – All vaccines undergo several stages of development before they are approved for public use by the USFDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research or by the UN WHO. The process begins with the exploratory stage, then proceeds to the pre-clinical stage, clinical development… regulatory review and approval, and finally manufacturing and distribution, always with continuous quality control during the entire sequence.

National Day of Remembrance September 18 Will Remember 63 Million Babies Killed in Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Pro-life advocates across America will gather on Sept. 18 to mourn for the 63 million babies who have been legally killed in abortions since Roe v. Wade… The National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children began nine years ago to remind people of the horrific injustice of legalized abortion by holding funerals and memorial services for its millions of victims. …

Fifth Circuit Upholds Texas Abortion Ban Paving Way for Possible Supreme Court Hearing, by Bethany Blankley

By Bethany Blankley, Just the News – The issue of abortion may once again come before the U.S. Supreme Court after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a 2017 Texas law outlawing a second trimester procedure… In January, in an unusual move, the full 17-member court threw out the panel’s decision and agreed to rehear the case before the full court. Eight months later, in an en banc review, it reversed the decisions of the panel and the lower court in their entirety…

Abortion Industry ‘Terrified’ of Heartbeat Bill, by Charlie Butts

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – Regardless of what is decided in an upcoming case, abortionists are preparing to keep from being held accountable for violating Texas’ new pro-life law… (Texas) legislators passed and Gov. Gregg Abbott (R) signed into law a measure to ban abortions when a preborn baby’s heart can be detected, which is usually around six or eight weeks, though the child’s heart has already been beating since about 22 days post-fertilization.

Planned Parenthood’s Deception: Former Abortion Workers Share Ex-PP President Leana Wen’s Disillusionment, by Lauretta Brown

By Lauretta Brown, EWTN News – In her recent book, former Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen outlined how her vision of expanding mainstream health-care options at the nation’s largest abortion provider led the group to part ways with her in favor of a continued focus on abortion advocacy.

Scientists are Growing Human Brains in Labs, One Brain Spontaneously Grew Eyes

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Concerns about ethical boundaries in scientific research are growing as reports surface about scientists creating three-parent embryos, hybridizing humans and animals and growing human brains… A new experiment out of the University Hospital Düsseldorf in Germany is raising more concerns after scientists said they grew human brain organoids …

Texas Law Will Go Into Effect in September That Bans Abortions of Babies With Beating Hearts

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Within the next two weeks, Texas could become the first state in the U.S. to enforce a law prohibiting abortions on unborn babies once their heartbeat is detectable… The heartbeat law (Senate Bill 8) has the potential to save tens of thousands of babies from abortion every year. It is slated to go into effect Sept. 1, but enforcement will depend on whether a judge grants the abortion industry’s request to block the law.

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are Hell-Bent on Forcing Americans to Fund Killing Babies in Abortion, by Rep. Steve Scalise, Rep. Kay Granger

By Rep. Steve Scalise & Rep. Kay Granger, LifeNews – In 1994, a prominent senator said, “Those of us who are opposed to abortion should not be compelled to pay for them.” That senator was Joe Biden… Then-Sen. Biden was a part of a strong bipartisan coalition defending the unborn and protecting anti-abortion voters from paying for abortions. But Biden has surrendered to extremists in the abortion industry, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi …

Pro-Life Leader Saved From Death After Nurse Tried to Euthanize Him, by Alex Schadenberg

By Alex Schadenberg, LifeNews – I was a shocked when I received a call from the wife of a former pro-life leader who was approved for euthanasia… Euthanasia became legal in Canada in June 2016 and in March 2021 Canada’s federal government expanded the euthanasia law when it passed Bill C-7.

From Shots to Clots: Considerable Medical Evidence of COVID Vaccine-Induced Blood Clots, by Joel S. Hirschhorn

By Joel S. Hirschhorn, LifeSiteNews – Dr. Charles Hoffe has been practicing medicine for 28 years in a small, rural town in British Columbia, Canada, and recently gave a long interview. He has given about 900 doses of the Moderna experimental mRNA vaccine to his patients. So, contrary to some critics, he is no anti-vaccine doctor… The core problem he has seen are microscopic clots in his patients’ tiniest capillaries. He said, “Blood clots occurring at a capillary level. This has never before been seen. This is not a rare disease. This is an absolutely new phenomenon.”

Senate Passes Budget Amendment to Ban Taxpayer-Funding of Abortions, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – In a huge victory for pro-life Americans, the Senate voted for a budget amendment to its multi-trillion spending bill that bans taxpayer-funding of abortions for any federal funds authorized under the bill… Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma introduced a resolution amendment that protects against taxpayer funding of abortion. His amendment to prohibit the use of taxpayer dollars for funding of abortions and abortion-related discrimination was successfully adopted by a vote of 50-49…

Simone Biles Supports Killing Babies in Abortions: “Your Body, Your Choice”, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – This week.. Biles faced criticism online for failing to recognize the same potential in unborn babies and mothers when she defended abortion… “I already know this is going to start the biggest argument and may even lose followers BUT… I’m very much pro-choice. Your body. Your choice,” she wrote on Instagram …

University Collected So Many Aborted Baby Parts It Got One Baby Every Single Day, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Disturbing new details about the collection of aborted baby body parts at the University of Pittsburgh continue to surface in documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request… “The allegations read like something out of a horror movie—gruesome and disgusting,” said Maria Gallagher, legislative director of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. “It is deeply disturbing to think that full-term babies could be treated in such an inhumane manner. We call on both federal and local authorities to conduct a thorough investigation of the University of Pittsburgh’s research practices.”

Heartless Assault on ‘Heartbeat’, by Trey Blanton

By Trey Blanton, Church Militant – Abortionists have filed a frivolous lawsuit against a Texas district judge in order to block implementation of the pro-life Heartbeat Act there. The Lone Star State’s law is unique in that government doesn’t enforce the law — people do… Judge Jackson: “If they can’t silence the legislators down in Austin, maybe they can silence the judges. You see, the Left is so used to the idea of having an activist judge that they believe any judge can be bought, bullied or beaten into submission … .”

PP Can Fund Themselves, Says Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert (R)

By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow – Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion consortium in the country… “Abortion is not healthcare. It is murder. I will not stand by quiet,” Boebert declared. “I say Planned Parenthood can go fund themselves.”… The abortion giant has received well over a half billion dollars from the federal government, even though it has proven itself capable of raising its own funds.

University Admits Harvesting Kidneys From Unborn Babies While Their Hearts are Still Beating, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The University of Pittsburgh may have inadvertently provided more evidence this week that aborted babies may be being born alive and left to die so that their organs may be used for scientific research, according to the Center for Medical Progress… As has extensively reported, earlier this week, Judicial Watch and the Center for Medical Progress exposed evidence of babies potentially being born alive in abortions and other disturbing practices in documents they obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request to the U.S. DHHS.

Texas Judge Will Uphold Law Saving Babies From Abortion Despite Planned Parenthood’s Threats

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – During a news conference Wednesday, Jackson said radical pro-abortion groups are trying to silence him, according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph… “The left is so used to the idea of having an activist judge that they believe any judge can be bought, bullied, or beaten into submission or resignation,” he said. “Make no mistake this lawsuit is a direct attack by far-left groups on the rule of law and the right of pro-life communities to elect people who share their values.”

Attorney: 45,000 Deaths From Coronavirus Vaccines a ‘Conservative Estimate’, by Ashley Sadler

By Ashley Sadler, LifeSiteNews – Ohio attorney Thomas Renz made waves last month when he announced a lawsuit alleging that there have been at least 45,000 deaths connected with the experimental COVID-19 shots currently on the market, according to sworn testimony from an expert whistleblower… Renz told LifeSiteNews… that 45,000 is a low-ball estimate, and his federal lawsuit seeks to prove it.

Roe v. Wade is the Worst Supreme Court Decision Ever, It Should be Overturned, by Ryan Anderson, Robert George

By Ryan Anderson and Robert George, LifeNews – Last month, Mississippi presented a brief to the Supreme Court arguing that our national charter, the Constitution of the United States, does not confer a right to abortion. This is irrefutably true. No such right can be found in the text of the Constitution, or in its structure, logic or original understanding. Mississippi then took the next step: asking the court to finally admit that cases claiming that there is such a right – Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey – had been wrongly decided and need to be overruled.

Time to Overturn Roe v. Wade, by Star Parker

By Star Parker, Patriot Post – In May, the Supreme Court put abortion on the docket for its upcoming session by agreeing to hear Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization… The high court’s decision to hear this case registered on the seismometer of every American that carefully follows the abortion issue. It means that Roe v. Wade, which has defined abortion reality in the country since 1973, is open to review and could be overturned.

Former Planned Parenthood Director Now Calls Abortion the “Death Penalty” for Unborn Children, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – A former Planned Parenthood director and whistleblower said she now knows the truth that abortion is the “death penalty” for unborn babies… Mayra Rodriguez, who won a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood in 2019 under the Whistleblower Protection Act, shared her story recently at the Democrats for Life conference in Ohio, according to Breitbart.

Rev. Graham: Democrats Want to Spend Your Taxes to ‘Murder’ Babies by Abortion, by Michael W. Chapman

By Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews – Rev. Franklin Graham denounced the Democrats’ action, stating that “abortion is murder,” and “Democrats in Washington want to use your taxpayer dollars to fund abortions around the world.”… The Helms Amendment was passed in 1973 and has been included in every foreign assistance and foreign-related spending bill since that time.

The Case for the Unconstitutionality of Abortion, by Josh Hammer

By Josh Hammer, Patriot Post – Unborn children are properly understood as “persons,” and homicide laws therefore cannot discriminate by not protecting the unborn… In the April issue of the conservative journal First Things, the esteemed natural law philosopher John Finnis wrote an essay titled “Abortion Is Unconstitutional.”

Governor Ron DeSantis Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v. Wade, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was one of a dozen governors Thursday who filed an amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade… DeSantis and 11 other Republican governors wrote to support a Mississippi law before the Supreme Court that would ban abortions on unborn babies after 15 weeks of pregnancy. At issue in the case is the question of “whether all pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortion are unconstitutional.”

Democrat Congressman: Right to Kill Babies in Abortions Just as Important as Free Speech, Religion, by Eric Scheiner

By Eric Scheiner, LifeNews – Rep. Joseph Morelle (D-NY) took to the House floor Wednesday to argue for taxpayer dollars to kill babies. Morelle claimed it was a constitutional right and compared it with free speech and choosing a religion… “I do note that in my home state of New York, we’ve made the decision for many years to support women in poverty who seek reproductive rights,” Morelle said.

Mississippi Attorney General Tells Supreme Court to Overturn Roe, Let States Ban Abortions, by Steven Ertelt 

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch has filed a brief with the Supreme Court asking it to overturn Roe v. Wade and allow states to protect babies from abortions… The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hold a hearing on a major abortion case that could limit Roe v. Wade and protect babies from late-term abortions. The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a law that bans killing babies in abortions after 15 weeks.

U.S. Bishops Launch Campaign Urging Congress to Protect the Unborn, by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.

By Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D., Breitbart – The USCCBs’ Office of Pro-Life Activities launched a campaign Thursday to lobby members of Congress to reject taxpayer-funding for abortions… “Make a phone call to save a life” is a call to action to pro-life citizens to “make Congressional phones ring off the hook!” as votes on key appropriations bills reach the House floor… “Last week, the House Committee on Appropriations voted to push through four of the most extreme pro-abortion bills EVER”

Nancy Pelosi Has Blocked a Vote on the Bill to Ban Taxpayer-Funded Abortions 38 Times, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – The count is now at 38 times over the last month. That’s how many times Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues in the House have blocked a request from Republicans on the House floor to have a vote on a bill to ban taxpayer-funding of abortions… Three members of the House asked for a vote on the pro-life bill yesterday and each of them were denied the request by Pelosi and Democrats in the chair at her behest.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Signs Bill to Ban Abortions, Legally Protecting Every Unborn Baby

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: “I’m signing a law today that will save babies from the ravages of abortion.”… “Under this law, the moment Roe v. Wade is overturned abortions will be outlawed in the state of Texas.”

The Pro-Life Movement Chooses the Hard Right Over the Easy Wrong, by Sen. Tom Cotton

By Tom Cotton, First Things – Every life, born and unborn, is worthy of protection. Every child is made in the image of God, and the most vulnerable especially deserve the fullest love and every effort to protect them… The unborn have been an endangered group in our society ever since seven justices discovered a so-called “right” to abortion in our Constitution in 1973. But now we’re living in an especially perilous time.

Babies Will be Saved From Abortion as Huge Abortion Biz Closes Four Clinics, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The abortion industry in Australia is struggling to stay in business as mothers and doctors reject the notion that killing unborn babies in abortions is somehow health care… In June, Marie Stopes Australia announced that four of its abortion facilities will close at the end of July as a result of rising costs and an inability to find doctors and nurses willing to do abortions ..

Bishops Tell Catholics to Demand Democrats Stop Forcing Americans to Fund Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Catholic bishops across the U.S. are urging Americans to send “a strong, clear message” to Congress that tax dollars should not be spent to kill unborn babies in abortions… Catholic News Service reports Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, New Jersey, and others are speaking out after President Joe Biden released a 2022 budget plan that eliminates the long-standing Hyde Amendment.

Scientist Jerome Lejeune, Who Discovered Down Syndrome: “A New Human Being” Starts at Conception, by Sarah Terzo

By Sarah Terzo, LifeNews – “… Each of us has a unique beginning, the moment of conception… As soon as the 23 chromosomes carried by the sperm encounter the 23 chromosomes carried by the ovum, the whole information necessary and sufficient to spell out all the characteristics of the new being is gathered… A new human being is defined which has never occurred before and will never occur again… “

Bishops Tank Pro-Life Efforts, by Trey Blanton

By Trey Blanton, Church Militant – Fort Worth bishop Michael Olson has sided with the hospitals, opposing patients’ right to live. Olson told legislators people should not cling to life because it shows a lack of hope in the hereafter, and, also, doctors should be trusted to know what’s best. Olson explains, “It’s not unlike a patient who comes in and demands hormonal treatment at the age of 13 or 14 because of transgender therapy and the physician says to the patient or parent, ‘I don’t think this is right. I think it is morally unethical.'”

Fauci Funded Research With Body Parts From Viable, Healthy Babies Killed in Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Anthony Fauci’s agency is using American tax dollars to fund unethical experiments with body parts from potentially viable, healthy aborted babies.
Fauci, Joe Biden’s chief medical officer, also leads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases… The study “Viable bacterial colonization is highly limited in the human intestine in utero” was published in February 2020 in the journal “Nature Medicine.”

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards Signs Pro-Life Bill to Save Babies From Abortion, by Steven Ertelt 

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards today signed a key pro-life bill to help women and save babies from abortion… The Louisiana legislature approved a handful of pro-life bills to protect unborn babies and mothers from abortion, including one informing mothers of the life-saving abortion pill reversal protocol… The Abortion Pill Reversal Disclosure Act (House Bill 578), sponsored by state Rep. Beryl Amedee, R-Houma …

LifeNews: Democrats Still Won’t Allow Vote on Bill to Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Born Alive After Abortion

By Marjorie Dannenfelser & Heather Weininger, LifeNews – Our government’s most sacred duty is to safeguard the right to life for all Americans, including the most vulnerable. That’s why pro-life leaders in Congress are demanding a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act to ensure that every newborn receives equal care, no matter the circumstances of their birth… It would take only five House Democrats joining the Republicans’ petition to force a vote on this bill. Five Democrats – not to guarantee passage, just to simply have a vote.

Biden Nominee Tracy Stone-Manning Backs Population Control, Called Unborn Babies an “Environmental Hazard”, by Cheryl Sullenger

By Cheryl Sullenger, LifeNews – Joe Biden has nominated Tracy Stone-Manning to serve as the head of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management… Manning, a radical environmentalist, has been a proponent of population control policies that mirror those of the Communist China’s one and two-child limits and advocated for them in a 1992 graduate thesis prepared while attending the University of Montana.

Pro-Life Group Launches Ad Campaign Exposing Democrats Making Americans Fund Abortions, by Mallory Quigley

By Mallory Quigley, LifeNews – Today the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) launched a six-figure digital ad campaign targeting two vulnerable U.S. senators and six U.S. House members in competitive districts. The ad exposes congressional Democrats’ efforts to force taxpayers to fund abortion on demand by eliminating the Hyde Amendment and similar legislative riders to the budget.

Fauci Spent More Than $61 Million Funding Research With Aborted Baby Parts, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress, told Townhall that (Dr. Anthony Fauci’s) agency gave $61 million to the University of Pittsburgh in 2019 for scientific research, and some of that money funded experiments that involved aborted baby body parts being attached to mice and rats.

EWTN: Senator Jekyll and President Hyde

The Editors, EWTN News – To put matters more colorfully, is there any chance that Biden might revert partway back to his earlier, more principled “Senator Jekyll” position of supporting this congressional amendment that protects pro-life Americans from being forced to participate in the funding of abortion? Or has he permanently transformed into “President Hyde,” with a political persona that is unalterably committed to unqualified support for the profound evil of legal abortion?

Pro-Lifers Protesting Prelates, by Trey Blanton

By Trey Blanton, Church Militant – Abortion is the preeminent tragedy challenging Catholics in America. Bishops and priests should be 100% committed to the fight to end abortion, but many, however, are not… Students for Life often stare down aggression on the battlefield to save the preborn and build a culture of life in America. The pro-life organization, next week, will challenge the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to do its job and prohibit Communion to obstinate pro-abort politicians.

Texas City Becomes 31st to Ban Abortion, Declares Itself a “Sanctuary for the Unborn”, by Steven Ertelt

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – The city of Sundown, Texas voted Wednesday to become the 31st in the nation to ban abortions through a Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance… Sundown City Council approved the ordinance just two days after the city of Levelland did the same. The vote was 4-1… “God has chosen us for a time such as this. I am proud that my community and our council stand behind the right to life,” (said) Mayor Jonathan Strickland …

Louisiana Senate Passes Five Pro-Life Bills to Save Babies From Abortions

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The Louisiana Senate passed five pro-life bills this week to protect unborn babies and mothers from abortion, including one informing mothers of the life-saving abortion pill reversal protocol… The Abortion Pill Reversal Disclosure Act (House Bill 578), sponsored by state Rep. Beryl Amedee, R-Houma, received overwhelming support in a 31-7 vote in the Senate, the Louisiana Illuminator reports. The state House previously passed the bill in a 71-27 vote.

Senate Votes Against Legislation to Ban Creation of Human-Animal Hybrid Embryos, by Amanda Vicinanzo

By Amanda Vicinanzo, Live Action – The amendment to the Endless Frontier Act was proposed by Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) and co-sponsored by Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) and Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.). It failed in a vote of 49-48. The amendment would have banned the creation of human-animal chimeras, the attempt to create human-animal chimeras, and the transfer of a nonhuman embryo to a human womb, and vice versa.

Fr. Jerry Pokorsky: Agent Provocateurs for the Unborn

By Fr. Jerry Pokorsky, Catholic Culture – “This is my Body” are the hallowed words of Jesus at the Last Supper when He instituted the Blessed Eucharist—the New and Everlasting Covenant—and instructed His Apostles to “Do this in memory of me.” But the sacred declaration has an alternative meaning, as the late, great Notre Dame Law professor Dr. Charles Rice often observed… The abortion lobby uses “This is MY body” to promote the right to terminate a pregnancy.

Arch. Joseph Naumann Slams Biden for Wanting Americans to Fund Abortions: You Should “Protect Unborn Children”

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – Catholic Archbishop Joseph Naumann criticized President Joe Biden on Friday for introducing a federal budget plan with direct taxpayer funding for elective abortions… Naumann, who chairs the USCCBs’ pro-life committee, urged Congress to reject Biden’s plan and protect unborn children, the Church Militant reports… Biden’s 2021 budget proposal eliminates the Hyde Amendment ….

Lubbock, Texas is Now Abortion Free After Sanctuary City Proposal Protects Unborn Babies, by Mary Szoch

By Mary Szoch, LifeNews – On Tuesday, just one month after Lubbock, Texas became the state’s largest sanctuary city for the unborn (and the only sanctuary city for the unborn with an active abortion clinic), Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas agreed to stop performing abortions within the city limits. This announcement came after a federal district judge dismissed Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit citing lack of standing.

Legal Battles Expose Abortion Industry Collusion With Democrat-Run Governments, by Margot Cleveland

By Margot Cleveland, The Federalist – The short three-sentence order in People of the State of New York v. Griepp—in which the court, without elaboration, granted rehearing of the case, vacated its previous opinion, and reinstated the district court’s decision—tells none of the bigger story of this continuing saga: a story of complicity between the abortion industry and leftist government officials.

Planned Parenthood Stops Killing Babies in Lubbock, Texas After City Passes Abortion Ban, by Micaiah Bilger

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews – The city of Lubbock, Texas is abortion-free again after its citizens passed an ordinance outlawing the killing of unborn babies in May… The Sanctuary for the Unborn ordinance went into effect Tuesday, and pro-life advocates report the Planned Parenthood (PP) in Lubbock stopped doing abortions as a result… For seven years, Lubbock was abortion free after the last abortion facility closed in 2013. Last year, however, PP opened a new facility there and began aborting unborn babies in April.