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Daily Scripture Readings and Meditation: Let the Children Come to Me

Author Don Schwager, Servants of the Word – Matthew 19:13-15 – 13 Then children were brought to him that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked the people; 14 but Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” 15 And he laid his hands on them and went away.

Trump: ‘Release the Documents Now!’, by Susan Jones

By Susan Jones, CNSNews – In a statement released overnight, former President Donald Trump urged the release of documents “related to the unAmerican, unwarranted, and unnecessary raid and break-in of my home in Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-a-Lago.”… Trump’s call to “Release the documents now!” follows the Justice Department’s request to a federal judge on Thursday to unseal a search warrant that FBI used to search and remove 12 boxes of documents from Trump’s home on Monday.

Children Casket Business is Booming as the Media Is Silent, by Susan Price

By Susan Price, America Out Loud – Today’s Covid agenda has introduced many egregious taboos upsetting the natural order of life. Humanity has struggled for the past two plus years at every level of existence, yet the most profound tragedy of all is the grim reaper’s grasp upon God’s miracle creation, our children… What’s really going on in America and on a global scale where Morticians, Funeral Directors, and now a Casket manufacturer have been connecting the dots and speaking out about the tales from the crypt involving the deadly experimental jabs?

Louisiana Supreme Court Rules Abortion Ban Can Keep Saving Babies

By Steven Ertelt, LifeNews – The Shreveport, Louisiana abortion facility, Hope Medical Group for Women, filed a request with the Louisiana Supreme Court asking it to reverse the First Circuit Court of Appeals decision that shuttered the three abortion facilities in the state pending further legal challenges. Today, the Louisiana Supreme Court denied the request, keeping the First Circuit’s decision in place.

CDC Drops Quarantine, Distancing Recommendations, as 1.3 Million COVID Vaccine Injuries Reported to VAERS, by Megan Redshaw

By Megan Redshaw, Children’s Health Defense -AERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show 1,379,438 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 30,162 deaths and 251,075 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Aug. 5, 2022.

Saint of the Day for August 13: Blessed Michael J. McGivney

Franciscan Media – The eldest son of an immigrant Irish family in Connecticut, young Michael left school at 13 to work in a brass factory making spoons. At 16 he began studies for the priesthood in Quebec, but was obliged to leave to help support the family when his father died. Michael completed his education in Baltimore, Maryland, and was ordained for the diocese of Hartford in 1877.

Throwing St. John Paul II Under the Bus, by E. Christian Brugger

By E. Christian Brugger, The Catholic Thing – The Pontifical Academy for Life is no longer what it was under Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Under its present leader, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the Academy has undertaken some irresponsible initiatives, but none worse than the recently published collection of essays with the Italian title Etica Teologica della Vita

World Economic Forum Adviser Claims the Planet No Longer Needs the ‘Vast Majority’ of the Population

By Emily Mangiaracina, LifeSiteNews – Harai suggested that, in a departure from the 20th century, when the “big heroes” of political systems’ prevailing narratives were always “the common people,” now in the 21st century, people “are no longer part of the story of the future.” Instead, according to Harari, they have been replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) and displaced by a high-tech economy.

Archbishop Viganò Was Right About Donald Trump, by Kennedy Hall

By Kennedy Hall, Crisis Magazine – Vigano wrote: “It is you, dear President, who are ‘the one who opposes’ the deep state, the final assault of the children of darkness.”… Again, whatever you think about Trump, it is clear that the deep state views him as almost an existential threat, and they will stop at nothing to take him down. This must give us pause… Much like in Scripture when it is the demons who attest to the divinity of Christ, it is almost like the demonic globalists can’t help but attest by their hatred for Trump that he is the leading figure of an America that Viganò labeled: “The defending wall against which the war declared by the advocates of globalism has been unleashed.”

Fr. Roger Landry: Without Vocations, There Will Be No Eucharistic Revival

By Father Roger Landry, EWTN News – The center of the Eucharistic revival, the three-year initiative of the Church in the United States, is obviously and appropriately the Eucharistic Jesus — the root, center, source and summit of the Christian life… But as the Church celebrates on Aug. 4 the patron saint of parish priests, St. John Mary Vianney, it is a fitting time to focus on the indispensable importance of the priest in the Eucharistic life of the Church. Without the priest, there is no Eucharist, and without the Eucharist, there is no Church.