33 Tough Questions for Pro-Immigration Christians

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September 3, 2019
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September 3, 2019

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By John Zmirak, a senior editor, The Stream, August 31, 2019 

Greek philosopher Socrates was one of the great fonts of Western Civilization. His philosophical method was mostly to raise thorny questions. His pupil and transcriber Plato claimed that Socrates was acting as a midwife, reaching into men’s minds to help them “un-forget” the truths of Being that already lay in their souls. To liberate that truth, one needed first to dislodge a series of obstacles, in the form of baseless opinions. You can’t worship the true God on an altar full of idols, and you can’t approach the Truth when your brain is cluttered with half-truths.

And this is a time for truth.

Immigration Decides Every Other Issue

PIG Immigration

I’ve written here before that the immigration issue decides all the others. I wish this weren’t true. The GOP in the 90s and 00s decided to pretend that it wasn’t. They bet that the “pro-family values” of Third World immigrants from Mexico and Somalia, Guatemala and Syria, would lead them naturally to the party that seemed (fitfully) to care about unborn life, traditional marriage and religious freedom.

That was a huge mistake. We learned some things about poor people entering a welfare state whose elites discourage them from adopting that nation’s values. They tend to vote for a bigger welfare state, and even more immigration. Not all of them, but an electoral majority, and that’s what matters. Nor do self-styled pro-life Latino immigrants seem to be supporting pro-life Democrats. That party has become even more intolerantly pro-abortion in the past 20 years, as such migrants became a key part of its base. ….

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