71% of Adults Want Disney to Return to Wholesome Programming…Dems and Wealthy, Not So Much, by Craig Bannitster

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May 8, 2024
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A clip from ‘Steamboat Willie’ showing Mickey Mouse (1928).

By Craig Bannitster, MRC TV, May 7, 2024

Nearly three-fourths of American adults want Disney to stop sexualizing its shows and “return to wholesome programming,” but Democrat supporters and the wealthy are less in favor of Disney removing LGBTQ+ sexual indoctrination from its content for kids, a new survey reveals.

A national Rasmussen survey, conducted April 21-25, asked the following question about Disney’s content and parents’ responsibility to teach their kids about sexuality:

“Do you agree or disagree with this statement: ‘Disney should return to wholesome programming and allow parents to decide when their children are taught about sexuality’?”

Fully 71% of adults agree that it’s not Disney’s place to preach sexuality to children, with more than half (53%) strongly agreeing. That’s more than three times the 22% who don’t think that Disney should clean up its act around kids. …

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