A Challenge to Pro-Life Voters, by Michael Brown

Christ’s Mandate Couldn’t Be Clearer — Even in a Pandemic
December 8, 2020
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December 8, 2020


By Michael Brown, The Stream, December 7, 2020

For many Christian conservatives, the No. 1 voting issue is abortion. Under no circumstances will we vote for a “pro-choice” candidate, no matter how good that candidate’s other policies may be. Conversely, we will vote for a strong pro-life candidate even if that candidate does not line up with some of our other ideals. After all, we reason, what is more important than the shedding of innocent blood, especially the blood of babies in their mothers’ wombs?

And while it is true that having an abortion is not exactly the same as burning a baby on the altar of the god Molech, as the ancient Israelites used to do, it is certainly high on the list of things that God hates. For good reason are we grieved and outraged over it.  …

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