A Time of Chaos Upon Chaos Atop Chaos, by Victor Davis Hanson

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November 23, 2020
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President Donald Trump delivers remarks on the America First Healthcare Plan at the Duke Energy Hangar in Charlotte, N.C. (Sept. 24, 2020) Photo courtesy of Shealah Craighead/The White House

There are a series of battles to come in January 2021, in 2022, and in 2024 that will be definitive, if the chaos of 2020 does not become even more chaotic.

By Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness, November 22, 2020

Victor Davis Hanson is an American military historian, columnist, former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. …

America will weather its current hysterias.

But the tensions and furor are reminiscent of the last generations of the Roman Republic. In its last century, Romans began to adjudicate politics by obsequious partisan town criers (their version of our media), mass demonstrations, and freelance street gangs. Looters, arsonists, and demonstrators did pretty much as they pleased in the streets of Rome without fear of legal consequences.

In our time, the media has now vanished—kaput, no more, ended.

Within a few hours, it goes from a Ministry-of-Truth love session with Joe Biden to a steaming verbal assault on the president’s press secretary—without a shred of awareness how ridiculous they appear in their passive-aggressive schizophrenia. The only constant is that reporters unapologetically seem to jettison their principles and professionalism to calibrate what they say and do by whose politics they support. They would prefer to be entirely discredited under a Biden presidency than be real journalists during a Trump Administration. ….