A War at Our Border, by Michael Swartz

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October 19, 2022
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October 19, 2022

By Michael Swartz, Patriot Post, Oct. 18, 2022

Mexican drug cartels are heavily armed and operate drug-smuggling and human-trafficking enterprises with near impunity under Biden’s lax border policies.

Absent the Trump administration’s emphasis on border security, our problems with illegal immigration and drug interdiction have both moved to the top of the list of midterm campaign issues.

Yet while those on the Left retreat to their fainting couches when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis redirects a small band of illegal immigrants from Venezuela to the elite Democrat enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, and while the rest of us feel the outrage at finding candy-colored fentanyl pills on the streets of American cities, we may not be aware that both of these represent big business for Mexican drug cartels operating just on the other side of a long, porous national border. …

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