Abortion Giant Admits ‘It’s a Baby’ in Sex-Ed Video, by Chris Woodward

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By Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow, December 18, 2018

An organization known for ending the lives of the unborn is making news for admitting that a baby … is a baby.

“Planned Parenthood has begun releasing videos for parents basically explaining sex education to their children,” says Katie Yoder, content manager at National Review. “This latest video came out actually came out November 14, but it didn’t receiving a lot of attention. It’s called ‘How Do I Talk With My Kids About Where Babies Come From?’ – and Planned Parenthood’s narrator talks about how ‘a baby grows in the parent’s belly’ and ‘if sperm and egg meet, they can grow into a baby.'”

That, says Yoder, is huge.

“Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion-provider and here they are admitting that it’s a baby that’s growing inside a woman’s womb,” she continues. “It’s not just a clump of cells or some kind of disease – [they admit] it’s a baby.”


But lest one think Planned Parenthood has turned a corner, Yoder explains that’s not the case. “When it comes to pregnant women, they use the term ‘ending a pregnancy’ – it’s not ‘ending a baby,'” she adds. “I think absolutely Planned Parenthood should be called out on this discrepancy.”

According to Yoder, the president of Planned Parenthood has tried to keep from saying the word “abortion” in television interviews. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood did not have a video for parents to explain abortion to their children.

“It’s just not there,” Yoder notes, “which kind of suggests to me that Planned Parenthood is acknowledging that abortion is a serious issue and there is a stigma attached to it.”

The Planned Parenthood video takes the opportunity to put in a pro-LGBTQ plug, making reference to “many ways to make a family” – and the narrator gleefully stating that “some [families] have two mommies and some have two daddies.”

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