EWTN News: Abortion Isn’t Ordained by God No Matter What the Left Says

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September 26, 2018
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September 26, 2018

There’s a big difference between judging others and turning a blind eye to their sins.

By Angelo Stagnaro, EWTN News, 9/25/18

In a previous article, I outlined the reasons why the Catholic Church is, indeed, the One, True, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. However, if there was even the slightest of doubts in anyone’s mind as to this obvious truth, they should stop to consider the fancy bit of nonsense espoused by Indiana Methodist minister Alicia Baker at Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing recently. She was there at the behest of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). In her presentation, Ms. Baker claimed that Jesus wants us all to have free access to abortion.

And perhaps even a Labrador retriever puppy.

I’m thankful to be Catholic for many reasons―not the least of which is the right to avoid nonsense like Baker’s.

She said, and I quote:

Jesus directs us to advocate for a just society that allows people to live their lives to the fullest. Jesus directs us to advocate for a just society that allows people to live their lives to the fullest. In John 10:10, Jesus says, ‘I have come that you might have life, and have it to the full.’

Except, apparently, for babies and anyone else Baker chooses against.

She continues saying:

And this means supporting access to affordable birth control, because by permitting individuals to plan if, whether and when to become pregnant, birth control allows us to live our fullest lives.

Ms. Baker urged the Senate Judiciary Committee to block Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court because of a dissenting opinion he wrote in 2015. In this opinion, Kavanaugh asserted that he would grant exemptions to religious organizations―such as Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor―under Obamacare and allow them to decline coverage of abortifacient drugs and devices and other contraception.

Apparently, according to Ms. Baker, human children, who are similarly made in God’s image, don’t have the same right to life as those who wish to murder them.

To be clear, Ms. Baker believes human children waiting to be born don’t have the right to life if their mother is inconvenienced by their existence.

It’s one thing for an atheist who doesn’t know right from wrong since they, wrongly, insist that there is no objective right and wrong in the universe and say that abortion is somehow a “right.” But for someone to claim to be a Christian who worships the God Who is Love and Reason Itself, and insist that Jesus is copacetic when it comes to killing innocent, defenseless children — it’s what professional logicians call “moon-bat crazy.”

If such was that case, then Ms. Baker should congratulate atheist Nazi and atheist communist mass murderers as being the “true” prophets of Jesus Christ as they’ve insisted on the same genocidal evil for more than a century.

It’s a little hard (i.e., insane) to say that the people who want to save children from being killed have somehow “abandoned” Christ’s command to help those who can’t help themselves:

You must stop judging unjustly; you must no longer be partial to the wicked! Defend the rights of the poor and the orphans; be fair to the needy and the helpless. (Psalms 82:2-3)

Those women who chose to have an abortion because a child just wouldn’t “fit into their plans” aren’t among the weak and powerless as Baker would have us believe―their babies are. They are, in fact, choosing to abort their children for wicked reasons. Rationalize as they may, they still can’t make a silk purse out of this old sow’s ear.

God crafted all of us in our mother’s womb, knitting us together. (Psalm 139:13) When our bones were being formed, carefully put together in our mothers’ wombs, when we were growing there in secret, God knew us (Psalm 139:15).

There’s no going back from this one. One can’t say they believe God creates children and blesses the expecting couple and wants us to be the judge-jury-and-executioner of the very same, innocent and inoffensive baby.

Perhaps He also wants us to tell the truth unless we’d really just don’t want to. In which case, Baker would insist that Jesus loves our “right” to do that also. Maybe God wants us to give to the poor unless we’ve got something better to do with the money such as getting a really cool sports car or splurge on a dream vacation. If such is the case, Baker would insist, God is super-cool about that also.

Anyone can rationalize anything―the wilder the better. However, this has little bearing on reality. In the case of Christ and His Church, the small, ineluctable and irreducible problem rears its magnificent, logical head when we take into consideration God’s role as final arbiter of morality:

God is the only lawgiver and judge. He alone can save and destroy. (James 4:11-12)

Baker somehow thinks protecting innocent life is unchristian and that Jesus wants her to speak out against these innocent babies and their supporters who “mistakenly” believe they have the right to be considered human beings. She further has convinced herself that she has the duty as a Christian to demand the government force people to violate their religious beliefs:

My faith dictates that I must speak out on behalf of the millions of women who stand to lose access to affordable birth control if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed,” she said. “As a person of deep faith, I would never impose my religious beliefs on anyone – and no one else should either.

And, again:

As a person of deep [sic] faith, I would never [sic] impose my religious beliefs on anyone―and no one else should either. My religious beliefs are separate from the law. Judge Kavanaugh’s record shows he does not respect this critical separation.

So… for those keeping score, Baker has the religious right to do as she pleases including violating Christ’s core message and to force everyone to agree with her but no one else has the right to use logic and compassion in putting into effect what Christ specifically tells us.

Things that make you go, “hmmmm!

This is perfect nonsense as Scripture is replete with admonitions for Christians to remind those who are caught up in their sins to stop sinning. In fact, the first three Spiritual Works of Mercy are derived from Ezekiel 33:

  1. To instruct the ignorant.

  2. To counsel the doubtful.

  3. To admonish sinners.

There is a big difference between judging others and turning a blind eye to their sins. We are required by God himself who, in his Infinite Wisdom, never once asked for Ms. Baker take on things from nor did he ever give her permission to ignore everything he said or did so that she might remain politically correct and hypocritically self-righteous.

And, to be clear, if Baker has the right to force others to accept her anti-Christian beliefs while pretending she’s actually not doing so, then we all have the right to point out her illogic and hypocrisy.

Enabling someone’s sin is the same as taking part in that sin (1 Timothy 5:22). Being a Christian means knowing where to draw the line for ourselves and others (John 10:10, Romans 8:37). If someone wants to do something inherently evil, we have the religious and moral duty not to assist him. Participating in someone’s sin is not an option for a Christian (Romans 6:1–2, 1 John 3:9).

Apparently, Baker’s self-contradicting self-righteous dogma lives loudly in her.