Amazon’s Leftists Can’t Stomach Gender Dissent, by Thomas Gallatin

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April 29, 2022
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April 29, 2022

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post, April 29, 2022

Modern leftists do not believe in free speech and their immediate response to disagreement is to call for censorship.

No matter how loudly leftists insist, a majority of Americans still reject the radical gender ideology the woke Left has been force-feeding the public. Furthermore, when conservatives challenge the illogical “transgender” ideology, or “worse,” write and sell a children’s book exposing the false narrative underpinning the radical claims as commentator Matt Walsh did, the primary response from leftists is a call for censorship.

A recently leaked Zoom call between Amazon employees served to perfectly encapsulate this anti-free speech mentality that currently thrives on the Left. In the conversation, employees seek a way to deal with the “trauma” of Walsh’s Johnny the Walrus having become a best seller on the site. …