Americans Need To Tend Our Actual Communities, Not Virtual Ones, by Casey Chalk

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June 3, 2021
Religious Health Providers Deserve Legal Protection, Not False Charges of Discrimination, by Richard W. Garnett
June 3, 2021

Civic virtue aimed at the welfare of one’s fellow citizens is a fundamental and necessary element for a well-functioning constitutional republic.

By Casey Chalk, The Federalist, June 2, 2021

Casey ChalkRecently in my local Northern Virginia grocery store, I noticed that some goods, rather than having little tags advertising “50% off” or “Buy One, Get One Free,” declared they were products of an “Asian-owned business.” Tea, rice, and even beer possessed these markers — the month of May is Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Yet the real kicker was none of the products being promoted for these “diversity and inclusion” credentials were from the United States but from India, Thailand, and even China. These weren’t even Asian-American products, they were simply Asian. ….

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