Archbishop Alexander Sample: You Are an Evangelist

Doubling Down on Depravity, by William Mahoney
June 18, 2022
Saint of the Day for June 18: Venerable Matt Talbot (May 2, 1856 – June 7, 1925)
June 18, 2022

Matthias Stom, “Jesus Christ and Nicodemus,” ca. 1645 (photo: Public Domain)

Jesus is with you when you glorify him. He’ll give you what you need.

Archbishop Alexander SampleYou are an evangelist.

Jesus is the first and greatest evangelizer, but you’re his. So you’re his evangelizer. We were created by God for love, then captured by the enemy and our own sin, but then rescued by Jesus from that disastrous failure. And now we each must respond to him.

But this message is about who should deliver this message. Nobody but you is going to reach your child in the kitchen at that critical moment in that conversation. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s the moment when you need to be completely available to her when she asks that critical question about your faith.  …