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November 20, 2023
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Photos of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain and the Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery in Catalonia, Spain. (Images courtesy of the author)

By Amy Welborn, Catholic World Report, November 19, 2023 

Amy Welborn is the author of over twenty books on Catholic spirituality and practice, and has written extensively on gender issues at her blog, Charlotte was Both.

(Editor’s note: This post appeared originally on the “Charlotte was Both” blog and is reposed here in slightly different form with the kind permission of the author.)

Do you believe that human beings are created by God and called by Him to live with him forever? And do you believe that divine invitation is experienced in great and small ways in every moment of our lives, whether we recognize that call or not?

What I am going to say here is really nothing new for regular readers, but my recent trip to Spain brought it to mind again.

The question of Church attendance and engagement is of great interest these days—it always has, of course, but in this post-shutdown, post-modern, secularized world, it takes on a new urgency as Catholics (we’ll focus on them/us) ponder the continual decline of everything – Mass attendance, baptisms, weddings, and simply belief.

Everyone has a solution, many of them obviously tied to various agendas and specific concerns, including, yes, financial ones. ….

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