Awakening From the Biden Dream, by Hadley Arkes

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November 3, 2020
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November 3, 2020

*Photo: Candidate Joe Biden at the “We Decide: Planned Parenthood Action Fund 2020 Election Forum” [Adam Schultz / Joe Biden Campaign via Facebook]

By Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing, Nov. 3, 2020

Hadley Arkes is the Ney Professor of Jurisprudence Emeritus at Amherst College and the Founder/Director of the James Wilson Institute on Natural Rights & the American Founding.  …


Hadley ArkesI’ve had the rare experience recently of encountering scary and embarrassing scenes – and then realizing that it’s a dream;  I can get out of it.  And deliverance.  It’s not as bad as the late David Daube’s story about a British aristocrat who dreams one night that he is giving a speech in the House of Lords, only to wake up to discover. . .that it was true!

But I’ve had this dream, persisting, that Joe Biden, the most implausible figure, a nominal Catholic who has come now to reject everything of moral consequence taught by his Church, whether on abortion or same-sex marriage or transgenderism – that this man may actually be elected president.

And here I haven’t been able to say the magic words that get me out of this dream.  But perhaps the electorate will have an excess of wisdom, and release me from this dream this evening or tomorrow morning.  …