‘Barbaric Pseudoscience’: Detransitioners, Clinicians Implore Congress to Halt Transing of Minors, by Baylie McClafferty

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July 31, 2023
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July 31, 2023

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Thursday, July 27, 2023 addressing the dangers and due process violations of “gender-affirming care” for children.

“These kids deserve better. We should be innovating solutions to heal their distress, not coercing them.”

By Baylie McClafferty, Patriot Post, July 29, 2023

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Thursday addressing the dangers and due process violations of “gender-affirming care” for children.

Dr. Blaire Peters, a “gender-affirming” surgeon, admitted that doctors in this field are just learning as they go. “We’ve maybe done a handful of pubertally suppressed adolescents as a field, and no one has published on it yet.” He went on to describe the challenges of creating a vaginal canal for a child without enough tissue to do so yet, and how they often pull lining from the child’s abdomen to track their genital canal. Chairman Mike Johnson (R-La.), facilitator of this hearing, responded to Dr. Peters statements by calling his practice “barbarism,” the mutilation of children.

A two-and-a-half-hour debate broke out between representatives from both the Republican and Democratic sides, along with testimonies from six witnesses — all offering different perspectives on what “gender-affirming care” means to them. …

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