Barna: Teens Eager to Share Their Faith Today, by Michael F. Haverluck

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August 9, 2021
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August 9, 2021

By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow, August 8, 2021

A recent study shows that Gen Z teen (13–18-year-olds) in the United States and Canada view evangelism and other aspects about sharing their faith very differently than older generations.

Do as I do … or as I say?

A major takeaway from the new study conducted by the Barna Group partnering with Alpha USA and Alpha Canada is that teens are divided when it comes to whether they rely on actions or words to share their faith.

“Half believe ‘letting your actions speak rather than using words to explain your faith’ and ‘inviting someone to attend a church service with you’ (50% each) are acts of evangelism,” Barna divulged. “Other actions they largely view as evangelism include ‘telling your personal story about how you came to be a Christian’ (48%), ‘telling someone about benefits/changes experienced when following Jesus’ (48%) and ‘praying with someone’ (47%).” …

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