Bauer: ‘Oversight’ of Jihadi Children Hard to Watch, by Chad Groening (Video)

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By Chad Groening, OneNewsNow, May 8, 2019

A longtime conservative activist calls it stomach-turning to know that Islamic school children in the United States are singing about jihad.

Middle East Research Institute, a watchdog group, recently published a disturbing video in which Philadelphia schoolchildren are singing songs about attacking Jerusalem, sacrificing their lives for Allah, and vowing to “chop off heads” for their faith.

The children in the video are celebrating “Ummah Day” at the Muslim American Society (MAS) Islamic Center, located in Philly, Fox News reported.

“Seeing the video out of the Islamic Center in Philadelphia turned my stomach,” responds Gary Bauer of American Values. “These children are being exploited by the adults in their lives that ought to know better.”

Bauer, Gary (American Values)Middle East Research shared the video with Fox News and told the news network that this is not an “isolated incident” but is also occurring in “major centers of the country.”

It wasn’t apparent where those alleged incidents are occurring but Fox News reported the Muslim American Society has 42 chapters in the United States.

The Islamic group did not immediately respond to the Fox News story but later claimed the video was an “oversight” and said an instructor had been fired.

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