Beautiful Lourdes Documentary Now Available for Streaming, by Thomas V. Mirus 

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Lourdes. Nick Castelli. Unsplash

By Thomas V. Mirus, Catholic Culture, July 05, 2024

Thomas V. Mirus is Director of Podcasts for, hosts The Catholic Culture Podcast, and co-hosts Criteria: The Catholic Film Podcast. See full bio.


Back in 2020, James Majewski and I reviewed Lourdes, a beautiful French arthouse documentary. At the time, the film was only playing in select theaters, but now, Lourdes can be streamed for free on Tubi and rented elsewhere. (I’m sure this is old news, but I didn’t realize it was streaming until today.)

The film, a big mainstream success in France, was directed by two acclaimed secular documentarians who were granted unprecedented filming access to Lourdes. I will quote the episode description from our original review of the film on Criteria: The Catholic Film Podcast:

“It is intensely moving and one of the best religious films in recent years. Written by a Catholic who used to care for the sick at Lourdes, it is an inside look at the spiritual and deeply human needs and aspirations that lead people to this place of miracles. …

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