‘Bidenbucks’ Massive Cover-Up Scheme, Part 1: Keeping the Public in the Dark, by Craig Bannister

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June 20, 2024
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June 20, 2024

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By Craig Bannister, CNS News, June 19, 2024

In Part 2, CNSNews will examine the Biden Administration’s efforts to prevent lawmakers from uncovering details of the executive order.

President Biden’s administration is pulling out all the stops to ensure that no one – the public, lawmakers or media – ever finds out whether his so-called “voter access” executive order is actually being used to recruit Democrat voters for November’s elections.

In this, the first of a three-part series on the cover-up, CNSNews examines how the Biden administration is working to keep the public in the dark about how federal agencies might be using federal funds to help Democrats win in November.

Watchdog group and election-integrity advocates suspect that Biden is using taxpayer money to further his campaign for reelection through the implementation of his 2021 Executive Order 14019, which is allegedly about “Promoting Access to Voting.” …

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