Bishop Schneider: Future Popes Will Thank Bishop Strickland for His Fidelity to the Catholic Faith

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Bishop Athanasius Schneider. Michael Hogan. LifeSiteNews

By Bishop Athanasius Schneider, LifeSiteNews, Sep 14, 2023 – 5:36 am EDT

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Editor’s note: Bishop Joseph Strickland has shared with LifeSiteNews a letter sent to him by Bishop Athanasius Schneider encouraging and thanking him for his witness to the Catholic faith. Bishop Schneider says that it is because of this faith that Bishop Strickland is now threatened with being removed from his diocese in Tyler, Texas, but insists that future popes will thank him for his fidelity. The full letter, dated August 2, 2023, is printed below.

‘Dear Bishop Strickland, thank you, that you are resolved ‘to serve the Lord, and not the time,’ Bishop Schneider wrote in a newly released personal letter to Bishop Strickland.

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Your Excellency, Bishop Strickland, dear and esteemed brother in the episcopate!

It is for me a privilege and a joy to express to you all my gratitude and appreciation for your intrepid dedication to uncompromisingly keep, transmit, and defend the Catholic faith, which the apostles handed over to the Church and with which all the generations of Catholics, especially our ancestors, our fathers and mothers, our priests and religious sisters-catechists, were themselves nurtured. In all truth we can apply to you, dear Bishop Strickland, what St. Basil once stated in his time: “The one charge which is now sure to secure severe punishment is the careful keeping of the traditions of the Fathers.” (Ep. 243)

Let me share with you the following highly timely words of the same great and saint bishop: ….

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