BREAKING: Ohio Voters Side With Abortion Lobby, Defeat Proposal Backed by Pro-Lifers

How Feminist Movement Drew Ideology From the Occult, by Virginia Allen
August 9, 2023
What Francis and His Defenders Spurn Most: God and His Commandments, by Robert Morrison
August 9, 2023

After a proposal to raise the threshold to pass a constitutional amendment to 60% failed Tuesday night, attention now turns to the November election when a radical abortion amendment will be on the ballot.

(LifeSiteNews) — Ohio voters shot down Issue 1 by a wide margin on Tuesday, August 8, in a special election. The proposal, backed by abortion supporters, had received 57% of the vote with 96% of the precincts counted at 11 p.m. ET.

Issue 1 would have changed the process to amend the Ohio constitution by raising the threshold from a simple 50% plus one majority vote to a 60% requirement. Thanks to Issue 1’s defeat, pro-lifers will have an uphill battle against the proposal, which a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll shows is supported by 58% of Ohioans. …

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