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July 8, 2024
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Patriot Post

By Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post, July 8, 2024

After 14 years out of power, the UK’s left-wing Labour Party has won the majority, and their leader, Keir Starmer, is the new prime minister.


Is Great Britain once again going in the opposite direction from the European Union?

Right-wing parties swept EU elections last month, but the British Tories are out. After 14 years at the helm, Britain’s Conservative Party lost in a landslide as the left-wing Labour Party cleaned up, seizing at least 410 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons.

It was a bruising defeat for the Tories, as their former majority has been reduced to just 121 seats. But it wasn’t entirely unexpected. Furthermore, Labour’s victory wasn’t so much a mandate as it was a repudiation of the Tories and their recent lackluster leadership amid a slowing economy still trying to recover from the COVID pandemic.

Now, Labour will take up the reins, with their leader Keir Starmer, becoming the country’s new prime minister. Chief among their challenges will be turning around a struggling economy without further ballooning an already high national debt. …

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