Building Catholic Culture, by Paul Brock III

Top Synod Cardinal Calls for ‘Change of Cultural Paradigm’ on Homosexuality in Latest Scandalous Remarks
October 28, 2022
New Dem Conspiracy Theory Just Dropped: Poll Watchers Are A Threat To Democracy, by Shawn Fleetwood
October 28, 2022

By Paul Brock III, Church Militant, October 27, 2022

Pope John Paul II once declared, “The Church counters the culture of death with the culture of love.”

A Catholic culture is an educated culture. Better put, Catholic culture is based on proper education. But that education renders itself worthless if it’s not applied on a practical level.

The third millennium’s call for the Western man is to organize real Catholic communities that oppose the Culture of Death. Far from an isolated and passive society, a truly Catholic culture doesn’t hide — rather, it seeks to convert. …

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