Burke Blasts Back, by Michael Voris

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December 4, 2019
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December 4, 2019

By Michael Voris, Church Militant, December 4, 2019

Fighting the evil.

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U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke is blasting the idea that Holy Communion should be available to anyone, especially the likes of Catholic turncoats like Democrat Joe Biden, who supports and cheers so-called “abortion rights.”

The idea that Holy Communion should never be denied is one of many pushed by homoheretic Jesuit James Martin, who enjoys quoting Francis saying, “Communion is not for the perfect.”

That’s correct — it is not for the perfect — but it is for those in a state of grace, not child killers.

Burke went straight to the issue in a recent interview he conducts on a weekly basis with Catholic Action for Faith and Family.

[transcript unavailable]

Burke will no doubt begin to be criticized for injecting himself into American politics, but it’s clear given the current climate, His Eminence has moved far beyond those types of concerns.

In one sense, he’s still far behind and only slowly catching up to the likes of Cupich, McElroy and even the Pope himself — none of whom can seem to stop going on about politics. ….

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