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PHOTO: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (FOX 5 Atlanta YouTube Screenshot)

Michael Morris

By Michael Morris, CNSNews,  September 26, 2017 – Catholic League President Bill Donohue has written a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell–regarding the controversy over players not standing for the national anthem–telling him that he should be fired.

Donohue also told Goodell he was sending him “my Giants lawn flag as a token of my disgust for you.”

Below is the full text of Donohue’s letter to Goodell:

Dear Mr. Goodell:

You are responsible for the polarization in the NFL. Had you invoked the NFL rule regarding inappropriate apparel, you would have sanctioned Colin Kaepernick for wearing socks depicting the police as pigs. And you could have enforced the rule requiring players to stand during the national anthem. But you did neither, hence the protests.

Accordingly, I am sending you my Giants lawn flag as a token of my disgust for you; as a veteran I am particularly incensed over your delinquency. I no longer support the NFL and hope that professional football takes a nose dive. Then you should be fired.


William Donohue