Catholic Parents’ Deadly Compromise, by Kennedy Hall 

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May 5, 2023
When Political Agenda Tries to Override the Constitution, by Andrea M. Picciotti-Bayer 
May 5, 2023

Catholics have been conditioned to compromise on their morals and expectations for Catholic institutions for a really long time.

By Kennedy Hall, Crisis Magazine, May 5, 2023

Kennedy Hall is the author of two books, Terror of Demons: Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity and Lockdown with the Devil. He is a full-time journalist for LifeSiteNews and has a growing YouTube channel where he hosts The Kennedy Report. He is married with five children and lives in Ontario, Canada.

Kennedy Hall

Recently, there was a vote at my local “Catholic” school board pertaining to what types of flags will be flown on board property. The vote was not technically about flying the rainbow flag, but it was, of course, all about flying that flag. On paper, the issue at hand was whether the board would allow flags other than the Canadian flag to be flown…right before “pride” season begins.

In Canada, “pride” season begins when the weather starts to get nicer, and it then ends around Canadian Thanksgiving, which happens in early October. Funnily, the National Hockey League—also known as the Church of Canada—doesn’t play during that time, so the NHL has been largely able to avoid any rainbow drama. …

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