CatholicVote: NYT: Biden Losing Support Among Women While Trump Enjoys Massive Lead Among Men

A Historical Precedent for Trump, by Austin Ruse
June 21, 2024
Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation: Lay up Treasure in Heaven
June 21, 2024


CV NEWS FEED, June 20, 2024 – According to a series of recent polls compiled by the New York Times, former President Donald Trump is performing significantly better with female voters this election cycle than when he first faced off with now-President Joe Biden in 2020.

Trump’s support among black and Hispanic women – two of Biden’s strongest demographic groups in 2020 – has drastically surged over the past four years.

Meanwhile, Biden is failing to make up ground with the male vote, as Trump is set to win men by an even larger margin than in the last election.

Biden’s current polling numbers among women represent the “weakest lead a Democrat has had since 2004,” wrote the Times’ Ruth Igielnik.

Igielnik reported that Biden’s “lead among women has slid to about eight percentage points since the 2020 election … down from a lead among women of about 13 percentage points four years ago.” ….

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