CDC Quietly Removes ‘Claim’ That Spike Protein Doesn’t ‘Last Long’ in Body After COVID Vaccine, by Madhava Setty, M.D.

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August 17, 2022
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August 17, 2022

Between July 2021 and July 23, 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made a series of changes to its “Facts about COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines,” including adding — and then removing — a statement assuring readers the mRNA and spike protein “do not last long in the body.”

This is what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had to say about the mRNA vaccines last summer (July 2021):

2021 facts covid mrna vaccines

Great! Thank you, CDC, for assuring the public that:

  1. The mRNA vaccines cannot give you COVID-19.

  2. They do not interact with our DNA.

  3. And our cells break down the mRNA, the programming instructions for our cellular machinery to synthesize the spike protein, “soon” after they are finished using the instructions. ….