Citizens: You Do Have the Power to Reform Government, by Rita Dunaway

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September 7, 2019
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By Rita Dunaway, The Stream, September 6, 2019

Rita DunawayHow many times have you complained about our government? If you’re like me, you’ve done plenty of complaining. But have you ever done the work to identify a solution and commit to being part of it?

Citizens in Action

I recently took part in an event called “The Convention of States Leadership Summit.” Nearly 400 grassroots volunteers from nearly every state gathered in Williamsburg, Virginia. The goal? To learn more about our Constitution and the tools it provides for We the People to retake the reins of our government.

Imagine: hundreds of citizens using their precious vacation time and spending their hard-earned dollars. Why? To learn more about how to save our nation’s future. They are just a tiny subsection of the roughly 4 million Americans who support the Convention of States Project. They’re working through their state governments to put the brakes on Washington by proposing constitutional amendments.

Let me give you snapshots of a few of these citizens.

Walter Campbell is a self-employed software developer and farmer from Tennessee. He spent years complaining about federal overreach and hoping that his vote would be enough to turn things around. He got involved with the Convention of States Project because someday he wants to tell his grandkids, “I did this. I took action. I didn’t just sit in my chair and complain.” ….