CNA Staff: Arch. Cordileone Responds to Criticism That He’s ‘Politicizing the Eucharist’–My Purpose is Pastoral, Not Political

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May 24, 2022
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May 24, 2022

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. (photo: ENN / EWTN)

Archbishop Cordileone noted that many Catholics don’t understand Church teaching on the Eucharist,.

WASHINGTON — San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone on Monday responded to criticism that he is “politicizing” the Eucharist by denying Nancy Pelosi Holy Communion, saying he would prefer the Democratic House Speaker remain in office “and become an advocate for life in the womb.”

“What does it mean to politicize the Holy Eucharist if one is following Church teaching and applying Church teaching?” Archbishop Cordileone said in an interview with EWTN News’ Erik Rosales that aired May 23 on EWTN News Nightly.

“One would have to demonstrate that one is doing that for a political purpose,” the archbishop said. …

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