Columnist at the Times of London: The 2020 Election Was Stolen, by John Zmirak

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October 1, 2021
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October 1, 2021

By John Zmirak, Church Militant, September 30, 2021

The treason of the deep state, Big Tech and big business

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Who’s running our country? It’s certainly not the shambling meat puppet Joe Biden, a mere shell of the venal, mediocre hack that he once was — like the ruins of some gutted Waffle House in a Mad Max-style hellscape. I’ve speculated here that it’s a high-level cabal, even calling it the Secret Committee Formerly Known As Joe Biden (SCFKAJB — pronounce it if you can).

I think those composing it are probably members of the deep state conspiracy that moved in late 2020 to fool the American public about the Hunter Biden laptop. These ex-government employees, still enriched by high-level security clearances, wielded their pristine elite credentials to certify a lie about “Russian disinformation.” Go read the names of these entitled traitors here. Each one of them is as guilty as Alger Hiss or the Rosenbergs. Note carefully how many of them were appointed by members of the Bush royal family. …

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