Court Rejects Hospital’s Attempt to Yank Little Girl’s Life Support Over Her Mom’s Objections

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October 19, 2020
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October 19, 2020

By Texas Right to Life, LifeNews, Octg. 16, 2020

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – The Supreme Court of Texas rejected the plea of Cook Children’s Medical Center to withdraw a ventilator and medical treatment from Baby Tinslee Lewis against her mother’s will. In August, the hospital urged the Supreme Court of Texas (SCOTX) to overrule an extensive 150-page ​ruling from the Second Court of Appeals that deemed the 10-Day Rule likely unconstitutional, thereby granting Baby Tinslee temporary legal protection.

Baby Tinslee’s case now returns to the district court, which will consider these questions: Are the rights of Baby Tinslee being violated? Should a hospital have unilateral authority to withdraw life-sustaining medical treatment from a patient against the will of the patient/surrogate? Do patients have any due process rights in these situations? Is the 10-Day Rule of the Texas Advance Directives Act (Section 166.046 Health & Safety Code) unconstitutional?  ….

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