Deserting Doctrine, by Rodney Pelletier

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June 15, 2021
CNA: Update: Vatican Refused June 15 Meeting, Morning Mass No Longer on the Agenda
June 15, 2021

By Rodney Pelletier, Church Militant, June 14, 2021

Self-described Catholics abandoning true teachings

The Catholic bishops over the last 50 or so years have largely failed. They failed to promote good liturgy, they failed to preach the gospel in its fullness and they failed to protect the souls entrusted to them.

Now, many people identify as Catholics while choosing what doctrines they want to believe. The latest proof for that is the so-called Eucharist wars, which revolve around whether Catholic politicians like Joe Biden should be allowed to receive the Holy Eucharist.

Over the weekend, an image of an article made its way around the Catholic internet — the article was called “Reverence for the Eucharist.” The writer references a Pew Research poll revealing a third of American Catholics don’t believe in the Real Presence.  …

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