Divine Wrath for Amazon Synod Idolatry, by David Gordon

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August 1, 2020
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August 3, 2020

By David Gordon, Church Militant, July 31, 2020

The world’s tribulations and the Pachamama enthronement

The world, it would seem, stands accursed on account of the outright idolatry endorsed by Rome in the weeks bookending the infamous Amazon Synod. Indeed, in the immediate aftermath of the enthronement of a grotesque and simian statue of the heathen goddess Pachamama in the Eternal City, a spate of calamities has ravaged mankind in what can be little other than divine chastisement for Church leaders’ blasphemy.   

Although the Pachamama incident of 2019 — despicable as it was — has become a nigh ubiquitously known and oft-lamented bit of lore in the annals of ecclesiastical scandal, let us briefly recall the events in question, that we might better substantiate what is (admittedly) a sensational-sounding thesis.     ….

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