Do You Want a Better Version of You… or Do You Want God? by Jason Craig

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October 9, 2020
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October 9, 2020

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By Jason Craig, Catholic Exchange, October 2, 2020

Jason Craig works and writes from a small farm in rural NC with his wife Katie and their four kids.  Jason is the Executive Director of Fraternus and holds a masters degree from the Augustine Institute.  …


Jason CraigFr. Edward Leen is too little known.  His book Progress in Mental Prayer changed my life.  If you’re sick of the current version of yourself (not progressing much at all), or not sure what version you want to be, it might be high time for the spiritual kick in the mouth that Leen starts the book with.

I have a conversion story much like others.  The cliché temptations of the devil became vices, wounds, and disorders in my life.  I encountered the Gospel and knew it to be true, I longed for the healing that Christ gave – and He gave it.  I learned this Gospel from sincere and devoted Protestants.  My life was changed.  …