Dumbing Down America, by Hunter Bradford

Anatomy of Hope, by Mark Danis
January 4, 2022
As Omicron Surges, Understaffed Hospitals Ease Mandates, Rehire Unvaxxed Employees, by Natalia Mittelstadt
January 4, 2022

By Hunter Bradford, Church Militant, December 31, 2021

Chinese pushing CRT in the US



Education should liberate intellects to know and embrace the truth. Communists, however, totally disagree. In tonight’s In-Depth Report, Church Militant’s Hunter Bradford exposes Marxist China’s dumbing down of America’s education system.

Chinese communist media are pushing critical race theory in the United States. Alex Newman, an investigative reporter, claims China is pushing critical race theory in the United States to stoke revolution. That’s not far-fetched. This is how communists operate.

Alex Newman, author, Crimes of the Educators: “This is the basis for revolution. You’ve got to divide society up into opposing camps and then use that conflict that, typically, Marxists will instigate as a vehicle to bring about revolution, to bring about discontent that will finally result in the overthrow of the old system.” …

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