Enshrining Abortion Via IVF, by Michael Ippolito, Nicholas R. Swanson

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United States senators Ted Cruz and Katie Britt

By Michael Ippolito, Nicholas R. Swanson, Crisis Magazine, May 30, 2024

Michael Ippolito is the co-founder and president of The American Postliberal. Michael graduated from the Catholic University of America with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and minors in History and Theology. He is published in the Daily Signal, The American Spectator, and MRCTV…. Nicholas R. Swanson is a doctoral student in economics at George Mason University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history and Hispanic studies from The Catholic University of America and a master’s degree in economics from George Mason…


You cannot be both pro-life and pro-IVF.

Michael IppolitoNicholas R. SwansonUnited States senators Ted Cruz and Katie Britt want you to think you can have your cake and eat it too. Cruz and Britt have introduced a bill this week that would withhold Medicare dollars from states that prohibit in vitro fertilization (IVF). The bill would essentially make IVF a federal right.

The recent focus on IVF stems from a ruling in February by the Alabama Supreme Court. The case involved an IVF clinic in Alabama that mistakenly discarded a couple’s frozen embryos. The couple sued, and the Alabama Supreme Court ruled against the clinic on the premise that IVF embryos have a right to life.

The ruling led to an accusation in the media and among elected Democrats that Republicans want to prohibit IVF. The Republican-dominated Alabama state legislature acted swiftly to dispel that claim by enshrining a right to IVF into state law. …

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