Exclusive Interview with Phil Lawler: Archbishop Vigano Answers Criticism

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Interview with Phil Lawler, June 26, 2020

In answer to questions from CWN editor Phil Lawler, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has issued a provocative new statement clarifying and expanding on his views on the doctrinal and pastoral problems that have arisen since Vatican II, the role of the Council in giving rise to those problems, and the need for “an act of humility that all of us, beginning with the hierarchy and the Pope, must carry out: recognizing the infiltration of the enemy into the heart of the Church.”

by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò


In June 2020, Phil Lawler, the editor of Catholic World News, contacted Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the former apostolic nuncio to the United States, to question him about his outspoken views on the authority of Vatican II. The following is the text of the interview.




Trinity Communications, 2020

Lawler: First, what are you saying about Vatican II? That things have gone downhill fast since then is certainly true. But if the whole Council is a problem, how did that happen? How do we reconcile that with what we believe about the inerrancy of the magisterium? How were all the Council fathers deceived? Even if only some parts of the Council (e.g. Nostra Aetate, Dignitatis Humanae) are problematical, we still face the same questions. Many of us have been saying for years that the “spirit of Vatican II” is in error. Are you now saying that this phony liberal “spirit” does accurately reflect the work of the Council? ….

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