Faith–Or Feelings? by Claire Dwyer

A Priestly Voice of Wisdom, by Casey Chalk
May 14, 2020
Religion Can Never Be ‘Privatized’, by Casey Chalk
May 14, 2020

By Claire Dwyer, Spiritual Direction, May 14 2020

This Present Paradise

A Series of Reflections on St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

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When Elizabeth stepped into the convent and entered into religious life as a postulant, she left behind her close-knit family, friends and confidants, stylish clothes, fashionable hairstyles, accomplished piano-playing, and scenic summer vacations.  She gave up the entire world and slipped into a simple dark dress and veil and began to dissolve into Carmel.  And she couldn’t have been happier.  So many long-held desires were finally fulfilled, and she was not disappointed as her dreams became her daily life.

The separation itself was difficult, but her joy?  It was immense.  For months, she was flooded with light.  Joyous, luminous. The Lord had led her to Himself and allowed her to feel His presence and unspeakable tenderness.  The veil between them was almost transparent.

“I have found what I was searching for,” she said to her sister. “Oh my darling, how good God is!” (Letter 86)  …

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